The Chaos Report  - Episode 1: Predictions | Path of Exile: Legion Economy Guide

hello everyone lunar warfare welcome to the first episode of the chaos report a new weekly or bi-weekly path of excel series that will focus on the economy of the soft core challenge linked in this episode I'll be covering the items you should look out for during the first few days of the Legion launch as many of them will likely see a huge increase in price compare the previous leagues and thus you might have otherwise missed keep in mind that these are educated guesses or predictions and as such they might not be entirely accurate invest your own risk with that out of the way let's get started the first item on our list is actually two items the unique jewels tempered and transcended flash will likely see a huge increase in price these are jewels that were added back and encouragingly and are only available through the end boss of the incursian temple the vowel Omnitech the reason these tools will see a huge increase in price is that they that the passive tree has seen an overall which includes a very particular three node cluster of strengths nodes near the Marauders jewel socking as such this jewel alone once socketed provides an absolutely insane 75 percent critical strike multiplier the improved version transcendent flash will also boast a 3-2 full physical damage reduction on top depending on the travel notes chosen as such keep an eye out for the your tempo runs and add an exception to your loot filter to make sure they aren't filtered out the second item on lists will be the unique body armor carcass Jack I don't think I need to tell people exactly why this body armor is going to be huge but I'll give you a quick rundown anyway the new mellow e update has add a lot of new AoE scaling and abilities as well as making all the Railway based abilities more popular one of the most palpable Sisley will be a cyclone based melee as such an item that scales both the AOE Ray years as well as the AoE damage dealt is going to see a huge amount of ply added to your filters and claim those excells similarly this next item will see a rise in popularity due to the previously mentioned cyclone as well in the gamma whose flame an old-time favorite of all the cyclone players this axe will undoubtedly see a huge amount of play this week as well it adds a huge amount of quality of life through life gained on hit expect into it very good damage and absolutely fantastic scaling for a usually low to moderate as such a lot of field guides that people will be following or making themselves will likely look towards this weapon as a stepping stone or even as a late-game option for high T of farming additional keep an eye out for the often forgotten the recive salute neckpiece with the added scaling of melee abilities through weapon range this long-forgotten neck piece is not only usable with cyclone but with basically all melee abilities as it also adds a lot of resistances this can even be considered a great only fixing option for resistance problems and can substitute usually more expensive neck pieces this item will likely be phased out after a few days a week's time as weapon range is also a craftable an ambulance and as such will be preferable on elder in shaper bases so don't invest too heavily on this one moving on from cyclone for a minute you can instead throw a live search for the wrist lavas coil unique belt with the addition of the impale support a lot of impale nodes on the tray as well as a huge amount of physical damage increasing auras and support skills we'll be seeing more purely physical based builds than ever before following that you should keep an extra close eye on this bad boy as the increase in physical damage this spell provides is unparalleled by any other belt in the game and might see some use as a result the spell however is by nature very rare and as such the prices could vary wildly so be careful another common option however is the lion's roar if you haven't figured that the Lions was going to be insanely expensive I don't know if you've been paying attention to anything that has transpired over the past few weeks this flask is used in pretty much every single male build in the entire game and is also considered one of the most powerful ones at the same time Lions roll usually hovers around multiple dozen chaos at the beginning of a league but this time around as everyone will be trying their hands on Mellie in one way or another it'll likely go up to never-before-seen Heights one upside however is that this will allow you to form the respective divination card earth drinker on the dune map which is now t8 the Oasis as a potential alternative leveling spot to the blood aqueducts maybe as well as the desert map depending on how high the prices for this will go you might want to adjust your Atlas strategy accordingly another item that could see a reoccurrence like the Marcus jak is the law we've not long forgotten but a rather a fallen out of favor chess piece the law we've might see a resurgence due to the Attic physical damage it provides as well as the overall stat spread that it gives its wearer many abilities and nodes on the tree now scale physical damage even harder than before and crit is also way easier to get the sling keep an eye on the unique rings as well as those are required to create the law if after all as is a trend at this point this item is also based on physical prowess the face breaker unique gloves a lot of people are excited to try out these gloves again with all the added base damage to abilities as this base damages rely on on weapons and face breaker loves to scale pure physical damage previously it was fairly hard to scale any kind of face breaker built due to the lack of natural scaling possibilities such as flat added fees or passive tree nodes however with the addition of the rage support gem the new and improved berserker ascendancy and many other small features like this the face breaker is very likely going to see a large resurgence especially while Roland's will be going for a free cloade of chaos as such added to your filter and life searches paradoxical the infamous double damage sword from betrayal league this puppy is absolutely falling under the radar for a lot of people right now I would say what made this weapon great in previous leagues is that it acted as a duplicator for any and all added damage mods but the addition of the base physical damage a lot of melee abilities as well as the previously mentioned bonuses that apply to face breaker as well this weapon will let very likely become an extremely powerful tool this league if you can manage to get a decent version of it that's like to keep an eye out for it but with the nerves to Bissell jewels we might see a lot of people skip out on this one time will tell how this one will shake out to be honest moving on to our last items on the list the prismatic edge already a great weapon before this weapon we'll be seeing some changes in the legal in the Legion League it is now only a table from the actual Legion content it will also receive some tweaks we aren't entirely certain how the tweaks will end up but what is certain is that the prismatic eclipses ability to increase weapon range as well it's already amazing global attack speed bonuses will make it a strong contender for leveling weapons in addition the new 8% Slayer crit node might make this weapon even more formidable for late-game map clearing depending on how the weapons tweaks will influence the damage potential keep it in mind the last item on the list are the hemophilia unique gloves with the previously mentioned popularity in physical based and pure physical melee setups this item represents one of the only ways to destroy corpses outside of the gaya door at sentencing especially with the rework of ammo recall a lot of my labels might end up suffering against porcupines or other on death effects that they could previously either ignore or thanks to mortal calls and vulnerability or get around by splashing some cold damage through hatred held of ice or face the cold conversion to shatter the enemies with those options gone these gloves are the only choices left so keep an eye on them and consider investing as a closing note don't forget all the obvious items such as star Forge it series disfavor carnage heart terminus tune fists and many many others that will also see the prices skyrocket due to the natural demand and with those last few uniques I'll be ending my prediction let's have I hope this video was informative and you learn something from it that you can apply to your own game in the next following week please let me know if I missed anything or you would have wanted me to talk about anything in specific that I might not have covered also let me know what your personal predictions are going to be for these coming weeks furthermore let me know if you'd like to see me cover a particular topic regarding path of Exile I'm always willing to explore in your video types like build guides or anything like that lastly give you some feedback on this new series how did you enjoy it did it cover too many items so to you let me know and of course don't forget to subscribe hit the like or dislike button and check me out over on slash noir wolf you can find a link to my stream down below in the description as well with that thanks for watching and keep farming those axles

  1. I don't want this information to be common knowledge, but I've got to like and share for the quality alone. Good job!

  2. For next video you should take a screen shot of the item and make it bigger. Right now you have a small tiny part of your screen dedicated to the item

  3. Level extra melee gems.
    +melee skill gems on an item is not worth it, prefixes are too highly competitive.
    However level 21 skill 'strike' gems gives +1 range vs level 20. level 21 melee skill gems will be much more valuable than prior leagues.

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