why did you buy all of that from the drugstore can you sleeve them you really think that hides the six-packs of Viagra of course they'll know we don't have sex anymore what do you mean I think this proves we do have sex at least six times right I think we should go see what this is what are you talking about out of all the options that's definitely the dumbest one oh you're one to talk you tried to camouflage the viagra with two jars of vaseline vaseline can be used for many things I don't know if you know this but Vaseline is great to get rid of the squeaking on doors and to smooth cracks on wooden furniture dear God what is this I think it's a capsule with a baby inside how are we going to ultimate openness are you insane is this really a baby in there the last thing I want to do is open this we could adopt him adopt him how do we suddenly show up with a baby right nobody would believe us anyway because everybody in the drugstore now knows you can't get it up nobody will believe us because we're 50 that time that being 50 is like being 70 we can say it's my sister's baby and she left him with us or we can get my shotgun from the trunk and shoot whatever is in there like anything person would do oh my god it's a baby guys we have a new reporter here at the megalopolis Ville post is a hillbilly from the rural area of megalopolis Ville and he is our new reporter hmm there's something weird about you oh yeah it gated to the glasses I'm a nerd

  1. ¡Oh yes! those glasses cover any identity, by the way, I never imagine VASELINE could be so useful, I wonder if the guys of the musical knew that?

  2. Gotta be honest, I was expecting them to immediately be eaten by some spacefaring lovecraftian horror, but this ending works too.

  3. well… (grmph)… as long as.. (um) "he"(?) is for "truth, justice and the American way".. I guess it.. I mean "he"… is okay?

    Lois is not going to fall in love with it, is she? Oh God, she's going to fall in love with it!

  4. The old school Max Fliescher cartoons had a couple who discover a similar problem when on the rural roads of Kansas. Wink. Then they take the kid to an orphanage.

  5. I was thinking they should have kept driving when they saw the meteor but this is much better 😂😂😂

  6. 1:24 "Nobody will believe us because we are 50 at a time that being 50 is like being 70!"


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  8. Makes me wonder why Super boi hides his identity. Who'd be stupid enough to threaten a guy 10 times stronger than them: Oh hey lets take his love interest and parents and then threaten to kill them! That'll make him not just bust in and punch our organs out with his superhuman dick.
    . . . Superman is the stupidest hero ever. . .

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