The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

the American Dream there's a reason that call it a dream who's there cockadoodledoo pow no no no no my job sucks right now please you can't take my house is that your signature just tell me work something out okay I mean you set up a good credit guy right hardly is that you bet allowed abs is a fourth-grade machine there's no need to concern yourself with my stand accomplishments best Gideon there's not much time Oh Bank can't gonna help you now towel in the truck just set of balls put them on you gonna need them no pile you are I'm here to show you how submitted for your approval one First National Bank what is a bank you ask a curious place where both space time and irony exist and yet don't are you gonna be doing that the whole time pay attention in tile exhibit a those who have come to deposit and safely store their earned monies Exhibit B those who need to borrow send money for purposes unknown hey there go Exhibit C the bank only has so much money in the vault to lend out to people such as you hey hey that's the guy he took my house really screwing my vibe here pal space-time continuum he can't hear you just let me narrate now where was I mm-hmm so you see by the time he got to you pile his bank was out of month but he gave me lots of money and charged me a lot of interest yes that's the only way banks make money by making debt loans debt equals money pile remember that debt equals money the more loans they make the more money they make but if they don't have any money then where did my money come from you're gonna want to take a step back whoa no way yes way and that's nothing hey buddy need somebody do that oh they did exactly that pile remember banks make money by making loans by selling debt even to bad credit risks buddy dude just sign here hmm I called it free money yeah that's exactly what my loan guy told me free money but it ain't free the worst part was offering money to people who don't even need it people power like you I was happy here I didn't need it why is he sad he's making all that money Shh he's thinking now wait for it wait for it II go see the baggage shown to everyone in town but to make more money they have to load even more more look I mean it's gonna be okay everything's gonna be okay what now now what power with all this money we might as well oh this is awesome I needed to get my head clear when I get back I'm gonna straighten all this out I just hope dream is doing okay I'm dying to get you my pretty you put it on his tab little something sale if I got this money from the bank and the bank got it from the Federal Reserve dug tracks free of this excuse me while I why am I wearing a burglar bikini top because no one is allowed inside the thing not you not me no American citizen don't leave the elected member of our Congress not the supreme goat not the Supreme Court not the Supreme Court not the Justice Department not the CIA dia FBI atm meaty and easy not even g.o.d how come the government isn't allowed inside its own building government Wow the Fed is a private bank owned by private stockholders do not let the name Federal fool you this plays about as federal as Federal Express a private bank private let's – keep your voice down Val this is Ethan Federal Reserve hey Bill here first national hi there bill how are ya good good we're running a little low on buddy no problem how much you need oh how does sweaty million sound what excellent we'll ship it over first thing tomorrow you can just call up the Fed and ask for more money and they give him whatever they want no pile the Fed don't give the bank's money the Fed loans the bank's money the banks have to pay it back with interest come on time to go I still don't understand where does the Fed get their money I mean if they're a private bank you said they're a private bank right okay so who puts money into the Fed Bank this is Mel United States Mint I am L first national needs another 20 millas keep making love it's got to keep the money flowing what's so wrong about the Fed printing money because it's unconstitutional pi I'm Treasury is supposed to create all money but now the fan controls the printing of America's money nobody gets a friggin dollar that the Fed didn't print so they print the money then they loan it to the government then they charge the government interested in the government taxes you to pay for it wake up I go I don't see what the big deal is you know you're right pal wait wait I am yeah I forget how effective they are at keeping you ignorant do you even know what money is in the long long ago people bought it they treated things they had some things they wanted I'll treat you my raspberries for that bear Papa I don't want your berry oh sweet berries they're not sweet they're all that I don't like berries no as you can see this modern situation created some problems then one day a goldsmith walked up and said Wow everybody thinks gold is valuable so why doesn't everybody trade gold for things they need price is set for gold and now was very easy to conduct commerce because people could trade gold for all the things they needed say their pile I've got a voltage some guards I can keep your gold say for you for a small thing yeah sure that'd be awesome you see pie this is how the first banks made