hey Larkin Rose here happy July 4th sort of to me Independence Day is always sort of this hollow depressing joke because you have people across the country waving flags that represent a republic that's oppressing them while celebrating freedom unaware of the fact that we are infinitely less free than we were before the colonists here declared independence from the British crown and things have been doing down here for a long time but people are basically so nationalistic now that the freedom is sort of secondary well yeah we don't exactly have freedom to do much of anything but it counts as freedom because it's our country or rrraaahhh patriotism blah blah blah so it's always sort of a weird depressing spectacle to watch people celebrating what they think is freedom or what they're calling freedom and is nothing of the sort it's just blind loyalty to their ruling class and to the Republic for which it stands so but I'm going to start on a random tangent there are a lot of animals that I don't like to see caged and in captivity and you can see they're not okay with being caged like if you go to a zoo and they're like big cats will paced back and forth and they're stressed out because they know I'm not supposed to be in here I'm supposed to be free there are other animals who seem perfectly fine with it that I don't at all mind people having his pets for example when I was a kid we had guinea pigs and guinea pigs are remarkably stupid stupid little rodents that seem perfectly content with a decent sized aquarium and there's free water on the wall and there's free food and a dish and we take care of them and you know we keep their habitats safe and clean and they're perfectly okay with that they don't do the thing like scratching to try to get out there's yep we're okay that works for us they're just little domesticated pets waiting to happen and there are a number of other things like that that show no sign of caring as long as they have as long as they're taken care of and they have their base NEADS they don't particularly care that they can't go anywhere else and again it matters what size the cages like if you put something in a cage that big it's probably gonna be frustrated and try to get out but if you give them a big enough room to roam around a little bit there's a bunch of you know rodents and reptiles and spiders and all sorts of pets that don't seem to care they're perfectly fine with that they don't want anything else in fact there are a lot of things that if they're raised that way and then you let them out they don't know what to do they sort of hide like oh this is unfamiliar let me back in my cage and there are a bunch of things that if you open the door on the cage and this was trove guinea pigs that we had when my daughter was growing up they didn't particularly want to come out and we'd have to like coax them out and then they'd play around and we take care of them and then they'd run back into their cage on their own and so that is an obvious parallel to when people ask me well what about the people they don't seem to actually want freedom they're okay with a comfortable cage they have their life they have their job they have their TV they like they go run on their little treadmill and earn the money to sit in front of a TV and they seem to be okay with that what about them and that is that is an important thing to note that a lot of people don't actually want freedom and a lot of people today of all days on July 4th demonstrate that they don't know what the hell freedom is because they think they have it and if your goal is to do what's expected and do the predictable routine of I go to work for eight hours a day I come home I buy food I watch TV and play video games I do whatever inside the little you know set collection of things that are expected of me and that counts as freedom you're just a stupid caged animal who doesn't know any better who doesn't know that you should be allowed to do more than that and you should be allowed to keep what you earn when you go to that job and you should be allowed to do more than watch TV but if if a human being is content that they can imagine that they're free and I've talked to a whole bunch of state to say well yeah meaning we're not free I can go to the store and buy stuff I can go on vacation over here either because they're so limited in what they think life is supposed to be and their master owners let them do that stuff that they think will unfree because it doesn't occur to me to do anything outside this tiny little box and it's just like the the you know pet guinea pig or something and well you have the the water thing on the wall and the food and the dish and well what else could I want other people cleaning up my poop I'm good that's fine I'm free hooray and but some people will ask me well if people have that attitude who are you to mess that up for them why don't you just let them be that way like is there anything actually wrong with it if the people are okay