THE BIG LIE | Anti-Communist Film (1951)

“The great masses will more easily fall victims
to a big lie than to a small one.” Adolf Hitler said that, and he broadcast the
Big Lie to the world. The Hitler Gang joined in. The Big Lie growing bigger. The Nazi voices
are still now, but the Big Lie lives. New faces, new voices: Stalin and the Stalin Gang.
The Big Lie, bigger and bigger. (Nuremberg Rallies) Hitler built an altar
to the Big Lie. It was at Nuremberg. (May Day parades) Stalin built an altar to
the Big Lie. It is in Red Square. The parades are longer, the bands play louder. (Forced labour in Nazi Germany) “The German
people feel happy and content. They know that the Führer will always find ways and means
to overcome economic needs.” (Forced labour in the Soviet Union) “The new
socialist economy provides citizens with every opportunity to lead a prosperous and cultured
life.” (Sham elections in Nazi Germany) There were
elections in Germany: phony elections, window dressing for the Big Lie. (“Ja, ja, ja, ja….”)
One candidate: Adolf Hitler and Nazism – or else!
(Sham elections in the Soviet Union) Elections in Russia: phony elections, window dressing.(“Da,
da, da, da….”) One candidate: Stalin and Communism – or else! (Nazi show trials) There were courts in Germany:
phony courts, phony justice. Phony judges who ranted at the defendants on cue.
(Communist show trials) The Communists have courts too. (Hitler Youth, Wehrmacht, SS parades) Hitler
said: “When the German Reich gives a guarantee of peace, that means it also abides by it.”
(Young Pioneers and Red Army parades) Stalin said: “The whole world is aware that the Soviet
Union demobilized its forces after the war.” And so an iron curtain fell across Europe,
an iron curtain dividing the free world from the slave world. This is the slave world. (Badly stocked Soviet food shops) “Communism
means not poverty and privation, but the abolition of poverty and privation. The organization
of a well-to-do and cultured life for all members of society.” (Animated maps showing Soviet annexations
in black, and puppet regimes in grey) This is the slave world, and see how it spread.
Some areas were gobbled up. Some became Russian-dominated satellites, in Europe and in Asia. “We do not covet a hand’s breadth of foreign
land. The Communist state has no need for foreign expansion. It needs no colonial territory.” This is the hub around which the satellites
must revolve, and to the Kremlin came their puppet leaders, to sign away their nation’s
freedom. Bulgaria: “The Soviet Union has shown by its
deeds that it respects the freedom of all nations.” Thus the Big Lie came to Bulgaria.
Poland: “Union and friendship with the Soviet Union has brought the Polish people freedom
and independence.” Thus the Big Lie came to Poland.
Romania: “The Soviet government does not pursue the aim of altering the existing social structure
of Romania.” Thus the Big Lie came to Romania.
North Korea: “The Korean people themselves must be allowed to settle their internal affairs.”
Thus the Big Lie came to North Korea. Red China: “The great Chinese people are not
alone. They can and will rely more and more on the Soviet Union.” Thus the Big Lie came
to China. Sold out – the people of satellite Poland.
Sold out to the pattern of parades, the posters of Stalin and Lenin, the Big Lie set to marching
tempo, the funeral march of a nation’s freedom. Sold out.
Sold out – the people of satellite Romania. “The Romanian
people have marched under the leadership of
their workers’ party, along the correct path of consolidating their fraternal bond with
the Soviet Union.” Sold out. Sold out – the people of satellite Hungary.
“There is no area of Hungarian socialist life which does not receive constant invaluable
assistance from the Soviet Union.” Sold out. Sold out – the people of satellite China.
“Every day the working people of the Chinese People’s Republic are expressing a fervent
desire to master the Russian language – the language of Lenin and Stalin – in order to
assimilate still more successfully, the very rich experience in socialist construction
of the peoples of the USSR” Sold out. Sold out – the people of satellite North Korea.
“The glorious Korean People’s Republic works side by side with the Soviet Union.” Sold
out. Sold out – the people of Czechoslovakia. “The
Czechoslovakian people treasure as the apple of their eye, alliance and friendship with
the great Soviet Union.” Sold out. This is the funeral march of Jan Masaryk,
who could not live with the Big Lie. It is also the funeral march of Czechoslovakia’s
freedom, which is to follow the body of this man into the grave. One nation behind the Iron Curtain refused
to die. The beginning was the same – no Communist leader followed the patterns of the Big Lie
more perfectly than Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia. Like all the others Tito made the pilgrimage
to Moscow – “Tito has a brilliant talent for army leadership. He has great personal courage
combined with great charm, and the talents of an outstanding politician and stateman.” The something went wrong – wrong for Russia.
For the first time the Iron Curtain was pushed back – a slave had escaped. The Russians had
new words to describe Tito: “The coward Tito is a hireling spy and murderer,
a bankrupt fascist, a traitor to his country.” In Yugoslav schools, Yugoslav textbooks replaced
Russian textbooks. “The meaning and significance of the fascist
crusade against culture launched by the Titoites are becoming increasingly clear.” Yugoslav grain would feed Yugoslavians. It
would not feed Russians while Yugoslavians starved. “The working people of Yugoslavia are rising
in struggle against terror and oppression. For bread and their vital rights.” In Yugoslavia the Big Lie had failed. The Communist have a Bigger Lie – the lie
of the dove. Their biggest lie of all. At endless rallies they proclaim it – “Peace,
peace”. A great and a beautiful word, “peace”. But when the Communists mouth it, it means
war! “The bulk of expenditure in the USSR is for
the national economy, and for social and cultural undertakings.” (Soviet armaments production)
“The whole world is aware that the Soviet Union demobilized its forces after the war.”
(Soviet military parades) This is the word, and this is the deed. War
in Greece, Communist war. The dove that goes *BOOM*. Peace rallies hide the deed with words. Talk
peace, act in the ways of war. “The Soviet Union spends its basic funds on
peaceful construction. The entire mode of life of the Soviet people excludes the possibility
of attacking other peoples.” This is the word, and this is the deed. War
in Indochina, Communist war. The dove that goes *BOOM*. Peace rallies hide the deed with words.
“Expenditure is for peaceful production. The Soviet Union pursues a policy of peace.” This is the word, and this is the deed. War
in Korea, Communist war. This is the deed. The dove that goes *BOOM*. Peace petitions hide the deed with words.
Sign your name hopefully on the line that says “peace” and you sign your life away in
Soviet war! “We do not want war, and we shall do everything
possible to avert it. The Soviet Union pursues without retreating a policy of peace and friendship.” This is the word, and this is the deed. War
in China, Communist war. Beware the Big Lie. Beware the dove that Goes
*BOOM* !

