1. The answer…….. Get off of these sites……… Keep your children off of them. Social media is destroying our relationships, country, and world.

  2. Sorry.. There is NO upside to social media. Because how in the hell did this world survive without it? I think their would be a whole lot LESS teen suicide without it. Social media CAUSES moral decay and more suicide and way more isolation. You all need to have a big old cup of "shut the fuck up"!!

  3. No. WRONG! Parents shouldn't even let their "queef chips" even have cell phones or lap-top computers. And kids need to fucking toughen up and "embrace the suck"! OMG kids today would literally die if they had to face the horrors I had to face when I was a kid twenty years ago. And there is NO innocence about sending a naked "selfie" all over the internet and YES they SHOULD be :shamed"….

  4. And exactly WHY is anyone's Face-fucker page ANYbody elses business other than those in your Facefucker circle? Certainly NOT any corporation's business. What the fuck is any company doing perusing a potential employees private business on Face-fucker? What ever happened to the 4th amendment? No Company should be looking into anybody's Personal business or digging into their credit history unless the applicant is a known felon. WTF???

  5. One thing that was never discussed about bullying is teaching your kids to grow a thicker skin. When strangers throw insults at you it's usually because they're distracting themselves from their own problems by taking it out on someone else. Kids also have to learn that you can't expect to make friends with everyone, and that sometimes being rejected is a good way to help build your character.

  6. You shouldn't snoop but if you don't have access to your kids phone and let them know you could be making a huge mistake. Let them know that you will be allowed to review their communications and web traffic when you would like so they know you aren't betraying then but you will be wise to any thing they do that they shouldn't

  7. I'm curious if these "Help" websites direct these kids to Churches and other morally based groups like the Scouts etc… for help as well or just secular Humanistic sites.

  8. Yawn…Clueless adults whining about the very behavior THEY enable by providing their kids with 'toys' supporting behavior about which they remain clueless.
    And the cult of victimhood continues! I know… let's sue the makers of cellphones!!!!

  9. Woah I just came back from a Starbucks . There were 5 girls (8 – 12?) waiting outside , giggling and rushing the one inside. The door open and the one inside pulled another girl inside . THEY ALL have their cells in their hands. This looked peculiar. ALL of the noticed I was waiting to take a piss.. but NOTHING . The two inside cane out a little disheveled and two more went in . The I realize they were taking selfies of themselves in the Starbuck toilet , strange but chicks 8 -12 are looped .. BUT I realized the last two came out with their shirts and tops outside untucked in their pants .
    FUCK these 5 girls were taking Nude selfies (or semi nude) at a Starbucks toilet. This is NOT what you considered a socially or financially low scale neighborhood. This is Howard Beach in Queens NY…. So what the hell was this about ? a BET ? Let's imagine that someone with a mind that works different to mind forces the 5 girls int the bathroom and the pics become a bit rougher. What is the legal consequence . This is happenning in this neighborhood (LILY WHITE ITALIAN AMERICAN) for the last 5 years . Girls run in gangs of 5 -10 but boys do not .. what has happened. Feminism ? Is this mode of behavior is acquired at home or on Social media? It is truly sickening and as that poor 14 year old boy accused of rape by 5 sluts, this scenario has all the elements to end out in a REALLY bad experience for someone. Needless to say I had to go to a pharmacu next door to ask to go to the bathroom.

  10. if my parents did any of the things these people talk about like checking my phone and shit id probably end up fucked in the head like alot of the kids i know. they have to have the right amount of freedom and most kids can handle way more than you think thy can

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