The Founders of Ancient Civilization and Religion – THE WISDOM BRINGERS

Many thousands of years ago, some of the greatest men to have ever walked this Earth set out on a quest of epic proportions. It would take them across continents and oceans, through danger and the unknown on a divine mission to initiate the beginnings of civilization and to re-establish the Religion of the Sun in our age. The world had just been devastated by a great catastrophe, that had returned many people to a state of primitive survival. The task of these men was to spread the Religion of the Sun and to create the civilization needed to enable and support its practice. In order that people everywhere could fulfill the purpose of human life. Their great teaching resulted in the building of some of the most enigmatic ancient sites in the world. All aligned to the Sun and stars. The knowledge they left behind would form the foundation of our own civilization, and would survive in some of the most ancient wisdom traditions on Earth. They gave rise to a now lost global civilization that venerated the Sun and continued their traditions of spiritual knowledge, as well as megalith and pyramid building, down through the ages and which survived in scattered remnants across the world. (music) There is a history that lies behind the myths, a global deluge that destroys a lost civilization. The appearance of seven sages following the destruction of their sacred homeland, led by a great teacher who has deified as a Sun. Setting out by land and sea to spread civilization and teaching the Religion of the Sun. We find remnants of this myth in ancient Egypt, in the Vedas of India, in the civilizations of Mesopotamia, on Easter Island, in North, Central and South America, in the legends of the Slavic peoples and in those of a number of other cultures. Each of them attributes the founding of their religion and civilization to these great wisdom bringers at some remote time in prehistory. And each of their stories share remarkable similarities, as well as their religions and civilizations. At the ancient temple of Edfu in Egypt its walls are inscribed with some of Egypt’s most ancient records, including those of its beginnings. It describes how Thoth and Horus, who became known as gods, along with seven sages and a company of builders and creators, set out in ships after their sacred island homeland sank beneath the ocean in a great disaster, to recreate new sacred lands elsewhere. In other ancient texts of Egypt Osiris, who became the most well known God of Egypt, is also credited with founding its civilization and religion. Both he and Thoth are said to have come from an island lying in the ocean to the west of Egypt, that had been destroyed by a flood. In another account Osiris is also said to have come from a land in the far east and is accompanied by seven strangers in his civilizing mission. The ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was said to have been founded by the sage Adapa, later known as Oannes. Who is one of seven sages or seven enlightened ones called the Apkallu. The civilization and religion of India was said to have been founded following a great flood by a king of the Sun Dynasty, along with seven rishis or sages. This king is referred to with the name Manu, meaning ‘the first man of our current age’. The megalithic civilization on Easter Island was said to have been founded by a king, who sent out seven initiates and explorers to the island, after being warned in a dream that his own island would sink. In local legends it’s said that these seven explorers are represented by the seven Moai at Ahu Akivi on Easter Island, that face the equinox sunset. In North America the Hopi people fleeing a great flood were met by a wisdom bringer called Masauwu in the Four Corners region of the United States. He directed them to build their settlements in alignment with the constellation of Orion, the most revered constellation in ancient Egypt, associated with the Egyptian wisdom bringer Osiris. In Central and South America there are numerous old histories that state that their civilization and religion was brought to their lands following a great flood, by a wisdom bringer who was accompanied by a group of helpers. They are said to have arrived in boats from the ocean to the east. These wisdom bringers were known by different names including Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, Kukulcan and Votan. Remarkably the name Votan is the same as that of the wisdom bringer of the Norse and Germanic peoples also known as Odin. Svarog is a wisdom bringer of the Slavic peoples who is said to have taught them religion and civilization at a temple in the Caucasus Mountains, following a great catastrophe. He was associated with the heavens and the Sun and with other wisdom bringers who traveled on boats. Looking more deeply at these descriptions and piecing them together, we find they recount very real events, about real men with supernatural abilities and great wisdom. The descriptions of their homeland and its destruction in various ancient texts share remarkable similarities, not only with one another, but also with the description of the lost civilization of Atlantis, as given by Plato. It’s likely their homeland was Atlantis itself, or one of its nearby islands, which Plato recounts was destroyed by a natural disaster around 9600 BC. An event that ended the last ice age and the period known as the Younger Dryas. Many of these wisdom bringers are recorded as teaching the same things agriculture, monogamous