Testing a Travel App | Culture Trip | Episode 2

Hi guys it’s Jeanet and welcome back to my
channel also if you’re new here I post new fashion, lifestyle and travel videos every week and
today I’m actually filming during my holiday, so sorry if this place seems unfamiliar and sorry for the echo. There literally isn’t a room in this house
that doesn’t echo so I kind of tried to choose the one that echoed the least but yeah, otherwise if it weren’t for the echo this would have been so
perfect because there’s literally no other sounds like bothering in the
background so that would have been fantastic but oh well, anyway so today I
thought it would be a perfect opportunity seeing as I am on holiday
to test out the next app in my: “Testing New Apps” kind of series, well not new apps, new
to me. But today we’re actually going to be testing “Culture Trip” which
is a travel app that’s supposed to help you find cool and interesting
places to check out while traveling so you can literally just insert the place
you’re traveling in and then they’ll suggest some places to check outs for
example where I live they suggested that I check out a restaurant that you can
take your dog to which I was like yes please. So we’re gonna see what kind of places they suggest for the area and I’m
gonna take you along with me on that and otherwise if you do enjoyed this video
please consider subscribing and liking and comments um thing or other down
below yeah so let’s move on okay so first things first is I actually went on
to the app and I typed in the location that I wanted it to suggest activities
for and then it showed me a bunch of like most article type guides for what
you can be while in George or Knysna which is the location that I was asked so the
article that I she clicked on was top 10 things to do
along the South African garden routes and that actually gave me a ton of things to
do now unfortunately one of the things that
I was quite keen to try was the whale watching and upon further investigation
we found out that it was a bit expensive especially for a local it’s you know
it’s clearly made for the tourists and it was just a bit too much but then
there was also the Transport Museum and I would have actually liked to go there
but we had gone to a vintage car shop the previous day so we ended up skipping
and that but I promise we did actually end up going to some of the places the
jesters the first one would be the featherbed Birchers and that was such
great fun it it was absolutely amazing it was so beautiful and the guard on
board was really nice and actually had a lot of interesting things to share about
Knysna and George as a whole and that was actually quite fun to learn something
about my own country that you kind of are ignorant to so yeah definitely
something that I would recommend and it was very affordable which is an absolute
bonus. Then the second thing that we actually ended up doing is that the Tsitsikamma canopy tours which is basically, I don’t know if you guys know this I
didn’t know it before but it’s basically like a Fufi Slide type thing where you get
to like experience the treetops via fufi slide kind of thing it’s very safe but I
would definitely unfortunately not recommend it for people with a fear of
heights my mum has a fear of heights
and she did end up enjoying it but I do think it was quite a challenge for her
and once you are there, you can’t really go back and the other thing
is it is quite far away from where we were staying. I think it was
about two hours from Knysna itself so yeah that’s definitely some thing
to consider and if you drive two hours to get to the Canon tour then you
wouldn’t want to get there and realize oh I definitely don’t want to be doing
this. So yeah please keep that in mind if you decide to try this out. Then a little
last one that we sort of did is stay in a beachside castle on the South African
coastline. So we didn’t actually stay in the one of the castles at this place
it’s called “Noetzie” and it’s almost a bit of a private beach you have to walk
down like a hill and then you have to climb stairs and then you’re on the
beach and it’s beautiful it’s so so beautiful and they have like a
collection of about I’d say four or five different castles there and I mean it’s
literally just weirdly enough people who bought the ground there and they decided
to build a house that looked like a castle and I think maybe the one took
inspiration from the other and then it kind of snowballed from there and you
ended up with five castle like houses looking out over the sea and it’s so
secluded we were literally one of five groups of people on the beach it was
absolutely amazing and what was actually quite cool is while we were there the
four other groups that were there with us were all forming crew so that was so
cool to see I personally think it was like a Bollywood movie
because there aren’t really a lot of South African movies that would make use
of that to take in the top of setting so that is also definitely something I’d
recommend it’s just kind of a a piece of niceness but oh this this is something
that you need to know that is that’s the like the area that you have to go
through to get there is very dodgy like I mean I don’t know what the average
overseas person’s definition of dodgy is but just like multiply that and then you
probably have a good idea of the area that you have to go through to get to
the beach so the actual beach itself has a guard, like it’s all very safe
and sound but going there you don’t stop you don’t open your windows you don’t do
anything just drive so yeah that was awesome I really enjoyed that. Overall the things that we could do that wasn’t outside of our budget or our time
constraints were absolutely amazing and I do enjoy the fact that this app
suggests that it for us it was really a good idea not anything that I’d have
liked to have seen added to the app is maybe like a portion in the app where
you can maybe check out reviews for the place or just like even a star rating
without any written comments or something like that would have been
great because then you know you know that it’s not just a random article that
they wrote because they wanted to or something like that I mean I know that’s
probably not the case but it would have been good to kind of see what other
people’s thoughts were on the experience oh I’d say the app gets about a 7 or 8
out of 10 because it did give me quite a few suggestions that I wouldn’t
have known about had are not looked at the app and the other thing is it’s
quite user friendly and you know simple so that’s really nice but yeah if they’d
made those are the modifications that I mentioned they would have been a solid
team but yeah I think eight is a fair number and I really enjoyed the
experience anyway I really hope you found this interesting or helpful if you
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you have an app that you’d like to see me try out next otherwise I’ll see you
guys again next time bye

  1. That sounds like a great app! I’ll definitely check it out next time I travel. The canopy tour looks like so much fun, and I definitely loved the “castles” that you could stay at!!

  2. Oh this sounds interesting! When traveling I’m always last minute and this seems like it would help me get some good site seeing in while on vacay. The vintage car shop looks super cool! Canopy tour looks exciting and adventurous.

  3. Jeanet, this was such a great find! Loved the footage on the water. Shame you didn’t stay in the castles but the solitude of it is definitely a plus! Our beaches are always soooo crowded!

  4. Love the canopy tour! I want to do one so bad I’ve seen a few people do the zip lining. Was itt like a town you had to drive through that was dangerous??? We don’t really use the word dodgy here

  5. This seems like an awesome app! Sometimes when I travel, I find it challenging to find different things to do so this will help tremendously

  6. Haven’t heard of this before! So cool. I’m traveling next weekend I might download it for that trip. Love the castle

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