1. Too bad the world didnt grow a pair of balls and stand with the American people to not recognize Trump as president.

  2. There is a hierarchy in the world and superpowers like America, Britain and EU is on top.
    You are just spewing your righteous nonsense about the world. Grow up. If you live in England or America, do you really thing it's the right thing to do is let every country in the world do whatever they want. Especially so close to American soil. Hugo Chavez having joint naval exercises with Russia and buying bomber planes from Russia. What's next? Letting Russia keep nuclear bombers in their hangars? Where do you draw the line?

    You are a fool, use your brain and don't just repeat propaganda.


    Lets suppose that after Trump loses big time in midterm elections; a few months later Trump dissolves the ELECTED Congress, replacing them with Trump cronies. Then, the Democrats react and name a new President, as stated in the Constitution due to Trump superseding his authority. Would this Democrat reaction and action to restore the LEGAL & democratic process be considered a Coup?
    Maduro did just that, dissolved the DULY ELECTED CONGRESS ! ! !

  4. Let me give you dumb people a fact:- more crime is committed in a democratic society than there will ever be in a communist society. Why do you white people make such a fuss of it ? Lololololololol

  5. That was (by far) the best and most complete summary I've seen.
    My respect to the authors and at the same time my thanks.
    I am European and I live in Venezuela and am shaken that politicians and "free" press are taking part in the robbery of the Americans.
    As a European, I am ashamed of it.

    Part of the story was not complete because Guaido is not president of the National Assembly because this was abolished by the Constitutional Court. In their place a Constituent Assembly was called.

    Why is it so ?
    5 deputies were convicted of vote-buying and suspended by the Electoral Chamber of the Constitutional Court until in the districts new elections they confirm.
    The National Assembly ignored this verdict and sworn in 3 out of the 5 suspended MPs (Opposition) nonetheless.
    As a result, the National Assembly was suspended by the constitutional cord.
    Without the votes of the suspended members, the 2/3 majority would not have been achieved anyway.

    Guaido is thus elected by a constitutional body that had no authority and is currently replaced by another constitutional body.
    Guaido is thus no longer an adjutant without a mandate and currently without immunity.

  6. They weren't banned, opposition leaders were brought up on trumped up frivouls charges and disqualified to run…in other words they were banned, so get your facts straight. And socialism did destroy that country be nationalizing companies that wouldn't comply with ridiculous and ruinous regulations and filling the tip positions with Chavista cronies.

    Socialism raced that country at tip speed into the ground, mate.

  7. It's like we all heard all this stuff when it happened, but then it suddenly seems that most of the US political system has a different memory, and so you have to go watch a video like this in order to say "yeah, that's what I thought happened! That's what I remember. So what is going on then?"

  8. Economic growth in the Chavez government was closely tied to oil price. It had zero correlation to the government of Chavez or any "efficiency" derived from it. As a matter of fact the oil price factor was taken out of the picture and the socialist bubble burst in the face of the Venezuelan people. The economy structure has to drastically change for Venezuela to get back on the rail of prosperity. However, that change has to come at the expense of Chavism, system proven again and again to be one of failure and misery.

  9. Hw dare America talk about respecting democracy when he was voted into power by the people and when its America that's makeing it all hard in the country all because there lobbyist want that oil

  10. This is THE BEST explanation on Venezuela that I've seen. Thank you for the good work. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Yeah why don't they call for free and fair elections in Saudi Arabia and recognise some woman as their rightful leader

  12. United State and European Countries don't recognize President Maduro. but they believe fake self-elected himself calling President. those countries don't believe sovereign country people election and choice their Presidents. this means UNITED STATE and THEIR FOLLOWERS WHO BELIEVE SOMEONE CAN CALL HIMSELF PRESIDENT NOT LIVING IN VENEZUELA NOT ELECTED BY VENEZUELAN PEOPLE. I AM SORRY TO SAY UNITED STATE AND FOLLOWERS ARE MOTHER FUCKING CRAZY AND STUPID FUCK IN THEIR HEADS LEADERS.

  13. Amazing how white supremacists mention spain in a good light only when they side w their warped political view of the world

  14. DUDE…..You're AWESOME!!! Everyone should watch this video, especially the ignorant majority that chooses to watch "the news".

