The Chaos Report - Week 5: Glaciers | Path of Exile: Legion Economy Guide

hello everyone no fair welcome to week 5 of the chaos report the weekly or bi-weekly path effects are series that will focus on the economy of the soft core challenge League this week I'll be taking a look at a unique item watchlist and I'll be covering the current dominant farming strategy infinite sustained glaciers as always do keep in mind that these are educated guesses or predictions and as such they might not be entirely accurate furthermore I might miss a thing or two that seem obvious to many and for that I apologize it's hard to cover everything after all in conclusion invest at your own risk with that disclaimer out of the way let's jump right in as a new first segment we'll be taking a quick peek at some of the most interesting currencies that you should keep an eye on for this following week of course this wouldn't be a real economy series without exalted prices and predictions just like last week over this past week the exhaustible prices have practically skyrocketed from a rather steady 155 cast to over 170 chaos with no signs of stopping as also predicted last week this was a definite possibility due to the extremely multi-monitor heavy matter we're currently in the mall players decide to do more to modern item the more exalted orbs will be worth every single multi modded file for example requires about 5 to 6 exalted hopes to be properly crafted after all this rise in price is definitely a common trend for exalted orbs at this point in the league as this raise was also around the similar time during synthesis in synthesis the exalted orbs hit their high at 175 chaos however for Legion we might see an even higher end point as the league mechanic itself is devaluing the worth of chaos in comparison to exalted robes faster than any previously I wouldn't be surprised to see 180 chaos plus in the next following week exalted ropes as always hold their value rather well usually only fluctuating by a few dozen cows at best as such this is a prime investment target especially doing such a high point in the economy another currency that has seen a similar drastic rise in popularity from last week that was equally predicted in last week's episode is the alteration all in the past week it has gone from its already high five alteration to chaos ratio to a staggering and never-before-seen four to four and a half alts per chaos ratio and this trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon similarly to the exalted's alteration observe the prime currency that is used for multi mounting for each multi modded item thousands of alteration orbs will be used at average with the prevalence of bow belts seven linked Elder weapons in the advent of the melee dual wield matter there is no telling when the alteration orbs all reach their peak following that our device just like last week switching up your loot filter a tiny bit to allow t2 jewelry rares to be shown is there will be the most slot efficient alteration shop providers oftentimes you will not fill up your inventory while you're out and about and this is the perfect time to pick up these additional items which you should try to make a color that doesn't pop out just so it doesn't distract you from the real loot of course doing this will give you about 5 to 6 alteration orbs per map which can definitely be worthwhile if you're running 50 or so Maps an hour it's very easy change and can help both SSF players hardcore as well as your average soft cold Liege environments of course the annulment observe a streak have seen no notable changes however this is due to the fact that the normal gnomes are at a pretty constant usage point which doesn't really increase as much as EXO's or alteration orbs do with the amount of multi mounted items on the market instead of the annulment Oh we'll be taking a quick peek at our favorite re-rolling currency that've I know the divine herb has seen a pretty steady increase since the beginning of the league and still shows no signs of stopping its stellar rise it is another one of the currencies required for the multi mod process as with the multi mods you cannot simply recraft a craft to get the perfect role as we can with normal ones as such any multi model weapon requires multiple divine hopes to properly get the wished-for damage attack speed and quality numbers to push those physical DPS weapons just an extra bit higher in terms of capabilities since last week the divine herbs have seen another price increase coming from an already pretty high price point of 15 chaos to a staggering 17 to 18 chaos today as for farming these orbs you have many options as they don't just simply drop but you can also acquire them through a window recipe which involves a six-link item the new Sexton mods Monster is an area have a five percent chance to drop corrupted items is a prime suspect for easy six links as corrupted items have a 1 in 36 chance to drop 6 linked provided they have the Pape ability of being a 6 socketed item to begin with furthermore the Palace map has the possibility to drop the sefirot divination card which will hand you a full stack of divination orbs in competition additionally as they count as t1 currency they are also a prime candidate to drop from the hidden opulence chest in the azurite mine one last site Knight with divine hubs costing 17 to 18 cows orbs that also means that any and all six linked items should be listed at least at the same price do not list two items below that point as you can simply sell your 6 linked item to a vendor and sell the divine OBE to make more money if your 6 link doesn't sell before that price point of course with those currencies covered let's move on to our unique item watchlist which we will find lastly and see how those items have shaken out since then as well as their potential trajectories in the future our watchlist currently features 7 unique items but we might add or remove a fury in this video as well first up as always our beloved jewels tempered flush and transcendent flash since last week the transcendent flash has continued to Sirah the rapid