with that and they want it and there's on the one hand you could say no if you choose it if you choose to be a slave and choose to be this pathetic thing in a cage okay your life belongs to you you're allowed to choose that but there are a few reasons why I don't why I would still try to talk those people out of it the first is because if you're not freely choosing if you're not choosing between option all the options that you're actually aware of you know there are other options if you're just doing what is expected of you because that's all you can imagine it's all you've ever known it's all you can think of then that isn't you know that isn't really choosing and so if somebody can understand freedom and what the world should be like in a stateless society and still says no I'd rather have somebody control me and put me in a cage and govern my life for me I'd say all right well if you know all the options and you still choose slavery I won't stop you by force I might try to talk you out of it because I think is pretty damn pathetic and that's reason number two it's just pathetic for a human being to do that the first one is most people don't know what freedom is so they're not free to choose between what we have an actual freedom because they've never seen freedom and so they believe the BS of flag-waving bozos pretending that this is a free country this is the freest country in the blahblah first of all a free country is an oxymoron it's a contradiction because a country is the territorial jurisdiction of a ruling class if you have a ruling class you're already not free so there's never been a free country there can't be a free country the idea makes no sense but for those who would choose the comfortable cage because they don't know any better I want them to know any better and then if they still choose the cage that's pathetic and sad and then the second reason is it's just pathetic for a human being to choose slavery and there are some who even in a free society would do that I don't want the responsibilities and the risks of doing anything I just want somebody else to tell me what to do and I'll do it in fact you can see that a lot in the employee mentality as I refer to it the people who just want a job I do a job you tell me what to do I do it you pay me I go home I don't have to figure out anything I don't have to be creative there's no risk on me there's none of the entrepreneurial stuff of having to make something actually work you just tell me the thing to do and I'll do it you pay me and I go home no responsibilities and when the zillion years ago and when we had a medical transcription business we totally saw that most of the type is they didn't want anything other than you tell me what to do you set it up you tell me exactly what to do I do it you pay me that's all because we actually tried to give our way our business at one point and nobody wanted it because it's too much involved like I don't know how to manage all that make those decisions and and take those risks and try to figure out how to get new clients no I just want to do this little thing so there are a lot of people that really do just want a predictable controlled thing handed to them by somebody else now in an actually free society if people weren't you know subjected to the Prussian indoctrination system for years and trained not to think for themselves there might be a whole lot less of that but if somebody knows all their options and chooses that that's pathetic but I would let them but the final reason that I'm not okay with people choosing to be stupid domesticated animals in a cage is because they're not just victimizing themselves they are serving as fuel specifically financial fuel for giant war machines and oppression machines and extortion rackets if somebody was just being caged and enslaved and robbed and they were okay with it and the person robbing them was using the money to go off and buy Twinkies and sit around playing video games I'd say well that's pathetic that you'd volunteer for that but oh well it's not hurting me like you're serving that bozo and harming yourself but if you want to choose a situation that that that's that bad for you okay you're allowed to I guess but that's not what's happening they are choosing a cage in which a large portion of the fruits of their labor and time and effort and energy are being used to build the war machine and build the oppression machine and all the stupid federal and state agencies that are violently dominating and harming people they are choosing slavery for themselves and they are choosing to fuel evil at this time and however oblivious you are to freedom yourself and however much you don't even care about your own freedom you being a sort of battery basically providing energy to an evil authoritarian Empire that's not okay and it's not okay to just say well I just I just do as I'm told and I mind my own business when you know damn well what your taxes are funding you know damn well you are