TechnoNazi Tyranny: Social Media Giants Classify Christianity as Pornography

love it church rut anything less than that anything that perverts that anything that changes that that tries to read it buying Christ is something else Jesus is something else is false doctor running for those that are only after your money and they use one gimmick after another one foolish thing after another to get your money right the religious walking did pretend to follow Jesus because religion is their meal ticket it is their profession it is their status in society they dominate religious events but there is no life in them the ends of the world responded to the hour we've all preached the boat if you're truly strip bill if you're the Spirit of Christ that bears with you right now what I'm saying like to pour it in your heart disciples are not satisfied with what the crowd desires they need much more from Jesus the urine to know the deeper things of God therefore they separate themselves from the crowd to pursue Jesus the teacher bringing the Holy Spirit of God back into the church back by prayer back by obedience back by confession until he takes over we read on the first hand how does the world know that we're his disciples if we have love for one another but then also asked the question how does God know that where is disciples if we keep his Commandments if we obey Him because it's not just a matter of believing you know I know you're right I know what the Word of God says I believe the Word of God but do you obey it do you obey it you know what sort of people beat them before God not so much that there are so many sinners their comedy phrases used to fight fight to defend for that eight that was delivered one time to the Saints not multiple face one doctrine was delivered for all time and we are to contend for that dog not for your denominations doctrine but for that doctrine that was delivered during those 40 days between the resurrection and the Ascension from churches there's no there's no there's no soul-searching there's no churches were the words that leaves you cold there is no sense of God because they don't know God run run from churches where you're comfortable in your says we are entering the climax stage of mankind's existence a showdown is coming between God and mankind the temple Europe so when they say that they're cousins there's good in the bill the third temple say here it's already here brothers it's already here it's mobile it's on the move it's got legs it's walking around this temples going all over the place it's not stuck in Jerusalem it's going to Jakarta it's going to Hong Kong it's going to download Switzerland it's going to Shanghai it's going to Mexico City this temples on the move where the temple we're it we're the temple yet never know there's a devil until you're see if you want to finish the race you know cross the finish line you want to hear the Lord say well done thou good and faithful servant you're gonna remain consistent you're gonna you're gonna adhere to sound doctor you're not gonna chase everything beloved Church run anything less than that anything that perverts that anything that changes that that tries to read it buying Christ as something else Jesus is something else this fall stock running through those that are only after your money and they use one gimmick after another one foolish thing after another to get your money right the religious walking did pretend to follow Jesus because religion is there a meal ticket it is their profession it is their status in society they dominate religious events but there is no life in them the ends of the world are positive to the eye we've all preached about if you're truly stripped bill if you're the Spirit of Christ that bears with you right now what I'm saying like the cord in your heart disciples are not satisfied with what the crowd desires they need much more from Jesus the urine to know the deeper things of God therefore they separate themselves from the crowd to pursue Jesus the teacher bringing the Holy Spirit of God back into the church back by prayer back by obedience back by confession until he takes over we read on the first hand how does the world know that we're his disciples if we have love for one another but then it also asks a question how does God know that we're disciples if we keep his Commandments if we obey Him because question will there be any free speech left in America in the year 2025 stay tuned we're talking about it on today's edition of true news this is true news I'm dr. Burkhardt welcome to the God cast for Wednesday June 12 2000 19 I'm Kerry Kinsey and here today's uncensored news headlines Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam called for a return to order at the close of day that saw police used tear gas to stop protesters from storming the legislative chambers that's where the lawmakers intended to take up a bill allowing extra additions to China the Legislative Council delayed its debate on the proposal after thousands of demonstrators swarmed the government complex in central Hong Kong that led to scuffles with police at the chamber doors the protesters called for Lam to withdraw the bill they say the bill would blow up the legal wall intended to keep the Hong Kong justice system separate from China's will carry a lot of people on this side of the ocean don't know why these folks are so up in arms but as we'll see in this report people in Hong Kong don't want to lose their freedoms according to the New York Times the Hong Kong government has proposed an extradition bill that will allow case-based transfers of suspected criminals to territories it does not have agreements with including Taiwan Macau and mainland China The Guardian reports that opponents of the bill say it is being pushed by the Chinese government setting off fears that Beijing will be able to use it to extradite political activists dissidents and other opponents in the City on Sunday over a million people marched the streets of Hong Kong to oppose the extradition plan the mostly peaceful protests turned violent after midnight after police with batons and pepper spray clashed with demonstrators attempting to occupy areas around the Legislative Council complex despite the opposition the government has no plans to change the bill's wording or withdraw it from legislation chief executive Carrie Lam has reasoned that it is necessary to prevent Hong Kong from turning into a fugitive Haven and claims there are human rights safeguards in the bill that meet international standards and are in place to protect the city's unique freedoms the growing popular uprising isn't the only major problem facing Beijing these days China as well as much of Asia is seeing millions of pigs becoming in fact infected with African swine fever which is highly contagious and also incurable the