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that’s right I picked a bunch of
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talk about this because I am gonna be reading some comments for my last video
so this morning I posted a video titled like I’m worried about Shane Dawson’s
you know the beautiful world of series go watch it it’ll be linked up in the
info card go check that out alright but anyways there was a lot of
interesting comments in there and I asked you guys to leave comments because
I wanted to hear your thoughts like something I’m fascinated with is human
behavior why we think why we say you know certain things why we do the things
that we do why do we believe the things that we believe and I’m just constantly
watching people and analyzing people and it’s just something I find really really
fascinating and I’m loving having conversations with all of you so first a
little bit of psychology Before we jump into this there’s this there’s this kind
of balance that you gotta find as a YouTube creator like
you share comments do you not share comments do you share someone’s tweets
and everything like that with you know hate mobs online running rampant all
right bye anyways let me talk to you about the psychology of being in a crowd
so when you’re in a crowd you lose your identity right it’s easier to be
anonymous in a crowd a great example that I just heard listening to the new
book I’ve been reading which is called situations matter go get this damn book
it’s so good anyways a great example is being lost in
the crowd in class right in high school or college you have more anonymity
because you’re surrounded by a bunch of people if you’re like messing around on
your phone not paying attention that’s something that you would most likely not
do if you were just in a one-on-one situation with your teacher I worked in
a drug and alcohol treatment center for a little over three years same things
when I was up there I would see people you know either dozing or people talking
to each other or people messing around or whatever and it’s a lot easier for
people to do that when they’re in a crowd rather than what I want so what
I’m getting at is I think there is a good part of sharing comments and
discussing and everything like that because it takes away that kind of
anonymity one of the things that is very clear in this kind of online hate mob
culture that we’re in is people in the mob they they think they can say and do
whatever they want because everybody’s looking at the mob you’re not just
looking at me right so this this is a little practice in accountability
alright so the two things I want to say though is the first one is I will be
reading the comments I’ve been reading the comments on both the other video and
I’ll read them on this video too if you are being disrespectful or a dick like
if you’re being immature and just spouting hateful BS like for any
especially any comments that I share I don’t tolerate that and I won’t block
you from commenting on this channel all right I want to promote conversations
and sharing ideas the second thing I will say is if you somebody who doesn’t
want your comments shared in a video if you’re somebody who
is not mature enough to have conversations with people that might
have a different opinion than you in the comment section
then this YouTube’s comment section is not for you all right so just have
healthy just normal discussions alright let’s share ideas just because somebody
disagrees with you doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person
anyways let’s jump into these comments I’m gonna be reading them this kind of
sharing my thoughts ideas maybe ask you got some questions as well all right so
this first one comes from Adelaide she says I’m not a huge fan of Jeffree but
you can’t really compare him and Jake Jake made money off of throwing garbage
on his friends and bullying people for content when Geoffrey built his own
company so something that we’ll talk about throughout this video is our
confirmation bias right when when we like somebody right we were more likely
to not see somebody else’s flaws and our bias like by the way like bias is just
part of human nature okay even scientist like I have bias you have bias even
scientists have bias the reason scientists do peer-reviewed studies is
they might be looking at something through a bias lens so they need to get
outside perspectives right so I read this comment saying how can you compare
these two Jake poll is a bully Geoffrey star isn’t and saying Jeffrey’s
or Jake Paul built his platform off of that so I could step back and I would
present the argument no Jake Paul built his platform off of making content that
was trendy on YouTube he was a vine star and he did a lot of comedy and as far as
the bullying aspect would you would you not say that the constant shade that
Geoffrey star is showing throwing at other creators other people in the
beauty industry even people who are watching like he replies and claps back
at people like do not call that bullying and if you
don’t I would like to hear in the comments why you consider one thing
bullying and one thing not that’s my question to all of you all right this
next comment DC media girl what a terrible video Jeff Lee star and the
Paul brothers have two completely different audiences for one Geoffrey
star makes excellent products and sells them honestly to a mostly adult audience
the Paul’s neither of whom had any discernible talent of any kind
apart from being d-bags pete’ll dodgy sponsored merchandise to tweens
come on so this this is what’s interesting too so in this in a bunch of
the books I’ve been reading lately about psychology I’m learning more about why
why our brains guard our beliefs and our opinions like there is very little in
this world in all of our realities that is objective like things that are
objective is like physics like this book is a solid object it’s made of atoms and
everything like that but we talk in a very matter-of-fact way as though we’re
being objective when it’s really subjective right so right here DC media
girl said what a terrible video alright that’s subjective okay although you guys
can’t see the likes of dislikes you’ll just have to trust me on this one this
video actually has a significant like to dislike ratio on it next one is jeffrey
star makes excellent products now that is also subjective so let’s imagine a
twelve-year-old boy who loves Jake Paul with that twelve-year-old boy who loves
Jake Paul want to get Jeffrey star makeup would he think that those are
excellent products probably not but Jake Paul selling merch and a kid
who wants to show off that he’s a Jake polar that might be
an excellent product to him so again like our brands we are so so so good at
picking out differences rather than similarities and I’m trying to just get
people start seeing things from a different angle right like something
that’s always fascinated me it’s just even opinions on music right like for
example I’m not a fan of country music but for me to go tell somebody that all
