1. After the war Roosevelt gave Stalin all of the prisoners of war. At Yalta. The British officials massacred them with machine guns immidiately after the Britons gave POWs to Stalin. This is after the war btw. Stalin was the most ruthless killer in history. He reached around the world. He killed leaders everywhere.

  2. @projectinprogress But Nazism, Italian Fascism, and Japanese militarism started World War 2 which lasted for only 6 years from 1939 to 1945 and cost the lives 60 million people. While it's true that Communism cost the lives of over 100 million people, that loss of life took 74 years to accumulate when Communism began Russia in 1917. Just think of the hundreds of millions of lives lost if Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo won World War II.

  3. @mcblobblob

    Truman dumped nuclear bombs on Herosimu and Nagasaki, Kenedi untied the Vietnamese slaughter-house, Lindena Johnson for Vietnam, Rejgena for its agent of CIA Osama bin Laden, Richard Nikosana for its protege Pinocheta in Chile
    Churchill and practically the majority of country leaders of Europe for the colonies in which killed local tribes and the most valuable was taken out to Europe in to weed till 70th years

    All of them to the same address where also you have sent Stalin

  4. @cwa1984

    Correctly, how many to the people of Pinochet at stadiums in Chile has killed or the USA, for example, in Vietnam to the people have killed, and Osama bin Laden, this citizen СШа simply sample of fight for peace while against the owners hasn't gone

  5. Nice that those making the documentary have confused the concept of communism for stalinism.. Communism in its thesis is not bloody per se, it was rather the madness of Stalin that accounted for all the killings..

  6. @william98683 Good question. The Soviets were welcomed to invade Poland from the East as nazi Germany invaded from the West in 1939, an action that ushered in the second world war.

  7. @stainless921
    The essential point is the difference between the development by collaboration or by conflict.
    I too oppose the creationism, but cannot help agreeing that the religion was the greatest enemy of modern totalitarianisms. The fact that US/Canada/EU establishments are so rabidly fighting against Christianity is a terrible prognostic of our own future…

  8. one question i have about this series in general

    how the hell do you know were we come from

    for all you know we could be animals

    how do you know tht we are made from god?
    you dont

  9. We are certainly going in the same direction in USA. Unlimited governmental power and police that can only be compared to viscous machine of Stalin's secret police keeps everyone at check. FEMA already has been prepared for big human deportations. They constructed appropriate facilities. It seemed to Congress that a big problem would begin in 2008 but we avoided that.

  10. Hey. This part bypassed Stailn's non-agression pact with Hitler on August 23, 1939 and the carving up of Poland one month later not to mention the annexation of the Baltic States and the war with Finalnd.

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