1. SPOILER ALERT! You can tell this is Progressive Propaganda in 5 seconds from two immediately apparent facts: 1) addressing President Trump as 'Mr. Trump', and 2) this Leftist piece of pseudo-reporting is underwritten/produced by the University of Columbia, CA—a notorious hot-bed for Democratic Extremism. Saying that POTUS Trump does not understand growth and better-paying employment… that we are experiencing a temporary bubble of prosperity due to economic cycles (when these same people were predicting a stock market crash in 2016-17) Under Obama, Angus/Edmund/Barry/Rana and Glenn had Democratic/Soros grants flowing into their coffers, but now the tap has been turned off. Good riddance to these negative nellies who never had to perform manual labor, or stepping out of their isolated towers of academia into the real world. Although I hear that writing grant proposals can be tough…

  2. I wasn't impressed with the first two and turned it off.

    Academics destroyed Greece 2500 years ago.

    As academics they tend too know little about real world motivations and the principles of free market enterprise. Drs. Milton Friedman and his wife, Both were stelar exceptions. They also were pretty much removed from public education and replaced with lesser minds.

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