current outbreak was first reported in China's Liaoning province in August of last year but it has since spread to every region of the country well dr. Chinese rely heavily on pork for their national diet but the current pig population is decreased by nearly 40 million according to government officials nearby countries including North Korea Cambodia Laos Thailand and Vietnam are also reporting outbreaks the US has not been infected with the disease in large part because of its reliance on factory farming in the pork industry that keeps way ticks and other carriers of the disease intensive veterinary examinations of swine that enter the country from areas with known outbreaks it helps as well this is potentially another factor that is played into president Trump's hands as he attempts to break the trade impasse with Beijing the current top Democrat contender to square off with the president in 2020 has made another flip-flop former Vice President Joe Biden has changed his mind on China check out what he had to say during that campaign speech in Iowa last night that we told you about on the god caste China proposes real challenges the United States and some ways the real threat to the United States but Donald Trump is only exacerbating the threat in a danger now just a few weeks ago the former vice president chided President Trump for suggesting China was a major threat but like so many other issues so far in this campaign season it seems his readers have evolved imagine that we have some odd news out of Iran where the spokesman for the country's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps made an announcement to dispel rumors no one in Western media has been talking about a few underground news websites have been reporting that the well-known IRGC generals have been caught trying to flee the country or were arrested for spying on behalf of Israel Ramadan Sharif says that these rumors are part of an enemy disinformation campaign using criminal social media networks and general media but even the US State Department's Radio Farda hasn't reported on the rumors Sharif mentioned specific generals in the statement all of whom have not been seen since Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appointed Hossein salami as IRGC commander in chief in April Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says his country is ready and willing to act preemptively against Iran he said that at a memorial ceremony for Israel's fourth president ephraim cat sir it coincided with reports from Syria that Israel had launched missile strikes in the southern part of that country likely aimed at Iranian bases there Iraq has announced that it will not participate in the Trump administration's deal of the century conference in Bahrain later this month now this move comes just hours after Jordan Egypt and Morocco all announced that they would attend the summit aimed at providing economic support for the Palestinian economy well meanwhile the Palestinian Authority is urging Egypt and Jordan to reconsider their attendance at the Manama summit June 24th calling their participation a severe blow to all Palestinians Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates both say they plan to attend the economic workshop in bahrain's capital a new report says date books for senior Israeli officials including strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Arad on shows that the Mossad Intelligence Agency has been employed against the BDS movement and its leaders now these covert efforts to undermine the boycott movement reportedly include mass awareness activities hmm Russia's new PR s1m aerial defense missile is being described by one german magazine as a doomsday weapon that's meant only to be used in a war that destroys the world although it's not an offensive weapon it's much faster its hypersonic and it produces a kill zone one-and-a-half times greater in terms of altitude and range than the missile it seeks to replace the 53 t6 Chinese researchers are turning to old technology to detect and defeat high-tech American stealth fighters like the f-22 and the f-35 using old-fashioned high-frequency surface wave radar they say it's possible to detect a stealth aircraft while avoiding modern anti-radiation missiles now doc these systems take up a lot of space and cannot be moved but can only give the targets general direction that would require a larger network to establish information about triangulation but they're very cheap to produce and in large numbers could be incredibly effective against stealth aircraft it's being a radar this is a story that's flying underneath the radar that we're keeping a close eye on the Democratic Republic of Congo's Ebola outbreak has crossed the border into Uganda where a five-year-old boy has died of the disease and two of his relatives have now tested positive World Health Organization officials are now scrambling to find out how the boy and his family crossed the border and more importantly who he came into contact with along the way yeah Duncan the w-h-o has struggled to contain this outbreak of the deadly disease but in the meantime cities across the u.s. are becoming overwhelmed with thousands of illegal immigrants who've come from ebola-stricken countries just in the past week alone US Customs and Border Protection said it captured more than 500 people from African countries who are trying to cross the southern border with Mexico desperate House Democrats are once again pushing for contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General William bark in Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross over the so called citizenship question that's being planned for the 2020 census questionnaire now the Justice Department has informed House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings that President Trump is now claiming executive privilege over much of the documentation he sought related to the census question and doc it looks like the DIMMs political attacks against the AG are related to his ongoing probe into the origin of the FBI and Justice Department's Russia collusion investigation of the Trump 2016 campaign house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows tells us what's coming next I'm telling you Attorney General Bill bar there there on this case and what we will find is this whole conspiracy case and actually the whole case against the president in obstruction will start to fall apart as we look at transparency and make sure that the American people can judge for themselves and that's what they're afraid of so they're gonna try to inflict as much damage as they can right now because there are better days ahead for the President of the United States as it relates to this particular investigation well the American Medical Association has voted to push state lawmakers to enact