The Anarchist Haven - This Is Christiania

hi there everyone this is Dan Dix here reporting for pres for truth and today we're sitting here with Joseph of whistleblower – TV and we're in Christiana here in Copenhagen Denmark Joseph tell us a little bit about this somewhat of a I suppose can be referred to as an anarchist society what is Christian all about well it started out in 72 accident 71 they people broke down the fence it's it used to be an army base was that for many years and then then they didn't use it anymore and people because of the urbanization people moving into the city there was not so many green areas in Copenhagen but this place was green and the people found that out so they broke down the fence and it started up as a society in 72 there was a little problem since the start where everybody could just move in and some some people took herring because they were freed rock stone and and people stopped dying in the partners when it was not good so I think it was around 76 or something like that that they made this this no to hot rocks policy and they started to make a few rules and no gang affiliation and and nobody no no weapons no violence tell us a little bit about in in regards to the drug trade here a little bit about the marijuana how does marijuana work here in Christiana what are the rules and how has it changed over time well there is a street in called pusher Street in Christiana and that's where they sell the marijuana and it used to be an open way open where you could see what they sold but the government after 2003 I would say 2004 made it hard to to make an open sale for but before that it still is but it's just not open but now you can go to the table and you can pick your red lip and on or your afghan different kinds of of hash and and we have seen like a revival of this pot strains so yeah it's a it's like going into a store and just picking the things you want them however to clarify it is still illegal here in Denmark right yeah it is it is it's been tolerated by the government for because hey Chris Jenna became a social experiment I think in the early 80s and it was a social experiment until 2003 and and because it was a social experiment and people and Christina could have their own rules well then and one of them was no to hard drugs you tried that so it was free in a and open sale inside this area and and if you go outside the defense or there's a defense but the area and which actually covers 34 acres and well then the real truth begins now here on pusher Street we've noticed that a lot of the people and we'd like to be able to show you but there's a very strict no camera rule in on push history in the green like a green zone right all the bushes are wearing masks and hiding their faces but I hear what didn't used to be like that what changed what changed Plus in 2003 this experiment should go got a new permit at there but we changed the government changed in the 2001 they wanted to normalize the place and that was totally the opposite and nobody knew what normalizing was but to the government it Copenhagen City Hall it was putting in a lot of police patrolling the streets with the squats of policeman visit going into kids pockets everybody people got arrested so the state the police kind of tried to come in and shut down the anarchist community but it did didn't wasn't able to wipe it out completely and this place still operates now I've noticed there's a lot of houses and it seems that people live in here is that how does that work do they have to pay property taxes or is it completely an anarchistic society where they can be 100% self-sustainable well it's not 100% self-sustainable it's an idea and it has to build over 40 years as I said before it has to 34 at acres and most of the place and is where people are living there is the green light district where where they serve the Mariana but maybe that's what can say one-fifth of the area and yes people they paid a rent to stay in here that the houses are owned by Christiana and days the rent goes to what you can say it was before it was an internal fund and also the stores and here they paid to have their stores a kind of rent in here and you paid that everybody takes care of the roads and the and the sewers and everything well that's Christiana who does that and actually people used to be able to build their own houses like they wanted where they wanted you can't do that anymore now you need pyramid and that developed after 2003 and the police came in here with the the biggest sport ever in in Danish history at that time it was a thousand policemen went into people's houses that that started the normalization and they carried on in 2005 six in 2007 we haven't had a big ride inside Copenhagen also developed into to this area and yeah it went on for four days nine hundred and eight hundred and sixty people got arrested over these four days and the police got more guns they got the bigger weapon the bigger weapons more body armor bigger cars armored cars everything got militarized and and all the people you have been here now for almost a week they are friendly they are free and suddenly everything became American alized or something like that so despite the the oppression and the attempts to shut it down people have still maintained this place as their own own and there's even little spots I've come across that show where you can leave something if you don't need it anymore and somebody else can take something if they need it that seems to really speak to what what kind of a society it is and how it all works and operates here yes people try to make this self sustainable and yes you can take your clothes you can put it and people don't have so much money can can can take take the clothes you donated maybe some of the spirit we saw in the protests on unity we don't care if you are disturbed or you're a little different as long as you are not violent and you want to contribute contribute to the society and that was what the fighting really was about self that you could still control your own place and and keep commercials out and then and have the art have the music have a have the free spirit roaming just let people live yeah be free awesome well said thanks for talking to us man oh you're welcome

  1. I have never met anyone who did not support our troops. Sometimes, however, we hear accusations that someone or some group does not support the men and women serving in our Armed Forces. But this is pure demagoguery, and it is intellectually dishonest. — Ron Paul

  2. It's only logical that for there to be rules there would be rulers. So not true Anarchy, it goes unsaid that there must be peace with one another. If rules has to be enForced there has to be someone to Force these rules.