course of rising to the top it has gone from the already high 340 to 360 chaos price point of last week to over 460 chaos this week as predicted this tool has been retaining its fair share value since the leak start and I don't expect it to fall drastically anytime soon however a slight dip is definitely an order based on the previous price history of this item as such wait a little bit if you intend to mass purchase these I would say the tempered flash on the other hand has seen absolutely no changes to last week still sitting at around 20 chaos and still being a fantastic and cheap choice for any Marauder a duelist to get that extra free 75% current multiplier same reminder is the last few weeks that gets more more important of course as the transcendent flash continues in in horizon price if you are diligently running your temples you might want to pick up a copy of the tempered flash as well as a vial of transcendence for your tea three sacrifice rooms instead of hopelessly throwing in your belts and hoping for the miniscule chance to get your beloved headhunter you can guarantee yourself a very respectable profit for each round instead this is due to the price of the vial of transcendence costing about 80 cows right now and the tempered flash only running you about 20 chaos you'll easily make a 350 plus chaos profit for each time to run this and if you've paid attention this profit has actually risen by over 100 chaos since last week I absolutely recommend investing here it's one of the easiest and fastest ways in the game to currently make a profit with such a large margin for any character moving on to ruthless coil and since last week's seen a bit of a small resurgence but it's dipped slightly lower again in the last day or two many people have likely stopped adopting this belt as it isn't required for farming t2 Maps the damage is simply not necessary when fighting such low-level monsters and as such the build has seen a drastic descend over the past two weeks for high-end players that rely on physical damage to kill their enemies however this spell is still a prime choice as it is the highest damage increase you can find in the belt slot perfectly world spawn still go for a respectable amount around 100 to 150 as of its current standings this belt will likely retain a certain amount of value over the entire course of the league as well simply due to the physical heavy metal we found herself in and the sheer rarity of it with no way to target farm and very low drop rates by itself this is one of the hardest belts in the entire game to actively fond for yes including the head hunter as a general trajectory I would imagine this belt to slowly drop further but still retain a decent amount of value throughout the league at least compared to synthesis of course I'll predict the rough 30 chaos low price point for this Bell moving on to our beloved flask the lion's roar after four weeks the lion's roar has finally been beaten by all the rarer flasks in the game it took a while burn as predicted the lion's roar has found itself on rock bottom with a 15 chaos price point this flocks is not really known to be a raft flask in any capacity and as such the high price of the first few weeks were impossible to sustain of course especially since farming the termination card Earth's drinker on the dunes desert in desert spring maps is an easy way to acquire it in large quantities I don't really see a resurgence for this flask coming in the future either instead I'm predicting that it will stay around this level for the remainder of the lake as the demand will still be rather high as many players need this flash for the bills however as the supplies is equally as high if not higher will likely not see this flask rise above the 30 chaos mark again we'll be keeping an eye on it for another week just to see if our predictions seemed to hold any water if they do we'll be removing it from the watchlist come next week good luck lines roll the paradoxical is continuing to follow our predictions to the letter the paradox appears continued to slowly drop over the past week to a low price point of exactly 100 chaos rising a slight bit above over the past day or so it is still one of the best weapons for some of the newest sentences such as the Berserker and Slayer and many builds those descendants ease like to run as mentioned last week as well and is also a good choice for Millie any mental stacking bills as the double damage model provides works beautifully with a high amount of flat damage that elemental works can provide especially with the newly added t1 elemental walls on weapons I would no longer recommend hard farming this weapon as the price point simply does not validate such efforts however if you still wish to acquire this weapon or in either hardcore SSF leagues for example the mastermind boss fight is your best bet as it has a guaranteed drop chance for a random syndicate unique for crafting advice on the paradox occur always prioritize physical damage increases as well as attack speed as for future prices I would imagine the paradox ago will continue to stick around the one to 150 cows mark with slight increases in drops depending on the current climate of the week it'll likely remain one of the most expensive weapons this entire league though moving on to the calms hard body armor this favorite of all two-handed weapon wielders has dropped over the last week as we predicted and has levelled out at about 210 cows for roughly half a week now as we talked about last week the price drop is easily explainable by the high prices in the first place as the price of an item increases more and more people will start the farm for said item which in turn drives supply up if the demand stays the same the prices will fall as people will start to undercut each other for the fastest sell this particular item has been my forming target for the past few weeks as well however with the recent price drops I've decided to stop farming for it specifically not that it isn't profitable anymore of course but I thought it would be a good time for a change of scenery as a farm volcano for