paying for the bombs that are blowing up little children on the other side of the world it's fine for you to choose slavery for yourself well it's not fine it's pathetic but you have the right to because you own your own life but when you are helping when you are knowingly funding and empowering violent domination and murder of other people that's not okay anymore so when people stick their head in the sand on July 4th we're free all the other of the troops rah rah rah let's all worship the mercenaries of the state it's not okay to let them be that stupid oblivious it's not okay to just let them enslave themselves because they're empowering evil the dis affecting other people it's also affecting other people here like the violence that is inflicted on me and you and anybody else who disobeys the stain here it's funded entirely by taxpayers government doesn't make anything of well what they have is stolen from other people it's stolen from all the happy slaves who are out there waving flags today talking about how free they are when they're not that is where the power of evil evil empires always always always comes from its the law-abiding taxpayers and so the people out there aren't just choosing slavery for themselves they're not just saying we're okay being animals in a cage as long as you give us any as long as we're a little bit entertained and we're fed and we're good we'll just go along the treadmill and do as we're told they are fueling mass evil around the world and that's not okay and that's one of the reasons I won't just let people be oh why don't you just let them believe this stuff and and go along and be in their little cage and do their little predictable thing why would you make them uncomfortable and make them doubt things and think about things when they're content as a guinea pig in a little wire cage because them as a guinea pig in a little wire cage is what enables and empowers some of the biggest you know most evil things going on in the world courtesy of the US government and that's not okay you can enslave yourself but don't pay for other people to be murdered on the other side of the world don't pay for people here to be caged for having the wrong plant or being caged for not going along with their own extortion to fund the war machine and all that stuff so no I don't believe people should be allowed to be you know happily ignorant blissfully ignorant of what's going on and just let them think that this is freedom and that this is okay because it isn't and it's actually if it was just them and they want to be that oblivious if they want the blue pill and they want to be clueless about what's going on and just have this predictable controlled life that's one thing but to keep going with the the matrix analogy when they are acting as a battery for an evil empire that's not okay and that's why I'm not okay with allowing people to be comfortably clueless and weird floods without me ruining the day by pointing out they are cheering for evil they are cheering for a level of freedom that was far less than existed under King George the third they're talking about independence and they have no freaking idea of what actually happened back then what it meant the betrayal of the the Declaration of Independence that that existed in the form of the Constitution how it immediately became authoritarian immediately became worse than having a king their ability to stall that and I pointed out knowing that I'm gonna ruin their fun picnic day if they hear this message and it'll make them all uncomfortable and mad because the lies they are told and the brainwashing and the indoctrination and the mind-control that is making them think this is okay that is what fuels global evil that's not okay which is why I'm not gonna shut up and it's why every July 4th I'm gonna keep posting articles and making videos pointing out the stupidity and patheticness of the American people waving flags and talking about our country and our republic and we're free and independent you're none of those you are human livestock owned and controlled by a malicious ruling class that is not only enslaving you but is using the fruits of your labor to enslave and murder people here and all over the globe and that's not freaking okay and if it messes up your friggin picnic today for me to point that out tough it's the truth and Americans have to learn the truth and figure out there's nothing to celebrate about the American flag nothing it is a giant ridiculous authoritarian joke if you actually believe in freedom you'd be burning the damn flag you'd be disobeying your ruling class you'd be doing what the colonists did to King George which is say screw you you're not the boss of us anymore but most Americans can't comprehend that because they're a guinea pig in a cage and all they can see is well I have my needs met I have my needs met don't tell me about anything else they need to be told about everything else because they are fuel for evil and that has to stop

