1. Time for the US to establish a new "democratic" party…so the current one can go as left as it wants and then dies off and the new one reflects a more realistic liberal standpoint.

  2. It's not that simple: nobody is advocating for complete government control of the means of production which is socialism. At most, some Democrats are advocating for government control of a few areas in the economy where the private market has fallen short. You can debate this, but it seems like on both sides the term "socialism" isn't being properly used.

  3. No Charles, it's not a tough crowd, it's a stupid ignorant crowd. Those are the zombies of the Dems. party, far from being free thinkers. We've got to stand up to these fools but not in a confrontational way. Otherwise, it's just going to be a shouting match & no one learns anything that could change their mind.

  4. Democrat's boo'ed that medicare for all isn't good policy cause they are too stupid to know that it would require least 2-3x tax increase to pay for it. Funny how they called him the facist for supporting capitalism but wonder what they would say if Facist back in Nazi Germany WERE SOCIALIST.

  5. Socialism is a National security threat to this nation and should be wiped off the Planet.

  6. It's all about the FREE stuff! Just change the word Socialist for FREE. They haven't learned yet that there is no such thing as FREE. Oh and cabot, if what you say is true, next time you go to a university, hold up a sign that says something about not being afraid to decide for yourself instead if your peers and professors pressuring you to not think for yourself and follow what they say. I can imagine there are lots of college kids who keep their real opinions quiet, but will be honest with themselves at the polling station in 2020.

  7. Yes. Let’s analyze why socialism is favored by millennials. You are wise to start with the school system and especially high school and college. Democrats far outnumber Republicans as professors on college and university and they are not teaching from the middle ground.

  8. Republicans are slightly less socialist, fascist and crony than the Democrats. Let's get real, people.

  9. Teachers and socialist speakers manipulate younger people using emotions as way to spark up the crowd mostly schools reason is their idea in the early 80s is to use the education system to brainwash children to remove a free independent market it people has choice to more dependent and government interred system One example, the FDR New Deal the deal that prolonged The Great Depression thinking that the government is the best investor in reality the government and government banking system (Fed reserve in 1913) cause that.
    This why I rather have a School system be more local or private to small portion fire the socialist teachers.

  10. What few people realize is socialism and liberty can NOT co-exist! For socialism to function the government must have near complete control of the masses, and the masses must be, as Hillary stated, compliant! Individual initiative can NOT be allowed! Also, with socialism forget that it has been tried in various forms for centuries, always failed, and always will fail over the long haul! The worse part is there become only two classes of people! Those that control, and those that comply! I have never been and never will be good at compliance! The sad part is even with history making it plain socialism never lives up to its hype, mankind does not seem capable of learning from history, and continues to make the same stupid mistakes over and over and over!

  11. Unless they get control of the voter roles we will be destroyed as a country anyone can vote with drive up ballots and soros voting machines.

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