The 1 Bitcoin Show- The Libra smack, 5 digit realm, Tether, Andy Hoffman, Norway Hack

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
July the 2nd 2019 strong hand be a unique beasts value your wealth in
Bitcoin having height I'm confiscating but one bitcoin equals one bitcoin
offended by selling don't FOMO on alts I think some people did FOMO on alts like
a couple days ago or a day ago ouch alright dudes I'm back in Baltimore you
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chats are welcome to ok oh I'm just uh okay I'm reading some of my notes here
having hype it's getting closer people oh yeah so let's start with this Marty
bent tweet very inspirational Bitcoin is still so raw right now that it turns a
lot of people off this is to be expected when an alien technology is dropped on
us those who are able to look beyond its current state and see where the puck is
going will benefit immensely found that like button yeah that's for all those
naysayers oh it's so slow down it's so hard to use it's it's doesn't scale then
there's that in the other just looking for the negatives look in
the future dudes watch my old videos from 2015 to 2016
when I was already looking in the future saying
well it's it's going to improve in this way that way in the other all these
other people are going to get into it you gotta look where the puck is going
not not how things are currently don't focus on the negative things that are
going to be fixed think about what's it gonna be like when some of these issues
are going to be resolved just hey or you can just be doom and gloom in the
present and come and come up with all sorts of wonderful excuses why you're a
no coin er yeah I'm wearing the Bitcoin to the moon shirt baby check it out I
think I link to it below and somewhere he's great in Australia hopefully I'll
meet him speaking about below Down Under that's where he is okay coinbase so
during my travels I noticed that coinbase has chain-link now chain-link
coin now I thought chain-link was just a total spam coin all these people bots on
my comment section in YouTube they leave so much chain link spam it's just it
click on this link I it's I erase it all but is totally spam its it's two links
that are probably steal your money I don't even know what these things are
I saw I'm shocked I'm like it's really a real thing coin base listed and of
course the it pumped because coinbase list and this I mean it was just like
the link was it liqui I thought was illegal was a total fake thing also that
people just left in comment sections but you can solve at a coin base also I mean
it's like I'm being back in Baltimore I'm gonna hear like Sicily Co I'm like
the liqui had a nice chain link nice gold chain link I mean this is these are
the again go FOMO on all coins there's there's another reason why uh I heard
there was a South Korean premium again that it was costing more in South Korea
to buy Bitcoin I haven't exactly seen the proof of yet yet if that's going on
that's something that we saw in 2017 during the the Bitcoin bull market so
maybe that's bullish for you people hey man I don't care who's buying it South
Korean Zimbabweans whatever there was like a fake story about
Bob way that was out there by the way I'm not even gonna repeat it it was fake
okay moving on about Bitcoin Zimbabwe in an insane price what is this oh I want
to remind everyone that yesterday's video I it's linked to below I told you
how to claim your BS V your B gold your PC H using the Garda wallet it's a step
by step process and how to sell it also and the the selling stuff I'm not gonna
mention any specifics right now you you watch the video you can sell it from
Garda also very privately if you're interested and anyway I only mention
this because you should never bought any of that stuff that I just listed if you
again the video is about claiming it your crypto dividends if you own your
Bitcoin and your own Bitcoin and you control your private key back in the day
when these crypto evidence came about you're entitled to it those who hold
their Bitcoin on a trésor or a ledger or whatever you control your own private
key you you get interest on your Bitcoin through the crypto dividend process MWC
member Wimble coin crypto dividend air drop it's coming up very soon gonna talk
about that later and also going to talk about a new hardware wallet that's
coming out that has come out apparently that wine Galt is talking about wine
golf might be coming back on the show soon alright so up a few people you weak
hands out there you see it go below $10,000 and you freaked out I mean well
think about that put that in perspective dudes
well some people started freaking out clearly and started buying buying alts
they start buying off they thought all my bitcoins worth now worth some now I'm
more now I'm gonna buy going to diversify for the sake of diversify out
that didn't turn out too well Bitcoin dominance went down for a little bit
when I was in the plane now Bitcoin dominance is back up again oh god guys
just stick with the real thing stick with and I get I and were you guys
listening the other day when I said the July 4th week off here that we're on a
