The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)

so is that why your nickname was general butt naked yes because I was naked because I fought naked a lot of people would drink or do drugs before fighting yeah most of our boys yeah then we dream the blood from the innocent try and drink it before go into battle you kill the child yes and then drink the blood yeah watch this what what we hear advice have been fascinated by Liberia for a long time it's America's first and only foray into quasi colonialism in Africa it started as a back-to-africa movement for freed slaves and in fact the Constitution was written in Washington and Monrovia the capital city of Liberia is actually named after President Monroe and it became a state in 1840s so the freed slaves go back to Africa and promptly enslave the native Africans based on the plantation method they had learned in the US which lasts for about a hundred and forty years until Samuel kado the first native African born Liberian was elected but this doesn't last very long why because an American educated and some would say american-backed rebel leader named Charles Taylor and his buddy Prince Johnson came from America and overthrew him he had not a military whoopee I'm not a soldier what we seek to do is to destroy these military dictatorships around Africa and that's that child-killer valid if the civilians can throw out the army while we are in trouble where I love it you will fight to the last man I will get weapons from wherever I have to get it if the Pentagon got some please give me some despite reports that the government wants talks for the rebels the violence goes on the government and people of this country that show you that the Armed Forces will protect them and that the rebel was will be eliminated rebel forces stormed into the center of the capital today they are now less than a mile from the executive mansion where President Samuel Doe has barricaded himself with about 500 soldiers in fact Prince Johnson has got to go before his buddy Charles ended up torturing him cutting him up and his rumored to have eaten him while filling the whole thing so Charles Taylor finally gets elected with a campaign slogan that reads he killed my MA he killed my paw but I'll still vote for him and it worked he gets elected but he's so corrupt that soon after there's a bunch of warlords fighting for control over Liberia the country devolves into civil war and things go from bad to severely up this is like a civil war on steroids it's a post-apocalyptic Armageddon with child soldiers smoking heroin cross-dressing cannibals systematic rape its total hell on earth we love the loser there's a loser they call it the sound of death yeah is a solemn is a toss my berries been in the news a lot lately because Charles Taylor is on trial at The Hague for war crimes we wanted to know what happened all the other warlords so he contacted a Canadian journalist who lives in Liberia named Myles Estey it was kind of a Kurt's like character tall skinny skeleton guy just had malaria more times and he's had hot dinners and he said he could get us access to all these ex warlords so we said great we got on a plane and we flew to Liberia when you first get to Monrovia the first thing you think is it's really hot it's really hot it's really poor and it's a totally chaotic in fact when we went to pick up Myles he had just gotten out of the hospital with malaria he gets in the car and he says are you ready to go we're going to baboon town in the red-light district to meet our first general general bin Laden so as we drove to baboon town we asked miles what's up with the name general bin Laden and he said well a lot of the generals took different names because they didn't want to be identified after the various Wars and these pseudonyms were meant to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies so there's a general Rambo because he's scary there was a general mosquito because mosquitos are terrifying because they bring malaria the general that fought general mosquito was named general mosquito spray and of course there's general bin Laden in fact there's two general bin Laden's our general bin Laden when we found out enroute had just been put in jail no he didn't know why but he suspected because the authorities found out that we were coming with cameras to shoot him and they say there they're not gonna let him out but we can interview him in the jail and we can give you the commander so the minute we arrive in baboon town our car is surrounded by a bunch of sketchy dude so when miles came back and said we could interview bin Laden in the police station I was like yeah let's get out of here and get in there really quick so we get into the police station and it's chaos some guards are saying you can go see them other guards are saying you can't go see him and we just have to sit there and wait I like being in the police station like monkey little monkey he's got herpes I think or something all right what's wrong with the monkey why is the monkey here always the monkey here we're in police to meet general Bin Ladin I'm wondering why the monkeys here and eventually after sitting there for a while we realized oh we've got to grease some palms so we gave them some money and bang we were back into the jail and we could talk to the NADA hey bin Laden how are you my fan Shan Shan I think see yeah it's to meet you we're gonna try to get you out of here now and then we can we can go bye okay I stopped at the coupon okay Tony fun all right we're gonna do it right now no okay yeah I know what he did just for talking about together the