money there you go pile I owe you 100 gold cards okay great come back any time and redeem your gold when you want it it'll be right here in a vault you're holding the very first paper money pile wow this is great it all makes sense oh that's right it was good and everybody started using IOU because everybody knew the IOU wasn't good as gold Wow this candy is really a good price one IOU I'm getting some more for later just what I owe you ten io u–'s for chocolate you can't just raise prices like that oh the Candy Man came wait that is just freakin wrong it's called inflation time make sure how you use with less and less until they are worth nothing less bang for the buck dollar ain't what it used to be tonight we're tired they beat all those pot pies now I have to work harder to make less that's not fair oh if you think that's not fair you're gonna love the next pot what's he doing how do banks make money pop um by making more loans oh that's right he's good see he prints more IOUs without any more gold lonesome out for interest makes a pretty penny and nobody ever the wiser unless everybody wanted the gold back at the same time no no no no that's my gold anymore what are you talking about I like to redeem my IOUs please bringing people together see they're all found out he was stealing made a run of the bank and demanded their toll but as you can see they ain't no gold to get Carmen don't worry pop back in these towns finish those three things in this world never mess with another man's woman never mess with another man's ego and most importantly you never mess with another man's money else man will mess with you my god you huh yes ha oh we hug him we hung him high and do you know why because he was a thief because pile an evil invention was born man discovered how to turn worthless paper into coal thus was invented the ultimate machine to steal real money and enslave all the nations on earth oh now come on you're just being dramatic I mean I lost my house but what is that explain a nuclear power plant hmm produces lots of electricity and little pollution and invention for the good of humanity ok but what's this have to do at 3:00 good evil the Goldsmith's discovery has been kept a closely guarded secret it was never intended for you to see this discovery is called fractional reserve banking in the loans is more powerful than the nuclear bomb and its ability to completely and utterly destroy a nation who is subjected to it no no no no oh the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants Thomas Jefferson mr. president how do I get him to understand as we did son remain vigilant to many have hidden the truth and the light of our Liberty dims with every passing day quickly take my horse show him wait show me what both sides of the war we must with the news of the world I thought England that Napoleon one the ratio beckons of London pretended that England was doomed and started selling their English stocks the English went into a selling frenzy to get rid of worthless English money but the English what right of course they were but it was a trick by rich you they waited until the stocks plummeted to pennies and they thought it bad for human nothing Wow when the English leaders felt that they had no choice but to give themselves over to the red shield their money was gone and they were slaves to the red shield walled it since that time the English have been paying the national taxes directly to the red shield private bankers so people have no idea but the bank has bragged about what they did she was laughing at us always of the bank why it's the best business I've ever done if I can control a nation twelve I care not who makes its laws this watch ever said a lot of his show me know America through red shield banks are here seeking a way to conquer our American dream the dream you have a dream man they tried to take over our country many times and failed because Jefferson and the Patriots vowed to stop the evil tyrants at all costs for a time eternal god he would not let the bankers with him to preserve our independence we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt we must make our choice between economy and liberty all profusion and servitude Wow I place economy among the first and most important of Republican virtues and public debt is the greatest of the dangers to be feared it is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes we must have a central bank to secure this country's finances if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money first by inflation and then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the very continent their fathers conquered Jefferson you're mad this country will have a central bank who's America's First Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton Aaron Burr Thomas Jefferson vice president they didn't take too kindly to our first state treasury suite Sharper the first attempt of the central bank order lasted twenty years and we shut it down but the bankers try to get against oh hickory Andrew Jackson you are a den of Papas and thieves I intend to rap you out by the eternal guard I will rock you out after surviving an assassination attempt Jackson finally defeated the bank in 1836 when asked what was the greatest accomplishment in his life Old Hickory replied and those were