The “Equality Act” attacks women, religion, and freedom

The “Equality Act” attacks women, religion,
and freedom. It’s time to UNLEARN the lies. UNLEARN Hey, welcome to UNLEARN. My name is Lex, and I’d like to invite you
to join us each week as we UNLEARN the lies and dig deeper into the truth of God’s Word. Now, let’s get started. The HR5 “Equality Act” is not about preventing
discrimination. In fact, it promotes a more heinous form of
discrimination against morality. The “Equality Act” is seeking to get rid
of any form of segregation based on gender. They claim that “gender identity” should
receive the same protection against discrimination as those concerning race and gender. The problem is that natural law, science,
and religion all recognize that humans are differentiated into male and female, which
means gender is a reality. However, sexual orientation is subjective
and changeable and cannot be determined by the same objective means that race and gender
are determined with. In other words, race and gender can be factually
determined, while gender identity is simply based on a person’s own desires and cannot
be factually determined. At one moment a person can decide they want
to identify with one gender, and in the next moment they can change their mind and identify
with the other gender. This type of subjective reality is extremely
dangerous and unpredictable. Another thing to point out is the rights that
women and minorities fought for was the right to vote and the right to work, and the discrimination
they faced was segregation on public busses and water fountains. There are no such discriminations against
the transgender crowd. We haven’t created separate bathrooms, separate
bus seats, or separate drinking fountains for transgender people, nor have we told them
they can’t vote or work. So, they aren’t fighting for the same rights
that women and minority races fought for because they already have those same rights. They want extra privileges and they want to
force people to accept their sinful lifestyle as a valid one. They want approval to live in sin without
anyone telling them the truth that their immorality is wrong. The HR5 “Equality Act” will allow men
who claim to identify as women to have access to women’s restrooms, changing rooms, showers,
locker rooms, women’s dorm rooms, and various other private women’s areas. This means the HR5 “Equality Act” takes
away our privacy, and is extremely dangerous for women. Women would no longer be able go to the bathroom
in private or change clothes in the women’s locker room in private, because if a man claims
to identify as a woman, he will have full access to those private women’s areas. This is extremely dangerous for women, and
it’s also a major violation of their privacy. This bill puts our wives and children in danger
of predators and perverts using this to their own advantage. Peeping Toms will have easy access to places
where women are commonly naked and exposed. This is terrifying to me as both a husband
and father. If this bill passes, I will be forced to prevent
my wife and children from using public bathrooms and changing rooms. I wonder how many parents will be ok with
their daughter playing sports if boys are allowed in the girls locker room? If a teenage boy decides he wants to play
girls basketball, he will get full access to the girls locker room and be able see all
the girls showering and changing clothes. Not only that, but if boys start playing girls
sports, they put the girls in physical danger because boys are stronger and play more roughly. We’ve actually seen an example of this when
a transgender man broke a woman’s skull in an MMA fight. It also makes it more difficult for girls
to excel at sports. For example, if one school has a team full
of boys who claim to identify as girls and they are playing against a team of only girls. This places the all boy team at an extreme
advantage over the all girl team. It has been scientifically verified that men
have an advantage over women in sports. Men tend to be stronger, faster, and can jump
higher than their female counterparts. If a man is average in men’s sports and
decides to compete against women, he will dominate the women he competes against. This is unfair to those female athletes. I believe the people who the “Equality Act”
hurts the most are women and children who will be placed in various types of danger
and vulnerability. Consider also that men who claim to identify
as women will be allowed to live in women’s dorm rooms in college campuses. They will be showering with our daughters,
and possibly sharing a room with our daughters, and since there is no way to verify their
claims, this opens up the possibility for perverts and peeping toms to share the same
dorm as girls. Don’t they see how dangerous this is for
women? I can’t believe every woman in America isn’t
crying out about this danger. Advocates for the HR5 “Equality Act” claim
it’s purpose is to stop discrimination, but I believe it puts women and children in
serious danger. Think about it. This bill is concerned about the feelings
and opinions of a small percentage of people, and it is completely unconcerned about putting
the lives and privacy of the majority of the population in danger. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good
evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and
sweet for bitter!” – Isaiah 5:20 Also, the broad label of “discrimination”
makes no specific distinctions as to what qualifies as “discrimination”, which is
extremely problematic and unsettling. Without having clear definitions and distinctions,
it is completely subjective and open to multiple interpretations. The “Equality Act” also blurs gender lines
in an attempt to make everyone gender neutral. Traditional gender identification based on
genetics would now be considered discrimination. They claim gender identification is subjective
and each individual can determine their own gender. This is an attack on our God given gender
roles and gender distinction. It blurs the lines between male and female
and ultimately causes more and more confusion. “You shall not at all do as we are doing
here today–every man doing whatever is right in his own eyes”
– Deuteronomy 12:8 The “Equality Act” is also an aggressive
attack on religious freedom. They will claim that religion cannot discriminate
against someone on the basis of gender identity. This is will put churches in a moral dilemma
because the world will claim that teaching against sin is actually discrimination and
hate speech. This “Equality Act” violates our freedoms
and rights that are stated in the first amendment of the Bill of Rights, specifically our freedom
of speech and our freedom of religion. Religious orphanages and foster homes will
be required to place children with same-sex and transgender couples. This is this a major violation of religious
morality, and freedom of religion. The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights
states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the
freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The “Equality Act” will essentially take
away our freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It will also take away the freedom of Christian
business owners and force them to violate their Christian morality. If a christian business owner does not allow
men to enter the women’s bathroom or changing room, they will be the target of lawsuits. This means they will be forced to compromise
their morals. There is NO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION to this bill,
which means Churches will be forced to comply as well. Churches would be forced to host same-sex
ceremonies and allow crossdressers to use the women’s bathrooms, changing rooms, and
nursing-mother rooms at any time, and stay as long as they please. Colleges will lose accreditation for noncompliance
and become ineligible to receive student loans, which would cause most religious schools to
close. If churches or religious organizations take
overnight trips, including sports or mission trips, they cannot segregate rooms by biological
gender. The “Equality Act” is an attack on the
Church and Christian morality, and I would argue, the “Equality Act” is a Satanic
attack against God’s Holy people. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and
blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness
of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” – Ephesians 6:12 Satan wants to blur the distinction between
men and women, cause confusion about gender, normalize immorality, and ultimately destroy
the family. Satan is attacking our families on multiple
fronts. The feminist agenda is Satan’s attempt to
dismantle the Biblical patriarchal family structure and destroy Biblical male headship
in the family. Pro-choice promotes a woman’s selfish desire
to kill a child simply because she doesn’t want it. The LGBTQ agenda seeks to undermine Biblical
marriage and gender roles, while also pushing to normalize sexual immorality. The HR5 “Equality Act” is Satanic, and
if it becomes law it will endanger our women and children, cause major problems for Christian
Churches and other religions, greatly hinder business owners, and cause chaos in families
and homes across America. SHARE THE TRUTH
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  1. Great video, I hope you get support for this video because this is absolutely serious, and people are blinded by the adversary to ignore serious topics like this

