The 'Entrepreneur Experiment' Episode 18 - Shane Monahan on managing his rugby career

while you refreshing rugby player what does that look like in terms of your career how do you manage yourself like your very entrepreneurial so how did you manage that did you manage yourself did you you know what wait what does that look like um it's professional rugby is very much like you know the old saying giving efficiently for day give me a net and I'll eat for life that's what it's a very professional becoming and then they show you how to do they monitor you but ultimately it's up to you to do it and start responsibility professionalism it's a professional sport you have to be professional or you're not going to get selected I know you're going to lose your contract so like the Academy the Academy the stove Academy that's what it was about was preparing you for the Academy and the Academy is prepared preparing you before professional roaming you're not just dumped in from school and that's where you often see that a lot of times where young lads that go straight into professional here kind of sink or swim kind of

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