what's up Taurus there's a lot to be grateful for you guys made it if you're watching this video right now congratulations you made it you made it you made it you made it to the spaceship we are all on this journey together and we've been waiting a long time to make it to the next level and this is your confirmation now welcome aboard I am your ascension goddess water star and these are the vibes that you will be coming into as you are on the spaceship of Ascension so make sure that you guys are paying attention we are at a new level where there are new types of haters and new types of scams and new types of waves of people trying to get over and do crazy and secret things just as we are in the new when it comes to new money when it comes to new partnerships when it comes to new resources and new ways of becoming wealthy healthy and living our best lives so if that was one word to describe the energy that is surrounding you right now that one word would be surveillance somebody watching you tours and of course to further help you understand what it is that I'm trying to tell you you tarus funny pick you to go with me on my trip so you get up in the morning and you do your normal routine you get ready you eat your breakfast and you head out for the day now this is going to be a busy day for you you're productive you like to get stuff done and somebody knows this so what do they do they decide that on this day while you're gone while you're out they're gonna rob you so they come to your house they break in and they begin to grab things that they know are valuable to you things that they know you like and their only regret is that they're not gonna be there to see the look on your face when you realize that your stuff is good so they're gathering and they're laughing they're laughing and all of a sudden they starting around and look up and when they do suddenly it wasn't funny anymore they realized that they were under surveillance all of these thoughts came flashing through their mind oh no I have to find the tape so they began to run around at home and try to find the tape so they can erase it but here you come pulling up in the driveway so now they have to make an escape before you see them without no choice they they break out and now they have to sit with the torturous thoughts that someway somehow Taurus is gonna look at that tape Taurus is going to know what I did or at least what I attempted to do and it's not gonna be any way that I can deny it the question is now when will Torres say something but it yet how will tourists say something other than Oh will tourists even say anything at all the torture that you put in them through Taurus it's gonna drive them insane so get ready to have your signals on high gear because someone may be trying to take something from you but just know the secret surveillance is going to show it and reveal it all all right so it's Orbitz you guys your surveillance camera is more spiritual in this mind trip we're talking about the surveillance camera being more so your intuition is about to be heightened as we go up further and further into this 5d energy space okay so you guys are going to be open to more things whether it be your dream start exposing stuff or like I'm feeling it in a sense we're example could be okay someone that you know is out somewhere someone else that you know is out somewhere and they you notice one person it's kind of loud maybe send some negative things about you whatever and the other person just so happens to hear it it's like hey you know you know that's my cousin Frank and other person's like oh and they know that they're gonna come back and tell you oh they were going to definitely come and take or a situation where you may have been dealing with someone and you go out one night and with somebody else like hey um yeah you know my homegirl you take my homegirl in or guys like you know uh you know your day my homeboy I see you out with this other person was what's all it is and other person's just cart like yikes and the only thing they can do now is wait on you to say something because any other way they have to come telling myself you know my kid you know the other night I was out and I was climbing to you I was talking about you and I know you cuz a little come tell you later so uh there it is not know they not wanted a they just gonna have to exit stage left but that's the type of thing that you can pretty much expect I mean well don't expect it you want to just go walking through life with the best and the highest of expectations and stuff but just don't be surprised if your surveillance camera picks something up that's a little unusual okay so we're gonna get to the traditional tarot I think I feel pretty good I'm gonna go ahead and cut the deck let's see what other energies are coming up for you welcome to the spaceship congratulations so Wow right at the center of the reading we have your energy right here this is the eight of Pentacles somebody working second and brand minding their own business doing their own thing ascending let's see what it's cross by cuz that's just kind of jumped out Wow the mummy mode look at that we have the hanged man and this is somebody who was falling back someone who was being quiet okay now when we have this mummy mode the hangman someone who's voluntarily taken upon someone who's voluntarily being quiet that's because the surveillance camera man roll back some of you guys are rolling back – surveillance camera as it pertains to you moving to a new level in your life and you're reviewing the footage anyway whether somebody's coming right now or whether someone who's tried to rob me before it robbed me of your piece rob you of your moments or whatever robbed you of you know someone may try to wonder how let you are something that person blocked away whatever the case may be this is something that may have already happened and you are reviewing the surveillance tape becoming enlightened on who needs to move forward who doesn't nobody who is deceptive who would even think to bribe somebody belongs on this ship you know said people on this ship operate Iraq and integrity and hangman he's he's taking a moment to become enlightened from his soul space to understand something from a spiritual standpoint as opposed to just his his mind or his mental it's coming from a soul understanding from the soul you feel I'm saying that kind of stuff at the same time still standing to bread making money getting the chips that you need to a sin