The BEST and BIGGEST FIRST CLASS SUITE - Singapore Airlines A380

hello handle open the outlet oh ma hi everyone I'm home coming to Hong Kong today I'm flying with Singapore Airlines in the new first class suite on their a380 I'm going to show you all the new first-class products and just how much luxury you can get out of a three and a half hour flight my first class journey was Singapore Airlines started at their exclusive first class check-in area as it was the beginning of the week there were lots of travelers flying out that morning thank you very much you're invited to the private thank you a private entrance from the checking area leads you directly to immigration after which you can proceed to the gloutch or to the boarding gate from checking to sitting down the lounge the wholesomeness process took less than five minutes the wonder Chinese many of the travelers favorite airport so we're on our way to private rooms are going to go through actually two lounges to get to our final destination allows the private room the private room only first cost passenger allowed to use here so we're going to check it out what's inside the private room as the name suggests it is very private this lounge is the flash ship of Singapore Airlines lounge and only first-class ticket holder allowed to inside the lounge heavy zone restaurant style a la carte and buffet dining he also has his own shower suite I certainly felt very exclusive to be in the private room next time when you fly Singapore Airlines first class I would recommend at least three hours to enjoy the private room wow this is the biggest sleep on there welcome to Roxanne for LSS q eighty five states to home from this event let me just do a introduction of the aircraft this is as you oughta have mannequins that you can increase no the mirror on over here well I sent you I'm not religious i pattern all right Reggie shift a state don't you watch TV they stop pana over here huh just press this annotation – sugar genocide a guy named it's when a convenient electrician would you like a glass of champagne we have it CH it would be all the time Trillian the question is that cold wrenched with a hair in the French twist how only took Ian's morning to prepare your hair like this happy and she turn around at the see your hair look at us Moni on Singapore airline you see such impeccable this is one of the PERT – come on Sinclair life just enjoy the hair and just so nicely money not only took you you and Singapore Airlines have really kinda you have prepared of me all the amenity kit for first-class passenger the long-haul flights so I'm going to show you this one is one month my favorite this is a man's pouch by the French brand little eco is this a really really good design so all you need is pull and open and inside I particularly like this this is the 30 mil EDT Lalique brand I'm gonna try out later and now you just close it open and close like this this is really easy to carry and the female one is beautiful the female one actually has a game a 30 mil perfume and we have the hand cream that moisturizer Lee BOM what's more interesting is the third one here the third one is actually a unisex this is available for our station inbound to Singapore this is a special memorabilia to take home work it's called a lolly fish you can have a variety of this as a collection they're different in each and manager kids and also what's really really set this amenity apart is this one here this one here is the scented candle however do not use do not burn your candle in an aircraft I just changed my seat instead going to the bathroom is too lazy but with all the privacy why would you leave your suit this switch is so big it's got so much personal space you could have like 10 people in your suite or you can have hold to yourself in charge of space yourself [Laughter] yeah I like the chestnut look at that a desert dr. MacNeill I still have about two hours to Hong Kong so that's later bad and I also have this chair the chair can also reply something like I didn't know realize now actually so the ideas private space here can always sleep up there bad I'm always readable we're watching the TV here relaxing the knob chair it's really something this is my first bus such a proper bad mattress very nice very soft mattress here like I really like it's very very in a texture when you touch it it's very very cool a one-way ticket between Singapore and Hong Kong in first-class Suites star suite $2,100 or 37,500 cruise flyer miles yeah I grew up in Hong Kong I looked at Hong Kong in my teenage years and in my childhood great small memory of Hong Kong Hong Kong is the place where I started my love of aviation because if you remember Hong Kong as a airport in the middle the city is called Kai Tak the oldest and before the new airport was building it was built right in the middle city airplane which is coming and do a final bank and I was skip school to go to watch planes every day it's such honor now to fly Singapore Airlines to go back to my hometown Hong Kong and thank you again thank you ever so much for your support and I hope you liked the video you should be something more exclusive can it be more expensive come on oh yeah I know what this is extravagant this is like a double Suites now for one single Suites now you can convert to the double suite business even more space if you are very lucky if you have no passenger next to you you could enjoy the double of space for the price of one I bet the space must be over a hunter square for business massive this is really the Holy Grail first class everybody blond us during my trends in Hong Kong I also visited the super Kris lounge the lounge have two sections the main lounge and a smaller but more exclusive first class section there are lots of local Hong Kong cuisine such as the one tenuto roast goose rice and Hong Kong milk tea on offer the buffet also have an excellent selection of both Chinese and Western food items I'm really impressed about a food provider in the silver crystal a CH well guys I hope you liked my video my goal is to have you with me on the journey through my video and I hope you enjoyed this Singapore Airlines first-class Suites experience I really can't express how wonderful this product is is the biggest and the best first-class Suites I ever tried and it's just products just keep improving in terms of commercial aviation thanks for getting to Singapore Airlines for a wonderful service thank you for all my followers and thanks for watching again [Laughter]

  1. Yeah but where are the people! No passengers anywhere! Lounge empty! It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone sneakin’ up on you! 😶

  2. Thank you for this amazing video, it was the best first class video that I have ever seen. We have saved up enough money to take a first class flight and have watched many videos to see which one was the best, and because of this video this is the one we chose. Thank you again 😊✈

  3. I cannot believe all that space afforded to a passenger even though First Class , seems unprofitable for the airline

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