Telling the Truth About Socialism

conservatives may be discouraged by the latest surveys confirming that nearly one-half of Millennials are receptive to living under socialism and equate capitalism with greed but instead we should use this as an opportunity to educate all Americans about the failures of socialism Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson revealed at a Heritage Foundation event that between 2000 and 2012 the rate of absolute poverty in the world fell by 50 percent that the poor in the world are getting rich at a rate that's absolutely unparalleled in all of human history but unfortunately young Americans are unlikely to hear this news peterson says that because of the technological revolution in order to attract attention and make money the media is turning to the old journalism adage if it bleeds it leads they obsess over the latest school shooting and bloody street riot and yet the rates of violent crime in the u.s. have actually plummeted in the last 50 years this brings us to the urgent task of exposing the trending delusion that socialism is just another political system senator Bernie Sanders representative Alexandria Acacio Cortes and their fellow socialists carefully omit any mention of the principles laid down by Karl Marx the founding father of socialism like the abolition of private property and control over the production of goods and services and decision making socialists stamp out religion but worship Big Brother they bring down corrupt dictators but Institute a dictatorship of the party after gaining independence India walked a socialist path for years it led to a never-ending cycle of poverty and economic deterioration finally indian leaders began looking to economist Adam Smith also known as the father of capitalism rather than Karl Marx to guide their economy and today it boasts the largest middle class in the free world modern socialists believe that the world has become so complicated so complex so globalised that regular citizens just can't manage them for example this is why they believe it's imperative to nationalize health care since the little people can't be trusted to make intelligent informed decisions about their health care conservatives must step forward to tell the truth about capitalism and the better life it has brought to billions of people the diversity and freedom of choice it celebrates the individual responsibility it encourages and its rejection of government planning that always leads to dictatorship

  1. (The TinyURL links redirect to Audiobooks of the two books mentioned below)

    You will NEVER understand Marxism unless and at least you read/listen to the German Philosopher Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit" Here you will learn and understand Marx and Hegel's foundation philosophy and line of thought.

    And after you've finished that, move on to Formative Early Writings by Karl Marx
    If you don't understand our position and philosophy, you can only keep dreaming about arguing against Socialism and accomplish NOTHING intellectually and in the practical world. I sincerely urge you to spend time with at least these two books if you really, genuinely wish to counter Marxism.

  2. Ok but neither Bernie or AOC are actually Marxists. I get we don't like communism a stuff but this is kind of dishonest.

  3. It sucks!…Taxes, taxes and more taxes!…And create more taxes!…To pay for all this free Shit!..

  4. I can't believe we live in a day and age where this message has to be spelled out to people. As if the mega-deaths of the 20th Century under Communism weren't warning enough.

  5. come on, youtube… make this video go viral… oh yeah, your algorithm only promotes leftist crap

  6. Look at Europe in the next 50-60 years. I am 100% certain that there will be mass eldery poverty despite people working all their life. The taxes for socialism are so high that nobody can invest privately and has to rely on pensions. The problem is that those pensions have a negative growth you get less money back then you pay in at 0% growth. If you would invest privately over 40-50 years everybody would be a millionaire at age 60-70. If people would just go to work and care about their own future there would be a bright future ahead of everyone that works but socialism destroys that future by taking so much money in taxes away that privat investing is next to impossible. America will still be great in a 100 years while Europe will be fucked unless they change the pension system to funds.

  7. Trade unions are however a necessary voice for the working classes. Lasseiz faire capitalism is terrible

  8. I grew up in a communist country. Beware the wolf hiding in sheep clothing!!!!!!!!!!! Don't fall for it!

  9. Socialists are losers whose parents gave them one too many consolation prizes for failing as kids. So they go on failing as adults and become entitled to it.

  10. Good video: thanks for sharing it! Expose and oppose Socialism for the fraudulent evil that it is!

  11. Oh, wow, this video could not be more wrong.
    Socialism is not some evil dictatorship thing. It is, quite literally, let's give poor people things they need in order to, you know, continue living.
    Like health care or food if they can't afford it. And hopefully shelter. Keep it minimal if you want, but don't let your citizens die or turn to crime just to be able to sustain themselves.
    Socialism is literally capitalism that allows poor people to compete. Thank god I don't live in USA where this "freedom to get robbed to death by healthcare" is forced upon me.

  12. It isn’t really socialism- it’s Marxism. It kills initiative, kills the economy, eventually kills the society that votes for it! It never Never NEVER works. Don’t be fools- wake up- we live in a county with amazing freedoms that are being eroded Daily!!!! Our constitution is beautiful, and our opportunities are endless- this generation of indoctrinated puppets along with the “Democratic/ Marxist party will strip this country of everything good and hopeful and right. Do not allow this to happen!!!!

  13. Wow, talk about mindless simplification. This takes the cake. 'All things in moderation' …. 100% capitalism is just as crazy as 100% socialism. Let's take the best of both!

  14. Ahh.. Sir Jordan Peterson said that…The international authority on everything about everything, the specialist, that have read only one book of pure propaganda (The Gulag)…OK then, i believe you…

  15. Absolute poverty fail by 50%….. Would you mind list the country that contributed to that the most? Is CHINA, a country run by Communist with Free Market Economy.

  16. regarding the things that jordan peterson talks about, they, themselves don't know about, so how can conservatives talk about them?

  17. For all you christian capitalists out there,may I suggest you read Act 2:44-47 and Acts 4 32-35 and you will find the first socialist commune in recorded history.People who saw Christ ascend,were saved and filled with the holy spirit,and their "better angels" led them to non-violently share everything they had,not exploit everyone and everything in performing the works of the devil (human ego-greed) of "stealing,killing and destroying" ,all the while lying that their motives are altruistic,which capitalism and egoistic totalitarianism (some of us might say what's the difference?) have excelled at without parallel in human history.The revolution is coming and it will be broadcast and televised.For nature (some of us might even say God) abhors,and will not support forever,the gross imbalances of wealth and power that capitalism defends and tries to sanctify…………………

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