The First Flat Earth Conference Was Packed With People From Around The Globe

[Robbie Davidson] This is a day that’s gonna be etched in history: the quest for truth. And it can seem crazy but all of us laughed at this topic, including myself. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I ever thought that I’d be doing, and here I am organizing the Flat Earth International Conference, but I’m not laughing anymore. [men] One, two, three… [crowd] We’re not crazy! [crowd cheers] [man] Some of us are just nuts! [David Weiss] There’s a lot of people that have different ideas on what the Flat Earth is. But one thing we all agree on is that we don’t live on a spinning ball flying through infinite space. [Robert Foertsch] Do you feel yourself spinning? Wobbling? Gyrating? No, I’m pretty rock solid. [David Weiss] We always say, “Don’t believe us; do your own research.” But unless you know there’s a question, you’re not gonna do the research. [Robert Foertsch] Toilet water’s not flying out on people in Australia because of gravity. Well, hello! It doesn’t fly out of the toilet because water seeks its level. [Mark Sargent] The flat earth would be a circular, flat area surrounded by a field that is known as Antarctica. [Patricia Steere] This white rim around the outside, a lot of people refer to it as the Ice Wall. [Mark Sargent] And then the dome is over the top. Now how high it is is also in question. [Watsun Atkinsun] I believe that it’s some kind of star field firmament that’s about 6,000 miles above us. It appears to be a cymatic light field, electromagnetic energy, not gravity at all. Gravity is a deception. The Sun, the Moon are these transcendental, cymatic luminaries. [Chris Hilton] [indistinct rapping] ♪ I don’t need you to believe me. ♫ ♪ I’m just here to plant the seed. ♫ ♪ That the grand global conspiracy is that the Earth’s flat. ♫ [Cathy Dunson] The best part of being at a conference like this is I can talk to somebody that will listen to you. My mother, if I tried to talk to her about any of these things, she doesn’t believe me. I just can’t take that rejection, so coming here, you’re going to talk to people who have done the same journey, and they’ve come to the same conclusions, and they don’t want to live a lie. [Nathan Thompson] I’ve done about a dozen experiments. I was actually looking to debunk Flat Earth. I’m not like, “Diehard Flat Earther; I wanna be a Flat Earther.” I want to believe the government. I want to believe what we’ve been told our whole life. There’s nothing worse than being like, “Oh, the people that we pay taxes to are lying to us with our money.” [Robert Foertsch] They’re lyin’; I ain’t buyin’. [reporter] So, who’s “they”? [Robert Foertsch] Well basically, Satan… [Mark Sargent] I don’t necessarily want to get into naming, whether it’s the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs… [Nathan Thompson] …the Jesuits, the Freemasons… [Mark Sargent] …or the trilateral commission, or the Vatican… [Nathan Thompson] …the Zionists, NASA, of course. [woman] These are amazing. [man] Are you selling? [Chris Pontius] Yes. As far as I know, I’m the first guy in the whole world to make a working, physical model of the Flat Earth. All these are for sale, except this one, and that one got sold already. This one, I had on the website for $575. So, I named this one “Hidden Lands Beyond” because some of us think that there’s other lands that they’re hiding from us. And that could be very well that they discovered these other lands, and they just don’t want us to know about it. I mean, you know, we might want to go there, repopulate it. [Robbie Davidson] This is the beginning. This will be put in the history books. Today; mark that date. Because whether it’s the next generation, or the generation after, they will remember this date. People are taking notice; something’s going on. This has got to a point now where it’s becoming real.

  1. What better way to see if Earth is flat than to fly into space and check it out? We're doing it live, check it out here –

  2. Attention All Flatearthers The following is indeed a work of fiction, but for those of us that do not subscribe to flat earth nonsense, it could well be no stretch of the imagination to believe that it would be "normal behaviour" for the average flat earth drop kick…….Read on…

    The fiendish spate of bad weather that had held the mid-west town of Flatville Springs for the past several days in it's icy and stormy grip, had finally and mercifully abated. It's high winds and torrential rain, had threatened what looked like the one day in the year, that the Flat Earth Annual Day Picnic In The Park might have to be cancelled. However, the next morning, incredibly, magically, it had dawned bright and sunny, with clear skies all the way to the flat horizon. In motels all across town, flatearthers gazed out of well licked windows , their angelic faces wreathed in smiles, as they all looked forward to this one big day in the year for their annual picnic get together. Excited also, as this year they were to have a flat earth renowned guest speaker, who would put in a brief appearance later in the day. But in the interim there was much to be done…

