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hello everyone lunar warfare welcome to the fourth episode of the chaos report the weekly or bi-weekly part of Exile series that will focus on the economy of the South ko challenge league in this episode I'll be taking a quick look at our unique item watch list and we'll be covering different farming strategies in crafting strategies that you can employ to take advantage of the current build matter in league mechanics as always do keep in mind that these are educated guesses of predictions and as such they might not be entirely accurate or workout themed furthermore I might miss a thing or two that might seem obvious to many and for that I apologize it's hard to cover everything in conclusion invest at your own risk with that with that this game out of the way let's jump right into it as a first news segment we'll be taking a quick peek at some of the most interesting currencies that you should keep an eye on of course this wouldn't be a proper economy series if we didn't first look at the chaos to exalt it all ratio currently the chaos to exalted ratio is 153 chaos orbs per exalted the exalted orbs have seen a sudden and drastic rise just a little over one week ago left since been holding rather steady at the 155 cows mark as there was no real circumstance apparent that led to this rise such as a streamer doing anything in particular it might be fair to call shenanigans on that rapid rise from the 22nd to the 25th caution is advised as the exalt robes might have gotten a 30 C price bump from fixers The Exalted hopes however as always will retain a large portion of the value for crafting purposes anyway especially in this multi mod heavy matter we could very well see these rise even further similarly to the synthesis League where they topped out at about 175 cows and held steady at about 150 another currency that has seen a huge rise in popularity which no one should honestly be surprised about is the good-old alteration orb in the past week it has gone from a low point of seven-and-a-half alteration robes per chaos to a staggering five alterations per chaos and it shows no signs of stopping either this rise is easily explained by the overuse of the multi mark crafting method in which hundreds and thousands of alterations are used per item to re-roll as many times as necessary to get that one or two good mods that you really need his alteration orbs are at such a high price our device switching a fuel filter a tiny bit to allow T to jewelry rares and they will be the most efficient slot alteration shard providers oftentimes you will not fill up your inventory while you're out and about and this is the perfect time to pick up these additional items which you should try to make a collar that doesn't necessarily pop out at you just so it doesn't distract you from the real load doing this will give you about three or four alterations per map which can definitely be worthwhile if you're running 50 Maps or so an hour it's very easy change and it can help bolt SSF players hardcore as well as your average soft co Allegiant farmers of course similarly high in demand our annulment ohms which are one of the currencies needed for the multimode crafting purpose these puppies have also gone from about twelve cares each to upwards of 16 cows as they are T one currency the best way to get these were likely to be just farming more maps the légion itself can drop these as a reward as well another great place to find them is in delves through the hidden opulence chests behind fractured walls which will guaranteed Tripathy one currency one of which being the enormous all my last hip for farming liens are the new Harbinger sextants that are available on journeyman in master Katara first sexton's which was spawn an additional Harbinger at the boss location as well as allow harbingers and the boss itself to drop additional currency shots this is a huge opportunity to use Harbinger scarabs on as harbingers will drop nearly twice as many shards as usual furthermore maps that have multiple bosses so for example maps that drop the three voices divination card are incredible to found with this particular Sexton as each individual boss will drop these shards add the twin boss prophecy or map mod on top you got a shots to going with those three main currencies covered that are currently most prevalent and important let's move on to our unique item watch list which we refined last week and see how those items have shaken out since then as well as their potential trajectories in the future a watchlist currently features nine unique items but we might add or remove a few during this video as well first up as per usual our beloved jewels transcend a flash and tempered flesh since last week not a lot has changed for the transcendent flash it is since then leveled about 340 to 360 cows and been rather steady at that price point it is still one of the most used and most expensive jewels in the league and it doesn't seem likely that this will change anytime soon the tempered flash has seen very little change as well still sitting at around 20 cows falling off a bit the last few days but still being a very very good choice for any Marauder or duelist billed to get that extra 375 percent credit multiplier same reminders last time of course if you are diligently running your temples you might want to pick up a copy of the tempered flash as well as the vial of transcendence for your t3 sacrifice rooms this is way more of a worthwhile investment than throwing in your belts and hoping for the one-in-a-million chance to get your beloved head hunter this is due to the price of the vial of transcendence costing about 70 cows right now and the tempered flash only running you about 20 cows as well you will easily make a 200 to 150 cows profit for each time that you run this I definitely recommend investing here it's one of the easiest and fastest ways in the games currently make a profit with such a large margin in such little time investment moving on to the carcass jack we can see that our predictions from last week have been accurate it has descended farther into the lower 10 to 30 cows area and has since levelled out at around 15 cows as predicted it still represents a very solid chess piece for people getting new characters up before they can craft their own Elder chess pieces and especially cyclone characters will love the additional air we for the time being however as it gets heavily outshined in terms of dps survivability and many other utilitarian factors by the crafted elder armors this one won't see another resurgence I'm fairly certain as such we'll be removing the good old carcass Jack from a watch list as its life cycle in this league has likely ended however of course keep you up to date with any unexpected changes rich lavas coil on the other hand has followed our predictions from last week fairly accurately staying at around 70 to 100 cows for the longest time and then dipping a bit lower in the last few days this is likely due to more more players trying to pick up more survivability options or something like a headhunter for the 5 emblem forming rather than trying to go for more damage as many players have realized that the legion mechanic much like Past leagues poses absolutely zero challenge to any real builds in terms of require damage additionally with more more players returning to the mentioned farming strategy of last week that involves farming very low level Maps the damage this bail provides is simply not necessary for a lot of these players we're still seeing prices upwards of an exalted orb for well rolled ones but that will likely change in the future if more people forego the large damage upgrade over more utility options following recommendations