his last words I killed the bank and with real money backed with real gold our country experienced the greatest move in any nation's history oh it was beautiful but the beggars greedy for more power and wealth were concocting their most ambitious plan yet to once and for all take control of the finances of the United States in 1910 the secret meeting was held at a JP Morgan estate on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia this meeting was so secretive so concealed from government and public knowledge that the 10 attendees used code names I am clearly the richest man so I should be the one to run the super secret central bank own all the oil in America I'm clearly richer than you will ever be hula girl I should run the super secret Central Bank you're nothing compared to me lube job I shall run the secret back roads supreme master leader I didn't know you were gonna be here or not don't be so smart none of you shall run the bank we have built in the past because of openness these are the key to success is secrecy some people believe that they run the bank yes brilliant sneak attack what's the plan we first create panic then we show them the solution with our man in office at will black time we will have our central bank and so that people think it is theirs we shall christen it federal the federal they struck on December 23rd 1913 when most of our Congress were at homee fruitcake these bastards are bankers presented their treasonous act to their newly elected accomplice Woodrow Wilson who had fortuitously already agreed to sign it before he was even elected wait the IRS I thought we always had the IRS nope ah they did this to us to the Fed now has the exclusive power to print America's money they loan this money to our banks and our government at interest putting immediate debt on our own money written more and more so each dollar they print becomes worth less than the one before Merry Christmas how our government now must pay back these deaths to the fed your taxes did not go they don't it's the greatest theft in human history but okay I mean I sort of get what you're saying but it's also confusing and really Hartman I don't see how it affects me at all if I had more money none of this would have happened 1955 wow what are we doing here Oh a little bit of shopping here hold this dad I guess one two three six postage stamp three six Elsa gold $35 baby Oh was that my gold chain yeah he'll be fine Wow would you agree that you have the same exact things you had in 1955 yeah one stamp one gallon of gas one ounce of gold and one home Wow we just made a lot of money gotta pay you taxes but it's nice to have made all that money wait that isn't fair not actually you have less money I can't even go buy the things I just sold the IRS and the feds inflation work together pile they aren't just taxing game they are taxing their inflation you are no richer than you were in 1955 now does that sound fair or American to you yeah but I mean who doesn't hate taxes I hate the IRS anyway I'll hire they make the inflation the more your money they take it's thievery you're not paying taxes on anymore you are paying taxes on the same and now you have less they take our property away right in front of our eyes just like Thomas Jefferson said they were quick my sword what sword back in machine I'll condemn you to die damn it well we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence what's happening where am I I believe perhaps you understand ambough but you are afraid JFK Hartman what does this have to do with my house and my dog oh okay that's enough I want to go home now this is the last president to stand up to the fed you must see on June 4 1963 President Kennedy signed executive order 1 1 1 1 0 this executive order empowered the US Treasury to issue real money without the fan it would have worked Kennedy's plan to dismantle the Federal Reserve machine had begun six months later John F Kennedy went to Dallas and never returned no way no way they could do that a new President Lyndon Johnson throughout Kennedy's order since JFK no president has dared confront the secret powers behind the Federal Reserve they consolidate bigger and bigger banks print more and more money accountable to no one decimating our nation's wealth for the benefit of a few why why do this if they hurt us it hurts the global bankers to know fine they are protected they are too big to fail but I not those sons of bitches hmm sons of bitches all the day was cold the wind sharp it's strong but we were determined the bankers and their parasites had us vastly outnumbered but their hubris made them mannequin not like us not like this band of immortals we have assembled we have come to take back our is that not dog oh then d inevitable the money Kings could ignore us no longer they sent an emissary a cog in their machine agreed to bring about our submission tank pulse harvin this is blasphemy we own the corners of the earth it is futile to challenge us oh I've seen that look before that of a predator taking in the scent of its prey bold fearless the look of a free man you have come far argument fathered the most be smart now join us we will bring you money power everything you want you can be one of us if madmen you're a madman you're offering you everything what do you think this is you

