The Anarchist Commune in the Rainforest: Poole’s Land

so I've been told to come to the Magic Bus to learn how to grow magic mushrooms the mushroom workshop idea it's the same process for any of the edible mushrooms is the mush yeah and these are psychoactive mushrooms these ones are yeah they're called the potent because they're the strongest of the silicide family they are indigenous to the coast here and the idea of eating locally really does appeal to me so I better try one just for the you know just to do some empirical testing under the tongue a good goes straight in alright let's do this all right you're gonna compost this wood and grow mushrooms in should I be letting it go people come to Tofino just looking for something they lack in the perspective of the world I call it the end of the road gang the people who are looking looking looking going going going as far as you can to the end of the road I came to pols lab last year because I heard that it was a commune where you could live for free and get paid in drugs but I didn't actually crash here so I'm back to trying to immerse myself in the actual commune and figure out why people want to live here and I'm kind of freaked out because I hate camping I have a hardcore phobia about houses porta-potties and yeah there's a lot that I still don't know about this place it's a free-flowing organized chaos of individuals attempting to cooperate did you ever see the movie hook this is like the lost boys camp puncher pirates I would describe pools land as a hostile campground for people who want to feel loves pools in was filled the hippies I don't know if you want that they're like hippies that's amazing don't check on Yazidis and John Zito the best shows basically this shows my videos all there's people living in tree houses it's a crazy place to live kind of learn what's important what's not for me it's a place where I can work on my art I guess I was just practicing there and Poland is a community where we take care of each other a lot better than we feel the outside world takes care of their people hello good morning one of my favorite forms of Massage hammock massage where you just kind of crawl under the person and then pushing up from below this is looking west and south west to the ocean the property goes over seventeen and half acres that I came to be steward of almost thirty years ago I felt that the dominant culture was failing us and that we needed to do some demonstration project type trials explorations so you're gonna stay with us that's awesome it's kind of semi anarchistic in a sense but there's some basic rules so it's like respect all beings including fauna and flora recycle your stuff as best as you possibly can so not bad not bad okay what are the other rules oh no violence no hard drugs particularly synthetic drugs like cocaine heroin or meth I mean do a lot of people kind of come here with that expectation because even when I googled this place the first thing I saw was you can get paid in drugs and live in this community boy that caused a lot of hassle right hundreds of people showed up going where's my mushrooms I don't allow drugs here earth medicines are not drugs magic mushrooms LSD ayahuasca peyote and cannabis they are a tool to actually become more exceptional no one's died here and there's been some heroic doses hey can you do us a favor yeah can you help carry her I'm giving her a tent to sleep in it's right there oh the hallucinogens and the cannabis are part of our economy and so are federal dollars yeah you got you got it grandma buds a gram of mushrooms an hour of help a meal they're all equatable [Laughter] so you can stay here but you're gonna have to put your tents up after they're finished jamming okay couple weeks ago we had to designate numbers for our campsites so I chose the number 69 just gonna send it so here basically we just have the little awning and we'd like to do small crafts here this is all part of the experience of pools land is coming out here and trying new things that you haven't done before and not being laughed at for not making it perfect I have a big thing on recycling Oh I collect these tabs well I got a ton of them probably more than mostly anybody in the world and I make sorry make these necklaces when I came here it was just a parking lot and I'd really like to make it I'd really like to make an impact here at pools land more than just use it I want to be part of a growing society oh why did I come here I was addicted to cocaine and I was just tired of it I'm fed up I'm better than that and I just had to get away from all my friends that's the only really the easiest way to get off a substance is just to move away and not start a new life but just get away from everyone that was bad for a bit I explained my story I just asked a good life where can I go what what do you recommend and he made a spot for me you know what I mean like me he don't even know me and he let me be a part of this that's what I love about it you know just helping people that really need help [Applause] so it's getting dark I'm gonna go set up my bed most worried about having to walk around here in the dark and running into an animal raccoons have sharp claws it could easily rip right through same with a bear I got this tiny piece of nylon is gonna protect me from a bear I don't I don't think so there are bears and cougars right my boyfriend told me sup cougar dude thanks ago these people have been surviving here for weeks days years Here I am prissy little bitch from the city can't even handle a bug Oh shameful so I massage my feet every day before I get out of