for this one are included in the previous episodes and as such will not be repeated here the TLDR however is this farm the wretched divination card that's the only way to farm for it somewhat reliably as the general trajectory I would imagine the spell to slowly drop further as the league mechanic really doesn't pose a challenge especially with how many people are running it right now in lower level maps moving on to a absolute favorite– flask the Lions rule this flask has seen a fantastic rise since the beginning of the league thanks to the new male a matter of course we've also seen last week already that it was struggling a bit to keep its number 1 or number 2 spot on the ladder and this has manifested itself this week as it now firmly shares its number 3 spot with a taste of hate it has reached a rather steady plateau with roughly 40 sieve for the last few days and will likely stick around this area for the next in a while a perfectly rolled lion's row of course still goes for about 80 to 100 cows as for farming strategies the same as last week still apply you'll be looking for the earth during a divination card and primarily dunes desert and desert spring maps I still think this is a vile valuable farming strategy as the DIF card itself is fairly common you'll easily be able to obtain multiple per map at average if you properly invest in them the paradox occur has been following each and every one of our predictions so far and has also not disappointed this week as predicted the astronomical prices from last week were not sustainable and as such the weapon has dropped by about 100 chaos and is projecting a father drop in the near future it is still one of the best weapons for some of the new ascendancy such as the Berserker and slayer and many builds those are sentences like to run additionally it is still a very valuable weapon for other more niche bills as well which might not be entirely matter right now such as the heart stacking elementals for farming the same rules still apply the only way to obtain it is by interacting with the immortal syndicate one additional piece of advice on farming it however aside from last week's advice that seems to have skipped many people's minds is the Katerina the mastermind of the immortal syndicate drops a guaranteed betrayal unique on kill as such heart farming her is the best way to obtain the paradoxical and can also net the sin dose swallow earn which has some very popular crafts as well as being the second most expensive flask in the game while farming the mastermind has never really been a lucrative option necessarily our imaginary could be now for some players as most players refused to quote unquote destroy their betrayal board and as such both the paradoxical as well as the cinder swallow will likely retain a decent amount of value for quite some time for crafting advice on the paradoxical always prioritize physical damage increases as well as attack speed as a future prices I would imagine the paradox occur will continue to drop a little bit but I'll hold strong in my previous prediction that will not fall below the 100 to 150 chaos mark and likely remain a strong contender for the remainder of the league the hemophilia gloves are seeing their lasts in this series today as they have seen no notable changes since last week they've been remaining steady at the bottom three cows mark despite GGG finally fixing the on death effects unfortunately this is one of those cases where it was too little too late the hemophilia gloves have died quite shortly after the start and even I have finally lost hope that they'll see a resurgence they'll be removed from the watchlist just as they have been removed from all of our characters builds and hearts rest in peace sweet prince moving on to the calms hard body armor having dropped a few pounds in the last few days it still remains as one of the most expensive chess pieces in the entire game at a very solid 290 280 chaos price point it is currently on a bit of a downward slope but that is to be expected coming from his absolutely astronomical high price point of over 350 chaos each such a high price point for a unique body armor is very hard to sustain as people can always start argot forming as we talked about last week the huge popularity and with it the price comes from all the two-handed weapon users as they do not require the sixth thing in the chest armor to funk properly this particular item has been my personal farming target and has been providing me with quite some income in the last week I have opted to move my personal alder map set up to volcano one of only two maps in the game that offers not one but two of the calms heart divination cards it has been providing me with a steady amount of income despite my low play time this week in particular I've decided to sell the pride in the fall for its increased price per card and its lower drop rate and have been saving up the king's heart card until I get a completed set this method has been sustaining me with a very solid currency influx in addition to all the other drops that a t16 volcano provides of course definitely still a worthwhile investment to found this one as the comms heart will likely retain a decent percentage of its value barring any unforeseen circumstances throughout the entire league the last item on our watch list is of course the Nomad studded belt this belt has seen a slight drop in price but is still holding itself very much above the flock of most other belts as stated last week this is likely due to the addition of the new spectral throw jewel dividing conquer which finally makes spectral shield throw a very valuable physical based projectile ability that has seen quite a lot of play in the reason in a while with the popularity of impale based bills both melee and ranged dispelled for good reasons is still one of the most popular in the current league and will likely remain so for a little while longer at the very least as it is very hard to replace this belt both in terms of its unique ability portfolio which specifically offers a decent mount of Defense's as well as its large amount of offense the only way to require this item is still through the grand leader of the North prophesy as such if you intend to farm this one you'll have to promise ban prophecies until you hit it unfortunately I have personally acquired one of these belts through the prophecy last week as I randomly rolled into it during my normal prophecy rolling for my maps remember from my last week side note as well always have prophesies active and constantly roll new ones when old ones get triggered this right here is a perfect example as it gave me an easy 40 plus cows profit future trajectories for this one will depend entirely upon the player bases willingness to play something that is in cyclone which right now seems to be quite difficult to do to be honest as such I'm advising caution with investment into this item until we get a more clear picture of how the matter will settle this league now moving on to our third segment for this video the good old meta-analysis has pretty much everybody expected we see that the majority of players are still playing Slayer and trickster at respect to 42 and 20% each cyclone is still the most used skill with a usage data 48% of players above level 95 an IDI contagion plus blight being used by combined 103 percent of all tricksters wait a minute Luna you might say the 103 percent here indicates they're many tricksters are doubling up on that particular pairing so that'll have both a six-link set up for essence train as well as the six links that I've supplied overall there have been barely any changes since last week however the ascendant has seen a small bump in popularity as more and more players are getting