new laws to allow for children to override their parents refusal to vaccinate and more American families are opting against vaccinations and public health officials are trying to pin the blame for recent outbreaks of relatively minor infections like the measles on anti-vaxxers the AMA believes the only answer now is to allow so-called get this mature minors to make informed consent decisions infringing upon their own parents Authority yeah mature minors you and I call them teenagers doc and they're already allowed to make similar decisions without their parents permission our knowledge when they go to abortion mills and now the magazine Teen Vogue wants to make sure young girls know how to do it they've published an instruction guide and are prompting the murder of unborn children there's nothing to be ashamed of now the author of the instructions in Teen Vogue Nona Willis Aronowitz who had previously described herself as part of Jewish radical feminism wrote to a 16 year old girl who wrote to the magazine having access to abortion should be your right regardless of your parents beliefs she then admitted herself to using a morning-after pill with her mother's assistance when she was only 15 years old that's tragedy in itself Carrie got that right talk time for our good news headline for the day Ruth Hilliard of Halifax County North Carolina just celebrated her birthday one week ago today she turned 106 years young Wow I get this the former schoolteacher was born before there were stoplights bubblegum and ballpoint pens she credits her long life to her faith in God and while her vision isn't as good as it used to be she still recites Scripture on a regular pace of stock carry Ruth told raleigh-durham TV station W TVD her favorite scripture reading in Psalm 91 verses 15 and 16 and says he will call on me and I will answer him I'll be with him in trouble I'll deliver him and honor him with long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation she says God has used her life in longevity to show the world the value of that passage from the Word of God what a blessing today great news there carry a story like that just warms your heart does it does well we love to hear from our viewers and listeners we like when you share your prayer requests visit Trudeau's calm and use the true news app on your smartphone to submit your need for prayer we pray over each of the requests sent to us on a regular basis we'd like to share a couple of those requests now here's the first one dear Rick first thank you for being obedient to our Father in Heaven truth is scarce in this fallen world I know he answered my prayer years ago when I happened upon true news here are my prayer requests salvation for my entire household salvation for my Jewish secular Talmudic husband who turns into an imp when I say the name of Jesus and prayers for my health thank you and God bless Michelle Michelle thank you for supporting true news but don't be so hard on your husband just pray that our sovereign God will engineer circumstances in his life that show him a deep and desperate need for Jesus Christ revelation 21:6 says then he said to me it is done I am the Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end I will give to the one who thirst from the spirit of water of life without cost all right well wow that's an amazing request there thanks Kerry for that here's another prayer request dear Rick please pray for me as I'm having a very difficult time financially right now I feel like I need to change jobs and I'm asking and the Lord direct me well thank you for all that the entire staff does on true news to keep us informed I pray for you and send a donation whenever possible I look forward to your program every day your friend sherry sherry won't you know that we pray not only for your request this morning during our time of devotion but for all of our viewers and listeners out there that are looking for changes in the life as far as job decisions are a concern and for financial needs and no matter how you got to where you're at sherry the number one thing that you should always remember is that God is always bigger than any financial problem that you may have Philippians 4:19 says and my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus well coming up on our panel discussion I'll be joined by Trinity's founder and host Rick walls and true news correspondent Edwards all social media sharing site Pinterest has been discovered labeling some conservative and even Christian content as pornography is this the beginning of a greater onslaught of tech censorship coming our way maybe even sooner than we think stay with us for more but first let's take a break for a word from our sponsor the Holy Bible here's max McClain from the listeners Bible comm with a reading from the Word of God from first Peter chapter 3 how should we respond to the unbelievers around us listen to the Bible from first Peter 3 who's going to harm you if you are eager to do good but even if you should suffer for what is right you are blessed do not feel when they fear do not be frightened but in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have but do this with gentleness and respect keeping a clear conscience so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander from first Peter 3 listen to the Bible right for the soul well you are watching true news and I'm Rick walls the age of techno Nazism has arrived in the USA and if it's not stopped here it will spread around the world until nobody remembers a day when people had freedom of speech freedom of thought and freedom of religion over the past three years your true news team has spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars attending technology conferences around the world our purpose was to gather information and inform you about the radical transformation of society that is now underway unfortunately many treaters fans foolishly condemned us criticized us and refused to watch any episodes of our coverage from technology conferences now many of those same people are griping and complaining about censorship a free speech on the Internet well we've done our best for 20 years to tell you about a new tyrannical ideology that is rising upon the world it is in communism it's not socialism and it's not fascism it's a new ISM the Holy Bible has a name for it it is the fourth Beast the Bible says it has teeth of iron to devour its enemies it will make war against the Saints of God and I don't like this part but the Bible says it will prevail against them until the Ancient of Days comes to put an end to the madness well those of you who griped and complained about our technology conference I hope you wake up I hope your eyes are opening up and you realize what we were trying to tell you for years the reason we attended those conferences was to