The evil of socialism is at our doorstep —but there is HOPE

you must do your own homework and decide if this is true or not and if you find it to be true share it with all in that are in your circle of influence we're running out of time so what could my possible motivation be well I will tell you this I grew up in an alcoholic family and I'm I'm what specialists would call the mascot of the family I love that the mascot of the family the mascot is the one who tries to reduce the stress of the family by goofing around they joke they they just do anything they can to distract the family from the problems that's what I do that's what I've always done in my family I don't like tension I don't like conflict this has allowed me to survive some pretty stressful times it gives me a very dark sense of humor about my dysfunctional family or my mother suicide or whatever but it is helped me as a default in stressful times it is always allowed me to look elsewhere hmm I hate conflict and if you've been listening to me for a while you probably can tell us because I've tried to be a pace of a peacemaker I really have and usually it's to my own detriment I can wish and hope and I can just you know please please please believe the best in people but sometimes that horse is not a unicorn and no matter how much I hope it to be true pigs never have wings this summer after I realized that the warning I had given to you in 2011 at Fox about the Caliphate and the destabilization that would eventually jump here and come to our own southern border was now at completion and it was now time for me I guess to be able to see the rest I was prompted to write down a series of events to watch for that would be road signs mile markers and exits that we can should we choose to save ourselves that we could take it was unbelievably clear and extensive and it came fast I've already shared a lot of it a summary of it in a three-part series that you can now find on blaze it boils down basically to four points I don't know what happens first I don't know how it all comes to fruition but I do know that these four things will precede a global shift and it will not end well for men's freedom unless we are prepared and know who we are first polarization and civil and rest is going to get worse too economic to stabilize ation on a global scale it is going to be massive three tech disruption it is also going to be massive and people will start pointing fingers and nobody will everybody tech and the government will start to merge into one and this will be a trust implosion no one will believe anything or any anybody after that prompting and quite honestly after years of begging for the opportunity just to bring people together to be a positive force to allow me the opportunity just to be a rodeo clown again it has come clear to me in the last couple of months that each of us have a role to play I have one and you have one I don't know what yours is but we need to accept and complete our task mine is not to make the country laugh or god forbid distract or frankly be the one who leads us to some grand answer my only role I believe is to warn you doesn't mean these things are gonna happen but if we don't change our ways it will my job is to tell you what you already know in your gut on both sides and you know what yes America has made terrible mistakes all of us have from the beginning I'm now at the point where I believe our founders should not have compromised on slavery I've always accepted that because they had to start the country but I don't even know they trusted God on everything else and then they failed to trust him on slavery they compromised and then we did it again we failed after the Civil War Lincoln was shot we didn't heal the wounds he told us heal the wounds of the nation but we didn't do it in the 1960s we were too tired and afraid to look straight in the I what the problem was because JFK Malcolm X MLK RFK all shot riots in the streets the world was on fire and all of us just wanted to go back to the normalcy bias America at the time became the mascot of the family of man we tuned in laughing and tuned out our pain Abraham Lincoln knew all of this it was his message of the second inaugural address it's the second shortest inaugural address in history and yet probably one of the most memorable that almost well I can't say this anymore a lot of us could have quoted at some point in our life it's only a hundred sorry seven hundred and one words but in that seven hundred and one words Lincoln mentions God 14 times he quotes the Bible four times he invokes prayer three times ten years after he was shot it was the chief justice chase that gave the Bible that that Lincoln put his hand on and took the oath and when he took the oath when he finished he actually took that Bible and he kissed the pages well we know now what the pages were that he kissed and they were from Isaiah 5 27 28 that says none shall be weary nor stumble among them none shall slumber nor sleep neither shall the girdle of their loins be loosed nor the the fete of their shoes be broken who shut whose arrows are sharp and their bows best their horses hooves shall be counted like flint their wheels like a whirlwind 41 days after he called for for us to come together and heal the wounds of the nation he it was shot but his words still Kindle something in us the spirit of Lincoln's words still stir our soul and I think it's because at his moment of triumph is his moment saying yeah we won he chose humility woe unto