videos off is carrying just fooling around we're good people we're good nobody's record handling some cash was again I'm sure I can give him cash can we can we pay him and pay you a fine and then take him fine ok great ok ok let's go let's go let's go so feels good ok let's go let's go we went in there we're being followed by the police right now there we might have to change tapes or do something because what we do is we shoot cards and if they come we can give them the table there's nothing on the table yeah we do all right just we should just get out of here I'm worried on that laughs what you want to do yet you have three yeah one of our trip is getting progressively here yeah that'll be good I'm kind of a little bit worried that the police are gonna come get us right now I gave them a fake name and fake number it's one of my law right okay nice to meet you nice to meet you all you see for yourself thank you after we got bin Laden out of jail he was very excited to get us up to his rooftop and tell us the story and according to him the ex-generals or now the community leaders are the only ones doing anything to help the people so maybe you could explain a little bit about so first of all you you became known as bin Laden during the war during the war and then after the war now you're sort of trying to help people by carpentry and by karate alrighty I've started why I see some friends going astray yeah you know solo always a general i'ma make sure and bring them together yeah I do proof capital and misery then I got men now in my workshop who do capital whack and I got a fee we do my show huh yeah yeah do you get any money here before how do you know about the UN or the government doesn't give you any money no support nothing yeah the UN does not give me support is the first out of committee you people join me and here we're getting information for me you need a corpsman attention this is red light it's a rely too much on this is relative isn't it is it there's a lot of crime in red light yeah where time is a red light now it seems like everyone I'm not hanging around notice how he got away and for how much that's gotten around yeah it's a hot topic of conversation even though a little bit higher bureau builded this aspect as well as concrete our border with the festival corner of it let us open your mind washing mama lab using imported so miles comes over stops the interview and says we have to get the out of here now bin Laden looks down he goes yeah yeah those are my guys you guys should really go so bin Laden gave us an escort and a couple of his guys got us through the crowd to the car and we got the let's go let's go let's go only if that was out of hand we got to get out of here there was some heavy-duty vibes there boy so after meeting of being freaked out by general bin Laden we wanted to see what the UN and government were doing to rebuild Liberia so we met a local journalist named Nagbe and we asked him and he said you want to see what the government you and I are doing I'll take you to West Point so West Point is the worst slum in Liberia which makes it one of the worst slums in West Africa which makes it one of the worst slums in the world and when you first get there the first thing you want to do is get the hell out it's open sewers everywhere piss garbage everything mixed in and the stench is overpowering it is worst when people live here like this for years man is more or less a microcosm the city virtually all the major tribes living in Liberia live in a West print now whatever happens to be one of the most devastated part of the war because the people here don't have toilets and because they have no toll as they used to fish well dude it really stinks here they're not taking care of the community you know but I mean one of the first basic rules is don't where you eat that's what that's it was the number one yeah for the people with the people who followed that rule obviously but the government has to do something about that seriously but they're not doing it the Commissioner himself sometimes go on at Beach spot to share with the people so even in one of the worst slums of western Africa you see the cultural impact that America has there all the kids are wearing biggie or Tupac t-shirts and in fact one kid came up to us and said hey I'm a rapper can I rap for you and we said yes and it wasn't about bling and it wasn't about christelle he's getting this drinking plot from the party exclaim is the first there is the lies believe it or not is that attack every woman named a man everything's on the shooter mothers-in-law brent was the poor Liberian she never had money so she started sucking tick kill a pretty young woman is another man's slave yeah mother the lauren had the power cord is unkissed boost up our signal killing boys we stopped our signal killing girls yeah we stopped us technically never and is there a lot of malaria in here lot needless to say in West Point health conditions are fowl diseases everywhere malaria infections and AIDS are ramp these electronic shops yeah yeah I just cover a cover-up for heroin for heroin Wow big business we heard stories that during the war the rebels would go out in boats with diamonds and trade the diamonds for weapons and and cocaine and there was a lot of Colombians and Mexicans happen here we find it interesting because cocaine and heroin are very expensive so we were surprised to find heroin here usually in poorer countries there's a you know speed or bath or like things you can make time here and now during your – Papa markings who are we are smokers I don't smoke to be fidgeting