week many Americans are taking the week off as it gets closer to July 4th more
and more we'll be taking days off that the market
is thin all sorts of crazy things are happening with theirs don't gamble Matt
especially don't gamble now when when we're all during this holiday weekend
yeah it can go down suddenly when hardly any Americans are dealing with it or a
bunch of Americans panic or not and then the strong hand Americans aren't buying
this don't mess around on holiday weekends but never mess around
hold your big coin pound that like button so I want to talk about the
five-digit realm we're in for you Fiat freaks out there and there are a lot of
euphoria freaks you're getting used to five digits now get you and so now when
it goes down the four digits it's not supposed to be that way anymore okay
that's that's understandable hey you got people getting used to the five digit
thing I remember when it was the transition from three bitches to four
digits yeah at first when he got to other you know in 2013 when it first got
the four digits oh my god and then people thought it will never get there
again it'll never get there again lo and behold he got there again same thing we
got to five digits back in 2017 and then we've had that we had the bear market so
we will never that there we'll never get there again and now we're there again
we're there again and just get used to it and get ready for that next level one
of these days I'm not gonna say what some of these peach so many newbies are
like Adam can we have your price prediction for the end of the year
no one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin it's not what this show is about it's not
about fancy sensor grandpa's go over to the bikini babes Channel or whatever go
ask a little kid on the street what he thinks the darn price is gonna be at the
end of year that's as good as anybody else's price prediction I want to have
my nephew on the show and kid price predictions he's five years old it's the
same it's just as good as those youtubers who make price predictions is
ridiculous it's for digging and then you guys need that kind of validation you're
gonna lose your Bitcoin if you need validation from me to tell you my
Christ's prediction is for dick one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin is gonna be
worth a lot more after 2020 having I don't need to give you a specific 8 8 8
8 8 web bot nonsense that you gamblers it's such as a scratch you haven't
learned anything yet I mean there's a newbie saying that is it
ask me those questions but if you're an oldie and you've been watching this show
for a while you want a price but come on and you want to tell me about your new
Oakland come on pay attention listening comprehension how many times I have to
say it again if you don't have a listening
comprehension you're gonna fail you're gonna fail big point you're impulsive I
don't know why I don't know what to say I can't teach listening comprehension I
mean it might be an IQ thing I do I don't know I don't God willing God
willing people of low IQ can have our law are below average IQ they'd have
listening comprehension – I would hate to be in a situation where you don't
have low hate to be not to have a listening comprehension all right
Bitcoin a declaration of independence Connor Colonel Swann jr. says he sent
ten bucks in the super attack thank you it's that time of year isn't it oh yeah
fourth of July born on the 4th of July that was a movie
not too pink Tom Cruise good actor though good actor he's aged pretty well
unlike well that's for the Saturday shows so I wrote but he's had a lot of
okay so Roman cue says anyone who is sad but again fancy sister who cares what
Cod Cruise looks like well in the 80 Hollywood people do that's that's not my
realm that's what that's what that's all about here no fancy sensor graphics Tom
Cruise could just go natural and look like however old he is on if he had
Bitcoin expertise but he doesn't so but he's rich though I don't join his cult
uh anymore speaking of cults anyone who is sad when bsv price goes down clearly
values their wealth and Fiat I'll take more SATs per dollar every single time
there you go roaming queue and yet I get it is natural for people about they they
have to slowly get away from that paradigm valuing their wealth in in in
dollars and just be like yes so what it's under it's under 10k again what
okay I solve as much Bitcoin or in the five-digit realm now it's gonna come
back to the five digit around five digit round baby loving it London the five
digit realm I mean and and so that you can relate to the Fiat people that way
talk about the five digit round I talked about how we've gone through these eras
good so don't panic when it dips back into the
for digital panic we're new some of the getting used to all right Marber says I
never put less than a dollar per hey just the naysayers I Stacey I have lived
through this somebody says it'll never go back to four gets just a little
number get back to five did it Fiat freaks all right
Marva said I never put less than a dollar per day in the Bitcoin if an 80
percenter can scrape together money for the snack machine they can afford to