    Sometime later, in Flatville Spring's local park out on the edge of town, the flatearthers picnic was going well. The steady procession of trays of greasy finger food, ensured no one would go hungry, at the same time slaking their thirst with no less than several dozen 18 gallon kegs of premium label beer, reputedly made from the ice chill headwaters of the Colorado River. Most all stood around in small groups, talking/slurring quietly amongst themselves, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the guest speaker, and periodically casting furtive glances towards the entrance gates. Others were found to be spreadeagled in the grass where their peers would step around or fall over them, a fitting testament to the beer's 9.5% alcohol by volume. Suddenly a shout, "she's here" . Like a shoal of fish that turn together in fright, all heads turn as one, to observe a gleaming black SUV arriving. A thousand sets of glazed eyes follow it's progress, as it makes it's way slowly through the crowd to a central point, where a temporary podium had been erected. A lone figure, dressed only in a white robe, exits the vehicle and ascends a short flight of steps, where she is handed a cordless microphone. Turning to the faithful, she immediately launches into a 30 minute tirade against the globalists, that has her followers slack jawed, leaking drool . At the finish, the gathering go wild, cheering loudly, screaming her name, tears streaming down cheeks unabated, the adulation absolute. A small smile plays about the corners of her mouth, in recognition of the influence she has over these turkeys

    With outstretched arms held high, she gives that universal gesture in calling for quiet by patting the air. Immediately the crowd fall silent. A collective intake of breath is heard, as casting the robe aside, she closes her eyes, leans back with arms and legs akimbo, and allows the warm Sun and gentle breeze to caress her full and sumptuous body for a full two minutes. Now, once more addressing the assembly, her seductive tone holds them spellbound, as she breathes, "The time has come when we must all answer the call to answer the globalists' infernal questioning of us providing proof of our flat world. So as a gesture of what we truly think, let's give them the only answer that they deserve". Whereupon she turns around and bending forward, places the microphone beside her anus, and lets rip an almighty long drawn out thundering great fart . With the aid of a 2000 watt amplifier at near full volume, delivered to 50 x 500 watt loudspeakers, placed throughout the park, it assails her audience with a sound not unlike the rumbling of a 4.5 earthquake, that leaves them gobsmacked with wide eyed delight

    Regaining her composure, she gathers up and reties the robe securely about her and walks calmly from the stage, tossing the microphone to some lackey , who fumbles, drops it, and gives her a big shit eating grin in order to cover up his embarrassment. She then enters her vehicle and drives off with nary a backwards glance. The spell, now seemingly broken, the moving, heaving sea of flatearthers, begin cheering and whistling, their caterwauling, reaching a new crescendo, the sound reverberation shaking loose thousands of Autumn leaves from the surrounding trees. Then, in an almost choreographed movement, the entire gathering of deluded flatearthers drop their trousers and panties, and bending forward, emit as one voice, a thousand farts from a thousand assholes . Meanwhile, all the way across town, a woman switches off her noisy vacuum cleaner and asks of her long suffering husband, "Oh my Lord Cleatis, was that thunder?, I do hope that storm's not coming back". And then, 5 miles further on from the other side of town, Tommy Twotoes, home gardener extraordinaire, is instructing Bob Bloomfield in the fine art of leaf blowing a driveway. He switches off the blower and removing his ear muffs, looks to the sky and wonders if that peel of thunder he just heard, heralded the return of the bad weather. After a minute or so, it's followed by another low rumble, and assumes the storm to be moving away. Giving a dismissive shrug, fires up the blower again and continues on…

    Replied to a comment on, Go watch Dean Odle's "Behind The Circus: The Satanic Infiltration of Flat Earth".

    Marcus, I totally agree. That was also down to that other jackass, Dave Murphy, who maintains that those astronauts are alive and well. So how would these bloody fools explain why, since January of 1986, would the crew of the Challenger Space Shuttle, be willing to go along with NASA, via MSM back then, to publicise to the entire world, the fact they were all killed in the Challenger disaster?. Does he have any idea, that if what he says is true, that they would condone that?. To put their friends and loved ones through such unwarranted trauma?. Have them attend fake funerals?, but hey, never mind folks, they're still around, for as according to that fool Murphy, all shuttles are unmanned and simply crash into the sea. Are the likes of Murphy and his kind so bloody brain dead, as to not realise that these were real people, who had careers. His reporting that they are still alive, is virtually saying that they're now supposed to fade away into obscurity and say nothing. He knows damn well, that they're not around anymore to refute his spurious and outrageous allegation. This tragedy was viewed worldwide. Those astronauts were under constant video surveillance the whole time, viewed by well over 100 mission control personnel at their stations, from boarding, being seated in the cockpit, to eventual lift off. Dave Murphy and others who voice such opinions, should, at the very least, be cited for public mischief…

  3. Aw yes of course the sun and the moon are transients Laurier cyphix souluble deceptions of the scqfyjfb , it’s science

  4. Flattards will think their brains are also flat. That's why their brains never fully developed, have an IQ of 0, and have nearly empty skulls

  5. The Russians and Chinese must be looking at us like we’re a bunch of FREAKS… this is so embarrassing for the western world

  6. They are just SO dumb, aww man its cringey. I can handle the dumb, but its the smug that goes with with that makes them insufferable. A lot of times in life you just HAVE to concede that people are smarter than you and they know what they are talking about. I know you dont like it, but thats just the way it is.

