The Berlin Wall (1961-1989)

the Erlin wall 1961 to 1989 the Cold War the Berlin wall would become a symbol of ideological division and suppression of human rights during the Cold War it represented the Iron Curtain that separated Western Europe and the Eastern Bloc in August 1961 the communist government of the German Democratic Republic of East Germany began construction of the wall and placement of barbed wire between West Berlin and the East its purpose was to stop Western fascists from entering the socialist state of East Germany and stopping defections from east to west it would continue to do so until November 9th 1989 when the East German regime announced that its citizens had the right to cross the border when they wanted the wall goes up when world war ii came to an end in 1945 the victors came together at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences to split Germany into four Allied occupation zones East Germany would go to the Soviet Union while the Western Park went to the United States Great Britain and France even though Berlin was located entirely within the Soviet part of the country the city would be split into four sectors in the same way the Russians were determined to remove the United States Britain and France from Berlin a Soviet blockade in 1948 attempted to starve them from the city however the United States and its allies resisted by dropping food and fuel supplies from aircraft which became known as the Berlin Airlift the booming Western sector which was the showcase of capitalism contrasted sharply to the economically poorer East many German refugees flowed from the east to the west including highly skilled workers such as doctors teachers and engineers between 1945 to 1961 15 to 20 percent of the East German population had left to the west premier Nikita Khrushchev leader of the Soviet Union had had enough and gave the East German government permission to close Berlin’s borders for good on the night of August 12th 13th 1961 East German soldiers the police force and volunteer construction workers laid down barbed wire and a cinderblock wall which stretched over a hundred miles as the decades went on the wall developed into a more sip stated one featuring a series of tall concrete walls electrified fences fortifications and watchtowers escaping East Berlin now people would no longer be able to cross freely with ease to go to work or shop as they had done before now in order to get from west to east they had to pass through border crossings the most famous were checkpoints alpha Bravo and Charlie but there were several other border crossings which checkpoints / border crossings could be used also dependent on nationality dependent on whether they were West Germans or foreigners or status such as military personnel or diplomats West Berliners or West Germans as well as foreigners could apply for a visa to get into East Berlin East Berliners and East Germans however were not permitted to cross the border to West Berlin or West Germany in October 1961 US chief of mission in West Berlin Alan Lightner was stopped in his car by East German police this prevention of access for American officials to East Berlin caused a standoff between American and Soviet tanks which faced off at checkpoint charlie from many hours both sides stared each other down waiting for their enemy to fire the potential for world war 3 was eventually averted when President John F Kennedy contacted Nikita Khrushchev and convinced him to withdraw his tanks the American tanks also backed away soon after armed soldiers patrolled the wall and would shoot anyone on sight attempting to escape ditches barbed wire guard dogs searchlights and minefields were also set up to prevent escape attempts buildings overlooking the wall were demolished four had their windows bricked up so that people could not escape by jumping from them at least 171 people were killed trying to cross the wall but this didn’t mean that Escape was impossible hundreds of East Germans tried to escape across the wall including by flying in a hot-air balloon by zip line on a tightrope in a car without a windshield by swimming and through a tunnel President John F Kennedy visited Berlin on June 26 1963 he made a speech known as ich bin ein berliner referring to himself as a Berliner in spirit as a way of ensuring that the United States will fully support West Berliners and Germans this would be a big morale boost the while President John F Kennedy protested he realized a wall was better than war on June 12 1987 US President Ronald Reagan arrived in West Berlin for its seven hundred and fiftieth anniversary celebration in his speech at the Brandenburg Gate he challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the wall the fall of the wall on November 9th 1989 with the Cold War thawing and political changes happening across the Eastern Bloc the East German government announced that all GDR citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin günter schabowski the East German Communist official who was the unofficial spokesman had announced a new freedom of travel for East Germans to the west in that they could apply for visas from the state agency in an orderly manner in an unprepared interview after not having all the information he said to journalists we have decided today to implement a regulation that allows every citizen of the German Democratic Republic to leave East Germany through any of the border crossings and when asked when this would take effect he responded according to my information immediately without delay from this interpretation thousands of East Germans gathered around the checkpoints and the wall creating a party atmosphere then the crowd of East Germans crossed the border and climbed onto the wall celebrating with West Germans on the other side people knocked down the wall with hammers and soon with the help of bulldozers it was pull down the reunification of East and West Germany was made official on October 3rd 1990 [Music] subscribe to our channel 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  1. New and improved version of the Berlin Wall episode. Added scenes and facts to give a fuller picture of the Berlin Wall. Enjoy (Old video will be retired)

  2. this video literally saved my butt. it has every bit of information and is gonna help me with this assignment that im doing the night before its due yeet

  3. wall broken because of defeat IN AFGHANISTAN of USSR convert to RUSSIA and many more countries formed as ukraine uzbikistan tajikistan etc

  4. Build that wall and make west Germany pay for it all we'll have a door so the Mexicans i mean Germans can legally cross the border

  5. Interesting fact. The Soviet Union withdrew its troops from the territory of Germany, and the United States continued to occupy the Federal Republic of Germany.