  2. I'm boy but i'm in girl's sport because i didn't do anything in boy's sport so teachers thought i'd suit better in girl's sport.

    But i still don't dare to go to girl's changing room

  3. I've heard of this. They can pass the act if they want, but I encourage all churches who truly fear Yahweh to refuse to comply with it. This is just a taste of what the beast system will look like, but if the church will stand against this evil, then the church will stand against the mark of the beast. I told my follow church member this about the "equality" act: fear not the ones who can destroy the body, but not the soul, but fear the one who can destroy body and soul. I beseech all those who fear El Elyon (The God Most High) to stand firm against this, no matter what it will cost. Amen!

  4. But we're not a different Race Lex WE all are Human thats are Race skin color does NOT DEFINE ME as a Different Race that makes no sense to say it does just saying.

  5. It's very sad that this will most likely pass. Satan had tricked this world so easily. We'll just have to keep praying and living as we are supposed to, Amen.

  6. all anyone would have to do to dispute this stupidity is to read a dictionary or encyclopedia and they would know that gender is mostly about language.

  7. I appreciate you speaking on such issues. Not enough teachers have the guts to do so because they're too afraid to rock the boat, and they know they'll be under constant attack from the regressive left.

  8. hey lex i agree with you 100% also i dont think this video will last on youtube im sure they will take it down but we'll see

  9. reprobate most of them are but a law we'll need to stop the reprobate acts that'll hurt others , so find a way to make it a law by Jews to speak with all Christian's and others that'll not stand for evil like not able to know if a woman is real in Truth from unborn baby she be woman or man … really do Japanese people know who is real man or woman by a law …. because if we can out live the crazy and hold fast our Holy Lord in God's Good Grace we can out live the things in the world or until the Lord ends it… trust the Lord

  10. You are doing a great job Lex, i don't always agree with you but i do enjoy watching most of your videos!

  11. Truth right here! I say no to this abomination. Todah for speaking up and out and I support this message.

  12. They're coming after straight men! They're saying that they have toxic masculinity!! So they're trying to push men to being effement!! Please do a video on this as well! Thanx!!

