The Communist Smurfs

  1. When I saw the ode to that McCarthy bastard, that sealed the deal that this is either a satire or just a funny vid …like a ‘just cause’ sort of thing! 😆😆😆

    Hilarious. Since “Americans” don’t read, they’ll never see your write up in the description for this video lol

  2. But then there's another paradox. Some episodes of The Smurfs prove that the smurfs live in a medieval society somewhere probably in the 1400s. Communism was founded in 1848.

  3. Every man and women is welcome to our socialist republics we do not discriminate by size or color we are all the same.

  4. Socialism and Communism work on a VERY VERY small scale, like say a village, never works on anything larger, everyone becomes equally poor.

  5. Apparently not letting some people starve because they don't have the same skills as others is a "bad" thing.

  6. The smurfs is cartoon from Communist Poland we watched them as kids during communism in Czechoslovakia in some episodes there was no translation . And I’m sure thy are communists in one episode Gargamel gave them money tree . To make them jealous each on other .

  7. Great , this work for the Smurf because they are one big family, same race and on the same page ,for the good of the family. What happens when you have green , red, yellow ,smurfs with different ideas of what they want , what happens to the harmony?

  8. How do you know that they were Internationalist Marxist socialists? They could have been Hitlarian, Fascist, Paronist, Titoists or Prussian Socialists?!?! There is many other types of Collectivism-socialism then the Jewish interpretation by Marxist and Engles!

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