give you eye witness reports of the scope of the technology empire that is being built maybe this stuff's gonna make sense to some of you now last week I told my wife Susan that the next wave of censorship will be directed against anybody who speaks out against vaccines I had no idea at that time that Mike Adams would be the first take down Mike has known as the health Ranger he's the founder of natural well Facebook took down the natural news page I want to read to you from an article published by Ars Technica calm now you'll remember that Ars Technica is the tech news web site that employed Peter bright a KA doctor Pizza the pedophile journalist who rapes children this is what Ars Technica reported quote Facebook on Sunday removed the prominent health and conspiracy site natural news from his platform and bandits in sinner arey founder from posting content in an email to ours a spokesman for Facebook confirmed the removal and said only that it was over violating our policies against spam quote under those policies Facebook does not allow people to use misleading or inaccurate information to collect likes followers or shares into quote no the article goes on to say more specifically it prohibits sites that encourages likes shares or clicks under false pretenses and those that artificially increase distribution for financial gain among other things I wonder if that includes Facebook's three billion fake accounts well the Ars Technica story went on to say Facebook's decision comes just a day after the Daily Beast published a report into the wild far right conspiracy theories that have become staples on natural news the Beast article noted that natural news began as an alternative health site that railed against evidence-based medicine in town it who this of this organic food that's a conspiracy theory in it and unproven natural remedies and pseudoscience all the while Hawking supplements the article says over the years it has morphed into a conspiracy Laden smorgasbord of far-right theories now between pop-up advertisements for probiotics guides on diets that supposedly prevent parasitic infections and an article claiming that sprouts are a superfood natural news readers find articles with headlines such as this is what the left has become targeting retarded children for transgender and dr. nation lock Burkhardt and Edwards all have more on this troubling story of censorship and America guys it's here it's not this is no longer a warning right the censorship is here yes the techno of Nazis are now marching and I asked at the beginning of this show will there be any free speech left in America by the year 2025 now this what six six years away sir six and a half years away at the rate that we're going my answer is no there will not be any free speech left and to put that date in perspective for our audience think of the time you first got your first smartphone that's how far away this could be you can t remember that time at this point about in 2009-2010 most you actually really got a self in 2000 that's routine you know so in that time period you may no longer be able to trust what you're reading on your TV your computer or even on your cell phone I don't trust it down that's not the point Edward I won't be able to say that I Trustin right your access to the platforms will be eliminated your access to any any alternative view other than what the technologies want you to know you will not have access to it and if you're caught exposed exposing their lives if you're called opposing their tyranny you will be banned from all technology the and with Mike Adams in Natura in natural news this is a major hit because he had three million followers on Facebook this isn't you know just some sort of niche site out there you know serving a couple hundred people talking about you know whatever they're talking about this is three million people that suddenly that had put their trust and their their viewpoints along with Mike's and now it's gone talk Mike Adams is a good guy and I really resent watching the techno Nazis slander him destroy his name and reputation make him sound like he he belongs in a nuthouse well with this let me remind you again Ars Technica calm that wrote that article they are the ones that employed dr. pizza the child rapist right who should be banned who's the danger to society who are the extremists appears to be these men who are going after Mike Adams but if if we oppose their tyranny they're going to crush you this is what why we have been trying to tell you I've been talking about the new Nazism for 20 years I've been trying to tell people it's coming it's not coming anymore it's here yes it's now eating your lunch we're in that state now where the beast ISM is here yes we're operating here true news on a day to day basis knowing that they could deep platform us across the board we will continue because we're doing God's work we will continue I don't fear them but I know that they are systematically removing people and voices that opposed their agenda and their agenda is radical yes it is radical and when I told Susan last week hey they're gonna go after anybody that says anything critical about vaccines right again I had no idea that it was coming up within a week it would be someone that we know yes I mean so close to home so if you oppose if you if you say that not all vaccines are safe if you say that some vaccines have caused damage to people paralysis autism autism inflammation then your your voice will be silenced all right this is the extremely the extremism of the technolon sees they they're building a world of genetically modified food genetically modified creatures it's a fake reality yes everything about them fake is demonic they're Luciferian we're up against a Luciferian empire this is this fourth beast I'm telling you my friends the fourth beast is now is not a revived Roman Empire oh I wish it was I wish that's all we had to deal with was a revived Roman Empire this critter is far worse than a revived Roman Empire this fourth beast is a revived Luciferian government that ruled the world before Noah's Great Flood yes that's what's coming back they're getting ready to bring back their God Lucifer and these people are a hundred percent sold out to Lucifer that's right if you think that they're just left us or they have liberal views you're so you're so deceived and and naive about what you're facing these people are Luciferian they're evil they're wicked yeah they're serving Satan and we have so many Christians right there looking where's the beast where is he coming from what what direction what nation who is he where is it folks it's here it is here in here the whole time if you really read revelation that system has been here it only been growing now for two thousand years the Artie people are using that very system to research about