the past three weeks straight volcano is still my personal recommendation for farming this chess piece however if you would like to farm for it yourself it is definitely still a worthwhile investment to found this one as the compound will likely retain a decent percentage of its value barring any unforeseen circumstances of course throughout the entire league the last item on our old watchlist is of course the Nomad static belt this belt has seen a father drop in price and has since leveled out at about 30 cows as stated the previous week's the high price point comparatively Telos sake and slightly due to the addition of the new spectral throw duel divide and conquer which finally makes spectral shield throw a very viable physical base projectile ability that has seen quite a lot of play in the recent little while with the popularity of impale based builds both melee and ranged dispelled for good reasons is still one of the most popular in the current league and will remain so for a little while longer at the very least the only way to require this item is still through the great leader of the North prophesy and as such if you intend to farm this one you will have to perma spam prophecies until you hit it seems that this belt has reached its bottom for now as it has remaining steady at the 30 Cal's price point for quite some time we'll continue to keep an eye on it for another week or two I'm advising caution with investment into this item until we get a more clear picture of how the matter will settle this lake one new item will be adding to the watch list from now on is the cinder swallow urn unique flasks mention a few times already in the various chaos reports this unique flask has seen a very bumpy ride this Lane it is one of the best dps flasks in the game at the current time as it can be used by pretty much any build as long as you got a crit chance and some fire damage to ignite enemies it's used by about 12% of all players mostly cyclone users and it is still the most used ability in the game and as such should be no surprise that it's one of the most expensive flasks in the entire game as well currently sitting at around 60 cows with some dips to the 50 cows area this flask has seen a rather steady rise if you look at the overall price picture of the first month this item can only be acquired from the syndicate mastermind Catherina and as such has a certain rarity to it that other flaws such as the Lions roll cannot lay claim to as a result this item with rising popularity continued to gain a higher and higher price where it's now at a point for us to take a closer look the cinder swallow does not only offer one of the best dps increases in the game for the flask lot but it also offers something no other flasks in the entire game can offer choice Massena swallow comes with a veiled mod and as such can be customized to certain degrees the most expensive versions of the cinder swallow include options such as percentage increased critical strike chance during flask effect as well as percentage increased movement speed during flask effect due to the wide range of choices this flask can provide ranging from crit to movement speed to life region and many more different ones it is rather easy to fit into nearly any build as an alternative to your normal silver flask provided that you do not require the usual immunity rolls of the normal utility flasks in conclusion we'll be adding the descender swallow onto a watch list to see how the price for this one continues to develop as well as seeing if forming the cynical mastermind in addition to the drop chances for the for the paradox occur becomes valuable with the increased popularity of this flask as for future predictions I believe this flask will continue its slow but steady climb towards a higher price point for a little while however this flask can be very volatile and as such I would not put 100% trust into this prediction now moving on to a third segment for this video the good old meta analysis as pretty much everybody expected we see a similar picture to last week the majority of players are still playing Slayer and trickster at a respective 43% in 19% each second is still the most used scale with the usage stat of 49% of players an IDI contagion plus blight being used by a combined 102 percent of all tricksters the 102 percent here indicate their mana fixes are doubling up on that particular pairing so they'll have both a six-link set up for essence strain as well as a six-link set up for blight or Val blight they have barely been any changes since last week in the main matter of the game however there's been one interesting develop in these past three weeks they're slowly crept up on us the Deadeye ascendancy has slowly but surely gone from a mere 3% usage to more than double at 6% Plus this what seemed like an obvious trend as more and more people will be able to acquire MF gear and simply ruffle stomped the tea to Galatia Maps they are inevitably going to be running of course however the most interesting part here is that 57% of all dead eyes over level 95 have a headhunter win dripper however the main Beaufort item quantity builds is only at 42% additionally the unique jewels inspired learning which are used in combination with the headhunter to get as many rare buffs as possible is also at a higher percentage than the main IQ bar sitting in a respectable 45% of old dead eyes what this tells us is that more and more players are opting to set up a dead eye for the 5 emblem forming as well as the Legion forming and maps as those benefit the most from their always popular setup of headhunter + double inspire learning the longer the league goes on I would imagine this percentage of Deadeye players to increase once players have enough currency to fund such a high-end build as for the Atlas analysis most of the recommendations from the first three weeks still apply as the matter hasn't seen any changes whatsoever and as such I won't be repeating them here feel free to check out the last few episodes for that the only caveat of course is that volcano has been downgraded slightly due to the loss of value