  3. This is a beautiful expression of Acharchism at work. I wish the report was a little more indepth. Perhaps staying there longer would help. Meet more people, see how things really work around there. The music was a little annoying but I appreciate this little glimpse. Thank you.

  4. Christiania is not going to be around anymore.Socialism does not work.Big Bully Government does not either.Lukas Graham had good memories but he even said the crime is rediculous there.You have to have law and order but not the Law (police) beating up on people either.Lukas Graham said he was beat up by police when he was a small kid! I don't know what the answer is for Man,really.They say now that they are going to turn it into a developing area now.High commercialism.It's like there's no place for the poor but nobody wants to help rid the world of poverty.It's sad.

  5. They say there are `rules` in Christiania like no hard drugs, no camera, no violence etc.. So who enforces this policy if there is no `police` or gov. ?

  6. The result of this government ravaging is that anyone with a lot to lose does not live there. The best and brightest have been forcefully discouraged by the government.

  7. I was in Christiania in early September 2016 a few days after the shooting in Pusher Street. There was a meeting of local people in the main hall and I stood on a rock outside taking some photos of the people in a public space for my own private use. I recognised most of the people there because I had spent some time in the last few years making a documentary there. A big fat man who looked like a drug-dealer and who wasn't even in any of the photos told me to stop taking photos on my little amateur stills camera. That same camera had been to Cuba and nobody had said anything of the sort there. The problem is that the Christianites are spoiled. They want a nice cheap place to live in but are the first to deploy rules if things do not suit them. They think that you need permission to take a photo of them in a public place. I have also found that they are often very quick to dis-engage if say a social visit does not suit them or that they want to get on with what they want to do. It doesn't matter if you have walked across town to see them on the off-chance. When I posted my photos on Facebook I was berated by people online when I said that I would use my footage from the documentary, shot at my own expense as commercial stock-shots. People in Christiania seem to have delusion that people are out to exploit and make money from them. Their community is not a mainstream subject for television. The only Christianites worth talking to are those over sixty, the rest can get a job frankly.

  8. Jag organiserar psykiatriker när det gäller att ge blinda ett inre seende i form av psykodeliska hallucinationer och vackra konstnärliga syner.
    Times may pass and fade away.
    But thoughts of magic Woodstock will aleays stay.
    I can' t get it in my mind.
    Love is blind.

  9. I get the feeling they all sit around talking about "2003 mann. Remember that shit back in 2003!. What a crazy social experiment"

  10. Well.. For those who dont know, christiania was in a shootout with police two days ago where two police and one civilian where shoot, one police in the head, suspect was later killed in another gunfire, the locas are now pissed and are throwing all pushers (criminals) out and destroying their stands. The negative part with this is that gangs are now going to fight over a huge market and it wont be controlled like it where before. Not it will spread to the entire city of copenhagen instead of one freetown. Sad..

  11. government should fuck off 🙂 government should not police peoples lives. i cant stand people calling for big daddy government to tell them how to live.

  12. Sorry to say, your videography is shit. Make smoother camera movements, and mind the lighting. I'm not interested in watching talking black silhouettes.

  13. OH MY GOD how many of you guys are talking like crazy politicians in this comment section below. It's a shame. In whichever person/group/government's hands this place actually is, people are still making bigger of a deal than they should do. If each of you guys would visit Christiania, I guess your mind will change a lot better and see that this whole argument doesn't make sense. Marijuana is just a plant. It is another concept that your country's government probably entitle weed in the same way as such organic compounds from which heroin and other hard drugs are made. Generating fear of hash is just a pathetic attempt of the government to produce opposition between consumers and drug-free citizens to gain profit in some way. In fact, when one comes to purchase marijuana, they would simply do it, whether we are talking about any country on Earth, and. On the other hand, when it comes to talking about the so-called "anarchy" we have in Christiania, I think, everyone knows that it simply cannot be taken seriously. This term is just used because it sounds cool, nothing else. My goal is not personally targeting those whose point is to keep a safe distance from weed consumption, but my advice is not to hold a grudge on the existence of this place before you have ever been here. I live in Copenhagen, I have visited these so-called "criminals" and found nothing but a huge group of relaxed people who enjoy their moments away from the troubles of the doubtfully humanistic idea of the world taken over by one-sided political ideologies. The streets were actually clean and much well organized than the casually boring areas of any capital city in the West usually. So I can't really see the point of argumentation. I hope you guys all have learned something new from me. I wish peace for all, whether you hate weed or not. Full stop.

  14. Too much camera moves. Made me feel dizzy. Maybe it's not allowed to film the place all around but at least some body apparatus to keep it stable could have been used. Oh my…

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