even further and do the work that you need to do as you're getting prepared to you know live out this like purpose okay so that is going on let's see what else we got going on with the deep-rooted things the star card one of my favorite cards in the deck so you guys have been I just heard cleaned up and dusted off so whatever it is so that could be you like I feel like God man reach down and pulled you pulled you up and shined you up in front of all you haters right you shined you up in front of a lot of people and I feel like with the star card you see how the stars here and it's just shining over this person's head like I said to me that's representing your intuition or your crown chakra being more open don't be afraid to dive into different and alternative methods of healing for me for example like code activation is what I got and over the course of a few days things just fell into place right there and I wasn't even trying okay and that's what energy space were all and collectively so shine and a lot of y'all wouldn't you want to be a star you want to make things happen you want to be that one for your family to do it look how beautiful and that's how you want to be you want to shine and that's why you're second and chips and getting that bread and reviewing people on that surveillance camera trying to see who belongs on the ship and who don't a lot of y'all got ships of your own you got your own we'll find a spaceship who you let know who got a sea that's what you got to be thinking about right now review them tapes see who owned their seafood or what let's see what happened in the recent past why I got so many cards that are okay so what's what's happening or what happened in the recent past that got us to this energy oh the three of cups Wow so somebody I'll play my customers take myself somebody else so not just one person you saw two people okay so I said this is some type of group situation where we're talking about one or two other extra people there and someone else from afar hearing it's some type of third objective or one person two people doing something in that surveillance camera being there so it's more than one it's multiple and like I said you're revealing the surveillance tapes anyway so you might be looking in evaluating evaluating a few friends in your life okay the three of cups also represents coming together friends family these are probably some of the people who you want on your spaceship as well okay people who have contributed to the building of your mind the building up will feel emotions when you want to fall apart and and that and some people came so maybe some real good people and you're like rallied around you and held you up and pray for you in and work things out for you let's see let's see what a song talking about because this also represents some kind of reconciliation maybe you guys have some people come back in your life and it's just like wait a minute let me go back and pull out some taste real quick let's see what let's get specific let's get stories for the spirit cups Wow the um cherry wants to jump out so much some people see you shine some people see that let's see the 801 so these are people who wanted to send some messages to you or recently sent you some messages we are talking about reconciliation so we all could have heard from an ex some of y'all could have heard the message or recently got that message while someone was out celebrating having a good time that they heard somebody say something and you got that text you got that car you know I thought it's funny though it's pretty comical it's not it's pretty light okay I'm not feeling it in a bad way and things had to be exposed in order for you to know who to bring forward okay cuz some of y'all really got some people around and you know okay as soon as I if I hit the lottery today this should be the question you ask yourself if I had the lottery today who would I stop being friends with right now and you know that you got about two people right now that you know you will cut them off as soon as you get that check right so go ahead and do it now you know cuz that check ain't too far off and you gonna have to cut them off anyway last thing you want is to pop off and be the star and somebody trying to expose you for not you know being their friend if you cut them off now it won't be no big oh that's how you get you change nah because I wasn't dealing with you when I didn't have it and now that I do have it I'm still not dealing with you had a sound you know so let's see what's going on in your hips peace and your headspace who the six of Pentacles generosity giving receiving reaping what you've sown a lot of y'all are about to reap what you sow what if you song to us and look we got the ADA pinnacles here right innocent on the reading as well so we're talking about you balancing out and getting back I feel like more than you bargained for more than you pay for when you put in a little bit of effort Taurus you get such a good return back and I'm talking right now these energies I want to know about before oh I didn't workout before guess what you're on spaceship now you wanna find D now so what you want and what you put your mind towards is what you get back now a lot faster quicker bigger okay we're in that bigger and better than you can imagine it tight energy right so take a hold of that and round it and a lot of it is money related not just so you can be flashy in so well may be flashy with the with the light activation wow maybe that's what your light activation will be to become more flashy wow that is interesting see you gotta catch it though you got to be able to catch stuff like that cuz it's gonna come up in your life like that light activation code is going to start coming up and just like you see synchronize these eleven eleven to two two five five five you're going to start catching those synchronicities in other ways with light code though okay pay attention to that that's that's our whole collective next step if we get on the right codes that we will be able to manifest a lot more but anyway equally equality so you get what you get and you giving out what people have given you you dishing out the same thing and that's a funny look at that oh so cute dishing out you dishing out the same thing the people that they gave to you look at him passing out dishes he dishing out she dish it out let me see I want to get some clarity on that the six of Pentacles wise the six of Pentacles here who the final stores who we