  1. Ok is he ever going to explain his version of freedom? What do you want to do that you can’t already do??

  2. Maybe it's just me but I think it's disappointing that so many humans celebrate on a certain day and show off proudly the machines they made to kill other human beings always more efficiently than before. As has been said before:
    Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. … Kill them all, and you are a god. Jean Rostand

  3. Yes, kill all polititans from US to China and we will all be free. AND there wont be any wars ever again. All wars in history have been started by leaders, religious or political, never by the common people. The system is designed only for the elite, not the other 99%.

  4. This weekend I'm be attending Larken's "Candles in the Dark" and AnarchoVegas. Why? Because I want to be around the 2% (?) like me.

  5. i have never liked taking orders Larken …people ask me why i went into the real estate business…i told them.. really just looking for freedom…don't want a boss…your customers/clients are your boss …of course …but don't like one for whatever your reason is …dump them problem…up to you … i am a man who hated obama and started sending out videos like yours to a list of people back in 2007/2008…(list has maybe 100 people on it)..have never stopped …my son introduced me to you a few years back…however i still voted for trump…read ..THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin…7/8 years ago ….even after reading that book …still voted for trump…and Romney before ..the trump vote …i am getting to my point …don't give up…anyone who knows me at all ….would say …does pretty much what he wants ALL THE TIME …love to be alone …love animals …enjoy them far more than people…dogs mostly…cats too…horses when ihad them…i will never vote again …thanks to you ……and "THE MOST DANGEROUS SUPERSTITION"..i still pay taxes ..tried (like a moron) 2x…not filing returns …cost me a ton of money in the end …i still get my car inspected every 2 years like i am supposed to …i have a driver's license …i pay taxes on house i live in…you get it …i despise the government ..i resent EVERY DOLLAR i have ever paid these assholes …always have …always will…did not need to know of you… to hate the ALL politicians …and most people who work for ANY government …despise cops ..always have …always will …sooo the point ..if.. I..i say it again I…I…who was born despising authority …rebelled constantly ..often to my own detriment …what hope can i have that the average asshole …including MOST/ALL my friends will ever do anything …ANYTHING …I ADVISE EVERYONE I KNOW TO NEVER VOTE …I BET Victor Kruger who posted 6 hours ago …will vote in the next election …and most of the 23 people who have responded …will vote …I HOPE I AM WRONG …not voting is the ONLY way we can win this …the price is too dear…for me and i bet most people to do anything else …i do not have the courage …and that is what it is …to do what you did …GO TO JAIL…..a cop pulls me over for speeding …3 miles over the limit …i will be polite and pay the fine …i would say what i would like to do to him/her…but some fucking algorithm would knock me out of the box …that is where we are …there is NO MORE FREEDOM…and i am doing NOTHING!!!!…..i will keep writing ..happy 4th…Larken

  6. "Modern man is a prisoner who thinks he is free because he refrains from touching the walls of his dungeon." – Nicolas Gomez Davila

  7. "…why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man's freedom as easily as a king can."
    Every 4th of July I'm reminded of that question and wonder if the colonists were more free under King George then we are today under the US government?

  8. Try to get solar on your house and off the grid. Try to roll through a stop sign when there's not a car on the road except the boot licker with a gun hiding and waiting for someone to do that. Try to turn right without a turn signal and a boot licker sees you. Try to not pay your taxes. Try to inhale a plant that's grown on this planet. Try to eat a certain mushroom that's grown on this planet. Try to argue with an authority figure at a school or any state building. Try to capture your own rain water in some states. Try to travel freely without being questioned. Try to say what you feel on social media. Try to do what you want with your own money. Try to do what you want with your body. FREEDOM MY MOTHER FUCKING ASS!!!

  9. If I had a choice, none of my taxes would go to anything connected to military, I am not afraid of an invasion. I wouldn't want any to go to education either, I have no kids and what happens after I die is none of my concern. The only thing I would support is infrastructure. Frankly I don't observe any of the "canned" Holidays… WTF, someone going to tell me what/when to celebrate? I know I'm an oddity, but if I were at a concert and the band said "OK everyone stand up and clap", I'd be sitting there asking "why? Who the F^&% are you to tell me what to do."
    Thinking for yourself has become a rarity, often considered a threat and certainly not encouraged by the mainstream. Sheep look at our society and wonder "why are they so restricted when they really are not?"

  10. Good job Larkin, You use your words to explain it well. You're attention and time are appreciated by many

  11. I love how blunt you are. Keep it up brother. The truth is the truth. People's feelings about freedom really don't matter. It is time humanity takes back it birthright. That is sovereignty.

  12. My sentiments exactly. I was "comment banned by the "voluntaryist non aggressionist" Facebook page for asking a simple question, but you'll aways be cool in my book, Larken.

  13. This video was already uploaded to my alternate sites (Bitchute & back-up Youtube), but for some reason forgot to upload it here on my main channel. Now here it is just in time for July 4th. Happy "Independence Day", everyone. hahaha!

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