marriage, megalith and temple building, peace, laws, ethics, writing and the Religion of the Sun. They established solar theocracies continuing a lineage of divine kingship from before the flood, as evidenced in the ancient King Lists of Egypt, Mesopotamia and India. And settled many people in the various lands they visited, in order to help establish civilizations and erect temples. The structures these wisdom bringers and their helpers are credited with building share remarkable similarities though spread over continents. They include step pyramids as well as standing stone statues often made in their likeness. Those in places like Tiwanaku in Bolivia and Easter Island depict them in similar ways and look similar to the statues found at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which is dated to 9600 BC, the date given for the end of Atlantis. All these structures are aligned to the Sun or stars at the solstices and equinoxes and date from great antiquity. Even more remarkably is that many of the sacred places these wisdom bringers are associated with even align to one another across the Earth at symbolically significant distances from one another. Depictions show them as dressing in similar ways often with long robes, which is sometimes described as being decorated with red crosses, as wearing sandals, turban style headdresses, elongated earlobes, and carrying an identical bucket like object or staff. They are always depicted with beards and in surviving accounts were said to have been Caucasian with blue or green eyes and sometimes with red or blond hair, as being tall and having an authoritative presence. Some of the accounts of their dress reminds me of the druid and Slavic priests, both of which are remnant traditions of the Religion of the Sun founded by these wisdom bringers Incredibly many of the them are described with the same term in different accounts. As being wanderers or of wandering the world, and of having the mission to spread their message throughout it. For example Osiris was recorded as leaving Egypt after having taught the people there, to travel and teach people throughout the rest of the world using not force, but persuasion, reason and even song and music. Arriving from the east, the direction of Egypt, Viracocha in Peru was said to have been accompanied messengers, called shining ones whose role it was to take his message to every part of the world and like Osiris, he is said to have taught lovingly and with much kindness. In Mexico it was said he won people over not through physical strength, but the greatness of his esoteric knowledge. Local legends state that he and those with him traveled throughout large areas of Central and South America before departing by boat from the west coast, towards the Pacific Islands and Asia, where mysterious ancient sites and legends of similar wisdom bringers are also found. So what was this message? Which they went to such great lengths to spread. The ancient writings carved on the temple walls at Edfu in Egypt state that their mission was to continue their creative work in other lands, recreating sacred places, and restoring the primeval religion from the Golden Age and first time, the Religion of the Sun. As the researcher Graham Hancock states: In the texts of Edfu their memory and what they established is said to have survived into known history. And so the religion and sacred sites, that are evidenced as arising wherever these wisdom bringers travel, were directed towards the Sun as a living symbol of divinity. Viracocha of Peru, Osiris of Egypt and Svarog of the Slavs were all later revered as sun gods and there is a very real reason for this: On the mission of Viracocha in South America the researcher Thor Heyerdahl wrote: “We learn from the various narratives that the preaching, teaching and instruction of Viracocha were of a religious as well as of a practical nature. He was anxious that the Indians should consider him the representative of the Sun, a Divine Being in spite of his human appearance.” (end quote) As my husband wrote in his book, ‘The Path of the Spiritual Sun’ this veneration of the Sun is not a profane worship of the natural element. But a profound understanding of its spiritual nature as the greatest source of light and life and its connection to a higher aspect of each person’s own consciousness, that they can reunite with. In the ancient collection of texts called ‘The Kolbrin’, Osiris himself says of this light which he has within: “The light that is with me was kindled at the supreme source, which is the God of Gods. Therefore my light shines with such brilliance that it must be veiled in part lest it blind you. It is even as the sun be seen through a veil of cloud.” In other texts of ‘The Kolbrin’ Osiris is called the Golden One, the Servant of the Sun, and the first vice-regent of God on Earth. Who was accompanied by the Sun people. After he raised the inhabitants from their squalid manner in Egypt it says: “Many became sons and servants of the Sun…” and that: “When their guide and leader left the people knew themselves as Children of the Sun.” (end quote) Thus wherever these wisdom bringers traveled the peoples called or saw themselves as the children of the Sun. Including the Aryans of the Vedas, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia The ancient Egyptians, The Maya of Mexico, the Inca of Peru and Hopi of North America. Both Osiris and Viracocha were also recorded as being surrounded by warriors, described as fighting men and faithful soldiers. Who were tasked with protecting them. They