what the fourth beast might be think about how many people spend their time on the incident on YouTube on Google these popular social media platforms are reading the Bible as they're reading the Bible yeah it's my go I'm sorry I was just going to say that that you know so many Christians in America the Christian Zionists deceived because they believe there's going to be a secret rapture that removes them before the fourth beast appears right that's so we don't have to worry about so why you even read about it well I study about it right it's here and you didn't get raptured you're you're gonna live inside the fourth beast Empire it's already here now let's talk about my right has Mike Adams had an opportunity to respond to this yet I sense a deep platformed him from Facebook he's not completely deep deep lat Wow no he actually has his own platform a bright Ian it's a version I guess a comparable to YouTube and he has his own website still hasn't been delisted as an IP but the what he said is we actually have a sound light from his statement he gave about two days ago when he knew this was coming and he heard the news that his facebook now had been shut down Mike said that what's happening is it is an attempt to enslave humanity and create hell on earth Micah also went on to say as you noted in your opening Rick that this isn't this isn't the first wave but also it's it's really about the stance he's taking on health would it be vaccinations 5g he said that this is a form of fascism but it Mike's not seeing the full picture but what he laid out is that what has happened to him will happen to every single person that opposes the beast system that is forming that's right that's right I hope Mike I pray for him that he comprehends the biblical aspect of what is taking place because it's not political it's not financial spiritual it is spiritual it is a Luciferian Empire to bring back Satan to rule the world all right that that critter is going to be one ugly nasty vicious Empire and the Bible says it has teeth of iron to do our yes its enemies do we have a we have a video of any mics response yes we do we have I must be number 10 for control the tech giants are the modern fascists they are more dangerous than Adolf Hitler in terms of their long-term threat to humanity how many humans will be subjected to genocide how many humans will be murdered by abortion policies how many children will be killed by vaccines how many people will be harmed by 5g cell networks or geoengineering of the atmosphere or even herbicides in the food supply that's my area of expertise as a food scientist we quantify a glyphosate atrazine and other weed killers and also heavy metals in the food supply but these tech giants the facebook twitter and so on they no longer allow anyone to speak any view that is a form of dissent against the quote establishment so what is the establishment well the establishment it's all lies it's all it's the vaccine industry it's the big pharma for-profit industry it's the fake news left-wing media the same left-wing media that put out fake news against Trump and they've been doing it to all of us and what we know about those attacks is that they just make up anything they want they just fabricate total lies they don't care about facts all they care about is controlling the narrative and so their new narrative is that they say natural news is bad because natural news talks about how to prevent cancer how to overcome cancer if you already have it because cancer can be reversed in so many cases not every case especially after a person has gone through chemotherapy or radio therapy which is ionizing radiation you can't necessarily reverse that cancer at that point but if you haven't gone through those toxic treatments then there are so many ways to reverse and heal from cancer and millions of people are doing it all over the world but that view is not allowed to be staying in and these authoritarians detect giants and the liberal media all they do is they they pick the targets of who they want censored and who they want silenced and they try to take them out you know one thing I Mike said I would like just a comment and as it's not just the left-wing media oh okay the establishment controls the left wing in a right wing that he's I mean did I say right it's not just the left-wing media the establishment controls both wings of the same bird in America the the old American Republic that I knew growing up that I loved the patriotic America that I knew it is it is in the claws of a Phoenix and that Phoenix is flying to Babylon and that Phoenix has a right wing and a left wing and it's it's flying the American people to Babylon okay if you're in that left-right paradigm Republican Democrat any that stuff you don't get what's taking place we're sold out on all sides yes all sides we've been sold out okay the Luciferians have control of all of it it's just a few pockets of resistance remaining in this country now some of you in other countries and I read your posts on social media and you're going where your countries in the same yes I agree it's gone insane I've been telling people that for years America madness has taken over America but here's my warning to you once they finish us off they're coming for you you're not going to escape this right we're putting up resistance to it here in America so if you're a Christian and another nation please pray for the saints of God in this country most of them don't even understand the nature of their enemy but for those of us who were on the battlefield those of us who are who are spiritual commandos going deep into the enemy territory please pray for us but know this if we don't stop this thing in America it's coming to your country this thing desires to be a global Empire so I don't know where Mike will go from here look if this continues if this continues the pharmaceutical companies will eventually persuade the FDA to ban all vitamins all natural foods okay look they're already starting to introduce laboratory-grown meat right into the marketplace we saw that at CES the chosen 19 it's already been over the month or two ago the first Jia Jia mo was salmon was approved all right they're going to start growing meat in laboratories and when you go to your favorite fast-food restaurant you're going to be eating a fake hamburger you're going to go to the grocery store and buy a pound of fake hamburger or a fake steak and you won't know that it was grown in some big corporations laboratory this is the nightmare world that they're taking us into they're changing God's creation why because they want to be God they want to do exactly what Lucifer did before the flood it's why God destroyed it he said he regretted that he ever made mankind because they were destroying his creation the Bible says God is coming back to destroy those who