country music is bad is crazy because that is an opinion maybe they think my
music choice is bad so to all of you that these two are nothing alike
because Jeffrey star sells good products and Jake Paul doesn’t now don’t get me wrong
Jake Paul has had some shady sponsorship deals like that one with mystery brands
you know what I mean but as far as the actual products it’s
debatable this next one is my love for Doctor Who that’s a fun name what do you
think of the rumor that the James Tati drama was made intentionally by Shane to
make a documentary on I think it’s not true I don’t see Shane doing something
like that but the fact that he is going to cover the drama may turn people to
that idea so what’s interesting about that is Shane Dawson has built a very
large audience who enjoys conspiracy theories and this is one of them here’s
a thing I am NOT like I I know conspiracies exist but I’m not a huge
fan of conspiracy theories many of the smartest people in the world will tell
you oftentimes the the simple answer is the right answer right and actually I’m
planning on some of my next books that I read being about the psychology of
conspiracy theories like right now in the book I’m currently reading it’s
talking about you know groupthink and how leaders can get groups of people to
do certain things right and I see that a lot with conspiracy theories as well and
this can go back to confirmation bias as well like for example if you if you
believe that there are more yellow cars out there than any other color on earth
your brain is going to pick up on other on as many
yellow cars as possible so even though statistically there are not more yellow
cars than any other color your perception is that there are because
since you believe it you’re gonna pick up on those things right
anyways conspiracy theory psychology fascinating anyways no I don’t think
that I think the beauty community is just really messy that’s what I think
all right next question or next comment comes from Roger Brown I’m going to do a
vid on you I’ve noticed patterns somehow you’re only interested in people that
you can piggyback subs to your channel so this is interesting as you can see
there’s 15 replies if you guys want to check it out so I was going replying to
him back and forth because this is fascinating this is something that I was
accused of during during when I got canceled earlier this year and what’s
interesting and I talked about it in my book cancelled there were a lot of
mental health channels that said I’m a mental health Channel this guy is
talking about other youtubers to get more views and subscribers right but
what’s interesting is because the way of our brain says whatever we do is right
they were making videos about me that were giving them views and subs and
something I was talking with Roger about in this is why do you think that’s
different again our brain tries to argue it we call it our inner lawyer no no no
this is different kind of like how you see people saying no no Jeff Lee Staller
is way different than Jay Paul so creators they think that what they’re
doing is different on the commentary Channel
I talk about different subjects and what I try to do is so I try to do something
different and tie it into a bigger conversation maybe about psychology or
life lessons or whatever it is alright Bey ways this next this next
helmet to little shorty I love that name I hate your narrative on Jeffery getting
a pass in the community I’m gonna break this one out down by the way it just
seems like you’re trying to get views for talking about this so those first
two my narrative on Jeffrey so I see this a
lot people say Jeffrey stark didn’t get a pass and I think I might have actually
grabbed out of the comments similarly to their or similar to this one so I’ll try
not to repeat myself but its situation by situation right Jeffrey star a lot of
people say oh no that was years ago he didn’t get a pass he you know he he
apologized he did this Dada Dada da but what I’ve talked about is how much has
he changed right how like it’s been within the last year maybe less where
more accusations of racial comments came out going you know African American
people are gorillas and things like that these are things that have come out but
when you’re a fan of somebody you you neglect those things what I’m trying to
get people to start thinking about like look at all the people who have had
controversies in YouTube and actually you discuss I have a whole part in my
book about why certain people are immune to cancel culture I talk about Jeffrey
stars Shane Dawson Tana mojo Trisha Paytas keemstar
and I just want you guys to start comparing them and saying like why is
this different right and a lot of it comes from our own moral values and what
we place value on right so for some people racism is worse than making money
off children for other people making money off children is worse than racism
and that’s just again completely subjective so this next part where it
says it seems like you’re just trying to get views for talking about this this is
one of the interesting comments I see on YouTube because no creator makes a video
hoping not to get views so it’s really interesting to me when people say that
so it says Java star was demonized for years for the n-word thing people
finally got over it years later and now he’s successful it might not be you but
is it the canceled culture toxic are we supposed to be able to move on from the
past we waited like a year for this we just
want absolutely absolutely yeah like I said
in my last video like Shane make a video on whoever you want that’s awesome um
but anyways see and this is part of the anonymity of being in the crowd
I do not know little shorty alright sorry
alright I don’t have all of the comments and tweets my question to them is have
they forgiven everybody else in the same way right because by the way I’m not
picking on little shorty this is something I think about all the time
when I see people picking size in the hate mobs and everything and Oh forgive
this person let it go and I’m just like okay but do you do that for everybody
else like did you forgive James Charles did you forgive people like slaws oh did
you forgive pro Jarrod right and these are all different situations too but I
just I wish I could see each one of the viewers histories because are they
giving more forgiveness to one person than they are somebody else and if they
are my question is why all right and this next comment comes from hailey
Helmer I feel like since Geoffrey is more associated with Shane and they get
along well then the fandom sees him as a good person based on their relationships
I think it’s based on the audience and people hear more negative in that time
on Jake also Geoffrey has always kept his life
secret and has some background he’s shared and I feel like people are
curious and excited for insight for Jake people were caught on the negative and
didn’t think he had such a background to quote unquote exposed so there’s kind of
