The Bootleg Nikes that Got Banned by Big Tobacco

  1. When he pulled out those black air forces I got scared of his past, when he said they were steel toed I immediately knew he had a body or 2.

  2. Wow I remember seeing those shoes back in the day and I really thought they were Nike shoes. I thought they were trying to do some weird spin on their air forces by putting their logo upside down and playing with the word AIR to ARI. Anyway I was never a fan of the shoe. I always thought they were ugly and a lot of that has to do with me just not liking the color green.

  3. Out of all the things people collect, shoes are one I'll never understand. Given I've seen a few pairs that I thought were sick, but they're shoes, I'm not about to drop 100+ on a pair.

  4. We this man to be paid and allowed to release more of these as a Nike collaboration. Once again Nike is asleep.

  5. As a graphic designer with 20 yrs in the industry. You KNOW better than to outright steal a companies logo and product to create a product to try and make money. Come on dude. You would had been better off making an art piece one off instead of a for profit product. Lesson kiddos. Legal system on I fringement doesn't care about your social commentary when your profiting off it.

  6. Look at that …at 2:40 and beyond thoes are hot vintage shoes but still old and now nike is selling them expensive has fuck and they aint new they are fresh but they aint new

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