The Different Types of Anarchists

so only two of you guys recommended me to do this topic also only two of you guys were cool enough to follow me on the Twitter's so here we go the different types of anarchists can be categorized as the social Power Rangers I categorize them as Power Rangers because of their focus on power violence and the autistic fascination with colors we got Annika communism mutualism individualist anarchists are kaput ilysm Annika primitivism Annika feminism query anarchism Anna Co trans feminism anarcho transhumanism and Anika pacifism hey just was wondering is this an out of season April Fool's joke let's start with the Red Power Ranger of the bunch anarcho-communism a narco communists are the hardcore communists who believe in the abolition of the state market's money private property while retaining respect of personal property and capitalism in favor of common ownership of the means of production these hombres emerged during the Spanish revolution and the Russian Revolution one notable a narco communist was Peter Kropotkin he believed that in Anarchy workers were self-organized to produce goods for society by the way I have subscriber who is an article communist you filthy communist next up is the orange power ranger or the mutualist mutualists emerged in the 18th century and believe in reciprocity free association voluntary contract and federation credit and currency reform the main idea of mutualism is that you do something for me and I'll do something for you that it's up to what you did for me mutualism is also part of an economic theory but that's for a different topic the baby blue Power Ranger is the individualist anarchist these guys are made up of different anarchist thoughts that put the individual above external determinants such as groups society traditions and ideological systems individualist anarchists are the narcissistic bunch of the anarchists a famous 19th century individualist by the name of Benjamin Tucker said that and I quote if the individual has the power to govern himself all external government is America America no mistake written on a pension as well bring me the American system bus okay nobody will steal it – man we have been wait-listed – Melanie – wait till they in turn up in Jakarta the Asian I mean yellow Power Ranger is anarcho-capitalists they believe in the elimination of centralized state dictum in favor of self-ownership private property and free markets they're similar to the identical Communists but instead they focus on the economy it even says it in their name the Green Power Ranger or the Anika primitive is is the most autistic of the under kissed bunch these silly gooses believed in the return of non civilized ways of life through abolishing of industrialization elimination of the division of labor and abandonment of Technology they basically want to go back to the Middle Ages now if you think their way feminism is bad just check out the purple Power Ranger the anarchy feminists these female dogs are the ones that are top radical feminists they criticize and want elimination of traditional concepts of Family Education and gender roles these type of anarchists feminists are critical of marriage and greatly the spice marriage what what are you looking at what do you like what you see yeah that's right ask yourself I don't swing that way pink Power Ranger is the queer of the anarchists these people want to fight the issues that the LGBT faced that's pretty much to be honest so obviously there is no color for a narco trans feminism Power Ranger therefore I drew this anyways a Nariko trans feminists focus on the issues of trans people in addition they want to abolish transmisogyny transphobia patriarchy and the gender binary the dark-blue Power Ranger or the a narco transhumanists it's a person that heavily believes in the merge of human and machine in order to eliminate the limited capabilities that normal humans have finally we got the white Power Ranger or the a narco pacifist these are the hardcore hippies of the anarchy spectrum and they don't believe in violence of any sort such notable pacifists was Gandhi sheesh guys I felt like I was doing a school assignment when researching for this video sure brought back memories anyways I just did a quick overview on the main anarchists schools of thoughts I didn't go in death since you can easily find the info for each type except an arc of trans feminism I had to go on Zuckerberg territory to find some info anyways leave any video suggestions for your main pussy to possibly do in the future because I got some video ideas in the works if your video idea catches my eye then I'll do it later alligators rar

  1. also, primitivists are autistic, but autism is an advancement, not a regression. however, I choose the middle ground, primitivist for most parts, but keep some tech, esp. in instruments of war. sorta Mad Max-y without the capitalism. though I'm no anarchist, way more authoritarian.

  2. I liked this video but Ben Tucker was a mutualist. should've went with Renzo Novatore or Max Stirner for individualist.

  3. I don’t get how a majority of anarchists want socialism and communism, like what’s next anarchy-fascism?

  4. People become anarchists because they're sick of this filthy humanity. They start to hate socio-political conventions and to believe in dreams and utopias because since life is so short, it's better to be a dreamer than a stupid piece of chess.
    Yours sincerely, a non-anarchist nihilist.

  5. Do a video on Jewish tyranny through usary, the hijacking of foundations and corporations and the funding schemes to progressivist causes to dismantle western ethnic and cultural heritage and to topple governments

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