The Communist’s Daughter - 1980s-Themed Kickstarter Pledge-athon

hi I'm Natalie Nova and I'm Jim buck kovitch we're here at the channel 17 studios for the pledge drive raising funds for the new comedic digital series the communists daughter as you know quality programs like these can cost us a pretty penny boy they sure can so Jim and I here interrupting your regularly scheduled programming for just five minutes of broadcast time that's right just five minutes and we'll take you right on back to your show those of you who've been following this year's pledge drive know that we've already received a sizable piece of our funding from the independent production fund thank you Andrew but we still have further to go to reach our funding goal that's right and that's why today we're relying on loyal viewers like you to donate whatever you can afford be it $5 or $10 and make your pledge today you can either click on the link below or if you're on the Kickstarter page you can scroll right on down and make your pledge to channel 17 today nifty perks include an official communist daughter t-shirt cool cold war posters a potato and a meat plate featuring the face of Vladimir Lenin made by a local ronsis failed butcher Bogdan Thank You Boake then now it's probably a good time also to mention that if you're interested in making a sizable donation that we do receive sizable donations here at channel 17 you are welcome to make an executive pledge that's right if you're interested in making a donation of $3,000 or more that's $3,000 USD or more you will not only become an executive producer of the comedic digital series of the year but you will also receive other perks such as an invitation to the premiere so I see Sally's nodding I see Jerry's nodding Jim knows for sure that the executive pledge is in fact the best value for your money of our perks so go ahead pick up the telephone and give us a call today to make your pledge hello channel 17 hi guys I'm Lea Cameron thank you so so much for tuning into my weird weird Kickstarter campaign which like my web series is set in the 1980s this show is loosely based on my childhood my dad was a commie pinko in the thick of the Reagan eighties and I'm really really passionate about telling this story not only cuz it's loosely based on my life but really because I think there's never been a better time to tell this story the Cold War is speeding up a new and increasingly weird weird ways I'm really excited about making a show that shows nineteen eighties Toronto four nineteen eighties Toronto all those details like speakers corner and the Old Spaghetti Factory and PM Toronto's or whatever it may be as I'm sure you can imagine setting a show in the 80s can cost a lot of money everything from ridiculous hair spray hairdos to period 1980s cars to archival footage so anything you can give anything you can donate will be so helpful to help us complete this webseries and get it out to the world it's been such a long road to get to where we are and we are so close to the finish line and any amount you can give will help us as a team get the show of the world so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart communism it's just about sharing right [Laughter] you

  1. So that's where my parents' rental phone went. Anyway, on Toronto basic cable in the mid-70s, you could rotate the TV dial between stations 6 and 7 and pick up the leak of channel 17 from Buffalo.

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