Tesla S repair process  by bluecollarkyle  2nd part     frame machine, universal jig

so I got both frame rails all jigged up previously on inside the body shop alright so I got all my fixtures set up on this bench should be the lure the car should sit right on those fixtures so I got the car all mounted down to the bench so I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna go ahead and get this one cut off [Applause] [Applause] all right I got this side frame rail all mocked up with all the jigs sitting exactly where it's supposed to be these are all locked down tight so there's no movement in it that's exactly where it sits I'm gonna flip that one sip right now and I'm gonna go ahead and cut this set apart I'm gonna do a rough cut and hack the bulk of the rail off then I'll start dissecting it back in that area where it slides into that pocket so I'm gonna get this one cut apart now [Applause] there it is all right so I got both frame rails all jigged up there fitting in there perfectly I still have some prep work to do on them but I'm waiting on there's seven nuts that go on the inside of these frame rails on each side and there's bolts that go into them and we didn't get those nuts from Tesla and their specialty nut that have to come from Tesla there's nowhere else to get them from so we're trying to get those as quickly as possible but I can't really go any further with this one until I have those until I have those 14 nuts so I'm gonna let this I'm gonna put this one on the hold I'm hoping we get those in the next day or two but until then this one is gonna be on hold I'm gonna go dive into the next one so I have a Toyota 4runner here I just pulled up on the frame rack this one got hit in this left front corner it's getting a new bumper a new fender new headlight and a bunch of the parts in the front end and then all this apron area this is all pushed then you can see the bolts sitting side of this for everything being rolled back but I think all this is gonna roll back out I'm gonna make a couple pulls on it and walk all that back out and see how it comes out and then I'll have to start fitting everything together and get the headlight and get the headlight fender and hood and everything else to off it correctly [Applause] so you guys can see here I'm doing some side to side comparison measurements and when I come over to this side this top is still in just a little bit somebody will pull on this upper tie bar I'm bringing that out rest of the way


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