The Global Shapers Community

The global shapers community
is already covering the globe. Our age group is still a bit naֳ¯ve,
but naֳ¯ve in a good way. What we are doing here is not something
which is new or innovative. What we are doing here
is something very compulsory. I think there is something that is pretty unique
just about just the millennial mindset. We are incredibly collaborative
and we are incredibly hopeful. Naֳ¯ve in a way that we think
that we can change it and we can drastically change it. We are idealists. I think that we all feel like we can
create something incredible out of it. Young people are a tremendous source
of ideas inspiration and innovation tapping into this generation can help
reconnect you with that idealism which sometimes is hard to find
on a day-to-day basis. But at our age we still think
everything is possible and nothing is impossible and collectively
we can do something about it. The landscape of the way
that knowledge is transferred and the way that people are communicating
has shifted radically in the last 3, 4, 5 years and a lot of the power that was controlled
by traditional media previously is now in the hands honestly
of people in their 20ג€™s. This is a generation that is
already empowered. We just want to bring them together
and help make them even more effective. And so whereas
we didnג€™t have a voice before, now our voice is becoming one of the loudest
and most powerful voices out there and so you know shapers I see as a vehicle
through which the voice can be expressed through and out of
the World Economic Forum. Our generation has this opportunity to really
be at the forefront of innovation I think. The types of individuals
are involved in shapers come from every industry
that you can imagine. There is entrepreneurs
that have created startups and you know there is
writers for TV shows. There is somebody from
the NYPD in the room, there is a doctor in the room,
there is an academic in the room, there is a public relations expert
in the room, there is a celebrity blogger in the room. Being surrounded by those who are
really motivatedג€” really motivates you to actually come up
with some of your own ideas or solutions. It is an amazing group of people and I think when you mesh
all of that together the skill sets
and just the energy of the group is unlike anything
that I have really seen before. You canג€™t have the local impact
without the global context. If you imagine shapers in New York
who care about solving homelessness in their community, being connected
to shapers in Shanghai, in Johannesburg all interested in the same issues
with the same passions and really using the best insights
from that global network to make the biggest possible difference
in their own community. I think that is what we feel as
Global Shapers in that room is this isnג€™t exactly something extraordinary
and we are supposed to be doing this. This is what we are supposed to be doing.


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