scrape together a few dollars for some Bitcoin you better believe it and when I
was at the Burbank Airport the other day yesterday I guess I know what day it is
by the way fly out of Burbank not LAX much easier of course I took public
transportation to the Burbank Airport and of course when I was at speaking of
uh I did not eat a thing was I haven't eaten a thing for over 48 hours I'm
going for the 86 hour fast it'll be easy don't worry but well what Marber said he
says you know if you put money into a snack machine you you can afford to put
money in the Bitcoin I was walking by a coca-cola machine of course I would
never got by anything there stuck my fingers into that little trough where
the moat where the change comes out BAM 50 cents for the Meister respect the
money pound that like button and so many of your pricey hey you're supposed to
have all this Bitcoin you do all these cheap things yeah I do
town that like button so that's how you become wealthy you do to you you don't
you don't you don't need to do the fancy things I need to take a limo to LAX or
something like that no I take the public transportation fly
out of Burbank take and get quarters out of a freaking soda machine respect the
money respect the money baby that's how you do it and then you get to travel all
around and be awake at midnight and when you need some sleep and doing fun shows
with your friends all over the world here I do like you guys friends all over
the world town that like button vortex is in the house whole Mike oh my
god oh wait he says what does he say here he's out wherever he is undisclosed
location in that time zone that I was just in seriously oh he curses Andy
Hoffman but he beeped out that I'm gonna talk about Andy Hoffman in a second I
went talking about it more Dex it too bad we have to
about him at all no we gotta talk about him at all because vortex vortex my
brother people ask me about him so I got I gotta tell them what's going on they
asked me about it they asked me people who didn't he solo is big quick he did
Saul's Bitcoin but there's a part to the story now and it gave you people you can
learn lessons you can you know go decide are you gonna do what Andy did or you're
doing – we're gonna talk about in a second
so we talked about chain link we talked about South Korea um and we talked about
people throwing on all coins silly and okay Andy Hoffman was next you read my
mind so first of all Andy Hoffman's latest Sud tweet a latest thing of steam
it article he says my return to Bitcoin today oh yeah and they bought back in
the Bitcoin at $10,000 because he saw it go below 10,000 then he decided to buy
back in as he believes strong in that $10,000 now now he's happy he has a nice
twist on the whole thing he can get his MWC crypto dividend that's a nice way of
putting it he'll be able to get more since he owns Bitcoin he's gonna get
some MWC he also works for MWC so obviously I assume he's getting
complimentary MWC also for being their marketing team he's a dude marketing but
there is he sold his big they sold all his Bitcoin but when it hit you know the
hospital I fifty eight hundred dollars whatever it is and now he's buying some
back at ten thousand and he's all into you know he's into his be rhodium and
these into MWC so I mean you did I get for me I'm he sold this big coin because
he's got you know he's got a family he's 50 years I'm gonna be 50 soon here's a
thank you in Andy and Adam are not the same people at all but they can be
friends though they can definitely be friends and I have said all along I
haven't changed the darn thing value your wealth and Bitcoin don't
there's no time to sell into dollars I understand what he was trying to do and
now it clearly I mean he would admit mathematically it looks horrible it
looks horrible it just us I mean you can't deny it you sell all your Bitcoin
and low price it goes lower and then you buy
back at 10,000 so it looks bad but he has that much faith in Bitcoin aids
gonna go much higher than 10,000 obviously he'll get his crypt of
dividends again he's back on the train again so there's your answer people are
always out didn't he sell all his Bitcoin didn't you do their it it's
linked to below he explains it below but again I wouldn't want to be in that
situation I wouldn't and I think a lot of that's what I that's why I said you
cannot time these markets you cannot bow your wealth in fiat and you can't worry
just because it's you know it's in a bit we have these bear markets and
everything but again he wanted to Fiat he obviously must have paid off
something is his personal business why he needed the Fiat and everything and
people always say to me like always is there a point when you're going to need
fiat anima isn't there enough I the way I have such you know set up myself
I have Fiat in the bank that I live off of so I never have to touch my Bitcoin
so I never have to worry about any of this stuff you know running out of money
or you know supporting a family in etc etc etc I I support the mutt Adam
Meister family Adam Meister with the Fiat yeah that's in the bank I actually
have to deposit some fiat in the bank in the morning well I've got some fear so
