Teabagger woman calls Obama a "Communist", but can't explain what a "Communist" is

very situation we are an example of somebody my husband and I have six children we have worked our whole lives and at the end of June my husband lost his job and for the first time in our lives we are without health insurance ok let's get this lady who said communist done here what do you want you to be my night while you have to do is study it out just study it out and you'll see you haven't done your homework buddy what do i do the studies and those of us who are not voting for him to know it what do you mean by Congress you know yeah I just tell me how behind you you don't know I just want to know what you mean oh I know but I'm will focus on Patrol well tell me what you mean you just accused a guy a bigger cock you just sending it out is it Americans oh yeah he's not in Burton what is it country song hey just cuz he was more here doesn't mean that he thinks like us he's a communist

  1. Teabaggers aren't known for their intelligence.  This woman is a perfect example of why republican media rots their brains.

  2. haha look how hostile she gets when questioned about her credentials, and what the fuck is "study it out", these Tea Baggers are morons, they're a shining example of why loony tune nutjob old people should be euthanized. lol

  3. Ahahahaahaha her face when Chris Matthews calls her bluff. You can almost hear the gears trying to turn. My sides!

  4. Stupid old bitch. Can't even explain her rant to a reporter–ON TELEVISION nonetheless, then when she gets called out on it(which, by the way is called journalism), she gets defensive and completely dismissive.

    Look, everybody's got their opinion, and they're entitled to it. But if you steadily stay pointing the finger at someone and calling them names and making wild accusations, yet can't even back up your points with facts–or worse, choose not to for fear of "foot-in-mouth disease"…

    …then YOU play a huge part of what's wrong with this country.

    That's it.

  5. I wouldn't compare her to all right wing nuts, because at least they can sometimes state their reasons, even if they might be wrong..she just read that shit on someones blog or heard it somewhere and thought she would sound intelligent with a controversial point of view…those types of people are scary.just latching onto ideas and sticking with them, without doing any research, as she ironically claims to do..scary that people are persuaded so easily…horrible things come from that

  6. Eh Im poor and can afford healthcare maybe not added expenses but that was a worry even before I even go health insurance. These people look like average middle class citizens who really don't have a thing to worry about. What's the deal here exactly? I think health insurance is a good thing.

  7. How many regulations do you think were already in place prior to Obama taking office? Walk in to any lawyer's office, and you'll usually notice bookshelves of thick law books. There are many laws and regulations that exist that many aren't even aware of.

    I already answered your question. If it were a true "government takeover", then your employee status, your office and/or hospital would be under the ownership of the US federal government. It would be state-run. It isn't.

  8. Wait, over 700 regulations is a "few"? You have a rather skewed sense of numbers. And these said regulations now come with a fine, which they didn't before. So, again, you have failed to answer the question. Perhaps if freeloaders like you had helped the so called "failed" free market, it would be in better shape. So, this is your last chance to explain how this intrusion into my PRIVATE practice is not a government take over. I can hardly wait to hear you say "I already answered it"

  9. An example of a true "government takeover" would be our VA hospital system, in which the government owns & controls the means of production from the hospitals to the doctors to the insurance policies.

    What you're talking about is merely private practitioners in the medical field facing a few more regulations from the government. to prevent the taking advantage of the average citizen for profit. We've tried relying on the "free market" for years, and you failed to deliver. Time for something new

  10. Don't insult me and then dodge my question, smart guy. I did not as a single thing about private health insurance. There are over 700 provisions in this bill that went into effect Jan 1st, 2013 telling ME how to treat my patients in my PRIVATE practice and if I do NOT do what they tell me to I will be fined. How is this NOT a government takeover? I anxiously await your answer.

  11. You may work in the medical field, but calling ObamaCare a "government takeover" of Healthcare is wrong.

    The government has always been around to regulate & prevent shady practices by private corporations who take advantage of customers and its own workers. The fact is, health insurance costs have steadily been rising, and people do get denied coverage for having a preexisting condition, or get dropped for getting sick. That's the fault of PRIVATE health care, not the government.

  12. I'm a physician that has been fighting to prevent this stupid thing from pushing it's way into my offices. I'm more educated on this monstrosity of a bill than any 5 people you care to mention. This thing has well over 700 provisions in it telling me how to treat my patients and if I don't I get fined. How is that private? It's almost a carbon copy of the provisions in Cuba's social medicine program. Please explain how that is private, I'm dying to know.

  13. You're not that "educated" on the issues because when you don't rely on copy & paste, you flounder. For example, implying Socialism and Communism are the same thing earlier.

    Obama has NOT socialized healthcare, because under "ObamaCare", the health insurance companies are still private companies. The hospitals are still private. It merely mandates that we buy health insurance from private companies, albeit at a much affordable cost. Canada has socialized healthcare. We don't.

  14. Yeah, God forbid I am an educated Conservative. I learned a long time ago that if I don't have an exact definition of communism you leftists just bluster about without making any sensible arguments. Obama has socialized healthcare, for one. He is trying to confiscate guns as well so he can declare himself Dictator. The military and post office are branches of the government so they do not count in the equation.

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