  13. @Unlearn the lies

    So, what are YOU going to do about it? Was this merely informative? It’s not if, it’s when it becomes law. How will you attempt to prevent that from happening? Or, will you try?

    Jesus stated something very interesting with regards to SIGNS that would signal his return and the end of the world. He declared at MATTHEW 24:12 that’s sin would be RAMPANT and (here is the point) LOVE of the greater number will grow COLD. So, according to the prophecy, “the GREATER NUMBER” or majority of believers will apparently SUCCUMB to the pressure placed on them by Satan and his human authorities (principalities ie RULERS, GOVERNMENTS). As a student of the Bible, I’m certain you expected this turn of events and hopefully you’ve been preparing those you shepherd accordingly.

    Are you the BUCKLING type or the ENDURING type? (MATTHEW 24:13)

    Only time will tell.

    Remember THE GREATER NUMBER will buckle (succumb).

  14. Thanks for the exhortation brother. I totally agree homosexuals are not being discrimination and have always had the same rights as anyone else. I would, however, like to point out that the term "race" is not mentioned in scripture as it pertains to "black, white, or any other racial category used to define the ethnicity of a human. The term "race" as it is defined today, was created by Thomas in 1870. Below, you will find Huxley's map of racial categories from On the Geographical Distribution of the Chief Modifications of Mankind (1870).

    1: Bushmen

    2: Negroes

    3: Negritoes

    4: Melanochroi (including Hamites and Moors)

    5: Australoids

    6: Xanthochroi

    7: Polynesians

    8: Mongoloids A

    8: Mongoloids B

    8: Mongoloids C

    9: Esquimaux

    Huxley states: 'It is to the Xanthochroi and Melanochroi, taken together, that the absurd denomination of "Caucasian" is usually applied'.[22] He also indicates that he has omitted certain areas with complex ethnic compositions that do not fit into his racial paradigm, including much of the Horn of Africa and the Indian subcontinent.[23] Huxley's Melanochroi eventually comprised various other dark Caucasoid populations, including the Hamites and Moors.[24] Wikipedia


  15. Thank you my brother in Christ for all that you do. Love the videos and thank you for helping me "unlearn the lies".

  16. Which country is this act in? Also, privacy has ceased to exist about the time of the 2003 Patriot Act.

  17. 4:14 I am male and will not take advantage of any law. I am too young to vote against it. From what you are saying, do college students live at school?

  18. Unfortunately, thats what women got themselves into since they wanted to be treated equal to man.

  19. The Holy Bible calls Satan "the god of this world," therefore, it is his to rule. These terrible things that we see before our eyes must come to pass. It is a manifestation of sin for the true children of the Almighty Holy Creator to witness, so as to show how terrible sin really is. Remember that Satan veils the gospel to those who are perishing. But also remember that it is written that Satan cannot harm those born of the Almighty Holy Creator because they have His protection, the protection of the Holy Almighty within them. For it is written that the Holy Spirit of the Almighty Creator is more powerful than the one that is in the world, the evil one. Finally, be strong in the Almighty Creator and in His mighty power. Put on the full armor of the Omnipotent Creator so that you can take your stand against Satan's schemes.

  20. If i was a buisness owner i wouldn't compromise i would close down. I would rather be poor in finance than lacking in faith. Adonai will provide.

  21. Yes. Unfortunately, all of this is snuck in the backdoor long ago. Now they just pass into law, what they already have done for decades. Most female celebrities really are MTF transgenders, which also tricks heterosexual men to lust after "strange flesh". See in the Bible, where that will lead you. And for instance Serena and Venus Williams definitely are hidden transgenders. They are not technically focused players at all, but simply had their success by physically overpowering everyone else on the WTA tour. I heard rumors about those two being transgenders on Eurosport chat 15 years ago and still people is not getting it. In particular Serena also had several injury periods, where it was very obvious, that she had plastic surgery done to appear less obviously masculine. Many of their competitors now is also transgenders, and those hidden MTF transgenders are almost their only real competitors. Maria Sharapova defintily was in that category. Transpocalypse Now has made a video about womens tennis, which is interesting.