bed pulling up doing the spider walk pinching the webs driving my fingernails into the tips of the toes twisting and pulling this is rasping Mazzone and even packing this really gets the blood flowing so that's a bit of pounding hey Manisha hey I got some TV back you actually had to pee for like four hours and I've just been holding it in pretty much any way yeah I actually brought this Wow it's very big it's yeah it's it looks like a unicorns dick it's a shiness though it's a funnel basically that allows women to pee no one's judging a head you know what I actually think I bought this to go to a music festival either don't like going in like porta-potties or whatever oh my god oh my god it's so weird [Applause] don't pain it works well that's yeah it's kind of weird it's like this is what it feels like to have a dick cuz I was just like staring down at it and I've never been able to do that I feel disgusted by it I think I might throw it in the garbage right now make sure you recycle it well yeah somebody can use it as like a necklace they will I basically have asked people for a little bit of money and a little bit of help ten dollars a day an hour of help pays all the bills and gives us a budget to grow as well come on just heading back to pick some vegetables from the far garden so is that sort of gonna pay for my stay here yes it's half of it what's this garden that we're going to just a general garden Wow yes here's a few of these guys weed yeah they tickle your underarms these will go into a smoothie as well so you're gonna eat the weed leaves yes I can eat an ounce a day easily and have no no after-effects except strength and ability balance and and an ounce of leaves yes because I've had cancer that I've got one of the bigger licenses so this is all legal oh yeah yeah I wouldn't take chances like that just trim them fairly close to the stem like that yeah yeah you credit this with that's good curing your cancer oh definitely I think that the cannabis oil was 80% of my cure for cancer well let's move on to the next plant so yeah try not to break them okay I'm sorry that's you know that's physics at work Oh what's this these are these are jars of nutrient I call it a nitrogenous urea you've heard the word urea it's pee yes commonly known as pee look at the color of that this person is healthy and I can tell it's me I saved my own pee why do you collect your own pee um because it's a valuable resource its mouth it does I'll just put this in here too maybe this isn't the job for you Monisha well you have a powerful mind you can do almost anything with it and you've chosen to suffer that does a lot of nitrogenous oh no I don't think I can have the smoothie well I appreciate that we did it go oh they know we're here run you can call this place a political act because of the fact that people are not putting their human waste into the ocean and they're sharing meals and they're sharing food living off-grid that doesn't really work in the capitalist system is this trudeau vacation watch no means no crudo Justin Trudeau terrifies the BC coast with his plans to extend the Kinder Morgan pipeline do you feel like living here has made you more political because you're so connected to the environment I say I've definitely learned more about what being a human is and it isn't living in the city being a real human is really getting into nature I was watching dragonflies eat other flies today on the wing sat there and watched it by the pond how did you end up at Paul's so in 93 the friends o'clock would sound nonprofit society here in Tofino started a protest it had almost two thousand people living at it and hundreds and hundreds of people came from all over the world and when I first got there I was really passionate about old-growth forests and then cutting it down go in the morning to the blockade this guy stands on the back of a truck that reads a court injunction we're gonna be I voluntarily got arrested on the road I was 17th out of 986 people who got arrested them and so Canada's largest act of civil disobedience in the summer of 1993 firmly put Tofino on the international map and then that was bolstered by the designation as a UNESCO biosphere reserve which is an international designation of the ecological significance of this place but also the commitment that people have to living more sustainably here so we're looking across to Mears Island which is completely untouched unlogged temperate rainforest it's a view that we've had for thousands of years a lot of the people that left the camp wandered into Tofino because it's close to them where the protest camp was set up so in 94 I came out here and at the time I was selling lots of pot like a lots of pot Matt Poulos over the bunch pot saw this community kind of erupting all these dead heads came over the border illegally because they heard about this protest there was one guy he led this group of gutter punks through the blackberry bushes with a gram of LSD and the psychedelic experience here was invited and they slowly built that boardwalk then about six years ago was just chaos sometimes little cliques would form of people smoke and math people on heroin occasionally to sort of save the place from collapsing in on itself we hashed out some basic rules so that this place wouldn't get shut down by the town for years and years we've basically ignored cooling and the time is coming where we just can't ignore it anymore for lots of different reasons is it legal um no when you look at their rules and you look at dwellings and the way people are living the fire safety or that health codes and things