behind these arrows are small small shops that uses Pro Tools and you can be between 50 to 75 $200 so how much is that less than one hour so because of the poverty a lot of women have to become prostitutes yes oh well I can use the term sex worker we can go this way almost a shower well to feed and whose if one or two one ever got a pad died in a war 15 attempted I told another just go eat something come on Sasha well I guess I can rock I said I could eat Ringo hey Cosmo well can we take the cone I will share the party we're gonna vote yeah but we're not going to do it again so you're gonna say that box – yeah all right so now we're in a brothel we're gonna come back tonight it's not open right now condoms here we've got some some stains new stains yeah not very clean style use for wiping that's pretty good how do we get out of here the legacy of civil war in Liberia is staggering it's the fourth poorest country in the world fifty percent of the country is illiterate 70 percent of the female population has been raped 80 percent of the population is unemployed and a large percentage of the population has eaten human flesh tellurium meets every tizzy you like the et every day you want you want to see some peace whenever you see they are bodies found somewhere or maybe to drown in a river genital parts are taking out some imagine others that the female gender it's preparing a way where the man can put in here well it he can use it as a source of power you know and some people believed I want to do these things they have power earlier over their colleagues you know now one of the Warlord's responsible for these atrocities who fought in all three civil wars is a guy named general Rambo we picked up at a market and he said I'll talk to you if you take me to the old headquarters of the rebel factions outside of town nice Billy when did the hotel stop working 19 yeah because of dorky yeah that time I were in the army as a vestige of my Society all the days the play was so beautiful so nice our country contraint destroy the all reasonable doubt there is not easy way to fix it everybody's trying to right matters we're laying o what is city so overnight you're going to the butcher is born and oh do you have somebody he mo passing the waiter the camera trying self yes many people were not normal because they rebel leader blue Tom used to send raw steak okay a bubble the door things so you were one of the ones that came in to take out Taylor yes and then at one point the American government came to try to get you to go to Iraq yes the people send people here before because you know Liberia let's say bad days we used to call more America yeah and all our training that we took is oh no America strictly a miracle miracle so we know our central reserves we of America so they're dead America her problem we supposed to be second emotional to have yeah and so when there was a rack he was like okay let's go we can help you fine yeah so what happened the government did not do the government wouldn't let you go do you think it's a problem that you have all these ex-combatants who grew up fighting you fought in three wars yeah they have no money they have no job and isn't that a problem it's a big problem because where you have mostly the youth they had a muscles that can cause trouble anytime yeah I'm not certified then doesn't mean the battery is happening yeah what things are now okay anything can happen anything in blue Hawaiian a time mmm-hmm the problem here we don't come out to talk too much showcase the bad things are in a life so therefore the culture should be free or ah yeah so I would go to every hole to do sachet mmm-hmm we went in this low fiber jungle for one month we will met people with muscle disease I can learn the elephant when RPG so they're still there with the guns yet is today when it goes yeah the war is hot so if the rebel forces wanted they could take over tomorrow in lesson 2 – the hours – three hours sure am i ambassador walls right so if I cease firing coming that would not be part of it I would be back you go again look out no one gave me let me I must say you're bitch and do you think there's a possibility of that happening yes when you went is not yet the possibility that I can happen yeah yes so what rambo is saying is there's still plenty of guns in Liberia and him or someone like him can take over Monrovia in two hours at the UN leaves the UN is scheduled to leave next you as we said our goodbyes to Rambo we told them we were going back to West Point that place west plane is dinner you know varied in Europe you know very lucky dying again I didn't carry any camera you can't succeed if our land is Indian no law and order in rebel activity cannibalism chaos killing rape everything everything a few years ago we did an article in Vice magazine called general butt naked versus the 2-pack army about a particularly fierce Liberian warlord called butt naked who fought naked his child soldiers fought naked and they were cannibals so we asked Rambo if he knew him by chance and he said in fact were from the same tribe I know him well he promised to set up an interview but we did our follow-up in the brothels of West Point driving into West Point at night is pretty freaky there's no electricity grid in Monrovia so it's pitch black it's kind of like if a tree falls in the forest does it make it sound like if a van goes missing so the craziest scariest drive ever down here we got a little bit lost in the port and you couldn't see anything there's no electricity and then you just see like people wandering around piss walking yelling at us oh we want money