1. This made me cry over and over. I love you all. Thank you everyone. Much love from Houston my brother Derrick* . I WILL be speaking soon in public with all who wish for true freedom. Healing first. Love y'all. I need you all. Your such an inspiration

  2. Excellent Derrick! Hated to hear you're workshop was in your hotel room…that Anarchapulco didn't give you a platform for that after months of asking. Regardless thank you for you're work.

  3. How is Anarchy even possible?There is so much power to gain through violence. Take many of the African countries without legitimate Government, or the conflict in Ukraine. Anarchy is a great ideal but is it a viable solution. Do you really think people will give up the REALness of having POWER. It is so easy to attain. Even great speakers like Mark Passio love the power of blocking comments on Youtube, so that only his voice and opinion is heard; How Anarchist… More like OneGreatWorkDictator. Let's stop being deluded by these snake oil salesmen that think there is a perfect solution. Maybe they live a meager life but that life is funded by their controversial belief/cult-like system.

    Tell me I'm wrong….

  4. Sharing a solution…..

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  5. You made me cry from joy @4:41. What a great presentation. Definitely sharing this. 🙏🏼✨💖✨

  6. One downvote for using youtube premiere feature. It's not cable television. Stop helping youtube become cable.

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