the world because of offenses for it must needs be that offenses come but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh if he shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses which in the Providence of God must needs come but which having continued through his appointed time he now wills it to be removed and that he gives both north and south this terrible war as woe do to those by whom came the offence shall we discern therein any departure from those divine attributes which the believers in a living God always ascribed to him fondly do we hope fervently do we pray that this mighty scourge of war may speedily pass away yet if God wills that it continues until all the wealth piled up by the bondsman two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk and every drop of blood drawn by the last shall be paid by another drawn by the sword as it was said three thousand years ago so it must be said today the judges of the Lord are true and righteous altogether America we must heed Lincoln's message again offenses will come and woe unto us by whom the offense has come the most important message I can give you tonight is this those who wish to enslave others for their own power their own gain and their own glory are not enemies of mine or yours they are enemies of his because these rights ultimately belong to him and they have been loaned to us for safekeeping for the next generation it is our responsibility we must stand up and protect those rights we must live up to the words of our founding mission that yes all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with animal rights among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we have fallen short time and time again it's a lofty goal but worth it but if all of us with real humility recognize our wrongs we begin to show not anger or vengeance or hatred towards others but rather empathy and just show simple small kindness if we meekly ask for forgiveness admit our faults and turn our face back to him he will make up for the shortfall and he will heal our land we must embrace we must stand firm for and further the cause of individual sovereignty justice individual justice and individual dignity social justice of the 1850 has been perverted intentionally into collective justice of today and it is a lie it is evil and it is bloodthirsty the founding declaration words are worth dying for but more importantly they are worth living for and live we must socialism collectivism authoritarianism I don't care what you call it it's a death cult but it will not and cannot be beaten by fighting hate with hate or lies with more lies we will not survive if our goal is just to change men's minds or to win we must change men's hearts including our own there is no winning when half the country feels like they've just lost but here's where we've gone wrong we don't think we have anything in common but we do no one crosses an ocean in a rickety wooden sailboat for months nobody risks their lives in a homemade raft to cross the Gulf to get to Florida or send their children to cross a dangerous river in the middle of the night with dangerous coyotes because of our GDP or our low unemployment rate or even yes blessed universal health care people don't come here for that they come here for the American idea for most of the world who are currently praying for us please America wake up we still are the shining city on the hill they can see it perhaps we've grown so accustomed to freedoms lamp that we no longer turn around to even notice the flame that lights the world's path yes this is a place that sometimes suck there's a place that sometimes get rich sometimes you don't this is a place where if you work hard play by the rules and build your own mousetrap sometimes you can live the life you design perhaps you'll even become rich but when we look at the entire population of the entire earth even the poorest among us in America are the wealthiest 1% but even this argument is missing the point that is a uniquely spoiled entitled an American way of looking at things because people do not escape oppression to come here to get rich they come here to be free and at this hour at least at this hour we still are but the hour grows late have we become so arrogant that we are blind to our own true wealth our god-given freedoms protected by the Bill of Rights I love the line from Thomas Paine heaven knows how to put the proper price on something so celestial as freedom and just as it was said before if he decides that all of the American wealth be piled up in one giant EEP and be sunk then it still must be said the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether the foe we fight is not the name we hear every night on cable news it's not the ones in the voting booths not the one of them other parties whoever it is Oh a year that's not who our foe is our foe is found in our own arrogance in our own apathy in our own self-imposed ignorance our enemy is us our doubts our fears our anger our own foolish misplaced pride we do not fight flesh and bone we fight the same evil faced by the ancients that have gone before us I ask you tonight to ponder these things to do your own homework to know who you are and then let us begin again with malice toward none with charity for all with the firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right can we strive on to finish the work that we're all in can we bind up the nation's wounds can we achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations

  1. there are so many genuinely good people around the world who dont wish any bad to America, they have been continuously done their best to get American to wake up, wake up and look around other countries and Europe. all have already be damaged thanks to those who greed for power and chose power over calling bad apples out exchange for their votes. so many nasty evil things have done to people, but 'news' report never mention. America, through away all the stupid label, stand up as individual human being who know what is real and good and right and logic. do not let those who truly only interested in power continue their behavior. it is their behavior that expose our life in danger for yearsss. the worse is their behavior would result the country and people fall into wrong hand, and end up lossing all freedom and human right and be their slaves for generation. with the weapon and technology modern days. god knows when the chains would be cut off. good people around the world dont stop calling, but not forever, the day if sadly happen it would be too late to regret. of course, sincerely hope people can wake up in time to help themself, their family, other family, other American, stop the country and culture and history be completely destroyed. love.

  2. Well said Glenn! God bless you for this awesome message!❤️❤️❤️ truth and justice! Mercy and grace has been granted to us so many times ✅

  3. Almost everything he predicted, 10 years ago, has come, or is about to come, true. I only wish more people listened to him.

  4. I agree with Glenn, however the divide in our country is too great and the Dems are pushing toward a country without laws, open borders, high taxation, a rewriting of our constitution and removal of our constitutional history and statues. Compassion, yes, but that alone will not keep our country as it was. Glenn forgot to add what our founding fathers also wrote regarding 2nd Amendment and tyranny from our government. It seems we’re tittering and gravitating more toward this than what Glenn is suggesting.

  5. Liberty (I can do whatever I want) is the evil twin of freedom (the ability to choose the good.) America confuses the two and that 300 ft Masonic statue that overlooks the New York harbor attests to this. God cannot be disconnected from Freedom and Satan cannot be disconnected from Liberty which eventually becomes slavery to sin. This is always the penultimate choice for each person: Heaven or hell.

  6. Lets get this straight.
    Communism/socialism are the natural paradigms in which human beings operate. Everyone leaves the cave/village and hunts/gathers. On a good day everyone eats well. A bad day….small portions. Share and share alike. That is how we survived. Somewhere along the line talentless, ruthless control freaks showed up. Until we get rid of those….i will only accept those paradigms if MY MOTHER RUNS THE SHOW.

    Very well put Mr Beck. I was still ahead of you by 16 years. Your position should have informed you long ago.

  7. Your words ring true now as they did when I started watching you in Fox some years back. Nobody can explain things like you do with such clarity. As someone who was born in a country that became communist I know exactly the meaning of what you say. I saw it happen and saw the transitions you speak about. Sadly I don't believe we are going to react as aggressively as we should and with enough resolve to kill the cancer we are afflicted with. It's in God's hands now we just have to hope for the best.

  8. It is far worse than socialism or even 'democratic' socialism, it is global communism and the communists have gotten into bed with the Islamists to achieve the common goal of the annihilation of the White Man and all White cultures. Jihad and the Kalergi Plan all rolled into one.
    And the Ashkenazi are laughing and dancing all the way to the banks they own.

  9. "Perhaps we’ve grown so accustomed to freedom’s lamp that we no longer turn around to even notice the flame that lights the world’s path." beautifully said, Glenn!
    They think socialism is going to be the icing on the American cake. Instead it will be acid that dissolves the American cake…and the pan…

  10. You do not need to apologize for America… I don't hear any other country apologize for their errors… especially socialist/communist/fascist led countries… so give it a rest… America is the best it gets and needs no apology…. People don't want to rush to our shores because we are evil… they run here because we are good… give the rest a rest please… America's good has only been used against us and twisted into a dagger into our heart… so much for our crimes… time to focus on the crimes of our real enemy

  11. I watched your video "Socialism: A Warning From the Dead", of which this is only an excerpt of, as it was only released early this morning . Excellent video, btw … well researched with incisive analysis. I highly recommend watching and listening to it very carefully, for those who have not seen it yet

  12. And You have looked everywhere,Watched you 15 or longer. Back before Dana started with her yummy beets👍✌👣🙏😇YOU NEVER GAVE UP 👍🕊😇Send Mega Prayers to Washington state, please🙏👣God Bless Us All. Show us Love for one another. 🙏👣🕊😇✌

  13. Glen please retire and just go home! You have been preaching doom and gloom for years. But what bothers me the most is that you complain about the Democrats/Communist but you wanted Hillary Rotten Clinton so how do you think the Country would be today with Hillary owning the Supreme Court and the radical nut cases in Congress?
    You trashed Trump 24-7 even your business partner left because you were spending millions with Romney to try to stop Trump.
    You lost listeners by the thousands and it got so bad that you attempted to work with Samantha I hate Trump Bea to tap into her radical Communist you didnt care.
    You through your Friends under the bus like Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz all because they supported Trump.
    You need to go live on a Mountain somewhere all by your self and just leave because you lost all credibility no one with any brains listens to you!