  15. Who die and made the United States the sanctions shot caller or have the United States just appointed themselves?

  16. MISINFORMATION. This Video should be banned. What an awful way to lie to people Aaron Bastani. You forgot to mention any of the corruption that is happening? And don't get me started on the murdering, kidnapping, the cajas 'clap', the no electricity, no water, 90% poverty, no medicine that people are experiencing… And you are feeling nice and warm in England, aren't you? This is not a political issue of left or right wing, or communism, socialism or democracy. It's about basic human rights.

  17. Tell me why tey did not want to go to supervise the elections? Let me tell you why, because they do not want to accept the truth. It is oil the problem not Venezuelan people

  18. The last elections in Venezuela were held exactly to the standards they call for now , free , transparent and fair , they have been observed by numerous international observers who confirmed it as being completely legitimate and Maduro won fair and square , the only difference was that the US refused to send observers so that now they can claim the elections were somehow rigged by Maduro completely ignoring the claims of the other observers some of whom were no supporters of Maduro in any sense nonetheless they honestly reported free , transparent and fair election process , how in the fallen and wicked world can anyone claim to the contrary after refusing to attend and observe just boggles the mind but that has been the tactic of the elites to “ democratically “ and “ peacefully “ get their man of choice pushed into power all around the world for decades now and with force or threat of using force it has worked in most cases , now let’s ask ourselves did our leaders ever care for freedom and democracy ? Sure as long as they get their way otherwise democracy is undemocratic , freedom is oppression , human rights are atrocities , sovereignty is aggression ,war is peace and unless you submit and sign over the resources of your nation you are an evil dictator the twin of Hitler deserving of having your country bombed into the Stone Age , your citizens killed as collateral damage and the country impoverished for decades to come and if you then submit and hand over the wealth of the nation you will be allowed to rebuild and import food and medicine , there’s a word for this kind of behavior and that’s what we called the government of Germany during the 1940’s

  19. Good info, good presentation. Definitely biased, sadly in the same vein as the biased points being dissected. Could use more substantive information on the issue.

  20. It is a God damned shame what America government is doing to someone else's country. Look at it this way for a moment, a neighbor comes into your residence tell you what to do; how to run your family affairs.


  22. Venezuela, in a sense, has too much equitable democracy. Yes, you heard that right. They might be a bit better off today if, after their elections with overwhelming support shown to their democratically socialist Bolivarian Revolution, they had cracked down on some of the big corporations that shouldn't be private but owned and controlled by the People.

  23. Very well explained and I understand wow and smh shame on these countries trying to get this man out of power.

  24. Anyone in U.S. that goes against the coup or war machine that is the military industrial complex, is silenced, suppressed, and forced into obscurity through smearing and sociological restraints. Our voices are not heard. Police are not allowing protests or discussions to be had. U.S leadership needs to go, and it needs to start with the rich oligarchs who have literally bought and paid for the political system that is now in place.

  25. I live in the U.S.

    I can take you to ghost town after ghost town where industries left for cheaper labor in another country, leaving nothing behind for the people their to make a living, unless a Walmart moves into town whre they can have a minimum wage job.

    The amount of propaganda surrounding Venezuela is blatant and disgusting.

  26. Well worth listening to an adult educated discussion rather than the shallow reactionary sound bites the news media clings to.

  27. Trump regime is the illegitimate one and his junta government is most corrupt. This is so over the top blatant imperialistic garbage Americans should be ashamed.

  28. You talk about how Chavez increased prosperity, but that prosperity was based upon irresponsible borrowing (not unlike the USA today) against oil reserves not yet extracted and that would not ultimately be extracted because of the incompetent management of those oil reserves. Its not just because of sanctions from the US. China would be quite happy to buy from them

  29. It's always about oil. It seems we have learned nothing from the "weapons of mass destruction" fiasco used to justify regime change in Iraq.

  30. Venenzula is Vietnam for USA.
    Venenzula is backdoor key to USA for Russia and China.
    Enjoy the fireworks nightmare. 🤣

  31. back then, they talked about babies thrown off their incubators. Now, they say Venezuelans eat rats because of the socialists. I wonder what's next?