  1. 05:44
    Polska nie była przed drugą wojną światową w krajem komunistycznym.

    W 1939 Polska broniła się przed CCCP i Niemcami.

    Po drugiej wojnie światowej, CCCP narzuciło siłą swój porządek dla Polski.

  2. It amazed me that China map is so different between 51 from 42 than to today. History taught us don't be in the wrong team!

  3. World War II Was Not Intentional… The War On The Western Front Was The Wrong War And The Wrong Front…
    Germany Intended To Create Their Empire Upon The Ashes Of Communist Russia in The East…
    Communist Russia Intended To Create Their Empire Upon The Ashes Of Western Christian Civilization… "The Internationale"
    Germany, British Empire, France,, America, Canada Had And Still Have A Common Enemy… The Re-Emergence of Soviet Russia!

  4. The Communist Ally In The East Would Soon Reveal Their True Interest International Communist Revolution…
    They Started In Poland And Wouldn't Make It Any Further Than East Germany… If They Had Their Way It Would Have Ended
    With Germany, France, Britain, And Soon They Would Have Ended In The America's! Bolshevism/Communism Russia Interest Intended To Play Germany France And Britain Off Eachother Militarily And Once Weak Would Have Storm Rolled Europe!

  5. France And Britain Declared War On Germany For The Liberation Of Poland But Ignoring The Fact That Russia Also Invaded
    Eastern Half Of Poland Alongside Germany. In The End Germany Left Poland And Was Defeated But Britain, France Allowed The Communist Russia To Occupy Poland And East Germany….. That Defeated The Entire Purpose For Starting World War II. Britain Also Lost Their Global Empire As A Result Of The War! Russia/Stalin Not Germany/Hitler Wanted World Domination!

  6. You call yourself "bright enlightenment" and yet you are further from enlightenment than a living human should be. How sad

  7. We should have listened to Patton and kept our tanks rolling right on into Moscow and taken out the Red Menace. Would have save 100 million lives

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