many things to take care of when I'm back in Baltimore off these things these
things alright yeah now moving on so yeah don't even don't attempt to touch
China markets though don't be a trader don't just okay
but let's let's talk about an altcoin here a centralized one and as this this
story just broke before I wa about three four hours before I went on I I have no
concept of time anymore but members of members this is from pump
this is great members of Congress just sent this letter to Facebook asking them
to officially stop development of Libra wait till Congress finds out they can't
send letters to Bitcoin BAM so Maxine is virtue of signaling she
is threatened now in letter form of kameno letter you know the old way sent
a memo to Facebook and I'll read a quote from it saying she doesn't like what
they're doing they should they must stop right now
and of course you could do that with the centralized cryptocurrency with Libre
but as pop says where do they get on when do they go until they wait till
they grasp the concept that they cannot do that to Bitcoin and trust me they
don't grasp that concept at all yet from this quote that I'm about to read but
the funny thing is what's this this story broke
that's what Bitcoin basically broke $11,000 again it pumped right around
this time which is very odd that some in the market think it's again these are
all people trying to manipulate the market in their own way and that's where
the big boys play they see that that Facebook drops out okay
China not let's let's boost the price a little let's buy buy buy but I mean the
other day that you know that Facebook is threatened but the other you know
previously when Facebook entered the party everyone was saying Oh
Facebook's in the game that means Bitcoin is worth more so can you have it
can you have it both ways yeah you can't have it both ways that's why you don't
want to be at regular that's why you don't want to settle this guy this stuff
because it could pump on the news that Facebook is getting in the Bitcoin and
then it can pump on the news the Facebook might be getting out of Bitcoin
here's me getting out of crypto shoes you're not getting in the big getting in
the crypto getting hey guys but but could let the chips fall as they may
and just watch it with your strong hand just know that you have Bitcoin you're
getting more and more Bitcoin and if Facebook it's threatened by Maxine
that's fine maybe the Bitcoin person's dropped maybe don't get in the long run
it all even out it'll be fine Vic you have the same amount of Bitcoin but
let's read what Maxine and the gang had to say because Facebook is already in
the hands of over a quarter of the world's population it is imperative that
Facebook and its partners that's interesting immediately cease
implementation plans until regulators and Congress have an opportunity to
examine these issues and take action during this moratorium we limited we
intend to hold public crypt public hearings on the risk and benefits of
cryptocurrency based activities and explore legislative solutions failure to
cease in imitation before we can do so risked a
new Swiss beat based financial system that is too big to fail so they're
calling a Swiss based financial system because it's based the nonprofit is
based in Switzerland they do not get this at all if you read the rest of them
this disgrace they had they like insert some Russian FUD in there about Facebook
reason they just give excuses excuses why they have to meddle in a private
corporations business okay they they're just ragging on Facebook and again you
can rag on Facebook too and everything but she's doing it for virtue soon it's
not just her it's it's a bunch of people who signed it who I I know that Facebook
getting into the space is great this is where the big boys play if they're if
you want to give all your information to Facebook and let them be your bank and
let them be your currency more power to you just know what you're getting into
we you don't need auntie Maxine to try to regulate them so she can get a bride
out of them for her campaign it's it's so ridiculous and just to read it to
read it is great to read this letter is great because he's clear they don't
understand a darn thing let's go think I'll understand
decentralization or a Swiss base currency another one who also scary
Russians bought ads on Facebook who can just okay so here's the deal here's the
deal and if they're gonna have hearings on
crypto so are the hearings this can be Facebook cryptocurrency
or all cryptocurrency bring it on bring it on it should be fun and again some
people will try to thought about it they can't stop Bitcoin and I don't think
they can stop Facebook point either I even though it's centralized you put
need a Facebook likes to play by the rules on a certain level so who knows
maybe Facebook will have to adapt adopt some of the recommendations then you
know what Bitcoin doesn't have to adopt any of their recommendations and will
not so it will be great if an all-out cryptocurrency hearing comes out of this
but it might just be Facebook oriented just read the letter the men