dishing out to who we leave him off of the ship because the final choice is all about every man for themselves I'm giving you exactly what you give me this is what you've given me every man for themselves I'm looking out for me I'm trying to see what I can get at our cost I don't care if I have to break in and take it that's that's that's this guy or gal this person will break in your house physically or metaphorically speaking right break into your house your house is your home they will they will steal you know your home is your um your body your mind your soul your energetic field your space to take okay you might not even be love-related could just be anybody in your life all right and you're dishing out the same thing you won the lottery today but I did you know that's what you would do with this person okay let's see what happens in the outcome you gotta know that when you got a nice sparkly shiny spaceship everybody wanna live let's see what's going on coming up oh that a someone's brain the beginning are you taking off Taurus what do you have planned what do you have going on do you have it written down have y'all just like made like the first move have you got the phone call about something exciting cuz you look the way that this a someone's look how it's like looking like the other guy is literally blasting off y'all have built your own spaceship and you are literally ascending debt internal alarm that intuitive ability that intuitive power is taking you to new heights or if your intuitive power is being taken to new heights which then of course want to take you to new heights okay so get into with your light body okay start something new with that light activation codes again keep sanic sanic start something new you know for those like I said you're looking for new forms of therapy light therapy you know sitting here playing with with different colored lights and stuff and just being in tune with something that's universal lights are universal it's not just here you know so start getting in tune with the things that are universal and out of this world that exists here and exist there love exists here love exists over there lights exist here lights exists over there you know get in tune get in tune so let me see what else we got coming up with this I want to clarify what this brand new beginning may be for you ah ace of Pentacles money we're talking about new money like I said new ways of doing things it's just new I can't even describer like I'm so excited for the new like you've probably been waiting for this for a while and you've been waiting for things to break you've been waiting to do and try these new things and this is what you have to understand about the 5d things are much more accelerated now things are much more accelerator now so you can push things along you can push the envelope you don't have to be traditional you don't have to do it the way that it used to be done this is a newer that is her issue old saying you know it's your thing whatever your thing is do your thing and do it to the fullest push hard on what it is that you want to do don't hold back anymore you got to new beginnings a new action and a new form of income I'm doing something new I'm creating something new I'm taking a new action and I'm creating new money okay excellent now let us see what's in your fear space because we have to be able to work those things out the king of cups so this is the person on the surveillance guys you're afraid that this is the person that you're going to see on the surveillance and you're gonna see exactly what they've been doing somebody I don't want to have that intuitive dream you don't want to have that dream about that person with the other person or you don't want to have a dream about people sitting around saying negative things or you don't want to know or entertain what someone consciousness Souma soul is that there's so-and-so and they were saying such a–such about you you don't want to hear that you know so this can actually just be that excellent though of question on traditional terror or not traditional eternal but in today's Tarot we always bring up what that X always comes up in the reasons no matter what reader you watch no matter what what time of day you watch it boom here comes that X you know okay really shaking because that's the collective energy right now everybody is filling that that X and not knowing let me see let me see what I hook you deeper into the fear and when I say I know y'all probably what does that mean but no that means like going back and forth or like I don't know what to do with this per session should just person get on a ship or not do I offer them a seat I mean let's see let's get a little busy so why don't you fear this person here see this um this chariot wants to jump out now this is a king he is a king take the energy mellow theme and Howard class but this is the chariot so it's like one step above because it's a major arcana okay and some of y'all may feel like this king would be a nice fit next to that person on a chariot like well at least I would have somebody on the spaceship with me but I might feel it as I see it there's only one captain's chair on that spaceship you feel me and I feel like that's yours I don't want you to give up your spaceship captain's shared because someone else look good sitting on there tomorrow they have a whole throne let them have a throne but they're gonna come and they want it it's got a spaceship Taurus Taurus let me sit in each other let me here you can have my throne you can have my throne I mean that sounds like a good offer right sounds like a good offer and what I'm saying is this come on let me let me you know I know I'm done you wrong in the past I know some things that didn't go right in the past but I see you who came up I see you was send it to 5d I have not yet ascended to that level yet we got major arcana 5d in this I'm just doing well on earth okay good but I'm gonna I'm gonna hold the world shorty you know so let me take a ride on your spaceship for something I haven't talked to this person in a while and you scared that you're gonna let him walk around on your spaceship somebody got like two I would love for my eggs to come back and we go riding on a spaceship but are you shooting yourself cuz see this is old this is new are you shooting yourself bringing your past with you we're gonna be running min okay let's see what you look like Oh the judge McCartney run Paris so upright it's coming back to vibe bring