we want money now there's no lights in here we're gonna go in here this is the brothel we're gonna a lot of dudes are coming in now it's crazy I don't know where we're going wow that room looks this is the exemplification Oh Marilyn really I don't know what happens in here but I don't want to know Wow what the goes on in here Wow well we're here a little bit earlier there was used condoms and blood-stained sheets and now they sort of done it up so we're gonna interview some of the girls see what they have to say we have a code for when something's freaking we goats are not hurt one of the things we had heard since we arrived in Liberia was about the alleged sexual misconduct by the UN staff so we asked the girls at the brothel about it I see you went guys having sex with small small children have you seen it nothing suffering no job nothing I live here the collie paradise yeah paradise I wanna give me a job yeah well what do you do in West Point now I'm a beautician okay I keep a cosmetology school all right right okay which is on a cup all right tremendously program okay I want to tell you that I got my certificate all right after I read to you for myself okay Wow a noble father tell you get me what I want okay no all right as soon as the girl started screaming a bunch of heads popped into the room then when she started screaming about money everyone was going money money money where's the money and at that point nag they said to us you better get the hell out of here so we sort of took off through the tangled alleyways and just tried to get back we're getting the out of here and when we got to the car our driver who is also going to be our security was so freaked out that he peeled out nearly hit a group of people that had surrounded the car and if you hit a group of people down deep in West Point that was it it was a death sentence they would have tore us apart that was very heavy it's like I just whenever I get it into weird situations I just try to envisage myself explaining it to my dad so dad just to recap worst lemon history heroin hookers white and fat men he probably said he your stupid than deserve today and to make things even freakier as we're pulling out of West Point Rambo text smiles and says not only does butt-naked want to do the interview but that he's waiting at our hotel for us yeah we're going back to sanity to hang out with an ex cannibal of all time murderer who's the house dang in our hotel and decided not to leave because they were there yeah yeah meanwhile he knows I have done some money and he's on the run because we've wanna kill him should I just leave my door open general do you wanna come you mentioned about sacrifices can you give us maybe an estimate how many to do this you take who lost their lives when your compose fighting or as a direct result in this twenty thousand now we are very nervous to meet general butt naked but he's very nervous to meet us because he's had several assassination attempts against him and he wants to meet us and vet us before he'll okay an interview when we told him about our escape from West Point that night he laughed and he seemed to ease up and after that he asked for a phone call Rambo and it was on he go play old lady Papa you was a Joshua Blahyi for the game Julia there are good guys the guy the guys are good guy man yeah we asked the general now known as Joshua Blahyi why people were trying to kill him and he told us that it was because he had been recently pardoned for his war crimes and when we asked how he got pardon he told us it was his conversion to Christ and his becoming a man of God because when I got combined it it was in household news everybody in Liberia general pod Nicky Kirk invaded all over Africa because the first question people ask me they say Joshua don't you think this has to be Christine so that you can escape persecution and I said no because I could have gone back I could have gone back server time I was attacked and I told them if anybody wanted to kill me you only kill me because two years ago I fought you or you don't like what I'm preaching but I cannot go back to my vomit I have left the wall it was all so he talked with Joshua late into the night until he told us to get to bed because the next day he was going to show us his Liberia we should so in the morning Joshua Blahyi took us out and the first stop was the area with in Monrovia that he used to control during the war so this was mine this was my control control area and who would be attacking costella men NPFL they all scored himself government forces at the time right here this is where I have my couch my couch chair I sat in the chair my boys are all around singing bring the innocent child and open the back of the child trust how the Hutt's alive yes now we call it the pieces and this distributor to the boys and what does that do just make them brave and charge them for the battle will they believe that bullet wound up and that us I'll get them it's not still still on my hand I mean when my boys went for water just before he got back and I heard a voice behind me my son why are you sleeping but this was in my Dalit name say I'm Judaica you want to look back I saw this man white lady but the light really added that was so bright and brighter than the Sun and then I thought I was not asleep because he said my son why are you sleeping as it were in his full territory I'm the king I supposed to be your king and he said you're right in saying is supposed to be your king well you're living like a slave those words were very hard words in my daughter I said I don't understand what did you say I mean repent