The decades-long Republican strategy of tying Democratic proposals to ‘socialism’

  1. "Socialism is a scare word they have hurled at every advance the people have made in the last 20 years. Socialism is what they called public power. Socialism is what they called social security. Socialism is what they called farm price supports. Socialism is what they called bank deposit insurance. Socialism is what they called the growth of free and independent labour organisations. Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all people."
    – Harry S. Truman, 1952

  2. Communism is actually not bad its just people think of Stalinism and not Marxism/Leninism As Wealth spread not GULAG not yet anyways……

    ALSO with Communism/Socialist work USA dept would be less Poverty less Homeless less.
    USA was scared of a new power like Communism overthrowing it but By doing that USA has basically helped Communism Spread like Venezuela.

  3. This is just an idiotic argument. Not a single Democrat on the campaign for 2020 has a single Socialist policy. They all have policies for a Social Democracy. Left wing media is helping the right in the framing because organizations like WaPo call Social Democracy policies Socialist policies.
    It’s like calling tax cuts for the rich “Fascism” and Sean Hannity saying “Democrats are against Fascism because they don’t care about the economy.” That only helps us and hurts Hannity’s side.

  4. America has always been socialist. That's why it is rich and successful with strong private and public sectors. Comunism and Capitalism are both fails.

  5. Americans are tired of Democrats putting non citizens first. Point blank. Sign it and ship it. That's the message liberals. When will you learn it

  6. It's cute how they keep using that word like it's a bad thing. Granted, it's worked for them for decades, but as more and more people learn what it actually means and entails, they'll find their time-tested tactic is toast.

  7. Gop gave you trump. A Corperate whore for corperations. Give them a vacation from running our country into the ground.

    Vote the gop out of government.

  8. "Those who proclaim themselves as Socialists are usually depressing, have no sense of humor and attend an expensive college.
    Fate loves Irony."

  9. Americans know about as much about Socialism as they do about Outer Bratislava’s cabbage export policies in the 1950s.

    Here’s a fun game to play at home, kids – grab any American shrieking about Socialism And/Or Venezuela, and then ask them to list and explain just three core differences between Socialism and Democratic Socialism (as practiced by most of America’s key European allies, where millions of Americans holiday each year, seemingly totally unfazed about The S Word and how other countries work). Hours of fun, once the hours of awkward silence have passed.


  11. And NOW we can establish a decades-long tradition of tying Republican proposals to Fascism. That is if the human race is allowed to survive long enough to HAVE a decades-long tradition. Right now, I give that one about a 10% at best, thank you Donnie and the Deniers…

  12. Communism, socialism, …. Americans (some) love the labels. The exceptional American capitalism got the country where it is today. Blame it on China for its socialism.

  13. Great encouragement! When I debate a right winger, I like when he/she calls me communist without argument to back his/her claim up.

  14. americans are such brainwashed fools- slaving for the owner, pretending they have freedom but always fearful of unemployment, or their neighbour. working longer for less and less- turning against the folks who offer change and a better way of life. Prisoners of ignorance.

  15. Why most of affordable public housing plans have failed in America? It seems like because of the Laughable Sociopathic and Fraudulent Neoliberalism, Capitalism, Corrupt Lobbying, Fear of Crimes that Labeled "Public Housing" Evil Socialism. It led to the result of what virtually Every Metropolitan Areas in America have Ridden with Numerous Homeless People for Decades.

  16. What Americans consider socialism is actually centrism, meanwhile the American idea of right wing politics is actually full on fascism

  17. Toothless hillbilly CAPITALISTS on food stamps crack me up
    Maga maggots need education and mental health care not guns and walls

  18. When ever you take money from a group of people and simply give it to another . That is socialism, and that it was the demoncrats do ! Don’t lie

  19. Bernie nailed it in his speech last week.
    America is NOT a Capitalist country… it’s a Corporate Socialist country.
    Trump is a socialist too… corporate socialist.
    Bernie is a Democratic Socialist.
    No tax cuts & billions of subsidies for billionaires & multinational corporations anymore.

  20. If Republicans are apposed to social programs.. Why don't they forfeit their Social security, Medicare & Medicade payments? Or, meals on wheels, senior discounts..reduced taxes, disability benefits, pensions … In order to collect, they project fear & ignorance to justify their needs.. Fear of government. Fear of brown people taking jobs. It's the same rhetoric.. The top % get theirs while the bottom pay for it!!! The irony is that the rich LOVE socialism.. As long as it benefits their own..

  21. just like the Democratic Party keeps labeling the right to nazi and all white. They do the same thing. I’ve been a democrat all my life lived in the city run by them. I know a lot of us have done the same thing to. Has our cities gotten better as our schools gotten better ask yourselves and answer it honestly. Both parties are not doing their job but every Democrat city ran by them is bankrupt

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