  14. I like this guy time and time again over the years he"s been correct!. When Glenn speaks I pay attention.

  15. You used to be a regular dude that I could listen to… but for the past 3 months you have slowly became a crazy religious person…I have no issues with religious people but your acting as if a apocalypse is upon us any second now

  16. The apotheosis of Lincoln continues to this day.

    We all know what is said of those refusing to learn from history, yet we still eagerly forget this in favor of our own biases.

  17. I believe Soros and Styers are putting out the ads in those countries telling them they'll all get welfare.

  18. It’s true Glen. I just watched a 10 year old YT of you explaining Cloward-Piven. You are back on track and doing great work. Thank you!

  19. I would like to call out the stream behavior of the so called, " the progressive leftist" is like going to a deep sleep thinking that at dawn you become more powerful, the book of Isaiah chapter 3 verse 4,5 tells us this very prophecy happening now and ones we elect a Socialist president, the revolution will begin., Also read the Jesuwits oath of induction as its entirety and see for yourself the show runners.

  20. What about Obama's fema camps and hobbit homes and HAARP and "coming for the guns" and baby parts sales and and and etc etc.?
    This con man is desperate to ingratiate himself with the right wing thing of the Corporate States of America .

  21. Excellent Glenn, Mahalo from Hawaii. I have been with you since the CNN days. Very happy you stand for what you think. And you always put God first. And you can admit when you made a mistake. Your a good man Glenn Beck. Job well done.

  22. We have become arrogant and distracted enough to outsource the education and direction of our children to those who despise us and everything we stand for…. End the Department of Education. Put education back in the hands of the market and those in the market for education. Bring back freedom to choose. Prop up the wonderful mothers and fathers that teach fact and morality to their children above pursuing the dollar and the false virtue of 140 character proclamations of their "goodness", copied from those who copied it. Finally, mirror the left's zeal for fasle "social justice" with the true justice of the equal enforcement of law. Hold them to their virtuous statements before allowing them to hold others. The latter will never come because they will not allow themselves, ever, to live the true effects of their sick idology. Above all, speak your mind. Tell the truth. Use your dollars to vote for those companies and people that stand for what you believe. Ignore those who despise you and don't be their willing patrons. We outnumber them. They know this to be true. It's why they must use propaganda to maintain their ill gotten power. Speaking truth will force them to expose their insanity and corruption. Ultimately, they are the violent ones who seek to use passion to rest the scepter from reason. When they choose that path, be ready to meet them with greater defensive force. Our unique nation must survive for the future of our children

  23. Sounds like 1984!!! Wasn't that suppose to be a cautionary tale? Now it's used as a template on the left, and the University campus. How the heck can you be Mormon? You know it is a cult, don't you? The Catholic Church is the Church Christ formed. I am not saying that my Protestant brothers and sisters are not Christians, they just don't have the fullness of the faith. That being said Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the like are Cults. To know Church history is to be Catholic. Read the early father's. John 6:52 thur the end is about the Holy Eucharist.

  24. Socialism is slavery to the Government. WE need to wake up and shout this to the sky and to all that can hear. To go Socialist is to give yourself into slavery that others will control you. WE have rights. WE have truths. We have liberty. WE have Freedom. WE need to call to each other to fight against the oncoming slaver owners. WE have to educate Those that have not been taught. WE need to give our all to make sure that this country stays free, this country stays the shining city on the hill that shines the light of freedom, justice and liberty for others to aspire to and fight for their city on the hill. Thank you for listening.

  25. I disagree with one point. Our enemy is not in us, but is Satan. We have fallen for his lies time and again. Until we turn back to God, as a Nation, we will continue down this path to some very dark times and I believe that those times are soon to come. God help us. Thank you, Glenn for all you have done over the last 10 or so years.

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