and leave or refuse to die mmm thank Evonik many light Vantage me and I came up to myself and I was so confused not to go for battle I tried to signal battle my pistol got bossed I go through a free and retreated from the front for the first time the next stop was the place where there had been an assassination attempt on Joshua's life just the day before this one is broken the whole thing with their tables of their breaking and he go back on the room and he just he hit you in and ran pick up the other guy how the call I heard it I heard oppressive he's out now then I look and the person was on the phone so I'm like this going and just looking just to turn like this I saw the car crossing yeah the tire bike is there it left from there cross yeah so I went to me puto you jumped over the car yeah I jump over the car says I was not close to the power my shoulder was hit and the car pushed me back and who do you think it was ah maybe one of the people who are height is trying to Reeve and a lot of people in the world in a wall I had lot of people and I don't think I've had the opportunity to appeal to every one of them next Joshua wanted to show us his mission in the country where he was rehabilitating ex-child soldiers and some guys who are very brilliant how's the quarry there you will see there there brilliant very intelligent on kids but unfortunately the war have affected them I tell them Paola is not the best way his audition strategy and one vowel in as a seed is sown into a child it's very hard but try to come out of it another a lot of people who fought during the war that can't get rid of the violence it's very hard it's time to get rid of the fouling yeah how did how did you get rid of the bottle to be friendly it's not hunger if I said go yeah still have late man I still have flashbacks I which I never took but that's my mission come you get Ricky come come I see every brings bug juice nobody brought bug juice I would have taken you about my back no no no it's okay well I don't mind getting wet you see it it's the drink is people drink this water yeah but a million people in Africa die every year from malaria and malaria thrives and swamps exactly like this very smoothly on my mutually somewhere I'm gonna go and my foot I'm gonna get a filthy little hello and my days is out blood what all fear stems from like so these were some of the boys that you fought with before yeah some of the airport so therefore oh no me that is the the fighters who used to fight naked yeah so is that why your nickname was general butt naked yes because I was naked because I fought naked a lot of people would drink or do drugs before fighting yeah most of my boys yeah then we drained the blood from the innocent try and drink it people go into baths so you kill the child yes and then drink the blood yeah okay why would you fight naked it was believed once I'm naked no bullet can affect me once I'm naked I could disappear this is his mission and they're building their singing now welcome to our home Thank You mr. Fogg was the general support for charts you know see far for Charles Taylor and awkward for so you you were enemies before yeah we're enemies yeah I was 16 I had done he initiated me as just for your level they happen to become Tucker commander after the war would become parentless friendless nobody wants to use that or because you're fighting war yeah I know in the street I was in Agria there's a smooth drugs clicking trust he'll be on the streets and then I knew he when you were born icky or fighting against him I saw in you were already past her to go to the church for the church continually the management entity or see us what children and it damaged our three simple including a woman fighting war finna die even get time for us but a little go he I tried to run away from it before and I saw that running away could not help me my daughter was walking one day Michela and she was a baby move baby and some early to her you brought Nick a daughter and she started crying and you never knew who poor naked was somebody set up on Nikita because of that I try to run away with all my little fiber then one day she will have to go mm-hmm so since there is still time go back and see how you can repair some of those things turn will come and somebody will tell her what part Nicky did and then she will have the opportunity to tell them what Joshua Blahyi did so there will be moment deal for him Remora that she can be proud of so that is how I take the challenge you can make the change you can make the difference where are we right now this is the central alluvial symmetry cemetery after the war s combatants went into crime and they were looking for Hyde up nowhere for them to stay so this is the cemetery where after the war there was nowhere to live so the people would come in empty out the graves and live in the graves and maybe up to about 4,000 people lived in the graves see all these are empty it's a very heavy vibe empty graves everywhere we were just at lunch we were talking about we ordered some ribs and you said no I don't like to eat flesh and I said why don't you like to eat flesh and you told me the story about coming back from Nigeria could you tell us that story specifically at one time I was very hungry and I saw the only thing was around what sticks dried meat when I took the first bite I noticed it was it was Hema Hema flesh so I washed off the pepper to be very sure what's of the pepper from it to get a test and I got a taste was Iman alarm and police came and arrested the guy and I told them well I was one of the generals in Liberia and this is my name