were also accompanied by those who preserved and handed down their more esoteric knowledge, kept only for initiates. It is said that the fame of the wisdom bringer Quetzalcoatl was so great, that pilgrims from distant nations even came to visit him in Mexico. Although human sacrifice became associated with Sun worship in some cultures such the Aztec, both Quetzalcoatl and Osiris were recorded as forbidding it, along with violence and barbarity. Stating that only flowers, incense and fruit should be offered on altars. Osiris goes so far as to risk his own life to save a man from being sacrificed. In this account he draws fire from out of the air in order to protect himself from being attacked by those who had just about to perform a human sacrifice. While Viracocha falls to his knees and raises his arms to the sky, when attacked by hostile natives. Causing fire to appear all around in the sky, terrifying them and saving his life. These are just some examples of the many supernatural abilities these wisdom bringers are recorded as having. Others include having the power to heal, bring people back to life, foresee the future, speak other languages and surround entire lands with magical protective walls to keep out dark spirits. The ability to draw fire out of the atmosphere is a control over a special type of energy that exists within everything. It is the same solar force many of these wisdom bringers are associated with. Given the scale of the undertaking they were tasked with it’s likely that these wisdom bringers may not have been the same person. But people from the same group with the same mission. Their memory may also been transferred across different cultures, being passed on over time, preserved by some civilizations and lost by others. It’s also likely that the number of sages was 7 for a symbolic reason. This number is important in the Religion of the Sun, as later artwork in ancient Egypt and India shows. Where deities associated with the wisdom bringers are depicted along with seven risen golden serpents. And in Central and South America these wisdom bringers were very much associated with serpents for the same symbolic reason. In the Vedic texts of India the first man, or Manu, and the seven sages are divinely chosen to watch over an entire age. And with the passing of each age a new Manu and new sages are chosen. This indicates that the positions of the seven sages were likely held as an ancient tradition and may have been maintained with new candidates from within an esoteric order. Possibly with missions going out at different times, renewing the legends and legacy of the wisdom bringers. Certainly other practitioners of the Religion of the Sun renewed its practice down through the ages. These wisdom bringers later became deified as gods, as if they were never men. In other cases viewed only as men, as if never divine. But I believe at least some of them could have been born with a special mission: to found the beginnings of our age and after their physical deaths have continued with roles in the higher dimensions of existence. For example my husband Mark saw the wisdom bringer Thoth in an out-of-body experience he had where he saw Thoth carrying out the role he’s depicted as having in ancient Egyptian texts. In other out-of-body experiences he’s been in a chamber of the Great Pyramid with a number of the deities depicted in ancient Egypt as they used it to conduct rituals and initiations. Ancient texts that preserve aspects of the Religion of the Sun, such as those of Hinduism, state that those who achieve a high enough spiritual level in life move on to other realms of existence, to fulfill roles there after death. And likewise that there are beings who have roles in higher realms, that are born on Earth to perform missions and further their own spiritual development at advanced levels. The wisdom bringers are likely to have been people like these a blending of a human with divinity, Earth and Sun, serpent and wings, feathered serpents and sons of the Sun. Who made immense personal sacrifices to help others, while continuing their own spiritual journeys. I believe that the mission of the wisdom bringers was one of the greatest and most significant events in human history. Although the Religion of the Sun had been preserved from a previous Golden Age, and likely kept as part of a long esoteric tradition, this mission was its founding in our age. These wisdom bringers risked their lives traveling over stormy and shark-infested waters, through jungles, mountains and hostile terrain. Devoting everything they had to this singular task. Without which our civilization would not have had the magnificent spiritual foundation it has. What they set in motion has reverberated across the ages and has continued to inspire and elevate our spirits. Perpetually compelling us to contemplate the deeper mysteries of existence. Although far back in time. We not only see, but still feel the effects of what they achieved, even now. These men are not figures of the past, nor old gods relegated to lost religions and crumbling temples. Many of them as people have seen are still watching over us, today. Nor is the religion they taught an old relic to be looked down upon as something primitive in the presence of our modern times. As their astronomical building and spiritual knowledge, still bewilders and captivates us today. Their spiritual messages is alive, connecting us across time and space, to its founding heroes and the great legacy they sacrificed so much to leave us. The Religion of the Sun (music)

