1. I was hoping for decent history on the undeniable evils of Communism and all I got was a poorly done diatribe against Darwin – What a frickin' Putz.

  2. Unfortunately your right, and also communism is so tasty to these intellectuals as their dark fantasies could be fullfiled in communism.

  3. Darwinism does not mean communism. Evolution is fact. Many individualists and anti-communists, like Nietszche, Ayn Rand, Martian Hiedeggar, and max stirner believed in evolution. Social darwinism does not lead inevitibly lead to communism: many capitilists were and are social darwinists.

  4. first darwinism and communism made in england the books taken to china by the british, its like their trying to blam us for the communist world even though we never been communist

  5. Crap. I ALMOST thought this was a non-biased documentary about Communism.. Come to find out.. it's really just anti-Darwin religiosity.. bummer.

  6. it's funny how darwinism is being made an issue here. it's like saying "during the conflict of fascists and communists who, by the way, both liked wearing burlington socks, a hundred million people died"

  7. @MachtzuSC But… facism has been dead since 1945 communism in Europe ended 1991 Hitler, Lenin, Stalin have been dead for a half a century now and you want USA to lead "free world" countries against all democratic Europe wich is probably a part of those "free countries" wich you notice to be even more free than the united states if you start reading some books about health care and free education wich we here in European union have.

  8. @alastairI Would you like to prove that? I got plenty of documents and books here to prove that religion has killed millions of people during its history and definately more than communism ever had the chance to kill or are you trying to tell me that all these multiple events in history that have been written into books of hundreds of civilizations are lies?

  9. A good documentary should never tell the viewer what to think: darwinism is bad, communim is terrible, evolution is wrongm, religion is only good. Ironic thing here is that religion is the only one with almost no solid proof behind it.

    A documentary should just give the facts and let people decide themselves not just tell them that religion is good. Gods existanse has never been proofed so its hardly counted as a "fact" except if you are too ignorant and stupid to think for yourself.

  10. The more i watch this documentary the more i notice how one sided and bias it is. Its full of lies and propaganda. The very same we get in todays society.

  11. I agree, we have the same power hungry people around us. There is also plenty of people who are willing to commit the crimes on their behalf, if the situation presents itself.

  12. Some of u rly make me sad. Who in this page's ridiculous hateful flamers here have read Darwin's Origin of Species and Marx's works ? I bet very few. And by very few I mean 0
    How come your opinions about Socialism and Evolution are so clear-cut then? O,the Wonders of human character. It ain't a shame not to have a clue u know. Knowledge takes time n patience I reckon. Not like anyone forces u to have a definite position on every topic.Some exchanges here are so barbarous it makes my heart bleed.

  13. star wars music? first horror movies like halloween, then random pieces such as videogames like chrono cross, then schindlers list theme, now this

  14. One thing this video doesn't mention is that Lenin's, Stalin's, Mao's ect interpretation of communism has nothing to do with true communism. Maybe he should do a documentary titled "The bloody history of religion" and show how mans interpretation of "religion" which again has nothing to do with the true teachings of Jesus, Allah ect has caused way more suffering and death than all political ideologies put together.

  15. cool documentary but it's too dramatically made up !!!…. darwin was wrong, marx and engels were crackpots, lenin was loon and so on…. but this documentary is only one sided !!!…religion (especially abrahamic religion) taken MUCH LIFES then communism from first judaism to islam, bloodshed and genocide made by this shit called monotheistic relogion far more worst then communism…get real man….

  16. christians are likely to be behind this vile film. Do not trust what you hear. You cannot look back from 2009, in hidsight, and smugly criticize these societies.

    For instance, the death penalty even existed in new zealand, for certain offences, right up until 1989 (Abolition of the Death Penalty Act 1989)

  17. Here is presented very good documentary , but pushing on those religious dogmas- slightly makes me sick .

  18. ?? I think these people knew when they were tortured to death, summarily executed for no reason, and worked to death in the gulags that their lives were cut short by the communist government that murdered them…This fear still exists in China today!

  19. LIES!! there would be millions more people who would be alive today, if the communists didn't murder them. Slavery and mass murder still exist in the country today. 🙁

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