are destroying the earth so God is an environmentalist he takes us very seriously he created this planet he created the universe and he's watching these Luciferians destroy his planet destroy the animal kingdom the plant kingdom changed human DNA why they want to change human DNA so that you can't be born again that's where they're going with this to change the DNA of humans so it will be impossible for a human to be born again they want to create a race of soulless creatures on this planet Noah was the only one who was pure in his generation it was the last one who had not been defiled by the DNA altering that was going on in the world at that time I'm telling you they're gonna take their remove natural foods from the grocery stores from from the vitamin shops from the this is a take down all across the board they want to remove anything that God made they want you to live in a plastic world that they made they want to separate you from the Creator and it's a tiered system because you think of men like Ray Kurzweil a very advisor to Google renowned futurist he takes upwards of 200 vitamins and supplements a day huge proponent of organic food and other things that Mike Adams odd was been criticized for by Gizmodo and other outlets today because he's smart enough to know what they're doing yes but he would be on the side of censoring Mike Adams that's right he wants it for himself yes and that's where it always is the elite want all the things that they don't want the rest of people – right and they don't want the people to know what they're doing to them right to make themselves rich and powerful now to give you an idea of how this thought police movement is is working au s senator who's one of 6,000 Democrats running for president in 2020 the New York senator who replaced Hillary Clinton Kirsten Gillibrand Gillibrand his Gillibrand Gillibrand is it Jill yes I was always saying Gillibrand I know I have it corrected today – so it's Gillibrand sir all right yeah dispel it right if it's with a J spell Oh with the G all right make it easy on me so kirsten gillibrand wants to have a litmus test for anybody that's appointed to a federal court if she becomes president which means nobody who disagrees with the techno Nazis agenda would ever be appointed to any federal judgeship now she equated having pro-life views for the protection of unborn human babies she equated those views with racism with being a homophobe with being against black people all right this is her warped thinking we have a video of this whack out whacked-out senator making these extreme statements I want you to hear it for yourself here she is Miss and I respect the rights of every American to hold their religious beliefs true to themselves but our country and our Constitution has always demanded that we have a separation of church and state and all these efforts by President Trump and other ultra radical conservative judges and justices to impose their faith on Americans is contrary to our constitution and that that's what this is and so I believe that for all of these issues they are not issues that there is a fair other side there is no moral equivalency when you come to racism and I do not believe there's a moral equivalency when it comes to changing laws that deny women reproductive freedom first of all senator gillibrand there's no such thing as separation of church and state it doesn't exist in the Constitution and the founding fathers never wanted a religiously sterile nation that's true they simply prohibited the Congress from favoring one Christian denomination over another that's what their thinking was at the time they didn't want Washington to choose the Presbyterian Church over the Anglican Church or the Baptist's over the Methodists they simply said Congress shall make no decision no law all right establishing a religion so that whole argument is phony it's absolutely phony and by the way that's only for the US Congress all the states are completely free to establish a religion that's right the finest of them oh if I said it wouldn't work with an immoral nation our entire country our system a constitution not enforceable the people that were Rick is saying it's within the powers of the states if they want a state religion from Florida they could establish one absolutely and their rights in every town and county could establish themselves what other under whatever religion they wanted to recognize that's constitutional and and in fact most state constitutions have in their preamble that their rights our rights come from Almighty God right so anyhow her whole argument is it's communism it's where it's the only place that had the word separation of church and state was the Soviet Union Constitution all right now she talks about don't impose religious views on Americans well the slaughter of 65 million unborn babies only happened because Talmudic Judaism was imposed on us as Christians because it's Talmudic Judaism that teaches that an unborn baby is not a baby that it's a fetus Talmudic Judaism teaches that is that the baby is part of the mother's flesh it's not a life to itself Talmudic Judaism teaches that life does not begin at conception it begins at birth so everything that the courts have decided in America is Talmudic Judaism and I reject it I reject all Talmudic Judaism it's from hell the Holy Bible says that the child life begins at conception and so Talmudic Judaism has been shoved on me and all other Christians in this country so senator Gillibrand your views are erroneous and it's time that somebody stands up and confronts the lies that you and others are telling so that you can continue to murder babies you talk about freedom of choice does the baby get a choice and whether to die no the baby doesn't get any choice at all senator gillibrand parents usher had a choice didn't they should they were pro-life they were pro-life does that mean they're racist then – yeah senator Gillibrand's parents were pro-life he's bad that they weren't pro-choice we see the mind trick that cheap is pulling on everybody in the sense that you talk about racism in this country right now everybody hates racism right you hate racism you you know you don't want one race favored over another doesn't matter if you're left to right you ain't racism and that stirs up emotions and thoughts well she just now equated a pro-life ideology as racism yes and therefore a pro-life ideology is as evil as racism yes right which is pure doublespeak because the majority of those who were aborted are from and not aborted killed murdered in the womb live in urban areas are african-american or minority of lower income but the point I'm trying to get across here is the attack on free speech yes what she just did doc just outlined it she Senator Gillibrand now moved the debate on abortion to if you favor the right of