  7. Despite all the amazing comments many that completely debunked flat earth ideology. flat earth believers like a tick on a hound dog will just dig in deeper.

  8. Let’s star a go fund page for flat earthers they need to prove the earth is flat so why not send them to space to do it (sarcasm but is a valid point)

  9. You would think that they could pool their money together and take a trip to the "edge" of the ice wall and prove their theory. But I'm sure the excuses would just happen faster: "The govt wont allow us to travel", "No business will talk to us", or "we are too broke to afford it."

  10. When private space travel happens, I wish that one of the CEOs would donate a free seat to the top "leaders" of flat earth to give them a trip and film film them during the trip, time in orbit and most importantly the answering the question "Now tell the world how you floated in the vehicle and why you never saw a flat disc from the window."

    It would be a great gift to humanity to stop this nonsense from growing.



  13. We need one flat Earther to go to the edge of the earth and send us a video. Just one. Just one! We all have cell phones now.

  14. I think the Earth is flat and do not turn around the sun .What stars are behind the sun today ? In 6 months I see about the same stars as today .check it out .Good luck .

  15. Umm…has anyone noticed that all flat earth videos are removed from youtube..All the ones you see on youtube are the ones mocking the flat earth…It wasnt so in 2017.. WOW!! THERE USED TO BE SOO MUCH VIDEOS EXPOKAINING..NOW ALL THAT ARE THERE ARE THE MOKING VIDEOS…

  16. β€œOnly two things are infinite: The Universe, and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the former.”

    Alberta Einstein

    Flat Earthers prove his point beyond any doubt.

  17. What's even worse is that it's 99% impossible to change these peoples minds and make them believe the earth is a sphere again. If you try most of the time they either ignore you or they try to prove you wrong and push away evidence like a stubborn baby turning their head away from a spoon.

  18. The funniest thing is listening to flat earthers try to explain why the stars spin in opposite directions on the north and south poles

  19. What kind of title is talking about all the flat-earthers all meeting all around the GLOBE πŸŒπŸŒŽπŸŒπŸ—ΊοΈπŸ—ΊοΈ REALLY…..!!! The Earth is flat and l believe the word of our Elohim Yahuah.

  20. All you Flat Earth is comment here to tell me why the World is Flat and I'm going to set an example why it's round okay so first of all get a ball put water in it it goes down right and that's your excuse but John Earth there's gravity so the waters I was going to go down the ball but when you're in space put a drop of water it's in the perfect circle not dropping off because there's no gravity because in space has no gravity on Earth those gravity pushing down and then you have people who like the Earth is flat but it's not prove it prove it prove it but you say it's like the Moon is on the side but I guess the sun is smaller than the moon in those proven to be bigger than all the planets how and for some reason of all the planets are round but Earth is like spinning like a freaking frisbee fathers are so dumb thanks for coming to my TED Talk

  21. You know what they said the Antarctica is surrounding the earth where's the other one I guess they're connected but global warming is like yeah I'm going to milk that I want that here I want to melt that the one small thing all the wires going to be gone and then ever in the beach and then they slide off the universe

  22. Go look for the edge of the earth…that's the research needed to prove flat earth. Not rap, not the toilet, not the gravity-is-a-deception fuckery, and don't shit me with the "government doesn't want you to know" argument. It's plain and simple, release a footage of someone standing on the edge of the earth. Until then I will continue to believe a published research done throughly through hundreds of years.

  23. It's pointless to debate with flat eathers, they are so entrenched in their delusions, no evidence of any kind to date to support their claims, when presented with actual facts or science they basically regress back to childhood resorting to insults , name calling ect. They would be funny if they weren't so intent on spreading their delusions. Sad really.

  24. How can anyone be this inconceivably stupid? This has to be a publicity stunt or there has to be some sort of financial gain involved here. "Why is water not falling out of the toilet bowls in Australia ?" because the force of gravity attracts towards the center of mass (the center of the earth), you dumb shit XD

  25. The beginning of this clip highlights the IQ required to entertain this comic book nonsense. Will a flat earther please provide me a formula for the Suns thermal output per square mile and then calculate the annual discharge? Off the top of my head I think the sun cooks off 4 million tons a second. This tiny display will never satisfy any science experiment today or any time soon. 100% Gold Standard BS here.

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