  1. This is not something new to me, th eidea of the wisdom bringers, and you made several good points that were extremely convincing, but then you went and ruined it by also including some really outlandish stuff too
    The stories of the wisdom bringers are more or less undeniable, the fact they brought learning and sun worship also undeniable, their similarites of description despite being thousand of miles – often continents – apart, is all ver plausible
    But then you go and link it all to "a great flood" for which theres only evidence in a few small parts of the world, and piling on top of that with "around the time Atlnatis sank" for which theres never been any evidence whatsoever

    Its a genuine shame, by linking in so much – im desperately trying to find a different word than "nonsense" because i wholeheartedly do not wish to offend – unproven and evidence-lacking myths, by doing this you have actually cheapened and degraded the stuff that "could" be true.
    Its kinda like making a really worthy and factual sounding evidence for the existence of aliens on earth, and rounding it off with "and thats when one of them took me to visit Elvis"

    I hope people can see past these misguided attempts to link fiction with fact, and continue to pursue the actual facts within this lecture

  2. I have come back today to re-watch this. It's almost as though I had not seen it before. It is so captivating, so compelling and so incredibly inspiring for me. I am an aspiring practitioner of the Religion of the Sun and to hear how Lara speaks of these wisdom bringers and the connection to us today is just so amazing. Thanks again for bringing us this fascinating insight into the origins of our era on this planet. It is vital that as many people as possible have access to this information and the chance to practice a timeless religion for all!

  3. I have been studying this for the last thirty years.And all my research has shown me that ancient Indo Europeans spread their wisdom and beliefs with the whole world including the Americas.In the Americas the Incas,mayas and aztecs all worshipped a white God with a long beard who was known as quetzacoatl,viracocha and kulkukan.They also had the swastika which the oldest swastika in the world to date is from the Ukraine.As well as the yin yang symbol also found in the same region.And that area is the old home region of the Indo Europeans which spread from northern turkey down through Iran to India.In China bodhidarma is known as the white Lohan from North India and he is always depicted with round blue eyes and a reddish brown beard.The budda is also always shown with blue eyes And almost no one knows that the ancient Iranians were white Indo Europeans before the Arab conquest and they had the first monotheistic religion Zoroastrianism.I know most people will be offended by this because the media and schools teach institutional racism against white Europeans.But It's obvious that the ancient Indo Europeans taught mankind alot including the first wheel and wagons and they were the first to break and ride horses.Alot of this is in the marabarata and the rig veda.There is passages about Indra granting victory to his white children against the dark skinned dravidians.Look into the Indo Europeans and do your research but be warned there is alot of effort by the powers that be to cover up all of that history.That is why we don't learn about Indo Europeans in school.They don't want us to know.These are the same powers that are trying to make Indo Europeans extinct.If you disagree with me that's fine.But like I said this is what my studies have revealed to me.Just putting it out there for people who might be interested.

  4. I'm glad I found your channel. That was a very nice, well thought out presentation. I still don't get human sacrifice though. And where are these enlightened masters now? This world sure needs them.

