1. These guys had to flee Germany for their lives. They were marked for Death in their Native Country. So, the US became their destination. Say what you want, but Hitler had these Frankfurt School guys pegged. Their "philosophy" is one motivated by a deep hatred of traditional norms. Utterly despicable people.

  2. "Revolutionary destruction of society is the one and only solution. A Worldwide turning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries" –

  3. God damn those cultural neo-marxists and there liberal propaghandi and there university education. why cant everyone just be white straight male and uneducated

  4. You gotto be pretty deep down the conspiracy rabbit hole to trust this shit to be real…ffs…neomarxism is a imaginary enemy of old Cristian men that miss the cold war…and don't have any communists left in their head to hate and fear

  5. Omg scrap that awful intro. Please upload. Im interested in this topic and I almost clicked away. I cant imagine how many more could watch if you changed the intro

  6. The opening music sounds like a nightmare! It is a perfect representation of the death of God, of beauty and of order.

  7. So much easier to tear down than to build – these people were – are leaches & a Cancer on society

  8. Marxism, from its FOUNDATIONS, was financed by
    the Rothchilds to give the banksters global control. These "elite"
    bloodlines have modified their strategy along the way but the end game
    is the same – unelected world government and the population under their
    thumb. Collectivism exploits human envy to convince the People that the
    government can create "equal outcomes" between everyone. "Social
    justice" is actually a subversion of ACTUAL justice. It uses this
    deceptive rhetoric to seduce the masses into giving up their individual
    liberty – always "for the greater good" of course! but it was NEVER
    designed to work in the interests of the people. Its a massive psy-op.

  9. "While all other religions try to teach by use of symbols the metaphysical significance of life, the religion of the Jews is entirely immanent and offers nothing but a mere war cry in its struggle with other nations." –Arthur Schopenhauer

  10. Both sides of the argument are wrong. It is not leftist pussies trying to destroy America, although dumb fuck conservatives would have you believe that. Your countries have been taken over by corporations, foreign lobbies and banks. They want leftist pussies to argue about gender pronouns while the world crumbles around us. And they want dumb fuck conservatives to think it is some grande scheme to destroy civilization. All the while your sovereignty has been completely destroyed. It's divide and conquer! Bunch of dumb fuck pussies

  11. They, are the Judengasse gang, they were a bowel movement from the father of hate, Mayer Amschel Bauer, and his five sons, they are continuations of wars so old, of religions so fraudulent, of people so lustful, and if we don't stop them, like an unstoppable cancer, they, will consume all the living Earth.

  12. I really liked your comments but you are riding the same horse by promoting sexual content to your video.

  13. It's cultural war between Jews and the West. They hate/envy the smiling, naive, square jawed "Dudley Do Rights" of the west. Their society is based on money and power.

  14. This video is bad and you should feel bad.
    It's an endless stream of misinformation on many Western Philosophers.

  15. Cultural Marxism goes against nature & this is why it is so hard to implement – exposing it makes people realize how they are manipulated. The Catholic Church contributed to the attack on western culture by shielding pedophiles but that is probably another story, at east until the arrival of Pope Francis. We now call these people Globalists & they are actively attacking all western culture around the world – their plan is a Totalitarian One World Order – Vote Trump 2020 – they hate him because he is making America Great Again with capitalist & Christian values!

  16. Given that the frankfurt school were forced to flee germany, your whole rhetoric about 'appreciating the american way of life and 'wanting' to come to america is misleading. Criticising consumer culture doesn't make you a depressive malcontent, would you consider Aldous Huxley to be a depressive malcontent also, just for criticising consumerism?

  17. On recommendation of a friend I came back to give this video another try and I’m glad I did. An excellent video with a horrible soundtrack in it’s opening minutes

  18. Great conglomerate of a lot of information. I have to make a point of contention regarding the frame in which you purposed Dr. Wilhelm Reich, however.

    Like Freud, and many other initial individuals delving into the works and processes of life, consciousness and the human psyche, it is easy for individuals to cherry pick pieces of one’s work and pervert it toward their own malicious purposes. Such is the case here in reference to Dr. Reich.

    He, as you mentioned, did have patients disrobe, touch themselves, or copulate in a scientific setting. May I ask, how else can true scientific research be carried out regarding the nature of sexuality and its place in affecting our lives and/or well being?

    If one simply familiarizes themselves with his works, of which there are many, they will quickly find that he was one of the largest proponents for love and human decency, spending his life striving for the betterment of man, eventually dying in prison, jailed and lambasted by the very individuals this documentary is exposing in the first place!

    Be well everybody 🙂

  19. Wow what a bunch of Satanic bastards!! No wonder Hitler drove so many of them out of Germany. And so they decided to come here instead and, for a living, start bashing and trashing western civilization in general and America as somthing horrible in particular. Just think about that. A country is nice enough to take you in and then you start teaching it's young people how horrible that country is. You tell me what kind of horrible and ungrateful swine would actually do that!!!!

  20. Western Society is doing an awesome job destroying itself without any help from those who would review its weaknesses. And it will all be based on basic human greed, pure and simple.

  21. The problem with these marxists is that they take valid points and ideas such as blacks shouldnt be treated like sub humans or have to be segregated and use it to their advantage. They dont care about civil rights they just wanted to weaponize it. They weaponize things that are in theory good. Nothing wrong with blacks and women having rights. What is wrong is using these movements in an extremist manner to destroy western civilization as opposed to trying to create equal oppurtunity like they claimed they wanted to do. Extremism on either side is evil I wish people would seek balance as opposed to extremes. Sex before marriage isnt a bad thing but reckless promiscuity is. Women having basic rights isnt a bad thing but misandry and senseless killing of babys with no regard for the father (rape, incest excluded) is wrong.

  22. "they had moved to heaven on earth" "ingratitude is not strong enough of a word to describe these hideous malcontents"

    there you have it folks. the nationalist cult of "gratefulness is obedience" rears its ugly head. don't criticize the state. don't exercise your freedoms. be grateful for what you already have and don't you dare try to point out flaws, make things better, or try to stand up for what you believe in. that's what gratefulness means to these people, unquestioning deference, obedience to authority.

    clearly made by someone with a huge level of hostility to whatever he's talking about and lacking rational analysis, explanation and facts, to the point where it's totally untrustworthy, john podesta? really? what's wrong with free love? what's he going to say next, that marital rape is fine?

    just some kid whining about things being criticized. equates criticism and wanting to change society and its values for the better as wanting to "destroy" it. pathetic reactionary mindset.

    The american version of radical freedom of speech only really emerged after the free speech movement of the 1960s.

    "the best lifestyle man had ever created" lmao. I guess this is it then, it can't get any better than this. Better stop with the criticism!

  23. This theory skips over the role Catholicism and it's marriage structure. NWO… To be the savior you need to create a villain.

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