  32. America got no right to dictate who is the President for other countries .
    Right now the world Curse America asking God to punish America .

  33. The American froze Venezuela bank accounts . America got no right to do that .
    The whole world must be careful not to deposit money into the American Banks .
    They can freeze you account and your money cannot be taken back .

  34. The world must understand that once America don't like you to be President or Prime Minister they will appoint 1 to replace you irrespective which country you are in . If you store too much money in the American banks the possibility of taking back may be a bit difficult because the amount is too huge . They will freeze it .

  35. To watch this video YouTube required I sign in to my account, to verify my age because it contained sensutive content … as in physically entering my passcode which i haven't had to enter in over two years.
    And when i couldn't remember it, I had to create a new passcode.
    A hassle that i went through but guess that many won't go through it.

    But frankly it is complete bullshit that the content is 'sensitive' in any regard beyond it mau trigger the propagafists that are trying to subvert Venezuela, and are fomenting regime change and civil war.

    Despicable on YouTubes part to suppress the truth.

  36. I was in London when I first heard Brazil had found immense oil reserves, it was 2006 and LULA was in power and I said to myself: " Ten years from now, there will be a puppet president and LULA will be in jail" It took an extra 3 years but sure enough the CIA did what it does best.

  37. 14:00 funny how when is convenient they are concerned about people being excluded from elections.

    LULA was taken out of the Presidential Election by a JUDGE for alleged corruption charges while LULA was the runaway front runner. Then this very JUDGE gets appointed Justice Minister by the guy who he helped win and Washington and UK/EU all go along fine.

  38. Pompeo is martin bormann, he
    cheats, steals and self admitted he fucks little children..the ex CIA director
    a fat pig North Korea if you can
    hear me, venezuela welcomes your nuclear war heads in the caracas. You can test
    or do live test on the north americas.

  39. Best video on the true problems and actions taking place in Venezuela and the connection to oil that the US thinks it should control.

  40. An absolutely outstanding report by AARON BASTANI … so clearly explained with so much detail and great timeline presentation.
    If it turns out that TRUMP uses Venezuela as a flashpoint to get American into WWIII … then, sadly, he will have turned out to be nothing more than a SLY TWO-FACED CONMAN working in the interest of the WORLD BANK and ILLUMINATI owned DEEP STATE WAR MONGERING THUGS & THIEVES… let's hope not, WE THE PEOPLE should NOT shed blood nor die for their evil gain$.

  41. Trump promised us MAGA and MIGA is what we got. Trump is plainly a Zio
    Neocon tool and complains of fake news problems, when the fake news file
    with respect to Venezuela is the biggest fake news file ever. These
    ghouls, Abraham, Bolton, Cruz Pompeo are shamelessly with their
    contrived humanitarian veneer, in plane site stealing 5 Trillion Barrels
    of Venezuelan oil from a southern plantation. Stupidly irritating the
    rest of the world, Russia and China over reaching their Guido cut out
    puppet president. This is not Lybia, the long suffering Chavistas are
    pissed and will fight.

  42. Trump promised us MAGA and MIGA is what we got. Trump is plainly a Zio
    Neocon tool and complains of fake news problems, when the fake news file
    with respect to Venezuela is the biggest fake news file ever. These
    ghouls, Abraham, Bolton, Cruz Pompeo are shamelessly with their
    contrived humanitarian veneer, in plane site stealing 5 Trillion Barrels
    of Venezuelan oil from a southern plantation. Stupidly irritating the
    rest of the world, Russia and China over reaching their Guido cut out
    puppet president. This is not Lybia, the long suffering Chavistas are
    pissed and will fight.

  43. Trump promised us MAGA and MIGA is what we got. Trump is plainly a Zio
    Neocon tool and complains of fake news problems, when the fake news file
    with respect to Venezuela is the biggest fake news file ever. These
    ghouls, Abraham, Bolton, Cruz Pompeo are shamelessly with their
    contrived humanitarian veneer, in plane site stealing 5 Trillion Barrels
    of Venezuelan oil from a southern plantation. Stupidly irritating the
    rest of the world, Russia and China over reaching their Guido cut out
    puppet president. This is not Lybia, the long suffering Chavistas are
    pissed and will fight.

