The 2 Euro T-Shirt - A Social Experiment

"7 €" "8€" "2,50 €" "7 €" "ŠATY 15 €" "TRIČKO 5 €" Lidé chtějí nakupovat módní zboží výhodně. "TRIČKO POUZE ZA 2 € " "TRIČKO 2 €" Ale nakupovali by ho dále, když by věděli, jak bylo vyrobeno? "VYBER VELIKOST – S -M – L – XL "SEZNAM SE S MANISHOU" "JEDNOU Z MILIONŮ DALŠÍCH" "KTEŘÍ VYRÁBÍ NAŠE LEVNÉ OBLEČENÍ" "ZA MÉNĚ NEŽ 13 CENTŮ ZA HODINU" "DENNODENNĚ PO 16 HODIN" "POŘÁD CHCEŠ ZA 2 € KOUPIT TOTO TRIČKO?" "KOUPIT – *DAROVAT" "DĚKUJEME TI" Lidé zájem mají, pokud vědí. Pomoz nám upozornit svět. Sdílej tohle video a odstartuj módní revoluci. FASHION REVOLUTION – WHO MADE MY CLOTHES #FASHREV

  1. 学校の英語の授業で、知りました

  2. why there is no option to get their money back? I haven't seen real sympathy in this video.

  3. 日本人の場合「買う」を選択する人が多そうだな。100均に慣れてるし、被災があっても募金しない人が多いから。

  4. i'd still buy the shirt. it's not my problem that bangladesh is a shithole overpopuated country. if they have a social problem inside their country it's their own damn problem.

  5. I see comments about how expensive shirts are not better – very true, but the point is not (just) that cheap shirts are produced under bad conditions, its about making informed decisions as the buyer. Saying "all shirts are equally bad so I will just buy the cheapest" is not the solution, neither is making 50+ dollar T-Shirts, as the production cost is low compared to other expenses and wouldn't make a shirt cost 25 times more…

  6. It doesnt matter high or low cost, the message is wrong since they talk about low cost clothes… think about h&m (low cost) and dior (high cost), both produce their clothes in china or india where people are treated like slaves…so

  7. Hahahaha stupid people you lost 2€! The company will still paying cheap to their employees and you donate instead of buy hahaha WTF

  8. Our Task

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  10. Its not like you have a choice anymore all products are outsourced and you just cant beat the prices I mean cmon realistically how many people care if you can buy a 10 dollar t shirt instead of a 100 for made in your country by illegal citizens anyway.

  11. 98% of comments= dissing the video
    2% of comments= memes or whatever
    me= Obviously if they don't work, they don't get money, but if you buy the cheap shirts instead of finding shirts that weren't made from people in developing countries, then you could help stop the companies from producing, whether it helps the people or not. They are taking advantage of these people and you guys are all complaining and saying that it's better than any other option, but do you not feel any guilt that you support terrible companies that put people to work cheaply in weak buildings and in a dangerous environment? Do you feel proud that you buying a t-shirt can cause a death of another person just because you wanted a cheap t-shirt? It's sad how corrupt people are today because they don't seem to give a shit or even think of donating because they just want a bargain. We already have enough money, look at them.

  12. The Funny thing is that all people buy a t-shirt for 10€ or more in any shop and it's made in the same place with the same girls… Like Zara, H&M, Primark… etc and all textil industries made their clothes the same way.. Very funny. This video and the machine should have the names of shops that works this way.

  13. Meanwhile Chinese clothing manufacturers are outsourcing their production to Africa because apparently minimum wages in China, Bangladesh, India and Vietnam are becoming to high. Sure, they invest in Africa's infrastructure but they also buy themselves into decision-making so African government represents Chinese interests… what a twisted, sick world this is.

    This entire project has achieved its goal… they made the accountable companies dodge the bullet in another part of the globe where shit is even more burning.

  14. Oh boy, what a mess. Yeah, good questions people asked in the comments bellow. Where's the "Return the money" button? And why should the money be donated anyways? And where to? The women will lose their jobs if the company won't sell those t-shirts. Besides.. What the hell are we supposed to wear then? Those t-shirts were just plain white t-shirts, not some desiner-super-duper supreme clothes. Damn.. Your brains are really twisted (the creators of the idea)

  15. The comments on this video just go to show how misinformed we are on the fashion industry . it's so sad that the point this video is trying to make goes so much deeper than it depicts to an audience that has only seen the tip of the iceberg on this economical issue.

  16. I can't believe these over privileged fucks on here saying " well if I don't buy shit then they'll lose their job" excuse, but yet have the nerve to complain about the disvantages we have, and be advocate about 15 an hr for mc donalds. don't try to hide behind that bull shit logic about losing their jobs if we don't buy it. If you want to be vocal about minority and women rights, you better fucking be twice as out raged about these people of color and their women. Admit your wrongs in exploiting these poor people because otherwise you're hypocrites. I'm out raged as fuck, and I want to boycott these greedy companies for killing these people, destroying earth, and their right to have a humane life.

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