like that there's a lot of aspects that are not legal yeah come on in I'll show you the procedure on the smoothie okay so there's an ounce right there actually a little bit more you've kind of had an issue when I talked about the sewage and how it grossed me out so can you like kind of explain your philosophy on sewage our cultures lied to us about almost everything and certainly sewage is it so called you know what a polite name kind of like pork for pig and beef for cows we are from a culture that is really afraid of its own we are yes we are I am afraid of most people have this mental phobia yes which is I I call that cultural abuse you've been constantly abused okay and that's I'm not okay but explain to me how the sewage here works basically it doesn't leave the site it's my place I have all these nice people over and we're not flushing into the ocean I think that should be illegal okay that should be good for now so here's the kale okay and the mint what happened to those nasty little nasturtiums they'll probably have some insects on them I hope all right now I put a little bit of vinegar in this Coco this is I collected in Nicaragua was that this Beach it was just boiling up some black cherry juice to zip into that this is a lentil soup that Beth made for me now this is actually really good but I'll test it to make sure what is it what is it then when the kimchi is really good you can actually hear it bubbling away okay what is it the spaghetti sauce yeah a little bit of Hamburg or a thing pretty sure and I know the bacteria are very happy in this one oh god oh god yeah like growling oh I forgot to put some garlic in now that is a test tube full of nutrients there pre-cooling the cannabis leaves for me there we go let's do a toast to kimchi kimchi awareness picture young 1 2 3 mm-hmm-hmm love it I am feeling so much better already yeah yeah let me get I repeat to get up the smoothie was ranked I think the biggest thing that I took away from today is everyone here is super non-judgmental it kind of makes me feel freer to act like a weirdo like unless I'm mistaken I'm still wearing a crown of weed leaves right now I want a tiara of weed what a excellent arrangement of molecules you are thank you there's a guy here who goes by the name of to girls camp if you say you're gonna do it you gotta do it and bring firewood he invited me to a bonfire I feel like he would be the guy in high school who would throw the sickest parties I just woke up my voice is not warmed up potential to fire I feel like a lot of Mayors would just shut it down and I just I think it's interesting that you're choosing not to do that I'm also kind of wondering why I accept that people make decisions about how they want to live and I think being at the end of the road has attracted a certain kind of person to come here and they chose to make this place their home because they didn't want to live under the rules that they had back in their cities or back in their countries even at the same time I believe in the power of democracy to make rules about how we want to live together and I think it's really important that we do work with Michael and with the people who live there to try to figure out something that works for everybody society well it's not perfect so he was not perfect too but actually for trying something differently we're hindered every time by the Society's normal Sam you can't do that you can't do that you can't do that but it needs to come a time when when someone's homeless they should be able to build a little cabin in the woods no problem I walked past one day and it was just a hole in the ground and the deck was all collapsed and we just started building this and it's all recycled every single piece people weren't really possessive over things here you know if they are and they're being silly because that say you lived up in the pyramid how many people have lived in it probably a thousand people so nobody has ownership everyone shares everyone suffers a little and not one person has to suffer a lot a lot of communal living situations have failed and pools is coming on thirty years now what is the secret to success here so if it's a communal living situation with like a serious religious bent it turns into almost a cult-like situation whereas here there's a lot less seriousness about what we're doing we take that need to enjoy life and then we bring that into the mix of living communally is there any central philosophy here well the empathy care about the person next to me I've seen this place change people in dramatic ways I've seen people come off hard drugs here and go through a whole process of like withdrawal and then come out of that and then come into like the awesome people what are you doing though wow this is the bathing suit founded in the free shop actually at the kitchen yesterday so come on let's go for a swim will you come for some with me I'll jump up there and I'll watch you okay jump off the deck hey is that okay it won't stink I swear I just had a shower the universe is a weird place so here's my trailer there's compartments everywhere because oh my skydiving stuff I skydive quite a bit oh wow okay why did you show me your butthole I just got it waxed yesterday actually my friends and I always say you can't skydive from the couch you got to try and get out a little more be active and have fun meet some people and try new things like nature's freaking beautiful you know looking right Jess it Oh whoa I feel like I pushed my boundary a little bit too i warrior dick I mask just like a little dress whatever yeah by how many people are coming well