I think you did that thing on Facebook once it was really interesting and you posted how quickly the world could become fully anarchist if just I think it says something like if one anarchist could convert two people to become a Turkish every hour or something along those life yeah if you remember existing voluntary Ascan verts to every year so one turns into three because there's him and then assuming there's how many like temperance or 10,000 I think it's like in ten years it's the whole world or ten years is the whole country and then in a few more it's the whole world because that's how exponential growth works and so the thing now isn't like because we're still a tiny minority of the population the numbers isn't what matters the rate of growth is what matters because if you have you know as mathematicians know if you have an exponential curve it doesn't matter if it's really tiny right now if it continues on the curve it's going to get enormous as a quick this sort of weird tangent example I forget what it was there some legendary story of the king somebody impressed the king and the king said I'll give you whatever you want the guy said give me a chessboard put one grain of wheat on the first on the first block and then double that for the next block and double that for the next block until you're done all 64 blocks he said really that's all you want and he didn't understand that that was worth more than his entire kingdom that's how exponential math works that if you double at 64 times it's kind of almost infinity and if we double the number of people who understand this on a yearly basis or triple or whatever we can it very quickly gets way beyond anything any ruling class can control and and I don't even care what the specifics are of what people do to to hide or circumvent or resist or anything else you know when you get around to having tens of millions of people who don't believe in an obligation to ballot or a ruling class that ruling class is doomed and I don't even care about the specifics of how it happens it's going to be doomed if people stop feeling beholden to politicians

  1. Just out of curiosity: (I notice these gentlemen use the word Anarchist) do people who follow your version of Anarchism generally dislike people who follow other versions of Anarchism? I only ask because I'm new to Anarchism and I see that there's many variations to Anarchism, such as Anarcho Capitalism, Anarcho Communism, Anarcho Syndicalism, etc.

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