The Fermi Paradox II — Solutions and Ideas – Where Are All The Aliens?

There are probably 10,000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth, in the observable universe. We know that there might be trillions of planets. So where are all the aliens? This is the Fermi Paradox. If you want to know more about it, watch part one. Here we look at possible solutions to the Fermi Paradox. So will we be destroyed or does a glorious future await us? Space travel is hard. Although possible, it’s an enormous challenge to travel to other stars. Massive amounts of materials have to be put into orbit and assembled. A journey of maybe thousands of years needs to be survived by a population big enough to start from scratch. And the planet might be not as hospitable as it seems from afar. It was already extremely hard to set up a spaceship that could survive the trip. An interstellar invasion might be impossible to pull off. Also, consider time: the Universe is very old. On Earth there’s been life for at least 3.6 billion years. Intelligent human life for about 250,000 years. But only for about a century have we had the technology to communicate over great distances. There might have been grand alien empires that stretched across thousands of systems and existed for millions of years and we might just have missed them. There might be grandiose ruins rotting away on distant worlds. 99% of all species on Earth have died out. It’s easy to argue that this will be our fate sooner or later. Intelligent life may develop, spread over a few systems and die off, over and over again. But galactic civilizations might never meet. So maybe it’s a unifying experience for life in the Universe to look at the stars and wonder “Where is everyone?” But there is no reason to assume aliens are like us, or that our logic applies to them. It might just be that our means of communication are extremely primitive and outdated. Imagine sitting in a house with a Morse code transmitter: you’d keep sending messages but nobody would answer, and you would feel pretty lonely. Maybe we’re still undetectable for intelligent species and we’ll remain so until we learn to communicate properly. And even if we met aliens we might be too different to be able to communicate with them in a meaningful way. Imagine the smartest squirrel you can, no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to explain our society to it. After all, from the squirrel’s perspective, a tree is all that a sophisticated intelligence like itself needs to survive. So humans cutting down whole forests is madness; but we don’t destroy forests because we hate squirrels. We just want the resources. The squirrel’s wishes and the squirrel’s survival are of no concern to us. A Type 3 civilization in need of resources may treat us in a similar way. They might just evaporate our oceans to make collecting whatever they need easier. One of the aliens might think for a second “Oh, tiny little apes! They built really cute concrete structures, oh well now they’re dead.” before activating warp speed. But if there is a civilization out there that wants to eliminate other species, it’s far more likely that it will be motivated by culture rather than by economics. And anyway it will be more effective to automate the process by constructing the perfect weapon, a self replicating space probe made from nano-machines. They operate on a molecular level: incredibly fast and deadly, with the power to attack and dismantle anything in an instant. You only need to give them four instructions. One, find a planet with life. Two, disassemble everything on this planet into its component parts. Three, use the resources to build new space probes. Four, repeat. A doomsday machine like this could render a galaxy sterile in a few million years. But why would you fly light years to gather resources or commit genocide? The speed of light is actually… not very fast. If someone could travel at the speed of light, it will still take 100,000 years to cross the milky way once, and you’ll probably travel way slower. There might be way more enjoyable things than destroying civilizations and building empires. An interesting concept is the Matrioshka Brain. A mega-structure surrounding a star, a computer of such computing power that an entire species could upload their consciousness and exist in a simulated universe. Potentially, one could experience an eternity of pure ecstasies without ever being bored or sad, a perfect life. If built around a red dwarf, this computer could be powered for up to ten trillion years. Who would want to conquer the galaxy or make contact with other life forms, if this were an option? All these solutions to the Fermi Paradox have one problem. We don’t know where the borders of technology are. We could be close to the limit or nowhere near it. And super technology awaits us, granting us immortality, transporting us to other galaxies, elevating us to the level of gods. One thing we do have to acknowledge is that we really don’t know anything. Humans have spent more than 90% of their existence as hunter-gatherers. 500 years ago we thought we were the center of the universe. 200 years ago we stopped using human labors as the main source of the energy. 30 years ago we had apocalyptic weapons pointed at each other because of political disagreements. In the galactic time scale we are embryos. We’ve come far, but still have a long way to go. The mindset that we really are the center of the universe is still strong in humans, so it’s easy to make arrogant assumptions about life in the universe. But in the end, there’s only one way to find out, right? Hey, everybody! We finally have our own subreddit. Come by for surveys, discussions about future videos, FAQs, and stuff like that. 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  1. What if aliens visited us before? What if they are living among us? What if they are not what Hollywood wants us to believe to be? What if they chose to ignore us like we ignore worms? Why is it hard for us to apply creativity in our assumptions about aliens?

