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what's the difference between a human and an animal that answer may seem quite obvious humans build cities use smartphones drive cars and fly rockets into outer space while animals just sit on earth eating sleeping and procreating while our actions may be far more complex and impactful our separation from animals physically or anatomically is not so extreme similarly we have arms legs eyes ears and noses and we share 99% of the same DNA to our closest animal relatives in chimpanzee there's only one physical attribute which could account for the difference and this is the brain the human brain capable of comprehending abstractions and symbols created language the development of language is a pivotal point in the evolution of human culture this was the fork in the road where humans became humans language and communication a lot of information to be spread quickly from person to person and knowledge to be passed down through generations before this information was only passed down through genes which is very slow and highly inefficient compared to epigenetic information passed along through linguistic communication and so the social world is born an invisible landscape which expands and manifests through the advancement of communication technologies each communication medium from print to TV to the Internet have changed the human awareness and shape use of reality in ways unrealized the social world made up of concepts as cognitive constructs from a complexity of symbols imbued with meaning has the power to transform the material world Paulo Ferreira a 20th century philosopher and educator says in this book pedagogy of the oppressed that through what he calls praxis or the use of both action and reflection humans are capable of truly transforming reality he says that unlike animals humans produce not only material goods tangible objects but also social institutions ideas and concepts with the capacity to objectify themselves and their actions people can try to mentalize time into the past present and future this is an extension of awareness which animals are not capable of as they exist in the overall present Paulo discussed the difference between humans and animals because it is consciousness which makes the difference because humans are capable of using their own consciousness to plan and change the laws which govern social systems and therefore a reality education should be seen as a condition for the progress of society this is precisely why Paulo's a major critic of the education system because his thought is that in those cases it is oppressive and doesn't free people to become fully human this was also the concern of Karl Marx when he wrote the communist manifesto in hopes of liberating people from an oppressive political and economic system similar is the goal of new creatures who wanted to free people of the fear of death and the anxieties associated with religion it was the aim of many great philosophers of the modern age to use their consciousness their ideas and concepts to change social systems to transform reality to make it better so humans can become more human because humans are not animals who merely exist in harmony with nature now us humans have an impact far greater we can transform material reality through praxis and this invisible landscape we call the social world humans develop vaccines to save millions of lives and fly to the moon aback but also single-handedly destroy Earth's atmosphere and create weapons of mass destruction it is as if humans exist outside of nature due to our expanded consciousness so we should feel responsibility to use our consciousness wisely and spread knowledge in a manner that is conducive to freedom for the concepts and social institutions which we allow to influence our reality affect not only our well-being but the well-being of the planet and all of its species is our responsibility to shape the social world with this in mind you

  1. Lol what animals also have language, gorila coco can speak with humans. And Some about abstract mind, even bee has it.

  2. OMG! I watched this video while I was high. It was one of the best journey throw a Video ever!! Thank you, make more video about this kind of stuff. 😂😊

  3. what is the point of learning if we ment to die eventually arent animals smarter than us by just living in harmony with nature rather than trying to change their doomed unchangeable reality

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