the recommendation whatever you want to call it's ludicrous by the way Friday's
show this weekend Bitcoin is linked to below tech Baltic on te CH B alt follow
me there GG was on Benny was on Steve barber were on it was great
talked about mining digital hygiene please check it out Saturday's show is
also great and of course the last uh yesterday's show I already talked about
that I wouldn't go back to Andy Hoffman for a second and yet that he clearly
values part of his wealth and all coins and I don't recommend doing that I don't
do it he thinks diversification is all right he's written about that recently I
don't think diversification in all coins is all right I don't I don't think at
all I don't I don't pay for things that I get for free either I'm so that the at
the end of the day and he says this in the fit in the in the article he has
less Bitcoin than he did beforehand and that's just I I that's so that's the
path he's gone on I do not want to be in that situation ever where I have last
bit less Bitcoin than I previously did all right in turn well I mean ever is a
that's a long term there because again I will give it to relatives and stuff
eventually and I will buy things with it eventually that I need but what do I
need anyway now but but you gets right if you never went if you start to do
this trading stuff and start to get if you start to cross the streams and go
back in the fiat okay if you say you don't want to end up with less Bitcoin
you know and he was in a situation for a while and a lot of people were it was
3,000 forged guys you could buy it but you could end up with more Bitcoin and
many P it's not just I'm not picking on any – many people are in that situation
you see the people that are ripping on I'm not even gonna name names ones are
gonna be $1,000 wasn't gonna be $1,500 again well first it's your fault that
you're away you know you were waiting for it to go lower and lower and lower
just because some dude on YouTube and a bikini babe and a some stock market guy
we're talking about it going to a thousand or whatever that's it's you
yeah and all these people are cursing those people duty cursing curse yourself
you should have been list you know you should have been listening
to them and thinking hoping and praying woohoo I sold my Bitcoin because they
told me to now I'm gonna buy it back for even
cheaper just just like one more day it'll be even cheaper cheaper cheaper
and then it never gets that cheaper again yeah if you sold your Bitcoin
don't be greedy get it if the brace is cheaper get it back get back in the game
baby they don't cross the streams pound that like button okay we're gonna talk
about that tomorrow um all right the having show I link to his channel below
oh there Frank cast and Dini is back in the he retracted his message but he's
back in the house I was talking about him yes Frank I was talking about San
Francisco uh I was talking about gay people in San Francisco on one of my
shows I don't know that you know that Frank is he's telling the brothers out
there to get the Bitcoin hopefully you are Frank I hope so and again for a
Facebook can't I mean I Facebook Bitcoin anyone can be in Bitcoin gay people
straight people whatever San Francisco people Baltimore people good to see you
back Frank I couldn't figure you name the other day your your beautiful
Italian sounding name I could not think of it I hope everything is all because
someone in the chat was trying to troll me about gay people and he's like we're
all the gay people in San Francisco I was like well um many are in the Castro
the Castro district is that and I started talking anywhere the gay people
law says I'm like well in West Hollywood it's the gayest city in United States of
America alright so and then I start talking about France in Dini who is now
in the chat and I've just rambled on so much so once you're through no scope
says bitcoinmeister in my opinion Andy Hoffman showed his true colors during
the bear market he sold at 6,000 and look what happened yeah look what huh
that followed him should have personal responsibility though he did not tell
anyone to do what he did he did not tell anyone to do what he did and ya know we
can yeah he had a weekend so what yet a weekend at you get again you cannot put
these people I'm explaining this history I'm giving you his responses there check
it out he had a week and he did what he did
he's taking personal responsibility he got moved back into Bitcoin
he's not complaining he's not complaining he's competing he's not
complaining there you go that is that's one of things you got to get out of this
people he isn't complained there are people that are ripped
merciful mercilessly and let them let them I mean that's their opinion
everything but he's not complaining he did what he did you see how the numbers
add up now he has less Bitcoin than he did before and I value my wealth in
Bitcoin Frank said I've been watching almost every one of your shows did you
see the other I don't know what it was Frank when I mentioned you I was it was
last week it was last week it might have been this weekend I don't even know um
all right before choises bitcoinmeister is literally it's literally his job to