  1. Hi DoctorDude. Thank you for the excellent video!! A lot of this I already know, but there were a few things that I wasn’t aware of, so thank you. I wish The Supreme Master’s name was listed on the video. However, I understand why you chose to leave it out. These scum bags have been hiding behind security long enough. It’s an absolute disgrace that this is happening. Until Americans open their eyes, nothing is going to change. I guess they’re are in denial or are unable to think for themselves. This does not apply to every American. Has anyone ever asked the question, “Why are taxes taken out of my paycheck and where does that money go?

    Thanks again for a great video!!

  2. How sad that J.F.K gave his life for the people and even more sad that the same people do NOTHING to avenge his death !!!

  3. This should have reached 900 MILLION VIEWS , but instead youtube promotes only GARBAGE as they believe any REAL learning videos are WORTHLESS !!

  4. “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

    Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

  5. This is my preemptive strike comment before I watch the video. Compared to 1913, the American dollar is worth less than a penny. An ugly and tarnished penny.

  6. You know what I never saw in this cartoon? That little pants-load go to work and pay his bills. Maybe if he had done that, then the bank never would have repoed his house and his dog.

  7. Thanks to the likes of folks like president Woodrow Wilson this country is being run by a den of thieves who has no regards for the people, policies and laws of the Gov't – the unfortunate thing is that they control the affairs of this country near and abroad and our politicians are their slaves, puppets and evildoers. The reason why the world is in such of a mess is because of these people – their plan is to control/destroy this country as well as the world by usury and we the people/sheeple are being led to the slaughter house… Excellent vid….

  8. Damn this was easy to believe when I first watched it. Doing further research, so much of this is incorrect and the video creators associate themselves with out-there conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. Please don’t be fooled ❤️ ~ACaringAmerican

  9. The American nightmare for the poor ! A cream dream for the rich elite ! You poor are cannon fodder and wage slaves !

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  12. Brilliant !! Further Interest :

  13. If you really think about, every person who has ever oppose to the current economic system has been assassinated. Jesus oppose classism… got killed. Gandhi oppose classism… got killed. Malcolm X opposed classism… got killed. JFK oppose classism… got killed. MLK Jr oppose classism… got killed. So-on and so-forth. You can bring up racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination towards the disable… but NEVER EVER QUESTION THE STRUCTURAL CLASSISM! That is a big no-no. Take a look at current trends with #MeToo movement, BLM, Modern Feminism, MGTOW, Mens' Rights Movement, etc… they were all created to blind, keep busy, distracted from the true oppressor, suppressor of humanity. All equality is depended on your social-economic status. If you're poor, you are limited to what you do, go and are. Point, blank, period!!!! Bottom line is there is no racism, sexism, homophobia, etc if you're rich! That's classism, but you would never here any movement to speak up about this, because than billions are united by common interest and goal… we eventually be seen as all equals, thus be able to finally cooperate together as we should had been and take down the true underlining opposer of true freedom… the very economic system itself… the monetary-market system. But keep being asleep folks… enjoy your lies and illusions. Keep supporting movements that actually hinders liberty rather than actually creating it. So long as the monetary-market system exists we are all slaves.

  14. Great video to teach the kids about the dangers of abusing credit and loans. If practiced wisely and responsibly, credit cards and loans are really helpful. Pay back and you wouldn't have any problem. You can't? Than give those companies a call… you would be shocked at how flexible and cooperative many of them are. They will even put a stop to interest rate, if it meant you pay back at the time you agree to pay back. Summer time is the worse for me, 2.5 months without working till August rolls in. Credit card companies would halt the interest rates during that time for me and will resume upon the date I agree to pay them again. I swear people should practice sensibility and responsibility. People love to complicate things that shouldn't be that complicated to understand.

  15. I feel like this is a concept that is easy to understand but at the same time hard to explain all the nuances I.E can get complicated.


    I hope this serve us as a wake up call. We must preserve the American FREEDOM and abolish the federal reserve, IRS, and the central banks through BOYCOTT

    Our National Debt is at OVER 22 TRILLION DOLLARS and still rising and then bankrupt and we should know!!

    To those who don't believe, I have a PRIME EXAMPLE. Look to Venezuela, they're paying the price and with all that debt and we're no different, it can happen to us too!!

    GOD help us, it is getting scarier these days, along with the fight against our Second Amendment (our Right-To-Bear-Arms). If they remove that law, they know the rest is easy to remove.

  17. why has youscrew let this stay on the internet.i am glad it still isi backed it up on a cd for future reference!!!!

  18. This is why I kept telling people, don't get a house you can't afford ( in the future)…. you'll get corn holed every time.

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