1. there is a reason why there is people disliking this its because this guy has bad hearing and its not the was no war its like is "there was no war" and yes i disliked this too.

  2. The revolution was i lie lol ill give u my id5"identity" lol meaning government id but ull never have my way of thinking and doing things duh lol and taking my id comes with a free bullet on the house @,,,£€¥¥€¥®®©©%¶∆¶×√•✓[]][,😈 your probably wondering where the purple devil came from lol i can't remember there may have been a huge gift exchange where the purple one is free lol i dont care that there pretty evil. Fact is there free. They don't have to do anything lol i think the only thing there professional s at is vengeance and seduction. Sigh you can't tell them not to do vengence they love that and im pretty sure they like the person that freed them more than you. Just a silly imagination thought scenario for you to think about.

  3. Eh, I actually like this song, and I'd probably be considered an anarcho-communist or something to that magnitude. I don't really think that she's criticizing anarchism at large so much as simply giving insight into her own experiences with the specific scene that she became involved in (for the typical "bleeding edge" middle class reasons, or so it seems). It's also unclear whether this is a fictional story from the perspective of some sort of archetypal protagonist. There are many different anarchist schools and movements, some of which are horseshit and filled with vapid nihilists, hedonists, and sociopaths. Generally just violent people who embody the deconstructivist elements of transgressive thought, but offer no constructive hope for the establishment of solidarity. It seems that this is a recollection of either a real or fictitious experience with being involved in the wrong one. Maybe simply being in the wrong scene is what led to the disillusionment, and counterintuitive to the principles of anarchist thought. Now that anarchism has become coopted you get all sorts of edgy teenage kids trying to emulate it in the most asinine, aestheticized way…which makes it very difficult to have a serious left wing anarchist movement. I suppose that punk is a sort of gateway for young nihilistic people into serious anarchist movements. However, some of those people simply continue to embody the sort of intrinsically adolescent mentality which often makes anarchism appeal to them in the first place. So, you just get petty identity fighting, and scene policing, and it becomes manifest that it was never really about class war of solidarity, it was about ego. The same toxic bullshit which is characteristic of the normative capitalist state trickles into even the movements which ideologically counter it, but psychologically reinforce it. Capitalism isn't just an economic system…it's a form of mental colonization which subsumes and liquidates everything in its path. Even movements which claim to despise capitalism, and our current system at large might be psychologically congruent… egotistical, selfish, power hungry, easily corrupted, seduced by aesthetic posturing, etc. In fact, many of the quintessential youth anarchist type people weren't all that affected by class warfare in the first place. Their sort of common views on government seem to be a pretty transparent proxy into the notion that they've never needed to rely on social programs to actually be able to eat meals, and their view of state authority is sort of a caricatured supervillain due to the lack of any positive interaction with government benefits. By they, I mean white suburbnite anarchists I'm not saying that I love the government, but I would intuit that the sorts of people who just want to burn the edifice without any responsibility probably have a decent amount of class privilege. So, the revolution is sometimes a lie, used as a sublimation of unreconciled elements of the human subconscious, especially during compressed periods of hormonal development…ie adolescence, or neo adolescence.

  4. You wouldn't have shit without Western Society. We'd still be living in the stone age with women having no rights, and people dying from poleo. Anarchism is just biting the hand that feeds you. It's just a hipster fad by depressed nihilistic 20 some year old children at this point.

  5. I came here from Baby im an Anarchist what is a pretty good Song.
    This sounds like Nickelback and the lyrics suck too.

  6. the revolution is not a lie. I'm 18 and a anarchist. to all the young anarchists, let's rise. fuck this band. they sold out for the money. this song proves it. listen to the real punk rock. this is a corporate band. listen to the exploited, crass, the germs, the unseen, the casualties, a global threat, youth of today, youth brigade, riot brigade, gang green, SS decontrol, SS kaliert, naked aggression, krum bums, the bad engrish, icons of filth, the last priority, the runts, copsickle, MDC, AAA, anthrax, Black flag, circle jerks, etc. don't call this shit punk, this is corporate.

  7. I am an 11 year old anarchist this is my favorite band in the entire world and beyond ……………yeah

  8. Heard this band for the first time last night as a support act for The Gaslight Anthem in London. They were great!!

  9. I just learned my favorite band Rise against made one of my favorite songs, "Architects" as a response to this song. Ya'll should check it out. It's basically instead of i was it's like i will be again. if that makes sense. It has the line. "Don't you remember when you were young, and you wanted to set the world on fire? Somewhere deep down, I know you do.". it's just like a lot more hopeful. Idk thought it was a cool fact.

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