I am cerritos demonic Lord of revenge who dare to invoke me I think it was me you oh really were you cooking and invoking on Lord of hell it's a new recipe I'm not a very good cook I saw it on TV and it seemed easy hmm I see usually someone who invokes my name is some scum of humanity on the verge of death who does a terrible deal with me I on his body I give him powers we do horrible things with a lot of people and then I take his soul to hell with me to suffer for all eternity are you interested in this are there any other options no that you've invoked me I can't go back empty-handed the least I can do is stay here living with you and perhaps get a job at Starbucks yeah that's not happening my lease doesn't even allow dogs they're really strict about it how does this whole thing work you'll wear a lot of leather with hanging chains of flaming skull a motorcycle that catches fire and unimaginable demonic powers that will make you one of the most powerful beings in the world nah not interested sorry why because of the demonic part I just lost you there right no no it's just that I'm vegan I can't use leather you know but have you ever heard of fungi leather it's made from mushrooms I didn't know this existed could you try to choose at least a dark color to match the turbocharged bag of hell I don't ride motorcycles it's very bad for the environment i rollerblade it's a lot more eco-friendly it can't be and what happens if you have to go far the bus always worst case I call for a ride on my phone when I really really need it then I plant a tree to compensate how are you going to plant a tree while you're gutting people on the street and biting their heads off do you at least have any evil weapons does pepper spray count what do you do for life I work for an NGO I deliver pamphlets do you have any enemies of broken families someone you want to kill or get revenge on I don't know I hate global warming I hate waste and people who mix recycling with compost got it and so on the streets of megalopolis school the ghost skater walks the spirit of vengeance avenges of those who want revenge because in fact this is a feeling that only corrodes you inside and does not help anyone you

  1. I'm not a cultist/Deamon worshiper, but if a full on comical Deamon came and told me stuff about Spirit of Vengeance and all that, I'd probably take it. Ima sucker for flaming leather.

  2. Planting trees doesn’t reverse global warming.. it helps lesson the effect, but not reverse it..

  3. Make a parody of Two Faces (Batman), where he does the heroes and throw a coin, and get up, a guy will do something frightening, terrible and exciting, but never face the coin, days that end up doing nothing and leave a people just with that expectation. 😂

  4. When the devil convince a generation to defy God, only to have that generation end up being annoying and worthless.

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