  5. U seem to have exactly the same beliefs and loves in ancients text and knowledge …… im aussie im the last born of a surname thats in illiad and ancient greek text … LV olympics ….. im the last born and now contacting spirits guides…. i may need help with all this

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  7. It's strange how first watching a Graham Hancock podcast on jre back in summer, and lucky that 2 days ago my uber driver started ranting why he doesn't celebrate Christmas being a Masonic(?) christian. He went deeper about Oannes, and the wise men wearing fish-head looking hoods appearing after the great flood. Immediately I just think back what Hancock was saying and of course, Atlantis. While my driver started connecting the Pope hats with the hoods the wisemen were wearing. He also started mentioning interesting dots like Azazel being one of the wisemen, as well as the the first pope to be the antichrist.. Someone maybe can humor me about that last bit my driver was ranting? Too many coincidences everywhere at once for me to grasp clearly right away

  8. This video, this channel all resonate a lot, tons. The words spoken only confirmed what at one point I thought was my "silly imagination". As I listen to more videos, I see more and more connectivity of what all I thought I knew fron all over. I was curious as to why Odin would show himself to me…at first, but now, listening, I realized that he had not presented himself to me, he had been here sinnce before I knew what a memory or thought was in addition to my heart's desire since before adulthood. Build, grow, flourish, travel, share, learn, continue.

  9. I've been to the museum in Mexico City and seen the serpent statues you have featured here. Teotihuacan was an AMAZING experience <3

  10. The ancients looked at the sun as the source of life and consciousness.Without it neither could exist.In this case they understood that the sun was alive.Every colour and design of the wings of a 1000 different butterflies are created on purpose by the sol or sun.Even our souls come from the Sol or Solen.The true knowledge of the sun has been lost in todays generation..

  11. Beautiful!
    Yes the watchers are still watching over us from a safe distance to avoid persecution of dark forces.
    Some call their current form the alliance. And it is said to be fighting a covert war against the cabal!

  12. In spite of the onslaught from the Abrahamic faiths the ancient traditions and knowledge of Hinduism has survived in India, while those of Europe and the Americas succumbed. Hold on to your culture, India!

  13. seems as if the seven rishis went on a world voyage… rishis carry those strange buckets.. I saw them in old ramayan tv show.. 😀 Also all of them seem to come from the east…

  14. In a sadomasochistic game of increasing tolerance for insanity and chaos, to clear out fields of misaligned or incompatible individuals (to the growing senselessness, cruelty and hatred the world has wrought)

    Who insist that it is the established social framework that is to blame for all the worlds problems including their damaged states,

    A grinding, milling press that squeezes nervous systems like grapes, forcing air out of lungs to inflate the economy

    And blood to rush to extremities and pour out from skin, to feed medical and policing bodies

    Employing the most sociopathic and destructive individuals and groups (the South Asian diaspora that rings Australia, the single Western nation in the Asian hemisphere, is famous for this) to forward this agenda and mode of operations.

    Leeching and subverting systems built by Western paymasters. Where desperation and self loathing fuels a spirit of destruction and betrayal, so that the only recourse is to escape at any cost necessary.

    That by the terms of this modern world, means promoting an agenda of complete decimation, to see who is left standing in the carnage and havoc they have wreaked

    Positions and mentalities so extreme (driven by desperation and hatred for life) it immediately sabotages whatever platforms and paradigms they promote because of non-valid and damaged personalities,

    And so by default grows the mainstream establishment. Judeo/Christian/Islamic age

    So that the only solution is to engorge and malform themselves (and those around them) even further still, to serve as pneumatic wedges

    Rented out at highest bidder for any group interested in making inroads into the lands they have damaged

    A pneumatic wedge slipped under doorways (into minds) and then inflated with charged and pressurized forces, to break locks and pry open doorways and safes.

    To secure and siphon resources from mainstream bodies of society, to feed and grow their fringe and counter cultures.

    Byway of a systematic process of accumulating the most dented and injured psyches, to conjure up and disseminate even more caustic, nonvalid and detrimental attitudes

    Creating long chains of fractured psyches, like themselves, bonded together like daisy chains of grease and shrapnel

    Injected into the central nervous system to lacerate and injure even further, so that there is more for fewer people.