what I talked about in my video right in group first out group right like when
you think Shane Dawson right if you think about other creators in his circle
and you think about the audience Shane Dawson has right
there’s a lot of overlap with creators right like that Shane might cover hang
out wit when it comes to Jake Paul that is an out group that is an outsider this
person is different than us all right we’re gonna judge this person
differently than someone we know same thing with your family for example right
your family is your in-group typically you’re gonna judge a stranger
way more than you’re gonna judge your family member and part of this is
because you have more context on them all right like many people who follow
Shane also follow Jeff restore they know more of Jeffery stars history many
people who follow Shane were not following Jake Paul before that series
right because Shane Dawson and Jay Paul don’t have many fans together so how
many people had that much context on Jake Paul like I just want you guys to
think about this a little bit so this next one is from Joey he says I think
Geoffrey is misunderstood I think a lot of LGBTQ beauty gurus
don’t understand how different the world was when Jeffrey was growing up he built
a success and business he is such here’s so much more than some personified bully
that people make him out to be I look in an industry where people at the top are
mean and rude etc but that’s because being a leader requires you to be a dick
and delegate that’s his mentality so what I asked this person when I asked
Joey and the reply was do you feel that you’re more compassionate towards
Geoffrey because you can relate like Joey mentioned that he’s in that
industry and this is something I want to ask all of you like just try to become
self-aware of it are you more compassionate towards
people you can relate to right like that’s something that I try to think
about like am I just being more compassionate because I can relate to
this person struggle like more compassionate to that fat guy over there
right because he’s a guy I know about the chunky got struggles you know like I
want you to think about that like do you think and I I don’t know because I’m not
you know I’m an ally of the LGBTQ community but I’m not you know part of
it but I would pass this question off to all of you like are you more
compassionate to that community if you’re in it you know what I mean
and this can go with anything race gender nationality you know what I mean
so just a question all right this next one says
from Betty Boop wolf Jeffrey Stowell was not given a pass people evolved grow and
change he didn’t deny his past he apologized for it and explained it he
gives back to the community and creates make up with exclusivity in mind so
here’s something that I asked Betty Boop when I replied I said okay so based on
this what would Jake Paul have to do to be like to be in your good graces right
because it’s mentioned that he gives back to the community and creates make
up with exclusivity in mind so would Jake Paul have a better reputation I
want you to ask yourself this well Jake Paul have a better reputation
if he donated more to good causes if he made a a product that other people
weren’t making or a better product like if so why does that how is that a gauge
of a good person because a tricky part of any celebrity or influencer donating
to charity is people questioning the motivation behind it are they really
donating because they’re a good person or not right like I forget who was one
of the recent people who were who was cancelled they said this person needs to
apologize and I asked that person I said would your opinion change of them if
they did right like there’s some things we demand of people but our opinion of
them would not change something interesting just to bring in politics
real quick with the whole Trump impeachment going on yesterday a lot of
people are saying you know release the transcripts release the transcripts
release the transcripts Trump said I’m gonna release the transcripts and by the
way I’m not a Trump fan but I was fascinated by seeing people who are not
Trump fans as well and it says well even if you release those transcripts they’re
gonna be a lie so I’m like huh so we were acknowledging that we’re
putting him in a situation that there’s no way he can win so I just want to give
more examples because these are the things that I think about about human
nature just on a daily basis now the last thing I want to say about this
because this is the other one about Jeffrey star was not given a pass I
think about Chris Brown all right when you think Chris Brown and his
controversy you back to what he did to Rihanna right
years ago okay and I made a video about Chris Brown
recently something that Gus Johnson hilarious creator brought up is Chris
Brown has not changed he keeps doing stuff he has been arrested multiple
times for violent acts right so there are certain people who are neglecting to
acknowledge that what I’m talking about with Jeffery star is people immediately
think of him screaming the n-word at people years ago but I’m referring to
things that happened months ago I came across of things that could get somebody
arrested all right so I want you to think about that like are we blinded to
those other controversies just because we’re a fan of that person so this last
one says I don’t know I mean I try to pronounce that name it says I’m loving
this sort of more calm Zen tone you’re speaking with good job no comments on
the subject matter for now I just use your vids to get informed of stuff and
I’ll end with that one I like that I like these ones I’m really I try to calm
down my passion because sometimes it comes off aggressive so yeah if you like
these types of videos and like I like just having conversations like sometimes
I feel alone cuz my brain I feel works in a really wacky way and I look at
things from different angles and that’s one of the reasons I like commenting
because when I watch other commentary channels I don’t see them looking at
things from these angles it it seems like a lot of commentary channels are
like mainstream media now where they’re all just agreeing with each other right
I like to take a step back and say okay but why are we looking at it this way so
anyways you guys help me feel not so alone when we get to have these kind of
conversations and I get to communicate with you alright but anyways let me know
if you like this style of content if you like me diving into this and just kind
of bringing up questions looking at it from different angles if you like me
reading your comments and stuff like that and having these conversations
alright let me know down in the comments below anyways this video was super logs
but if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new make sure
you subscribe and bring that notification
about and a huge thank you to everybody who supports the channel on patreon or
buys my merch the books or everything like that you’re all awesome thanks
again for watching I’ll see you next time