enough for all currency to make scion bells work as Gigi has recently fixed the on death triggers regarding the Legion League mechanic we might see a slight rise in things such as the gladiator sentencing however that might be a similar case to the hemophilia gloves where players are simply not gonna bother trying out the ascendency again as they've tasted the power of berserker Slayer and trickster and don't want to give up that sweet sweet feeling of being overpowered as for the Atlas analysis most of the recommendations from the first three weeks still apply as the matter hasn't seen any changes whatsoever and as such I won't be repeating them here feel free to check out the last few episodes for those with that out of the way I'll be focusing on the new dominant high-level Atlas strategy for this league shaper strongholds now shaper strongholds are of course nothing new they've existed since 3.4 aka the start of Delta league and have been a good source of sextants chisels and Harbinger related currency ever since the original implementation this is however not what they're used for in this lake this Lee many players have realized they're killing the boss of an elder t16 map on which this strategy is mostly used does not drop the correct level of map as it doesn't take the eldering into account for example a t2 map boss even if Eldred will drop maps like t-too map as such this new strategy has seen a large popularity in which you place the shaper stronghold on your elder t16 map to get permanent shaper influence without having to deal with the hassle of elder shaper ping-pong and the extremely annoying mechanics those entail especially on maps such as volcano which is my current farming map that only has two connections elder shaper ping-pong strategies are very unreliable as it's hard to perpetually keep both shaper and elder connected to it so we can properly ping-pong with the shape of stronghold strat however all you have to do to sustain your influence is to not kill the map boss which proves very easy on a map such as volcano as the boss is in his own little hidey-hole behind a wall so there's a very low chance to accidentally often this will not only allow you to keep a permanent shaper influence and thus the additional shaper mobs that gets warned by the portals but it will also allow you to move your elder shape a ping pong to your shape t15 of choice if you are using a shaped Atlas due to the ease of sustaining the strategy which involves basically no work after the initial setup it is proving itself to be the best high level farming strategy in the current league the sheer amount of additional mobs that it spawns especially paired with something like beyond Zana mods or sexton's is absolutely worth the effort to set the strategy up on your map I'm not entirely sure if it's worth spending the time and effort to get this setup on a lower level map however so you guys will have to make your own judgment call online the one downside the strategy has of course is that you cannot drop any shape or elder influenced items in the maps you're currently running as there aren't any incredibly amazing spike gloves or steel ring maps on the Atlas right now though however I feel like this is a small price to pay for being able to indefinitely run your chosen map with no further setup required this works incredibly well for divination card specific farming as for how to spawn it it's somewhat random a shape a stronghold can spawn on any shape or or elder area that is next to the others influence as it has to spawn on a naturally spread shaper influence for example if you want volcano to be your shape a stronghold you need to spread the elder influence to precinct so volcano naturally gets the shaper influence which would start happening after you have at least seven consecutive elder influence maps you cannot get a shape a stronghold on a shape a forced map so if you run precinct afterwards two elder shape a ping-pong net for example precinct will not be able to be a shape a stronghold as you force the shaper influence to spawn on it by running the elder version of it keep clearing the shape strongholds and keep the edge of your elder shape a ping pong on your chosen map and after a few hours of doing this and will eventually spawn on your given map I got lucky and just got it randomly on my volcano now for the last little segment I always like to give some quick farming and or crafting tips for some lower econ players first up farming the delve areas is still extremely profitable just like last week especially with the gilded sulphide scarabs prices being the lowest they have ever been it is extremely easy to get two decent deaths in farm whatever areas you want to farm I would highly recommend the frozen hollows as well as the fungal caverns the first stopping an assortment of serrated and prismatic fossils the second dropping perfect and corrodes these are some of the most common yet high-value fossils and as such should be fairly easy to acquire for anybody regardless of depth and luck also always keep in mind to save them up for a small while until you have a bulk of four or more fossils to sell this will allow you to ask for even higher prices when you offer them for sale as an example I oftentimes sell five serrated fossils as a single stack for over 150 cows despite the current value only being around twenty cows using very cheese t3 research craft on three socket and prismatic edges can add upwards of three to four exalted orbs if you hit all three white sockets specifically saikhan players are currently fighting for these things as it is by far the highest range weapon in the game with three white sockets definitely easy to acquire the basis for it and the profit margin is enormous however it is RNG gated as you can get one two three white sockets getting all three isn't guaranteed even on a level three for eg crafting our level 86 plus colossal towers she for highest possible armor value is another worthwhile endeavor that doesn't cost you a leg and a half right now dense fossils go for about one cache each and those are the only ones you require to properly craft a high armor tower shield the base itself you can get for around five to six cows as well try to aim for two and a half thousand Armour with your craft and Roald's which shouldn't take too many tries of course orange applies and we'll let you about 100 chaos plus for every well rolled shield shields that reach above 3000 armor will sell for a dozen or more exalted orbs however those are obviously very rare the opportunity cost for this is fairly low so I'd recommend trying it out a few times and seeing if you might get lucky or if you enjoy this kind of crafting and with that last segment wrapped up I'll be ending this week's cows report I hope this video was informative and you learned something from it that you can apply to your own game please let me know if I missed anything or you would have wanted me to talk about anything in specific that I might not have covered also let me know what your personal predictions are going to be for these coming weeks I always love reading those in the comments furthermore let me know if you'd like to see me cover a particular topic regarding path of Exile I'm always willing to explore new video types so add extra segments to this series lastly give me some feedback on this new series how did you enjoy it was this video too long should I cut a specific part etcetera etc and of course don't forget to subscribe hit the bell cinema Jake notification whatever that thing is called like this like the video and check me out over on slash lone wolf you can find a link to my string down below in the description as well and with that thanks for watching and keep farming those axles