    Those willing to do such cutting and hacking, or already completely dehumanized from such conditions, they only spread

    Hong Kong, Singapore and other such Western allied Asian nations, are rife with such bi-polar (oriented to both eastern and western blocs) sociopaths.

    Who due to their crossed allegiances and self deception, are cranked like spinning tops to create toxic whirlwinds of spite, hate, rage, greed, cruelty

    Punishing the world for the punished states they have been placed in. Where only money and other forms of payment

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    So that they work for the very entities that they hate, and because of this hate themselves. A deep well they can draw from to spread this deleterious state even further

    As bulldozers, wrecking crews, drillers and grinders, tearing down and breaking up all things, that have value removed or neutralized, and can be monetized

    Cannibalizing selves, dismembering, mutilating own cultures and social organs (or others weaker then them), just to make ends meet and retain equity and shareholdings

    To prevent even further sidelining.

    But always at the cost of some other, less desperate, less dehumanized, less corrupt, or willing to commit such unscrupulous acts of hatred and malice

    Upon reaching such damaged and toxified states, there is no argument of victimhood or psychosocial illness, that can possibly defend the acts of depravity they have performed

    The question of "who started it" hardly matters by the time whole peoples have reached such sub-human levels

  15. This is so beautiful. It resonates so strong with this Love & Peace being that I am. Looking forward to gettin the book. Thank you so much for your outstanding research and work

  16. Look into the theory of recurrent Nova and of the very well supported hypothesis that our sun went Nova at the end of the last ice age, and the potential for future Nova. The Sun is the key to so much.

  17. The story sounds remarkably like the one Rudolf Steiner tells about Noah. He talks about different cults, but Noah is related to the sun-cult and leaves Atlantis traveling to Central Asia. After the 'flood' he and his followers than initiate the Indian culture (seven rishis), the Babylonian culture, and after that the Egyptian culture.

  18. Yo this girl is wearing a yamaca! Nosa I'm playing. I also worship The Sun! He is my Father. I am The Son of The Sun. I suppose there are others like me made of gold tested by the fire and there have been a few in the past, but not everybody is a Sol Filii.

  19. It got lost for a reason ,
    We are each a singularity and this babble is meaningless.
    The werd became flesh and smelt among us

  20. So only pale skinned blue eyes people where thought an was on earth alone in all your videos I noticed you focus on one race alone I hear nothing about (native) or dark skin people

  21. They say blue eyes originated around Black Sea area, what if these humans, were just the first ones to ascend to civilisation before rest of cavemen, and got wiped out in flood but few that was left tried to spread knowledge to rest of planet, it all makes sense now, changed in translation,

  22. The religion of the sun continues in Christianity today as we worship on the sun’s day and carry out a symbolically sacrificial ritual by sacrificing “father’s son” and eating his flesh and blood for renewal.

  23. ET's the sumerians called Annunaki ( those from heaven came down). ( Thoth (Greek language name) came out of Atlantis with his followers "Children of the Law of One" and also the  followers of Belial "Sons of Belial" came out of Atlantis.  Thoth was one of the a sons of EA (Enki, Posiden, etc…)  All ET's.      These are the ones who set themselves up as "gods" over men and gave civilization to mankind.  (Their "godlike" qualities were the high technology.  they raised up hominid DNA to "homo sapiens".

  24. The things you speak of have been revealed unto me, I had to go home to find myself. In the heart of turtle island you will find me there. Will you look and see, listen and hear. why have i been shown our core existence, i do not know but have faith and Love and keep giving light and knowledge. Someone is listening

  25. could it be that they had gates on all these sites and that is why they are aligned that way and also why viracocha and quetzecuatl and other of these characters are described alike?

  26. so the super people set up civilization. civilization on the lines of sun worship. Ok i see the evidence.. and it is compelling there is something to it. But i dont see why you think they where good ? after all look at the mess that the planet is in now! if they set this ball rolling set us on our current path where did all the strife and bullshit come from ? why did the super people set up the higher achy of secrets ? with only a selected few being spiritually instructed ? while the rest of humanity is left to what ? be the working classes ? be slaves ? too dum to understand life's mystery's so just left to pull a plow for a few thousand lifetimes until they spontaneously spiritually evolve into higher life form ?