  44. Thank you for your good work. We have mainly right wingers in our Labour Party in New Zealand too. Most folks don't appear to know the difference. The Right are always right and the 'left' are right too! Explains a lot.

  45. There are other more oil-dependant economies that are doing fine. Chavez mismanaged the oil company and the economy as a whole. There is no going around that.

    Whether Maduro is democratically legitimate is another story.

  46. Some basic facts…the capitalists where making huge profits on the oil. They threw out the oil corporations then the goverment spent a lot of money on the people of Venezuela
    Venezuela is not really socialist. .
    but the goverment is giving them the oil money. …
    Now the US is putting massive sanctions on the Venezuelans economy. And you ask why. ?
    The brothers own two massive refineries on the coat of Texas…. they were built especially
    To refine heavy Venezuelan oil… Venezuela now charges premium price for this oil…
    This explains the oil line from Canada to Texas coast for shell oil.. ( a trillion dollars and guess who paid for it ? )
    Well. China and Russia have stepped in to guard Venezuela. ..
    Next target Iran. China and Russia have stepped in to guard Iran..
    Russia and China are throwing off the the petro-dollar and going to gold transactions for oil
    Basicly the US is economically
    screwed ……
    Plant a really big garden. we'll be fine

  47. If whites say you're president you're president regardless of what the people say. It's who whites can control. Let's be real!

  48. Pompeo: "out of respect for Venezuelan democracy, we're going to go ahead and completely disregard the results of Venezuelan democratic process and the wishes of their people." Disgusting.

  49. What you don't understand is that socialism works like a charm untill you spend the capitalist money then it's party over.

  50. People All around the world "need to" thoroughly investigate any/all truths(not fake propaganda ) before making any kind of comments, as if they truly know what's going on about this & this country!
    Many times your own countries are straight-out Lying to their citizens to try and gain support to their fake propaganda for later also getting faked-into going to war against these countries, promulgated illegally by their currupt crooked leaders, to go fight [and invade] for these other countries spoils (in this case "OIL"), its only obvious that they are controlling these wrongly imposed sanctions against them for tightenig the squeeze on them into trying to submit them, but No One is really seeing that or talking about this truth (except this video's speaker). Invade & conquer is still the game here, isn't it, Huh!?

  51. Spain & other countries "leaders"(not it's people) who are in opposition against maduro are like the old saying: "the pot calling the kettle black(and burned), Hmmmm?! 🐒 What the Hell is really going on cia?

  52. I would love to see what would happen if some random politician just suddenly declared themselves president of the U.S. and then like immediately a lot of countries would just recognize that random dude who didn't even run for office as the president. Obviously that guy would be imprisoned/murdered. My point is if some country tried to do this to the U.S. what they're doing to Venezuela and have done to hundreds of countries since 1820 it would be fucking war. Fuck you U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Australia, EU, Spain, Columbia, Brazil etc. governments. Evil cunts. Really shows the Orwellian nightmare world we live in where truth is constantly reversed.

  53. Great video! I would recommend everyone to watch Mexie's video on Venezuela too and also Michael Brooks show's, Democracy Now's and Real News Networks' reporting on Venezuela.

  54. Maybe it’s not the oil the US /EU etc want Mr Bastani, maybe they can see that the far left government is highly incompetent and that the citizens are suffering.

  55. It's a white power coup, the majority of Venezuelan's are not white skinned, little wonder Trump is happy to endorse a white dude as the official president of Venezuela

  56. The Bolivarian revolution has been first and foremost been a grassroots movement of popular/barrio assemblies that had prepared the groundwork for Chavez through spontaneous outbreaks of rebellion and popular organisation based on direct democracy, against a corrupt two-party system and neoliberal reforms, and that kept him in power despite violent opposition and the attempted coup.

    While the extreme poverty and inflation in Venezuela is real, what is being portrayed as happening in the media is just propaganda. Not one mention of the communes, socialist enterprises, and the crucial yet paradoxical role of the Chavista government in building radical democracy.

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