in the counts heart in the last in this week it's still very valuable to farm of course especially as the layout is very open and easy to run but it's not as valuable as it has been these past few weeks and personally opting to look for new opportunities such as precinct for the exalted o cards as they seem to continue their price rise as mentioned at the beginning of the video usually at this point in the video I'll be covering new interesting and engaging farming strategies that have crept up over the week and have seen new popularity however as this league is one of the most boring leagues of all time when it comes to the matter I'll just quickly cover the current dominant farming strategy I couldn't really find anything else t-to glaciar farming the basic setup for the t2 glacier farming is to unfinish every other t2 mt3 map you can find on the atlas using the control graphics seal which you can acquire by selling three times white yellow or red to cartographer sexton's together with one herb of scouring depending on the tier of map white maps require white sexton's yellow maps require yellow sections and read maps obviously require a triple pride watches i to be sent directly to me in-game I promise it's the only way to see a red map so send them to me once that has been completed the only teaching map that can possibly drop is glacier and all the t3 maps are uncompleted so they cannot drop either however you're not quite done there are two connecting t3 maps to glacier ley line as well as mausoleum these can still drop and actually have an increased drop chance if they are uncompleted to get around this you'll be aiming to use your t3 shape robe on one of them the other one will require the elder all which you can acquire after beating shaper and finishing zone up until that point it is definitely possible to sustain glacier with one of those Maps still connected as a t3 in case you cannot kill shape or finish Alice questline to that point for whatever reason however the most valuable way is to set it up exactly as described here once you're done your atlas should have only one time t2 map completed which is glacier it should have 0 t3 Maps completed ley line and mausoleum should be any other tier but 3 if all of those conditions have been fulfilled you'll be able to enjoy your own personal hell a K infinite sustain glacier farming enjoy those Legion mechanics now for the last little segment I always like to give some quick farming and or crafting tips for some lower econ players that are extremely valuable this week first up farming the delve areas is still extremely profitable just like the previous leagues especially with the gilded sulphide scarab prices being rather low still it is extremely easy to get decent depths in farm whatever areas you want to farm I would recommend the frozen hollows as well as the fungal caverns as your main farming areas the first dropping an assortment of serrated and prismatic fossils the second dropping perfect and jagged fossils these are some of the most common yet high-value fossils and as such should be fairly easy to acquire for anybody regardless of death and luck also always keep in mind to save them up for a small while until you have a bulk of four or more fossils to sell this will allow you to ask for even higher prices when you offer them for sale similarly delving in general is extremely valuable at the moment is even resonators specifically potent resonators are worth two to three chaos each and require no actual depth to find you can even find them in depth 10 to 15 areas if you really want to including the normal pathways you are not required to break into a fracture wall to find these resonators and Mass crafting I level 86 plus colossal tower shields is still my preferred way of making a quick buck right now dense fossils go for about one Koz and those are the only ones you require to properly craft a high armor tower shield you can see how this works together with the previous mention tips the base itself you can get for around five cows as well try to aim for over 2,000 armor with your crafts and Ralts which shouldn't take too many tries of course RNG applies and will net you about 20 cows up to 100 KS plus for every well rolled shield above two and a half thousand Elmer shields that reads above 3,000 armor will sell for a dozen or more exalted orbs however that was obviously very rare the opportunity cost for this is fairly low still so I'll recommend trying it out a few times and seeing if you might get lucky or if you enjoy this kind of crafting my last tip is to simply farm exhorted of divination cards such as abandoned wealth the holder and the Saints treasure as they are becoming increasingly more valuable even though these are always valuable to form of course the extremely high prices for exhorted also making these a very valuable target to farm for the next while as exalt robes are rapidly on the rise and show no signs of stopping good maps for these are Arsenal as well as precinct and with that last segment wrapped up I'll be ending this week's cows report I hope this video was informative and you learned something from it that you can apply to your own game please let me know if I missed anything or you would have wanted me to talk about anything in specific that I might not have covered also let me know what your personal predictions are going to be for these coming weeks furthermore let me know if you'd like to see me cover a particular topic regarding path of Exile I'm always willing to explore any vide hypes or add extra segments to this series lastly give me some feedback on this new series how did you enjoy it what is this video too long should I cut specific parts maybe they watch lists or something or should I further elaborate specific topics to give more insight toward specific things and of course don't forget to subscribe hit the bell finger magic notification or whatever that thing's called like this like the video check me out over on slash lone wolf you can find a link to my stream down below in the description well I love that thanks for watching and keep farming those axles