  2. I like most everything from this channel but this was overly condescending/simplified. And many points have contradicting elements. The power needed for interstellar travel is so great that once a civilization achieves this I'd highly doubt they'd have the need to land at one of the few planets inhabiting life and take all of its resources. If they've already gathered the massive energy needed to arrive here they probably have more efficient means of gathering resources.

  3. It is arrogance to think intelligent, alien life would come to wipe us or try to make contact. For if they truly were intelligent, they'd see at a glance that we're already self-destructing; why waste time and energy on speeding up the progress, or try to communicate with such primitive lifeforms?

  4. That 'grains of sand' bit always makes me think.
    There's ALOT of sand.
    Now multiply that by 10,000!
    We're on par, or maybe smaller, in size with elementary particles if you compare us to the 'entirety' of the universe..

  5. Or maybe long space travel is just simply physically unattainable, so civilizations have realised they can realistically just exist in their own planet system, and we are incredibly far apart.

  6. "But why would you fly light years to gather resources or commit genocide" Stellaris player: 4 words: "Devouring swam, why not?" 😉

  7. Why haven't people consider that alien lives are on different frequency compared to us , hence we aren't able to see them despite them being there , such as moon.

  8. Next part and problem of human evolution will be humans themselves, to achieve something big like these things we have to make people forget money and everything else they are working for, next part is about helping each others. But the way how civilization will achieve the total peace of all humans is the bad part, it can be done by the nazi way or some peaceful ways that take hundreds of years. If you think space colonization is something that nasa builds and makes an "lets go everybody" announcement you're wrong. Think about kim jong forcing people to be scientists to create new weapons that might fly or even explode. But imagine all the humans working to survive colonize other planets, we all can read what couple nerds at nasa has done, and how much someone called Albert has taught for us. Currently we know very well ourselves, the earth and our mind. So why we still have so much education and business about stuff that is nothing more than a future problem? Sorry for my bad engliz

  9. Alien:should we kill humans?

    Different Alien:nah some still think their planet is flat, we’re good for a few more centuries.

  10. Lol, people thinking humans are gonna colonize space.

    We can't even surmount climate change – Hell, there are entire groups of people who even deny it is occurring. We'll die out shortly.

  11. There is one more theory

    Every civilization in this universe is invisible to every other
    We may need a new technology to find others

  12. It's like watching a really good teaser about a movie/story but never be able to actually know what happens. Awesome channel, just discovered it today 😀

  13. Imagine living for an eternity in a constant state of ecstasy… This is what our Alien brothers are doing, contacting us is of no concern to them.

  14. Explaining the long and complex coldwar like that it kinda makes us sound like idiots who olmost killed each other for pitty reasons
    Watch over simplified to see the complexity of the war

  15. Pretty sure the space ship formed from an astroid @ 05:48 is the seed ship Sidonia from the anime Knights of Sidonia. Bottom right

  16. Humans have so many technological problems to overcome, survive and prosper but there will always be groups, still dominated by their primitive instincts, some leading nations that are too much concerned with dominating others with the purpose of exploitation, maintaining hegemony and geopolitical dominance.
    Some even with the courage to drop nuclear weapons on perfectly innocent civilians to prove their point.
    It is very likely the great thermonuclear annihilation filter will apply to humanity as well!