  1. Hope you all will enjoy the video!


    0:00 Intro
    0:46 Currency Analysis
    3:58 Unique Item Watchlist
    13:32 Meta Analysis

    14:42 Atlas Analysis (Check the last video, basically)
    14:57 Shaper Stronghold Strats
    18:28 Last crafting and farming Tips.
    20:47 Outro

  2. Regarding the tower shields and dense fossil crafting, is that the only fossile/craft currency you need?
    Get some shields, a bunch of resonator and fossils and spam + hope for the best?
    Do you need other rolls?

  3. I feel like I need to watch these while wearing a monocle and petting a stuffed rhoa. good stuff, I had no idea alts are skyrocketed in value. I had 1500 stockpiled and assumed they were something like 10:1c. the best part were money making strats like dense fossils on shields and prismatic eclipses.

  4. A couple of comments:
    – At 17:10 you said You cannot drop shaper influenced items on Shaper stronghold maps. Did you mean elder influenced items? Personally I am not a fan of this strat due to the top 30 most valuable base items from poe ninja are almost if not all elder based.
    – Can confirm the tier 2 glacier farming strat is profitable. Two good points you made regarding the 3-white prismatic eclipse (acquire through betrayal vorici) and the transcendent flesh (acquire through Alva's temple). Running 40-50 low-tier maps per hour nets you approximately the same amount of splinters as doing high-tier maps and more currencies dropped. Also it's easier to setup betrayal/temple since you have higher chance to see the encounters.
    – I made a comment on your Ep 3 about Inspired learning when it was 13-14ex, now staying at 24. And Headhunter/Doctor cards show no sign of decreasing in price. I personally think the price will keep raising when people realize how profitable the 5-way emblem fight is if you can abuse it.
    – Any tips/observations on the timeless jewels? It looks like the militant faith is the easiest ones to sell because you can see clearly what it does per devotion. I sold a couple of them with the combination of these mods for 2-3 ex each: all ele resist, aoe/channeling dmg, ele dmg, effect of non-curse.
    – Very good job on the videos as always. I see you take viewers' comments/feedback serious and improve your content every video.

  5. This is sooo informative and well done. Love your reports. Thank you so so much <3
    I don´t think it was too long. You presented all the information you wanted in a concise way.

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