they then get the bonus on mushroom workshop Michael showed me how to chainsaw down plans and he's gonna use those to grow magic mushrooms this is the one we're gonna grow the mushrooms in we lay all the all the wood parallel and then just chop through every two to three inches and then we introduced the mycelium we have the box nearby mycelium is the main body of the mushroom it is just going off and it loves cardboard essentially you're gonna plant these yes step right up on this measure I'm gonna cut from both ends and I will avoid you I appreciate that I was gonna fall on top of it I actually had that image – have you been sucking on that tab of mushrooms the whole time no yes is it kicking in ah it's so hard to tell anymore yeah just handling them all the time I feel that I'm just had one with the being I'm aging I can feel you know that I've been slipping since my cancer scare so it's just over time for me to basically pass on the stewardship just be really sad and tragic for this place just to end I've invested pretty heavily in the coming cannabis industry that will give me the revenue I need to buy this place I'm confident of it sounds like what you're saying is that earth medicine aka cannabis sales are gonna save pools land oh yes I think that every city and every town should have three or four satellite communities like this that people can just fall into if they need to there's social safety net that isn't doesn't exist in the cities what do you want your legacy to be good energy have fun and and really bringing the people into nature in balance that we are part of nature and that we feed this forest in many ways the bottom line is the 10-kilometer everything that's what permaculture is all about it's super farming even if that's bacterial kimchi and all kinds of energy systems that break old habits and this is where the entheogens come into the story to help us a little bit getting everyone hi letting them experience their lives in a full way what do you hope that I am taking away from the experience at poles and expanded awareness of all these matters what do you mean you know what I mean I'm talking about the big s word you want me who's a composting toilet just be able to be responsible for all aspects of your life you did really well I think I did better at this the weed pickings huh yep this is huge I've been avoiding this outhouse the whole time that I've been on pools there's your washroom I know okay so yeah when I was a kid I couldn't even like at school we can learn a lot from minimizing your impacts and kind of being full circle with with our waste I feel like I'm ready to at least go in and witness it Wow I approach this trip with a lot of skepticism mostly focused on how unsanitary I thought it was gonna be you know it's not too bad I thought that we were gonna have a lot of friction because he's so into this lifestyle and I'm such a city girl Eagles talons are giving a little bit of scrub board he's kind of converted me does it matter if the seeds are I don't think people are too picky okay yeah vegans are so these are so big the people here have been really nice to me and I haven't really given too much bad so I feel like doing the dinner and helping out whatever that what kind of wine is this then cucumber melon cucumber melon ESA's best one that he's ever made possibly the best wine ever made in mankind everybody here is pitched in so much in the last week with everybody working together lately it's made me see what the we can do here the cook right there my goal has always been living with six families and we make you dinner one night and then we do the dishes the next night and then the next family does it it's just all about sharing and taking what you need instead of taking what you want how does it make you feel to see everyone here eating together and you know just pitching in it's a joy it's just the dream of the people can cooperate communicate I have food it's the basis of everything thank you whoa so this is one of my couples like this they started building this people are scared or they're thinking about what's gonna be next it doesn't mess up no kid you cute thought exactly that's the way we feel mm-hmm that's why we live the way we live okay I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick here thank you I will be sad to leave actually I'm so cynical you know mark but here people are really genuine it almost made me feel free to be earnest which is like I almost consider being earnest dirty word I think it's really hard to summarize Michael pools vision for the place maybe it's not complete anarchy but its freedom that's better that has to be part of his vision and he's already succeeded in that if we're gonna be real about things what he needs is investment in this place you know so that it is more sanitary and safe but I also think I also think that might ruin it I call this tsunami resistant that that low land will get wiped out in any kind of an event which is just a little overdue some say we've got 5 to 15 years to go as a species and so really it's all the more reason to express ourselves and to be here and do what we love doing to really honor the 50 or so major people in our lives and share what we can of ourselves and and whatever we got

  1. To be a place that is so free, so adamant in its promotion of self love and empathy…it isn't very racially diverse. Hmm.

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  3. I do not see you as a “prissy city girl”- at all. City girl, maybe. Prissy, no. Even dolled up.

    No offense.

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