unborn babies you are as bad as a racist now I through a kind of a mind question now senator gillibrand you're a murderer I figure out a mind question to you guys earlier today out throw it out to our audience to if you're a liberal yeah you're a left-wing liberal and you're in this mindset you're progressive which isn't progressing anything at all do you believe in the woman's right to choose a constitutional right to choose an abortion as a as a leftist yes or no do you believe in that let's say they say yes all right so they say yes as a left-wing leftist progressive do you believe that you're born gay they would say yes okay so let me ask you this question with Eric would a woman have a constitutional right to abort her gay unborn child you mean a mom and dad as they're told by a doctor we've we've determined that the baby in your womb is going to be born gay right and the parents say we don't want a gay son right or a lesbian daughter right so would the parents have the right to choose to abort an unborn Bay a gay baby right that's my question what would they have that right I mean using that logic of the other two questions I just asked then the next logical question would be of course they would have the right but what would the left say about that they would throw a conniption fit wouldn't they well the left would say you can only abort white Protestant males straight straight straight white Protestant males it's going to get to that point it would be mandatory abortion Oh think about that yeah that's where we're going with this story abortion if you're carrying a straight white male because you've got a racist baby in your wound it's going to disrupt Society really you think that sounds bizarre folks that's where these people are going yes they are techno Nazis they're techno Nazis all right let's move on project Veritas they they blew the whistle on how pinterest is banning pro-life and christian organizations from the pinterest platform how are they doing it Edward that's how they're doing this Ric is initially they were classifying any the pro-life organization I hate live-action org they're classifying them in the same category as porn so if you tried to drop a link or share stories share something the live action had written about on the Pinterest social media platform you would be unable to do it it would either shadow ban it or outright not allow you to post link to your friends and Paulina let someone say why does it matter what is it even what is this even a story well Pinterest has over a hundred and twenty five million active users inside the United States and over seventy percent of that traffic is driven to the purchases for household products and 81 percent of those 125 million inside the United States Rick they're female so this is the platform for products this is the platform that women United States and how are they banning pro-life and Christian content they have worked into the algorithm the algorithm the back and the coding behind the platform Pinterest they've worked in that if you try to put in certain terms let's say it's Bible verses Bible teachings Bible studies even Christian tattoos or maybe the word pro-life or even pro-life you will be shadow banned blocked or banned your stuff will not even show to the public what actually happened to live action org is that their content was being basically completely censored and Project Veritas was able to see and get the evidence for this final whistle blow this goes even deeper Edward this goes even deeper you're talking about if me as a user I'm trying to find something on Pinterest what they're doing is making sure you don't see it that what I know doc they're making sure that what I want to see never gets on Pinterest in the way that they're doing it is that they are putting Christian organizations or pro-life organizations they are listing them as pornography you get this they're equating Christianity with pornography and then the Christian / pro-life organizations go into their computer systems labeled as pornographic yes then when a user types in something for that organization such as as Project Veritas or one of the other live-action live actually we're hedge zero hedges a medium Zero Hedge is not a Christian site they just tell the truth about the financial system alright so if you put if you search Pendergrass for something regarding those organizations you basically get an error report you know why because that organization internally in Pinterest has been labeled pornographic yes therefore it will never come up on your screen think about this my they're called my god they're called my Savior pornographic yes you filthy no-good trash you're filthy trash and you you people in these tech companies you're filthy trash you calling my Savior pornographic and yet you employ child rapist you you allow you poor you tech companies you allow pedophile websites to exist on your platforms so children can be raped but you call my Savior Jesus Christ pornographic you filthy pile of trash I should just walk off the set right now doctor I'm gonna die so fed up with these people I am so fed up with I really should just turn this off right now before I say something that is gonna get me in a lot of trouble it's what they're doing they're calling my Savior porn yes one of the Christians gonna wake up are you up is the Christians in this country are you just going to continue sleepwalking sleepwalking into the concentration camps you know what I got a lot more I probably got another hour and we're gonna go a lot deeper into this but it's not for today as I'm gonna get myself in trouble if I keep talking okay I'm gonna say the rest of this for tomorrow and then what we had planned for tomorrow I'll just roll it over to next week all right guys I guess we're gonna go a lot deeper into this and we're gonna show you we're just gonna follow the money trail and it you know where it leads so thank you thank you for spending this hour with us please spread this program to everybody you know I this would be the censorship is here the technolon seas are marching and I don't see Donald Trump doing anything to stop it you want to know why because Jared and Ivanka like it that's why by the way her name is not Ivanka it's jl krishna she changed her name when she became a Jew her name is Jael Kushner so from now on we've referred to Jared and Jael Krishna Jael aka Ivanka all right we're gonna be very very specific and with her names she's not Ivanka Trump she's Yael Kushner a caballes in the white house both of them are caballes and they're running they're managing Donald J Trump and the reason Donald Trump's not doing anything to defend you and me is because the Krishna's want you and me to be silenced we're going to talk about this tomorrow here on true news god bless you see you tomorrow god bless you you