  1. Video is super long, idk how that happened. I felt like I had less to talk about than last week, but it ended up being 2-3 minutes longer?!
    Hope it's worth the watch!


    0:00 Intro
    0:46 Currency Analysis
    5:31 Unique Item Watchlist
    13:30 New Item on the Watchlist
    15:50 Meta Analysis
    17:50 Atlas Analysis
    18:30 T2 Glacier Farming Setup
    20:38 Last crafting / farming tips
    23:25 Outro

  2. liked the video, maybe put one up where you craft one of these tower shields. I am not too used to crafting yet, but hit a 2400+ one. Think I barely break even with the amount of attempts it took me though 😉

  3. Hey Luna first time watching here, loved the video! I just wanted to add maybe incorporate your timestamps into the beginning of the video rather than comments, I think a quick overview of what to come and how to get to it might be a great addition. I hope to see more great content like this soon!

  4. Who else loves watching these economy reports even though they just RMT to buy their GG items every League 🤣

  5. Hello! First of all I want to say that I really enjoyed qatching this video and I love the work you put into it. Thanks for that!

    With that out of the way I would like to know why you hate the T2 Glacier farm so hard. I am trying to understand it. I think it's great that also newer people get the chance to farm up a lot of currency and try out new things. Usually the people flipping, farming the most or knowing the most get the most currency. So far so good. But I think newer players are getting scared by the required currency to gear a Magic Find Char and may quit the league because they don't really know what to do in this league. By simply farming something as easy as Glacier with such an insane chaos/hour ratio opens up new possibilities for newer players. But I really would like to know your opinion on this Topic.

    Until then: keep up the great content!

  6. Good work as always. I have a couple of comments/observations:
    – Glacier farming: urghhh… as much as I hate it, I still have to admit it's just too profitable. Some tips to maximize the profits: have a VERY STRICT loot filter. You should only pick up anything worth higher than 1/4 or even 1/2 chaos orb. Rare items should all be filtered out except jewels/good helm enchant/good temple or talisman items. Itemizing the loot filter can boost your profit significantly. By not picking up those silver coins, jeweller orbs, some random rares, etc. you can pick up some thing slightly more valuable and easy to sell in bulks, and all of those slightly smaller margins can add up really fast when you do 400-500 glaciers a day. For me personally, doing tier 16 is much more fun and profitable, although it takes more time to sell your stuff, but defintely more challenging and engaging.
    – Another tip for glacier farmers, make sure you level your gems in offhands. Most profitable is selling clean ED gem 20/20. This could change due to meta of course.
    – I made 7-8ex by throwing dense into those colossal shields. Thanks!
    – Still waiting to hear your take on the timeless jewels. I feel like it could be potentially very profitable if we figure out how each specific jewel works and a way to sell it reliably. And at that point, as someone already mentioned, the price of divine orb would rise significantly.

  7. My prefered map strat is shaped city square. normal shaped strat, remove all the t9/10/11. shape city square and burial chambers. run city squares OR burial chambers as long as you want to, returns are good enough for infinite sustain. sell shaped burials in bulk for 4c each.

    For additional profit vaal your city squares for lots of sac frag drops (triple boss). one very common card there is three voices, it gives 3 essences and is a great way to make some currency. Farm a batch of 72 city squares and you will have hundreds of essences to show for it, some of which are pretty valuable.

    If you want to invest more you can run a couple sextants and chisel your maps. it is not at all needed to make a great profit but some of the sextant rolls can really up your returns. if you get the harbinger one and add in a harbinger scarab you can pull an ex or so out of the map dependant on rng as always.

  8. so I just realized trans and tempered flesh have the same dps mod and the only difference in price is for about 4 phys mitigation and 400 more chaos orbs!

    Your saying good luck lions like it was to an old retired police dog.

  9. great content! awesome to listen to while farming. nice to hear predictions regarding item/currency investments

  10. I expect divines to rise higher that usually in other leagues, because of legion jewels reroling. Also I believe that chaos orbs are less worth than usual, because most people run T2 glacier without zana mods, which is probably biggest chaos sink in the game.

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