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  2. The comments attacking you have always confused me. I don't agree with stuff you say or do, but….their comments don't make sense. They seem to only say stuff they've heard those DC say about you.

  3. I watched the Shane/Jake video even though I did not know much about Jake and I am wondering if Shane is going to bring in a psychologist in this series like he did with the Jake series. I know it was controversial for him to do that but it was interesting.

  4. I buy jS cosmetics but I don’t think he is a angel I think from his actions and words over the years he is not the nicest person and because of his age he should no better then try and cancel JC for something that was completely over exaggerated.
    I personally think he is a problematic person why does he fight with everyone think about JS STANS

  5. I'm ticked off 'cause I didn't win a gorgeous hand bag in one of JS promotions. IT's rigged, he's bias… I hate him! 😛😂😍

  6. I dont really consider replying and clapping back to people "bullying"….but I believe when you're a particular person in a particular position and you know this…then it becomes bullying

    With great power comes great responsibility

  7. I think Jake Paul and Jeffree Star each needs to get a therapist if they don’t have one. I am not joking. Maybe it is just the optimist in me, but both seem like they could do a lot of good in the world, including becoming great role models. Both need to do a lot of work on themselves, but I certainly don’t claim to have reached some great higher place where I can pass judgement on them or anybody else. I am no where near perfect and need to work on myself too. I usually know when I have a bias and try not to let it interfere too heavily in my thinking. Politically, that stands out very strongly. I have to work very hard not to let that color everything. Another great video where I can learn something about myself.