    It just seams like they where elitist assholes. that all im saying. not saying i dont think they existed. just surprised by the assumption they give a fuck about us. the evidence of the failure of there legacy is evidence of there shady motives. why do you assume that civilization, sun religion, and farming is better then hunter gather society ? why can't people spiritually evolve in a hunter gather society why do they need to build pyramids to spiritually evolve ?

    O wait i know because hunter gather society are overweeningly egalitarian and communal. and live in almost perfect symbiosis with there local ecosystems! So its OBVIOUSLY better to get people to start farming and working in mines and quarry's setting them on a path to war with there neighbors over resources and using fossil foul to get an edge and poison the earth. o and enslaving the Jews , not telling then the truth about history and then letting the Jews escape and and make up there own shit witch ends up as 3 major world religions who fight each other and everyone ells !!! lol and because ?? reasons ?!

    If they existed witch i agree is likely then all im saying is they where not our friends.

  27. What is this religion of the sun now?, here in Vedic religion we have solar lineage to which Lord Rama belongs, it's one of the lineages of the Aryan Kshatriya. The first person of this great lineage have been Manu. But we never heard of anything like the religion of the Sun!. Is this something new Narrative which is being fabricated by the western media?. We have son of the son in our epic but we never had a religion of the Sun!

  28. I take DMT for spiritual insight and saw eyes similar to the eye of horus looking at me. Theres something about these old wisdom cultures that connects to consciousness itself. I hope I connect the dots and find the truth

  29. Just in case you're not aware, the teachings of yosira chapters in the book of gleanings from the kolbrin are collections of the experiences of Osiris during his civilizing trips.

  30. 7 represents the big dipper and seasonal weather knowledge.
    Religious stories and characters are archeoastronomy allegory.

  31. Religion of the 🌞 (the Source behind the highest Mercy to mankind) = religion of one God = Islam 😇

  32. From Zealandia to South America was an easy trip many years ago. The Pacific Ocean had bigger islands during the ice age.

  33. We all exist within the imagination of the great celestial dragon, the great spirit of all. The ancients knew this and they encoded it in their art and architecture, and embodied it in their myths and legends. Hail the dragon.

  34. I recently discovered this channel and i love it. To me theres nothing more interesting than the lost history thanks sakro sawel please keep making these great videos.

  35. No wonder true history is suppressed by British Zionist ruling elites whose evil system is a twisted mockery of the great ancient wisdom traditions which they must hide and destroy at all costs to rule the minds of the many… Sa d..

  36. Caucasians had nothing to do with the development of these ancient Civilizations, they had everything to do with the destruction of them.

  37. I appreciate that you are trying to bring back that ancient way of oneness. I would like to suggest you to study matsya purana. The seven people are known as sapta Rishi's who were saved by maha Vishnu (the persever of the cosmic order of the universes) in his matsya avatar (fish form) accompanied by King satyavrata or vaivastava manu. Surya Narayana or sun is important in sanatana dharma but not as important as shiva or Vishnu. There were a sect called sauras who worshipped sun. But again you could completely be an atheist still be a dharmic guy (Hindu). Also Aryans in Vedas are not race it means the person with noble character (gunas). If you study all puranas it will be like reading a cosmic time line. It mentions different world's , creature's etc. The thing is we resisted the aggressive conversion for 1400 years. We preserved our Vedas, shastras, Upanishads, scriptures, our tradition, culture, our written and spoken stories, songs, hyms on varies deities, bhagwans etc. Where as the rest of the world failed. But I could fell your pain being felt as an stranger in your own land. Advice I would give the west or people who lost their culture only two.
    1) bring back your family values, joint family like father, mother brothers sisters uncles and aunt all live together sharing together. Built that sense of sharing and coexistence from ground up.
    2) remember the line "Isha vasyam idam sarvam" a quote from ishoupanishad. Meaning Bhagwan is everything i.e you, me the earth, animals, the river, mountains, flowers, birds, sky, suns moon, the stars, the entire universe. You are part of it. Not above it. In two generations you will feel the change. Om nama shivaya.