tell his followers what to do Adam no no no no no no that's it's not your job to
tell what your followers was it's not your job to tell for tetes it's not
you're not supposed to tell people what to do suppose the people don't follow
you because they want your I mean they want to follow you blindly and littly
they want your ideas I mean he told them what he was doing he didn't say do what
I I wouldn't want to follow anyone that says do what I do do what I do do
definitely what I do I talk about what I do I buy a whole I say God buy and hold
is the smart I believe it is a smart thing to do and I I say I don't think
you should uh I don't think you should diversify for the sake of the
diversification but I can't stop people from doing it they have to they have to
add it up well they have to add up the benefits on their own and see you know
is this guy legitimate is he practicing what he's preaching and everything so I
mean I don't I wouldn't say it's his job it's not his job to tell people but he's
not getting paid he's a he's a personality that's out there he's a per
I mean there's play of personalities out there and you can critique them and
there's some legitimate critiques against Andy now there's legitimate
critiques against ah Reb City Webb City just said something that I thought was
from a troll I came I'm not gonna repeat what you said that but he wasn't rolling
I think he's serious and Frank said I've been selling on lots of real estate and
PTSD we're happy and gay in San Francisco keep up the great work
you're my favorite pinpoint personality thank you Frank
okay you're stowing that real estate thing I know you got to do what you got
to do bad and that real estate is lucrative
there's no doubt of it get him more into the Bitcoin side more than the Bitcoin
you know pay taxes on that Bitcoin property taxes on that real I'm not
gonna ripple in real estate right now I've done that plenty of other shows
I've got a real estate guest here so uh yeah but anyway we are all the people
out there vortex me Andy whoever Benny we know I mean we give strong
suggestions I guess but we're not I'm not ordering anyone to do I I don't want
people to blindly follow me definitely I want to make that clear I want to make
that clear but uh I'm telling you what I do what my strong beliefs are and that
are is strong hand you know Val your wealth in Bitcoin just don't you don't
Trey don't trade that's what I do don't drink but I mean people do it people do
it and they'll have to learn it's personal responsibility is new
counterculture that's what it boils down to that that's what so that that's why I
because of that that's my base belief their personal responsibility is new
counterculture that it is an Andy's job and people you know he can't be blamed
because it is it's it's the person he didn't do it you did it if you if you
were inspired by Andy to sell well you sold it didn't work out well and but I
don't think too many people were he didn't say to do it either I don't think
it was supposed to be an inspirational thing when he did it he's just honest
about what he did one two three notes groups had just graduated from college
well trying to work in Bitcoin full-time looking at jobs at Gemini trying to
spread Bitcoin maximalism everywhere still thinking strong hand dude that's
awesome strong hand someone say yeah yeah Frank thank you for the ten bucks
thank you everybody for the super chats that have been given them today they're
very good I think I mention all the dudes that did it
vortex okay oh no no no I read vortexes thing I just okay Frank it's 10 bucks
Thank You Man you just let people know what a what's
smart according to your philosophy which is one of the most practical well thank
you again Frank for this super chat and thank you for this support somebody
Derek C says gold is fool's Bitcoin pound that like button baby I love it I
love it yes bitcoin is livin Gold's dream uh okay here we go vortex it brings up
an interesting point Adams advice is free and more valuable
than Andy's paid advice and he was charging for his site but he hasn't done
that for a long time so that's I think that's where you're getting you know
he's being paid for his but he's not being paid for that site anymore
so anything that he posts is free so when he says you know I stole my dick
when it was it was free it was free stuff out there that that is important
that that his goal cryptic old central isn't isn't a paid thing anymore so I I
see where you were coming from I'm saying it's his job but it's not his it
just doesn't exist so his his information is as free as our
information now when we talk a lot of oh did Richard this is good
moon fuel says did Richard launch his scam coin yet no he hasn't for me now
again now I am people you guys are the ones that told me about Richard Hart's
ego coin okay and at first I was very reluctant to even look into it because I
I don't like the direction Richard I mean did there's an expose he's on him
I'm not even gonna get into it into his past that Chris Chris DeRose exposed a
lot about Richard about Richard Hart and I don't even like Chris DeRose I think