  1. It is already here. And we will be speaking to the choir as our voices are silenced. Most will be deceived but all of us will suffer because of it. They will realize we are right when the shiny boot crushes their heads.

  2. The age of "Techno Nazism" has arrived? It's been here for over a decade! So, why is law enforcement ignoring these serious crimes? Why aren't they doing their job? There are innocent Americans that have no freedoms and are being covertly tortured with these technologies… Why?

  3. Would you knock it off with the "N" word? Use your brain man …..

  4. GOD is continuous and the devil is digital; which can be changed with a flip of a switch(O's changed to 1's). Heavy metal is a means by which witchcraft can affect innocent people by the magnetic/electrical surges they propell from their hands… get rid of heavy metals from your body; get your ph balanced; flush your fluids with water; then minerals and vitamins are needed with rest!

    Prayer protects! Praying for our victory…

    So True, GOD is an environmentalist… The last Righteous soul — are we at this point again, Rick? Vitamins have DNA in them already… I found some and I was shocked. These people are taking over any food which the masses eat, one must cook from scratch! Just a suggestion…

    Rick, minorities are the larges group using "late-term"-abortion as a means of income generation; I knew people who did this and told me to mind my own business… So understand that the new cabals needs specific blood types which are being found in minorities; therefore, they want you to have abortions and even babies because you have no control over your placenta if born in a hospital. Unbelievable! This is about a blo_dmap which exists in Normandy, France at the D-Day ceremony which was revealed by POTUS on the 75th Anniversary celebration. will send you a link… delete after reading, please

  5. when the jesuse and mohamad forbid the intrast they didn't know the only way out of this mess that comes evrey 10 yeres and distroy so many life to lessan to dam

  6. i do my best but they don't let me to shear you program us democracy jerald dad say to invank if you don't become jow you can marry my son but eney where else if your mam is not jow you cant be come jow my mom was jow then god she bekame moslem to marry my dad 80 90 years ago wasent like now . now the jow with 15 million wants to run the world but i think she was marknsr jow same time she called me jason my dad javad i lake jay the last 100 year the jow became zionist and so wild then god my mom chang to slam i m ashime what the jow to to plastinan the way they are going they distroy the human only for money interests is the name of there game chrishantd and moslem forbidd you to make intrest they are fighting with gods law they can't ge a way with ited

  7. god siad you are complete with weif and kid is god willing you want to see the hell then do it you will see who is stranger l

  8. the zonist teach you to have bastard kils but only with jow even your oncal in quran namd mohamad 4 times but bane isreal 109 times the god dose not like the jow moses left them for few day they made golden calve he couldn't bleive it first h brother what that meins my boolad was with you and you did this bit the kow want eat this

  9. Secret Rapture is fake? Paul is talking about it in korintians 15. In Matew in 24 also.
    You dont beleive in Rapture?

  10. The logic of these narcissists is God the great Creator who created human beings and sacrificed Him for these extreme narcissists and these same humans is God the logic of a snail


  12. NOAH in herew means COMFORTABLE! If I write this name using Cyrilic you see what it is HOAX!!! In Russian this personality is called NOY it came from a word NOLL (ZERO). But there is a very interesting thing, becaus it is also a verb in the imperative form and in English it's WHINE!
    Then there is a story of WINE, after falling E you get WIN. It's the agenda WIN and drink WINE. WON OWN NOW NWO. It's the instruction how to conquer the world. But the best way to hide it is to put it right infront of your eyes in stupid stories!!! And make it the most popular in addition making money of it!!!!!!!!!!

  13. BOYCOTT FAST FOOD RESTURANTS because the meat already is not real and includes Human and Animal parts.

  14. BOYCOTT FOOD because the meat want be real and also the meat includes human and animal parts just like China.

  15. It said in America that Trump stands there and watches it all happen and refuses to do anything about stopping the Censorshop because he is part of the NWO. Fact

  16. Big Tech is blasphemous . There will come a day when we will have to brush aside all this technology . You had better have a Bible ( book ) .

  17. Rick and Team, I thank The Almighty Jesus in the splendour of the Most Holy Trinity for you all. I would like to thank Him in His Real Presence of the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist but in the present state of the church infested by WITCHES as Catholic Priests I am forced to make this distinction.
    Thank you JESUS ,protect your truth as Thine Love we poor sinners cannot and will not understand.
    Mater miserericordia. Ora Pro Nobis.

  18. Using "NAZI" with a negative connotation gives me the impression you guys are controlled op. I am a whole hearted chirstian but this use of this language confuses me.

  19. Itโ€™s technocommies not nazis. Commies suppress any dissent. Nazi would only suppress homosexual and degenerate speech and anything not healthy for the spirit of man. Get your facts straight. Nazis are pro life and pro gun too. Commies are anti gun. Better figure out what side youโ€™re on or you may just be as crooked as Ben Shapiro.

  20. It's weird you'd throw the word "Nazi" around as a negative considering you're a leading light in the antisemitic community.

  21. That "Presence" that you are feeling [The Phoenix] is indeed the Return of our Ancient Empire, however, this time, the Originator of the Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereign Moorish American Nationals is come. There is nothing to fear if your intentions are clean and match what proceeds out of your mouths. No more lies about who you are and who we are. Peace to you and Grand Rising to the Moors.

  22. ุณุงุฒู…ุงู† ุงู…ู†ูŠุช ุฏุงุฎู„ูŠ ุงู…ุฑูŠูƒุง ุดุฏู‡ ุงุณุจุงุจ ุจุงุฒูŠ
    ุงุณุฑุงูŠูŠู„ ูˆ ุฌู‡ุงู† ุดุฏู‡ ู…ุญู„ ุจุงุฒูŠ !!!!!!!!!!
    ูˆู‚ุช ุงู† ู†ุฑุณูŠุฏู‡ ูƒู‡ ู…ู„ุช ุจุฒุฑฺฏ ุงู…ุฑูŠูƒุง ูŠูƒ ู†ฺฏุงู‡ูŠ ุจู‡ ูƒุงุฑู‡ุงูŠ ุงูŠู† ุณุงุฒู…ุงู† ุจูƒู†ู†ุฏ.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ุŸุŸ

  23. @ 44:59 The 'gulp' in reading body language this is called a tell. Could it mean something like this, I'm swallowing the truth so I can spit out the lie?

  24. That Gillebrand, or whatever her name is, is a demonic dirtbag and political prostitute for sale to the highest bidding Luciferian source.

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