  8. I know this is way off topic, but this whole Danielle Cohn business is really gross. I’m really curious about psychology and I often wonder how Danielle will be able to be mentally healthy after all of this drama: lying about her age, over sexualizing, dating older guys etc.
    I have a daughter and this makes me so upset .
    Sorry for the off topic but I know you’ve got a good perspective on this subject.

  9. Love psychology I want to get into this is a career choice for so long, any suggestions as to what course I can start with?? Thank you

  10. You just can’t compare Jeffree star or Jake Paul or any youtubers for that matter. They are each different and they are entitled to an opinion. Shane Dawson is one of them. He’s not supposed to be unbiased, Shane’s videos are just entertainment and from his perspective only. And usually he’s very sensitive and considerate about others feelings. The rest is just up to you, whether you want to make a big deal out of it.

  11. I don't care for the series , it's Jeff paying a YouTuber whos videos do better then almost anyone elses to talk about him again, so they can make millions off their new makeup collaboration and jeffree can tell everyone once again he owns a private jet , he's so amazing and has a closet full of tortured abused ostriches to make his dumb Birkin bags. Jane Birkin doesn't even want her name on that bag anymore because she found out what animals go thru to make them.

  12. The sheep mentality on these comments come from all the DC clowns who did all those videos on u and these stans follow b/c they cant think on their own?!?!?!

  13. i don't believe in a lot of the conspiracy theories, but i do love hearing the theories that people come up with because some people just say the most bizarre things and it really amuses me. It is why I'm subscribed to coast to coast am, there is so much gold there.

  14. Awesome video! I think people give Jeffree Star the benefit of the doubt because they genuinely think he can do no wrong. I'm more of a fan of Shane than Jeffree, but I truly think that Shane is trying to jump on the beauty industry bandwagon, which is weird because several years ago, he had no interest in makeup at all. I also believe that Shane placed himself in the industry because of all the money that's involved.

  15. I enjoy watching your videos. You offer an objective perspective on various issues. 😊

    Narcissistic people run rampant on social media platform. Hence, the Jeffree Star types.

    From the beauty community to the fitness community I don’t watch the videos for their merchandises or material possessions they acquire. I watch to learn about whatever the subject matter is pertaining to.

  16. I really liked this video format. I know that everyone thinks that subcounts, likes, and views are the end-all, be-all, but I think being able to create a small community of followers who you interact with regularly is more valuable IMO. I like that we can all share different views and opinions here without having an army of stans come fight us. I agree that you are coming across as a bit even keeled and zen and recent vids, but I didn't mind passionate "angry" Chris either lol. Different strokes for different folks I guess! Keep up the good work 🙂

  17. Hi Chris, I personally think that you're overcomplicating this issue when it comes to others opinions. People in the public eye don't think about these kinds of issues so deeply, which is a blessing and a curse. I find they often take everything as face value.

    Jake is perceived as a douchy teen that makes his money from messing with his friends. I imagine people see him as unworthy or spoiled, whereas Jeffree is perceived as a slinky panther who has earned his money from being glamorous.

    Also, Shane is the utter Darling of YouTube, and Jeffree having his back means a lot.

    This is a subject worth thinking about very deeply and I though please remember that it’s unlikely that the majority of people have.

    Also, Chunky Guy Struggles? Great band name.

  18. Chris – like I’ve commented before, I love your commentary and the lens through which you see things! It’s crazy to me that people were getting so pressed in the comments when you were just posing questions and thoughts about Jeffree and Jake and cancel culture. Whether I personally agree with the way you are seeing things or not doesn’t matter – your videos get me thinking. Unfortunately not everyone likes “thinking” on a subject and would rather watch videos that validate what they already believe. I think this is especially true when it’s popular opinion. Keep stirring the pot and making viewers think!

  19. I agreee with mostly of what you said and some videos I agree others i can see why you think and feel that way I also agree that most media has the same opinion nowadays people are so damn sensitive too I honestly don't like it so thanks for being you Chris

  20. It's nice to see someone stepping outside the echo chamber, it is so easy to surround yourself with people who think the same as you, and in doing so people lose the ability of critical thinking, they're closing themselves of from other opinions, and when agreement is all you hear you will find it more difficult to question your own beliefs, which in many ways can be harmful, it can stunt personal and social growth. If your opinions on society stay the same from 15 to 50 there is something seriously wrong, try to surround yourself with people who will challenge you because often you'll find people who are constantly challenged have a better sense of self and a stronger foundation for their beliefs.

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