1. Question of being angry
    democracy renders sentry
    Yes ! With reasons and respect
    why are we Directed to regret
    We love you more
    answer is in faith door
    Expect from finger tapping
    soon Wrong will be sinking
    record your progress right away
    "Whereabout squares" show sway

  2. Mother Nature's has lost 96 Percent of Mammal Biomass as it has been replaced by livestock and humans. Who gains? Who pays?

  3. this monday, im quitting the workforce alltogether and getting on a ship to leave this corporate fascist hellhole.

  4. small business owner is a middle class consumer , democrats stole more why small business have less capital to spend locally in the economy why its tanked 30 yrs

  5. thhe truth of his words is why I worked 110 hrs per week, landed in the ER instead of home, and destroyed my body and have been disabled for 25 years— and I am only 56.

  6. In the depth of the Great Depression, in the 1930s, my mom's father, an independent roofing & sheet metal contractor, had to rent his house out to others & move the family in with his mother-in-law. At one point, the family had no money in the cookie jar (which is where they kept it). But my mom was a child prodigy pianist & she was hired to play with a Works Progress Administration symphony orchestra in the city for $25. Because of that $25, my mom's family (mother, father, 4 siblings) could EAT. Don't let anyone tell you that Keynesian economics is a failure. That's a lie. Because Roosevelt spent money, my city had music & culture, the musicians had work, & my mom got to share her gift & her family didn't go hungry.

  7. I think we can place a large amount of
    blame on the mainstream media – their coverage of 2008, and
    other events was vacuous at best …

    They've aided and abetted corrupt/inept government, and
    their friends in the Financial world, through various methods –

    – distraction –

    – Dumbing Down –

    And, blatant lying – e.g. I'm yet to see any
    coverage on the Bankers' key role in the devastation of
    Greece ..

    i.e. The prior corrupt Government (of Greece), in cahoots
    with a big U/S bank, cooked the Greek nations 'books'
    to make it look like they were fit to join the Euro-Zone …

    Course, it was a disaster waiting to happen!
    Lo and behold, the banks that leant money to Greece all
    got bailed out….. The ECB came to their rescue!

    It doesn't take a world class economist to work out, the
    whole thing was rigged from the 'get go' …
    Bankers in Germany, Holland, France and the U/S all
    benefited HUGELY…

    Meanwhile, millions of Greek people have had their lives
    destroyed, and the future pointed towards dire straights.

    Yanis Varoufakis has spoken widely on these
    events – here on YT, and on his own website.

    But to date, he hasn't aired any dirt on how exactly the
    financial bandits held the Greek government by the
    balls, and twisted till the gave in.

    I thought at the time, they should have told the Banksters
    to ** *, leave the Euro, and develop a new currency –
    working with Spain, Italy, and Eire could have been useful,
    as these peer states have also suffered as a result of
    high level criminality.
    A mini-EU providing support, and trade for one another!

    What does Greece have to lose after all?
    It's been truly terrible.

    And, how many Banksters are in jail?

    Iceland, set the world an example!

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