  17. There are no aliens because there is no evolution just like there is no creation of the universe without a creator science actually proves this that the Universe cannot be created from nothing matter and energy cannot be created from nothing and it can arrange Itself by itself to form a singularity and that Singularity cannot expand or explode due to immense gravity none of this can occur without violating many of the laws of time-space in physics which by the way could not even exist before the universe existed because nothing could exist before the universe existed unless there is a creator things that pertain to the universe cannot exist before the universe existed for many reasons example time space matter and energy could not exist if there's no physical place to put it therefore a singularity also could not exist before the universe existed unless there was a place to put that singularity also you cannot get order from chaos without violating many of the laws of the physical universe and this is just one example

  18. The idea of "harvesting our resources" does not really make sense, or let's say is not very likely. In fact, this is again the typical "egocentric human thinking" of "we are so special and unique".

    There are so many (empty) planets, stars, meteorites, dust and "what ever" out there to be "harvested". Earth is not "so special" just because we have a "little bit" of water on the surface and a bit of "gold" below the surface. And, beyond that, if a civilzation was that advanced, they will have "fusion processes" or what ever to create any (new) element they want. I mean, even we can already do this (only a few atoms with huge energy investment, but we're on the way 😉 ).
    So, let's just hope that they behave * not like us *.

  19. what's good with immortality if you have natural reincarnation, unbelievable the amount of energy spent to solve a problem, which does not exist, do more meditation and you will know. The never die or never get old is a sick fear based desperation, every circumstance is useful to collect on a human journey for various reasons, wanting to stop mortality is as dumb as not wanting to be born, look at nature, everything is born, grow, blossom, decay and die, why would we be any different ?

  20. 1:25 so like it takes a shit ton of time for light to travel. and you’re saying that maybe there could’ve been life a long time ago… but whatever we observe in space is actually the past… it’s however long ago it took the light to travel for us… so this does not seem possible

  21. 0:00 You always say it differently and it is always bullshit. Now you say: "There are probably 10 000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth, in the observable Universe." – Please, stop making things up! The original assertion was something like this: There are approx. so many stars in the whole observable Universe as grains of sands on all the beaches of Earth. This is, of course, a very vague assertion too, because what do you consider to be a beach and how deep do you want to dig into? But now, you went to a higher level of absurdity. Now you say that there are 10 000 stars for every grain of sand of the freaking entire Earth!!! Jesus! Enough of this exaggeration! Let's make a super quick calculation, ok? There's approx. 2*10^11 galaxies in the observable Universe and there are approx. the same amount of stars in an average galaxy (maybe little less…). That means we are talking about something like 10^22 stars, ok? Now, grains of sand come in different sizes, but somewhere between 0.05mm to 4mm. Converted into volume, this is a pretty big range of volumes!!! So let say that the average size of a sand grain is around 0.5mm. That's 8 billion of them in a cube meter. Like the actual number of humans on Earth… So you need a cube of approx. 10km in size full of these 0.5mm grains of sand. So we are talking about a 2mm thick layer of sand covering the entire Earth. That's approx. how many stars are in the entire observable Universe. I think that this is much more exact than talking shit about some 10 000 stars for every grain of sand on Earth…

  22. This is what pisses me off about Flat Earthers – they think they're special and in some experimental dome meanwhile the truth is that humans aren't special at all and in fact are embryos in our development – not even a type 1 yet.

  23. If religion are true, that means maybe god only want us humans and other species to exist ON EARTH no where else.

  24. Well, for me, there's difference between cutting whole forests and eliminating thousands of lives, while there's still hundreds of millions more lives of other living creatures, and eliminating high intelligent lives, where is maybe thousands of them at top. So I don't think, that type 3 civilisations would be so eager to destroy us for our resources. Also, if humanity can't become literally little greens, then there is no point to exist any longer. Either future human can become a Kami, or it cant, then it isn't worth it. I want to become The Kami. Try to stop me.

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