  38. How did these people travel around and spread their message when no one could speak the same language. I believe you’re extremely misinterpreting what actually happened because you can’t use words to teach these things because these things are actually just the movement of the stars. it’s just astronomy so how did they teach these people from all around the world That couldn’t speak the same language? If your misinterpretation is true then all of the places that have these aspects of this religious should also have a similar underlining basic characteristics in their languages. But they don’t. Oh and they can use magic. Yeah you can make a fire using the sun with a concave mirror that’s probably what they did.

  39. I know most people won't believe me but I have had so many profound experiences that I can't explain, although with that being said only a few were related to me coming into contact with true divinity while the rest were unfortunately encounters with what I can only describe as the manifestation of darkness or the devil if you will. I honestly don't even want to talk about most of the experiences in detail because it would take so long aswell as take alot out of me. So instead I will share one and it was in fact a dream I had during one of the darker periods of my life and what took place is that I awoke in a apocalyptic environment where there was nothing but pure darkness with the only exception being the light which eminated from the fires that raged abound. However after a few moments of me just mindlessly staring at the devastation which layed before me a being began to show itself and the form it took was that of a glorious yet horrifying black horse which dwarfed me in size and presence and its eyes filled with such rage and hatred as it stared at me as if I was all it could see. Then in an instant it charged towards me at full gallop as its nostrils flared and its hooves hammered the ground and right before it reached me I woke up in a cold sweat and that was that…


  41. My goodness ! I can just go on and on and on and on and on watching your videos, listening to your godly voice. You are a GODDESS and I am in love with you and your channel. What I have observed in Spiritual people is, they are so calm, so mindful and have such prolific voices which really transport you some where. Thank you.

  42. The wisdom bringers didn't have any plans at all for enslavement of the global population at all.

    Never once crossed thier minds at all

  43. Could you give us a list of sources as to where you got this information? Simply siding a temple in Egypt isn't enough.

  44. I love the information and how it's presented but please, please…record your audio in a padded or less echoey room. I don't want to come across as one of those internet angry people, it is simply that the quality and acoustic environment make the 's' sound carry an ear piercing squeak. Still get a like.

  45. Hmmm all these cultures explicitly say that these 'wisdom bringers' ' were Gods . That these Gods came from the sky/stars and were not human . I lie the idea of the ancient empire of the sun but non of this is in line with any scientific fact. The monuments and pyramids are proven to be all built at different times . Sometimes thousands of years between them ….? How can they have been built by the same empire ? The Egyptian culture is totally different to Aztec or Mayan and you say they're the same … along with many others around the world? I'm sorry but apart from the importance of the sun being depicted in these cultures ALONGSIDE many differing beliefs there is no real truth running through what you are saying !!
    The Gods weren't 'wisdom bringing humans ' . How did they survive the floods. How did they traverse the globe and set up all these different cultures and live thousands of years to do so? Why wouldn't all these cultures be exactly the same?? Your just making a lot of this up to sell a book I expect…

  46. Perhaps you should look into ancient Armenia also. Originally it was called Chirldered of Ar or children of the sun.

  47. Great vid Sakro, and here is a little more food for thought , there is a tiny particle called the NEUTRINO, smaller than all other particles, so small in fact it was thought that at one stage it had no mass,.
    This particle is so small it is virtually unstoppable, it literally Zaps thru all other matter including planet…so when you tree hug and they say the tree feels you , my question is , if you are in such close proximity to the tree is it the particle travelling thru both human and tree which is actually channelling the feeling?????
    Have some of us used this particle to transcend???? And even communicate telepathically ????
    And one guess where this particle originates from…..yep the SUN and all other [email protected]

  48. If they were so smart, why did they think there were only 7 planettes?

    Their goal was religion and taxes. Artifical social constructs from hell. You should not be proud of your satanic ancestors.

  49. You have done an awesome job in lining up the information about this subject.
    I have looked into this complicated info and you present the information so good.

    Thank you

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