    Actually, he made a video today about alchemy. The official symbol og this occult science is a hermafrodite. Their god is Baphomet. This is their religion in essence, that man and woman is imperfection and the goal is to turn all of humanity into androgynous demigods. Not even kidding. This is what we are up against. It is not about equality for a tiny minority. It is actually their religion! And this should be the hot topic of every Christian truther out there. UN also have a state agenda for "gender mainstreaming" before 2030 in all of the world. If I have ever heard one agenda, which is both the implementation of The Beast System and is the fulfilment of prophecy, that the times before Jesus Christ's return will be like in the days of Noah, that all of mankind will be near extinction, if God doesn't intervene, then this is it!

    And people still thinks, that this is a conspiracy theory, even though it is in no way hidden anymore. People certainly must be under a spell. I mean, UN and LBGT NGO's etc. states their goals pretty obviously, I would say. In the same times these hidden transgenders kind of rub in the face of their fans, what they really are, but people are just in denial completely. Lady Gaga, for instance, had "her" famous slip up on stage, when "she" showed her very masculine package underneath the dress.

  22. How to pray in Christian is just like Jews perform or like Muslim perform ? Please make a video on it

  23. you have to make your own community like pastor dowels
    things are not going to get better

  24. Transgender isn't a race of peoples as the secular perverts deceitfully portray…

    They are an unrelated peoples whose common denominator is a sexually perverted life-style and acquired mannerisms…

  25. The one pleasure I get from this is that finally the feminists who are waking up to the consequences of the disaster they have wrought in society. Many feminists are now actually increasingly anti Transgender because they realise men who claim to be trans can enrich on their spaces. These lunatics are now being forced to acknowledge men and women are different

  26. Lex. We have it here in the UK. The Equality Act is not about "equality", it's about sexual fascism for the deviants. Even the feminists are upset about this because it does no favours for women.

  27. Was watching an older video of yours and I thought the beard was a way better look for you… anyone else feel this way?

  28. Lex, I agree with your position 100% but please stop using the term gender when speaking of sexual issues. The word 'gender' was traditionally used in language arts and refers to masculine, feminine, and neuter words. We don't see the distinctions very well in English but it is very apparent in many foreign languages. People are divided by male, female, and very rarely hermaphroditism. The left changes the meanings of words to further their agenda. Gay used to mean happy until they cooped it to provide a socially acceptable word for queer. Don't let them change word meanings; make them use the language correctly. Rant off.

  29. 0:41 Well, that's just dumb. It's basically, if not literally, the same thing as saying "I deserve special protection and rights that you don't have because I like putting watermelon on pizza." One: that's the weirdest thing to be put on pizza. Two: that person's personal opinions are opinions. If a law was passed that protected people based on their opinion, then prosecution of murder would be illegal is it would be considered discrimination against murderers. Prosecution of theft would be considered discrimination against thieves. The Civil Rights Act would be considered discrimination against racists.

  30. Passing this law is no different from giving murderers the right to murder. The "Equality Act" would lead to having to throw out the entire law because it would be impossible to draw the line between prosecuting someone for murder and discrimination against people who see nothing wrong with murder.

  31. Dear any Congressmen who watch this video: If the bill passes, there will be numerous emigration and secession. What will you call your new micronation?

  32. He just got a new subscriber because of the truth he said in the video. If you are offended by what he just said, you need help…for real! God bless you Lex!

  33. So, how do we recognize life here, but its changed for abortion. The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States lawwhich recognizes an embryo or fetus in utero as a legal victim, if they are injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listedfederal crimes of violence.

  34. I recently discovered this channel and enjoyed all the content I have seen. Have you guys done one on the new perspective on Paul? If not would you consider doing one ? Thanks for considering

  35. God bless you Lex 💕
    I am really learning some very Good things from you.

    Plz pray for my family.. They have started going to WMSCOG 🙁 which beleives in God the mother. I am scared.

  36. What I'm asking myself is that the 13 people that gave this a thumbs down, why are they even here listening to it?

  37. create the issue .. provide the solution. Same old story .. It's political
    and they're being groomed for power

  38. Wouldn’t you agree that some of what you are saying is a little judgmental and inflammatory?

    I understand you are receiving your understanding of reality from a collection of ancient books you believe to be divine or “divinely inspired” (depending on your particular subset of Christianity) but I would ask you “how do you know that the Bible is the word of your god?