Chris I mean I I'm neutral Chris I think Chris is very obnoxious person and but
the truth is the truth I mean the expose is expose he expose Richard Hart and
after that and then when Britt Coyne crashed from 20,000 to where Richard
became like a weak hand start talking about a theory I mean I CEOs and all
that and so I mean I know I don't you know first response is Richard could do
what he wants to do and everything okay but people started asking me about his
ego coin he's there like Adam you talk about all these crypt of dividends why
don't you talk about his crypto dividend and I read about it at first and I saw
how you had to sign up for the etherion stuff and and I was hesitant I didn't
want to do madam asked I was very hesitant and because it was Richard
Morrison yeah and and I could see he kept talking talking talking about it
but it wasn't happening and then and and those of you from over this show then
somebody told me about this sir any immed in which basically looked very
similar to what Richard Hart was proposing and it was already in effect
oh I I played around with the sir any amino Mehta mask and everything and I
I've covered this other show and it was pretty easy to do and it wasn't like
nothing could be stolen from me or anything like that you know I was a
little worried and so what the sir any 'm crypto dividend airdrop bitcoin
airdrop was is exactly what Richard Hart is proposing and so if Richard actually
did this I would do it I would get the free Richard Hart coin or whatever it's
called hex coin I would do it because I already went through the process with
this Iranian so I thought the Serenity was a great learning experience now
there were someone in the comments session one day that's like well sir any
I'm ripped off with Richard what Richard Hart did Richard Hart hasn't done
anything yet sir I am you could get the freezer any 'm and again you hear me
naming all these altcoins and stuff dudes I'm just naming crypto dividends
that you get for free from air dress that the heck's that Richard Hart is
proposing and thus Iranian which is already out there which I I talked about
in on previous shows numerous times so people the people are saying ass or
any um ripped off Richard Hart I mean this is open source type of stuff they
got it to market before he did I mean it's it's clearly is very unhappy that
the claiming is gonna be the same way as Richards is because all these 80
percenters who are into his ego into Richard's ego coin and they are gonna
think that's it's gonna be his eat if he ever doesn't and I hope he doesn't I
hope it doesn't because all these 80 percenters are gonna pump it and it's
it's it's got all these complexities whatever just give it to me for free so
I can dump it to all these people that like his ego and you know and he could
do whatever he wants to and sell people's personal don't give personal
information but people say he's gonna sell personally I don't know what he's
gonna do I don't know all I know is it's gonna be the whole claiming process is
gonna be very similar to this or any insane and I got that under my belt
already so that so will he ever I hope he launches it I think it's completely
ludicrous that he hasn't because he's been talking about it for so long from
what I heard again I had not watched his show since he's been on my show so it's
a very long look I haven't watched his show since Bitcoin went from 20k
down and he started talking about aetherium that was it I just saw like
that I totally ignore him and I only hear about him do people telling me
about this hex thing so there's a little bit of uh I usually don't talk about
other person like that and in that light but there
there someone asked about it so there you go um Oh God
did my chat this is there's so much more to talk about that I have here it's a 1
2 3 no scheme says it's unfortunate that newbies are tricked into be rhodium by
Andy rather than getting straight into BTC well again be rhodium is of is an
airdrop that people should have got for free it's a big coin crypto dividend
that people should have got for free and and and I mean that that's that that's
my thought on the whole thing Rick Richard went from now again I and
people call it a scam I mean it's an altcoin it is an altcoin if you if if
all they it it's it is a Bitcoin crypto dividend but then again people do
there's there's bad there's lots of cryptid dividends that people were
suspicious of and everything like that again my I know I I don't want to rip on
Andy for uh I mean he admits that's his job he's uh he is an altcoin marketer
that's what he does and I are people getting tricked into be rhodium that was
at your point once you three knows scope I mean personal responsibilities a new
counterculture you know they don't have to buy they don't have to buy things
that they could have got for free they want to buy any all coin and and Andy
clearly believes what he's selling to that's the thing he bought that he so to
say that he's standing people is that's that's taking it to the next level he
believed he really believes this thing he really he buys it he's one of the
biggest buyers of it he's put it all out there so it's it's not these trying to