  6. The Ubahn, underground trains ran full circle between East and west Berlin and many East Germans attempted to escape to the west via the underground trains. I lived in West Germany in 1981 and was allowed a 1day pass to travel to the DDR via the underground train system, as a foreigner. I remember feeling very nervous when returning to West Berlin because I was asked by border guards to stand in front of one of them whereby I had to endure being stared at for nearly 5 minutes without moving my head ? Very unerving, the idea was to rattle me and get me to crack in case I was an East German pretending to be a foreigner in order to escape to the west.And yes, I did crack in front of a guard but it was in a fit of laughter and he looked throughly disgusted because he knew no East German would have the nerve to act like that. I got back ok to West Berlin. I don't know how many East Berliners got caught trying to escape via the underground train system ? I was told some did .

  7. May God bless Germany and Germans.We Japanese sent 9,000 cherry blossom trees to Germany in 1990. It is said that the money of this cherry blossom trees is gathered by the donation of the Japanese and bought a cherry blossom trees . Almost all Japanese people participated in donations. The Japanese always cooperate with Germany.This cherry blossom tree is still in Berlin.We Japanese love Germany and Germans very much. Germany and Germans are great.When making the Japanese constitution in the Meiji era, japanese made it with reference to the German constitution.The army is also German style. We invited Klemens Wilhelm Jacob Meckel, a soldier of the Kingdom of Germany, from Germany. The Japanese army became very strong thanks to him. The Japanese was very happy when he came to Japan. Because he is a great German. All thanks to Germany. Germany is a Japanese teacher. japanese also made medical science with reference to Germany. Because I admitted that Germany was the best in the world from that time. Even now the doctor has a person who writes the Karte in German.  For example, a car is.The most imported cars in Japan are German cars. Japan's national anthem Kimigayo was made by Hayashi Hiromori and German Franz Eckert.This is a story that Japanese people helped Germans in japanese Okinawa Miyakojima, Japan. In 1873, the German  Merchant shipRobertoson was hit by a typhoon,ran aground off Miyakojima Miyakuni. At that time, the islander rescues the crew,They gave some food to the Germans.They gave Germans a place to sleep. The days were 34 days.And  sent Germans back to Germany safely.There are still monuments sent from Germany in Okinawa.Japan will always help Germans from now on.

  8. I was there just after the wall went down. I kept a pretty cool piece of it. The unification was a very happy moment but it also brought a lot of problems to West Germany, especially a tremendous rise in crime.

  9. Now we have more 100000000 illegal migrants from Arabia , Pakistan, turkey and afganistan

  10. Stalin:"Hey, guess what? I'm blockading all of your supply routes to West Berlin. What are you gonna do about it?"
    Truman:"I supposed we'll just fly the supplies in." (Berlin Airlift 1948-9)
    Stalin:"Alright Truman, you win this round"

  11. on October 3rd he asked me what day it was
    " its October 3rd when east and west Russia officially reunited."

  12. Hey, at least the crossing is more sophisticated than the one in roblox. The soldiers who guard kill u only because the others are being rowdy, they just kill them. That’s what ruins the game the soldiers who ruin fun and vice versa

  13. I wish the communist countries are still alive until now, cause the capitalist people nowadays are abusing their powers and flexing their "Wealth".

  14. Coming Soon to Simple History…
    The Korean Reunification

    now dont get excited, simple history might make this video if korea reunites, if it will ever reunite.

  15. That's whats happends when you split your cake with your family 😂
    I'm always like Stalin taking the big pease😊

  16. Imagine trying to keep the greatest engineers of all time inside a wall. Someone built a plane out of a motorcycle. Someone made a balloon. And someone made a god damn mini submersible.

  17. Erich Hoenecker was lucky that some radical did not capture him. The captor may have gotten a handsome reward. Hats off to the one who caught him.

  18. Holy crap I had no idea the Berlin Wall was up for almost 30 years!! It’s crazy how not so distant history it is

  19. Hey fun fact when the west German parliament heard about the wall being torn down they sung their anthem.

  20. Wasnt there a guy who tried to escape by covering his body in like steaks or smth to absorb the bullets?

  21. Simply put, since the establishment of socialism by Karl Mark in 1843 and later 1917 there were 109 Communist countries, and now only 4 :)))

  22. You'd have to add that the Fall of the Berlin Wall was not only due to international political pressure but also due to 10's of THOUSANDS of East German people demonstrating for reforms and unification!

    To this day, the peaceful protests who took place all around the country are called "Peaceful Revolution" because not one person died in the months and years of protesting that led up to the fall of the wall.

  23. Anyone notice how the violent bringing-down of the Berlin wall sounds an awful lot like… y'know, the Area 51 raid?

  24. fun fact, when the president went to Berlin he said "I am hamburger" due to a mis translation from English to German. Of course everyone knew what he ment.

  25. The Wall… was build in the reason and aim to prevent that millions from the Western Europe..specially West Germany to enter the Garden Eden of Socialism and later on Communism…thats why..
    Now you know the rest of the story…😂😂😂

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