it on up it was dead doorman now let's bring this is my god okay mm-hmm so what you fear as far as bringing this cannot dishonor to represent romance it can represent just bringing the wrong people in general people who you know are good according to you know earth standards but if you alien you are alien standards now you know and there's nothing wrong with don't get me wrong i watch on the comment section like it ain't nothing wrong with people who did it but there is something wrong when you're just complacent and you don't feel like you have no life purpose that's what I feel like with this let me just break this down if you are on this earth more than likely you have a purpose and if you are complacent I'm the king of right of doing nothing I mean you could be doing everything but I feel like if you're not living your purpose if you're not here to fulfill the mission then you can be doing everything and doing nothing that's like I'm going outside to play basketball and I just stand on the court get doing the ball out of me it's going all out of bounds I'm just looking it's like no you have to play otherwise get off the court you felt upset and that's what I'm talking about when I see King but then I see major I see you're doing a good job in life but you're living your life purpose okay major difference and don't get it twisted I'm not just talking about money guys I'm not just talking about Malini because some people's life purpose don't involve in being rich anyway your environment okay something I'd like to get it forget the ex he not getting on my spaceship she not get on my spaceship okay let's see what is going I am and your hopes sector ooh the knight of wands and reverse so this is a rejection like don't even bother okay after I've seen their surveillance I want to hear it this Oh bright is you want to hear from somebody you want to hear what they have to say you want that Swift fast communication but this here is just kind of like at that's okay the surveillance tapes it at all my dream said it off my my new beginnings said it on so that's okay you don't have to come rushing on in back in San where all I probably wanted you to say in the past all of the things or this could even be um okay let's just get back to that scenario let's say someone found a just talking having a good time at your expense and you're not there with them so happens that one of your people is there and it's like hey yeah yeah that's not people right there it's just kind of like yeah I don't I don't even want to hear it like I don't even care like you know you know you could save it cuz you already know all right a lot of y'all just already know we got too much money on a boy plus the star card for you to care right now do you understand what's going on right now I hope this is confirmation for somebody out there who just feeling like you're on the verge of something amazing and I don't have time I don't have a care about what don't matter and what don't serve me going all the way up you did let's see what's the outcome ah the six of Wands and reverse now the six of Wands I'm reversed to me is saying Shh hold off nobody needs to know how much anything get this is not the time to try to get the the the public part about it right some of y'all building spaceship some of y'all actually reviewing surveillance and you're not gonna put it out to me this is public the six of Wands this is public like I can see you this would be someone who like you know what cool I'm just put it on social media for everybody to see it been since you want to be a thief i'ma let everybody see it but again it's some reverse a lot account are not even on that you're not on them or disconfort ain't to this new money especially this new money tourists this is a warning that's coming in fact pound whatever this is there's no money this new ascension this is not something that's for public display now this is all about sellout you are sending in you proud that's just what this all about this is about Shh these new beginnings there's new money no no showboat member I'm saying earliest on my flashy this is like the opposite of a flashy like you're not you would not get announcement mole right now and we wanted to mercury retro I think we already started the mercury retro so be mindful of that that as we're moving I threw out the next few weeks because we don't want to say anything or put anything publicly we don't want the communication to get misconstrued wild cards do represent communication so we just don't want to get anything misconstrued at this time when it pertains to your new beginnings this whole new thing that you got going on and how it may Rock they're shocked a few people around you also this is not the time to expose make announcements about people I think that you may find out okay at this time you may have to let it go you may have to just let it go okay let me pull one of these cards we're going to the sacred spirit to get some more information on where you are and what you're doing now in the sole process part Wow divine will let go of fear let go of fear you got two brand new beginnings you got to do it I told you earlier you got to do it you got a pump you got a push you got to move forward but you don't have to tell everybody about it cuz you never know who's watching who's listening who may steal your ideas any of that kind of stuff but as far as putting in the work you could put in a lot of work but I being all loud okay now the let go of fear part that part right there is just you deciding that your life purpose is more meaningful than the fear it's like you can go kicking a screaming or you can go walking smoothly but you going tourists you go you did so that is what I'm here for you thank you guys so much for all your light show subscribe for shares I would love for you to be a subscriber if you are not to go ahead and hit that subscribe button thank you so much to everyone who has been in tuned for a minute now we are all sending together remember guys to look up that light activations code and start getting more in tune with light healing as a new form of alternative healing okay so if you need a personal reading hit me up water star box at gmail.com please do take a look in the description box to see how to list your questions okay and I'm just giving me a brief description if it's necessary all right but once again thank you guys so much happy ascending and I will see you in your next video

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