and this is what we did to eat I ate it several time before do I'm converted not really human first yeah a lot of times so the disco so they saw the pictures and we went to the inn tonight and the music okay is truth what would you eat some people eat the heart now for hunger people eat around here yeah ain't no because it's software a quick tour don't yeah yeah yeah okay yeah we're talking about eating human flesh in a graveyard it's a bit weird okay so we can go I want to eat some African stuff the fee right [Applause] look we are honored to have never makes off usually takes time but people don't recognize see because was so on the equator we saw it before but if I was a member the plight of God shines upon a man I mean he's not what duty he walks [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] the one who say that you shine the truth I've been receiving some dangerous but people have been threatening me why they try to kill me is what I want to make today that extended his message to me to Jesus I am convinced that I'm called by boards rebels and once you accord my dog's battles the battleship things work together for good [Applause] [Applause] liberian the one hand is more crime and poverty and rape and cannibalism than you've ever seen but on the other it's also got a church on every street corner every car has a religious slogan they have huge revivals with tens of thousands of worshippers it's some sort of weird Heaven and Hell scenario [Applause] [Applause] while hanging out with Joshua I started to get a bit of Stockholm Syndrome because he's charming the churches are nice there's not as much danger and I started to like him but as he was preaching I thought to myself this guy's killed tens of thousands of people in fact he's probably killed the relatives of the people in the church worshipping and adoring him now and I'm thinking to myself I'm appreciative team effect generational transfer before that I want to introduce one of my latest friends and a group that have interest in coming to Liberia to go to some dead areas areas that people do not commonly go and I thought they were not serious because there are some places that I go to evangelize nobody want to go there with me so we reach to the water to where my camp is most of the time if a guest comes who are not used to like beer they afraid of the swamp so we have to tow them and these guys refuse to be taught the walk in the water with us yesterday I wasn't a little doubt but after a moment with them I knew they were true friends so I want to stick him in a corner this woman is a few words at least gives you I just want to say thank you for having me new church pray to God and I'd like to say thank you to jump rope like where all the good work he's doing and hopefully we can help hopefully we can show what we're doing here in Liberia what you're doing Liberia and we can help make it better and bring some more awareness of what's happening here man [Applause] I have to admit that when Joshua handed me the mic I had no idea what I was saying at that point in the trip I felt like I was on acid believe me the world is changing what are you teaching your children the war have come they have passed you will so be all take take 14 years from now you will soon be oh and you would pass what I will leave it as a principle for your children to follow what the ask general Bhatnagar or kill a rapist but my children would know me as a man who stands for the truth I'm not talking to somebody before the future according to Moore's those reasons to Knothole and the murderer come on blue hello Percy the world is changing the mistakes of our fathers cost less so harm to the mistake that we make to our children that is if we feel them stand to your feet [Applause] [Applause] and as I sat and listened to Joshua preach I thought about the fact that the UN is leaving in less than a year and Rambo had told us the generals are ready to fight they have the soldiers they have the guns and they're living in abject poverty and I wondered if that happened would joshua stay with god or would he return to being general butt naked let's pray

  1. After watching dis, i feel blessed, ..i have everything i had but still complaining..but atleast now i know i should be thankful,
    Feel sad for this people, they abandoned of their own government..
    May the God bless the LIBERIA ,
    Especially at West Poin, that has so disease..children got raped 😢😢 oh my god,!

  2. Its bullshit these people are famous for talking shit to put the fear in people and make them seem like there crazy people they like the attention and shock value it is 100% bullshit there endless documentation of these blacks making crazy claims they even pretending to eat people on a regular basis in africa they were caught bullshitting and it wasnt human meat there is a guy jimmy lee shreeve who dedicated his life to finding true people who were canibals and spent his life being dissapointed by bullshitting claims all over the world even made over half dozon attempts with tribes in amazon they all bullshited anybody who freely boasts about it is full of shit especialy when there black as image to them is more important than life itself

  3. USA brings Democracy once again.Once again Hollywood will make a movie about what really happened.George Clooney will stop the mess and this movie will be Hystory which the millenials and snowflakes, will know as truth.(the Russians of cource will be providing weapons to the bad but Sandra Bullock will find it out from her office as some UN official).

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