1. and the libtards came, and burned all shit down, spread fire through the land and melted the faces of all those who talk back.

  2. I could give less fucks about tress than I do for homeless people, the ocean makes our oxygen and we have national parks

  3. Legends say that those poor tycoons’ butler’s butlers had to fire their butler’s butler!

  4. Thats what national and state parks are for.
    And wildlife preserves.
    Also national parks were created by a conservative.
    Also the bit about monsanto, everyone hates monsanto even conservatives.
    Also most conservatives love the outdoors and forests.
    Another thing most of us hate are monopolies I even support higher taxes on companies that dont compete to be the best or dont compete with prices.

  5. See, Illumination? THIS is how you do a Lorax movie! I’m kidding. In all seriousness, the Lorax movie from Illumination is a well animated 💩 that needs to be flushed down the crapper.

  6. I feel more like this is an attack on the capitalist economy, which is the best economy, and the US government, which is the best government, not conservativism.

  7. Ok so, let me get this straight. The money hungry fatcat wants to cut down their main source of income by cutting every tree down. Makes sense.

  8. The only thing I hate about liberals is that they hate white males. I'm white and I love blacks as much as I love whites. These sjws are the one being racist

  9. Not all Conservatives are like this. I am a Conservative I believe in climate change. I am Conservative because I support Capitalism and I disaprove of LGBTQ rights

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