    This is an important question as the Bible has been basis for a lot of otherwise good people to treat other good people very terribly.

    You have attempted to cherry pick science here a bit to support your message, and ‘unlearning the lies’ is a big piece of what science is about, but cherry picking is not really how science works.

    Science questions everything back to its axiom.

    Since you want to unlearn the lies, and since you seem to base your reality on the ideas of the Abrahamic god, who is wholly described to us by:

    1. A roughly 500-year-old collection of otherwise independent and ancient books.


    2. Things some people say (generally inspired by the aforementioned book)

    Since basically everything you believe depends on this book called the Bible, my question to you is how do you connect the Bible to your god?

    We know the Bible exists.
    Many people believe a god of some sort exists.
    But how do you connect one to the other?

    Parts of the Bible kind of tell us that it is at times it is recounting the words or deeds of god, but why should anyone believe what something says about itself?

    Some will say “faith is how I believe.” But what put you on this path of faith in the first place? Is it something someone told you to believe? Were you just raised to believe in it much in the same way you were raised to believe in Santa Claus?

    Many claims the Bible make are either unprovable or have already been disproven. The Bible even contradicts itself on many occasions. The god described in Old Testament is clearly different than the god of the New Testament… even though the Bible says God is unchanging.

    I don’t mean to disrespect your beliefs, but a channel called “unlearn the lies” seems like it would be interested in all perspectives and a healthy debate to enable us to get to the truth of the matter rather than just guide us to some preselected conclusion.

    Would you agree?

  39. Can you make a video about determinism and free will. There is no argument against theological determinism.

  40. It's crazy that you've got so many dislikes when all you are doing is pointing out valid and logical problems… Man people love their sin…

  41. Those of us that scream and fight against this are labeled as trans/Homophobes and bigots and a lot of women who don't agree keep quiet to avoid those labels

  42. yeah this is wrong
    pray to GOD to do fix this
    call HIM in prayer to act and abolish these evil things

  43. This is crazy, pastor. I very much believe Christ's return is soon. Blessings to you and your family <3

  44. I am a mother and if I was to have girls I would definitely stand against it because that would be raped by having a man in a little girls bathroom I disagree with this world that's why Jesus Christ said my kingdom is not of this world because this world is very sick and it needs Jesus Christ in it

  45. Disassociate god from this debate. There is no god.
    'God' is a tool to oppress and suppress the ignorant, low education and low intelligence, low self esteem peoples.

  46. Every person who has been awakened should start Blowing up the phones of the Senate # 202-224-3121 Stand up AMERICAN'S & fight the good fight.

  47. FYI: Perverted people want NOTHING to do with truly Spirit Filled Churches, they cant stand the light, they wont go near them.

  48. ONLY IF YOUR A 501c3 ORGANIZATION CAN THEY RULE OVER A “church” NOT A 501c3, NO WORRIES, THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES PROTECTED BY THE FIRST AMENDMENT THOSE WHO ARE 501c3 HAVE GIVEN UP THEIR RIGHTS AND HAVE GIVEN THEIR AUTHORITY THROUGH CHRIST TO THE STATE, OR THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!!!! Do your own research, business owners, you know this b/c your “Articles of Origination” from the Secretary of State when you start a business…if your are an LLC, Limited Liability Corporation, you are a Sole Proprietor INCORPORATED WITH THE STATE, which gives them authority to tax, inspect, levy laws and policies over you, and BAR your operation for violations…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  49. We as ritchous men have to take the anishative to be more aggressive,forceful and assertive in these days and times of demonic rule. The LORD made us as men more powerful and more dominant so we could literally fight back in the event of situations like society today. This might mean beating some people up and taking physical action. The LORD does not endorse violence but the LORD implores us to defend ourselves and our loved ones by any means in his honor. May the LORD guide and protect us all!

  50. The insanity will only get worse. As a follower of Jesus Christ through Jesus I have access to Father God. To obey the Father's will. We must continue to preach to all. We must also respect Father's will that everyone has the right to believe what they want, it's up to us just to remind them of God's WRATH and judgement to come that we might perhaps persuade some to repentance and salvation and Faith in Jesus. Bring the light into the face of darkness. Jesus BLESS

  51. Separation of church and state, I dunno if you have ever heard of it, also this is a bill preventing discrimination, also this is a country with multiple different religions, some religions accept homosexuality, I hope you that as well

  52. This guys has no idea what he is talking about. We should just go back Jim Crow and Alavert since white business owners made the same argument during integration

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