The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Clip - Intersectionality of Social Class and Race

how dare you not take will be full of potential that's why we wanted it's you we don't what me but I did everything I cooked I cleaned a hand wash the toilets everything your Butler does for you I'm not accepting no prep school Bella bread sellout into my fraternity you can stop all the wait will I got this one you think I'm a sellout why because I live in a big house where I dress a certain way or maybe it's because I like Barry Manilow Barry White y'all being black isn't what I'm trying to be it's what I am I'm running the same race and jumping the same hurdles you are so why you trippin me up you said we need to stick together but you don't even know what that means if you ask me you're the real son hey we looking at the newest Phi Beta Gamma no apparently I'm not enough of a brother to be a brother what pledge leader said he didn't like sellouts well who does I mean you wait and wait and wait when you finally get to the front of the line everything's gone you know this this really irritates me I have worked very hard to give my family a good life and suddenly somebody tells me there's a penalty for success I'm sorry you had to go through this son when are we gonna stop doing this to each other

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