The Communist Party of China is with you along the way

this is an ancient and youthful it is growing fast yet with development disparities it's full of opportunities along with untold challenges but it's 1.3 billion over there being the whole Zoltan what comes from watch on yasiel puig it wouldn't be honest was a tingle and shaken team or sound that out of food Aceh our peoples dreams are our goals the 80 million CPC members together with the entire population are working for everyone scream for every dreamer to have a stage and for every dream seeker on the stage to have an opportunity for success to have the joy of that dream come true every slender on the stage contributes to the Chinese strength of 1.3 billion that makes one miracle after another and embraces one challenge after another on the road chasing our dreams we walk side by sonic sharing wheel and world transcending differences and shaking the future together the Communist Party of China is with you along the way

  1. am i the only one who back this video up? CCP was actually pretty good in the very beginning (1921-1935) with lots of pioneers full of advanced dreams and ideas, good for China turning from a rotten kingdom to a modern country. During the war (against Japan and civil,1938-1946), CCP was also supported by folks especially the poor. The first 10 years since founding of this communist country (1945-1955), CCP paid efforts to stabilize society, economy, and politics, while from 1950' to 1970', that's the dark part of CCP due to political conflicts and terrible decisions of Mao. 1980-1989, CCP made China open and becoming rich, that change happened so significant and fast, and that even made some people thought it could be faster and more, which caused those on June 4, 1989. in 1990 i was in the 3rd grade of primary school in my hometown Baoding, Hebei province, so I felt everything was simply developing so fast and changeable, we are the fast developing generation, and my teacher taught us that we are the "cross-century generation", people like my age must know this term, so typical Chinese. apparently the adults were expecting a even brighter 21 century. If i gotta rate CCP, i am gonna give a 7.5 out of 10, perhaps because I was born after the dark period of CCP, but my parents also did't complain CCP too much. I don't see the point why people always think Chinese people are suffered or under dictation or someth. "I want a pretty wife"? haha, that's a traditional way of expression, kinda wired but nothing to do with CCP

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