dump it on people he believes it and again he's got he's taken he's had quite
a journey from gold guy to Bitcoin guy to all coin guy to valuing his wealth in
all coins which he does partially he values some in Bitcoin also uh Richard
went from calling bit and this is one two three new SEO also says Richard went
from calling Bitcoin fifty thousand during late 2017 bull market to a week
hand in yes in the 2018 bear market and that's when I had enough of him and
again sorry you're gonna say well why did you why don't you cut Andy from
your list of what I personally know Andy I hung out with Andy and and again Andy
does not have these are these are two different typing in every every one you
got a judge differently okay um there no expose about what Andy was selling in a
past life or anything like that people need to make their own decisions and
take personal responsibility there you go one two three people that's the
bottom line the whole thing look at we're we're talking about personal we're
talking about personalities here's a little bit too much all right
oh yes so the having show who has his own channel and slink to below he
reminds everyone to get your Bitcoin off exchanges because a Norwegian exchange
was just hacked and they're gonna sort of reimburse people sort of not good
that they're even sort of reimbursing people is like a miracle
guys it's just another and Norway smart rich company this country people are
still keeping their Bitcoin in exchanges there and they all got wrecked
watch the having show he's from Norway i link to the article and i linked to him
below uh okay i so i was gonna talk about tether oh my god and we're so far
into this thing okay we're gonna talk about tether real quick here the the
Jess pal says the latest surge in Bitcoin has been okay this is the latest
urgent Bitcoin has been accompanied by big volume in tether watch as cracking
CEO Jess pal talks to some dude about this the controversy over the stable
coin and it's much to do about nothing that is linked to below I think the new
tether that's being created is simply reflective of new dollars coming into
Bitcoin exchanges ecosystem ninety-nine percent of the time when the tether
supply goes up that coincides with new US dollar coming into Bitcoin II she's
alright so he's saying it's blown out of proportion you can watch that yourself
I'm not gonna get into that and again I don't think I've covered a little many
shows that it's it's not tether that's pumping up Bitcoin and that people love
to tether flood there's all sorts of fiat that's being printed that people
were throwing into Bitcoin because they want to be inflated away okay this Fiat
bear roaming shoe says this Fiat bear market exposed people who need to be
exposed I only learned for people who hold well it is exposed we cants and
build build don't preach don't preach magical charts
exactly UK Bitcoin Master said hey
bitcoinmeister just woke up there's a strong man for you
town that like button UK bitcoin master Brian oh okay I got to go with us all
now I'm gonna let I'm gonna save this for tomorrow that there we go that's
something I talk about tomorrow and I'm gonna talk about that the the fee thud I
just talked about that today I'll save that for tomorrow I'm not gonna talk
about that inflation I'm gonna talk about max Hillebrand giving a warning
friendly reminder that the web site web web wasabi wallet org is a phishing site
the only official website is wasabi wallet aiyo
be very careful people be very careful alright we won't talk about Forbes
clickbait we talked about Monday show okay we'll talk about bond got I got it
i got we'll talk about wine golf and this uh tomorrow about this other
hardware wallet that just came out it's linked to below now but i'm gonna erase
it erase that link so people don't get confused was it just we've been i've
been on the air now for a very long time and people like we had a great
interactions today didn't we but there is one thing oh yeah i want to talk
about MWC again is a airdrop that you're gonna get for free prep their dividend
and chris the dude behind it has a video out that's we demonstrate how to send
funds generate proof with it and validate proof with the MWC cutie wallet
and block explorer you can watch that video
these guys they're gonna have a real wallet ready when we get a free MWC so
that's good that's that's good and finally finally
link to below is a tweet a Bitcoin of mine video clip Bitcoin flashback from
January 1st 2016 bitcoin is a facebook IPO type opportunity for regular people
Bitcoin was worth $425 and I talked about buying ten so that's a fun one to
watch again let's see if there anymore that is it that is it dudes its but
we've been on the air a lot I got to go to sleep and we'll talk about the other
things that you see linked below tomorrow there will be a show tomorrow
of course i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this view shows video check out the
links section below pound that like button bang that bell button yeah I will
say hi to you guys in the chat Bitcoin to the moon

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