Tamar Braxton FINALLY apologizes to THE REAL co-hosts BUT takes ZERO personal RESPONSIBILITY & MORE!

the port is to use birth esteem except this let's get ready welcome to daytime tea time if you new to my channel my name is Candice if you haven't already please make sure you hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you will always know when I upload alright let's build this team okay so if you guys haven't heard by now miss Tamar Braxton has finally issued what seems to be an apology to the women of the reel as you all know when Tamar Braxton left the reel it was not really on good terms so she's apologizing to the ladies of the reel for anything she may have done to hurt them and she also apologized to people like her sisters and counselor ayaan Allah bands and a lot of people have been congratulating her for finally admitting that she's wrong and issuing a public apology but in my humble opinion I did not see her post as an apology but we'll get to my full opinion later on in the video first let's read miss Tamar Braxton post okay so she posted a video to her Instagram with a video of herself having a great time with friends as well as her new boyfriend David in the caption she wrote would all you know and felt is hurt you hurt self-inflicted and two others are included from my sister's to the ladies of the reel a young la old and new friends and whomever else I've ever hurts from being hurt please forgive me I didn't know love to show love now I do thanks to my David now that was a very nice post that she made okay she's apologizing she's admitting that she hurts people a lot of people commented with positivity saying that they're proud of her while other people said well okay we hope you're truly changing this time and it sucks that it takes a man for you to make that change but we really hope you make the real changes now that's where my opinion comes in I'm leaning towards those people who say I really hope she's really changing this time and I'm not trying to take anything away from her new happy shit David really makes her happy I mean they really are happy I'm happy for her but when it comes to this apology I gotta be honest I'm sorry now anybody who's a true fan of Tamar Braxton or the Braxton Family Values you know that Tamar has apologized time and time and time again and her apologies are never really detailed her apology seemed to never take full responsibilities for the specific things she does to specific people come on now y'all know exactly what I'm talking about everybody has that friend or family member that when they apologize to you they say something like well if I've ever done anything that upset you or bothered you I truly apologize if you feel that I did that to you I am so sorry I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings that dress it just it just don't look good I mean I guess I could have said it differently you know I could have but I was just trying to be real with you no girl I'm so sorry if that hurt your feelings girl I know you think I was being mean but I'm just passionate like when I get loud I'm passionate so like I'm not trying to hurt you but if I did I'm so sorry that's the kind of apology that Tamar Braxton gives to people and the reason she does it it's because she's spoiled and because she has enabler surround her trust me I know I've been an enabler multiple times okay me I'm the enabler to multiple friends and multiple family members okay I'm the one that's like alright okay you know that's just that's just how Keisha is don't worry Keisha been through a lot that's why she act like that don't worry about it but when you do stuff like that Keisha keep acting up and Keisha starts thinking that she's doing nothing wrong and she keeps doing it to every friend every boyfriend every coworker so y'all need to quit enabling thank God I am a recovering enabler I don't enable people anymore and if I ever do I pray and my husband reels me right back in he's like no kandi stop stop stop I can personally admit to you guys that I do that and it's not intentional I'm just a nice person and I'm like man this person is so nice and cool but they act horrible maybe I can fix them maybe I can help them but after so many helps and tries you get hurt so much trying to help that person and then you walk away all beat up and they're living their life acting the same way to all other people in their lives I'm telling y'all I've had to watch that off of me so many times so where I'm at the point where I hope once maybe twice and then I'm praying for you but quit enabling now a real apology would go something like this let's use the ladies of the real for example because there were a lot of people tagging the ladies of the real underneath Tamar's post but in my humble opinion I think the ladies of the real one a real apology they probably don't want her to come on the show and do it live on the air ok they want a real apology not if I hurt you I'm sorry they want a what did you do and say sorry for that this is what tamar braxton should have said if she ever does truly apologize to the ladies of the real to the ladies of the real i truly apologize for insinuating and/or blaming you all for me getting fired from the show with no proof whatsoever and without truly having a conversation with you guys I did put out that narrative that you guys got me fired I was told that you guys are the reason I got fired but still that's not a reason for me to do interviews and insinuate and blame you guys I should have had a conversation with you guys face to face and from there we could have all decided what we will say to the public rather than putting out false narratives that you guys got me fired I was wrong for doing that it could have been handled differently and I am so sorry it turns out I got fired for these reasons bla bla bla bla bla cuz at this point she knows what she got fired but that's what I'm saying she says to the ladies of the reel in anyone else I hurt that's not giving details we don't even know exactly what you're sorry for maybe you're just saying sorry so you look good maybe you're just saying sorry and trying to look like you change because you have a new show coming up on vh1 that's right y'all heard me she has a new show congratulations I'm happy for her but let's be real it seems like she's doing damage control to change her persona as the mean one I'm just saying when it comes to truly apologizing to people you do it privately and then if you do do it publicly you give a real apology and that's just my opinion that her apology was not real it was convenient and it made her to look good for the moment especially after the way the last season ended when Tamar Braxton was being very very mean to her sisters period yes we TV always edits the drama to make it worse than it is but that's the thing with reality TV they cannot edit you to act a certain way and to say certain things and to make certain faces so when Tamar Braxton blames real TV for how it looks Nasus you acted like that you said it you did it and that's what I mean you guys Tamar Braxton does not take full responsibility for the things she said and the things she does and the way she hurts people she's admitting that she hurt people she's admitting to that part but she's still putting the blame on other people in her life from the past who hurt her and then she's putting all the rest of the responsibility on her current boyfriend saying that now that I'm with him now I know what true love is now I'm gonna be a good loving person because I'm with David it's like she's still being controlled by everybody else around her except for herself and I'm sorry if you love Tamar and if you're her real fan you would tell her that but like I said tell you my Braxton got enablers and I know for a fact because I'm an enabler excuse me I used to be an enabler because I'm so nice but Johnny quit being nice and tell people the truth so they can truly change and heal Tamar Braxton needs God and the therapist she'll need David but speaking of David like I said he is Tamar Braxton's newest enabler check out what he wrote on his Instagram when I met Tamar Braxton 12 months ago she was angry distraught and almost completely broken lost her family her friends her job and was estranged from her mom and sisters who she loved so much while her behavior was a significant cause of these misfortunes it took me a while to recognize that there were other equally valid causes including being repeatedly assaulted by men in her life she trusted first physically as a child did emotionally later on in her life by deeply aggressive and utterly controlling romantic relationships finally culminating in the continuing psychological damage brought on by working on a TV show she feels utterly shackled to due to contractors this is what I inherited so I had a choice to continue the emotional and psychological abuse she had endured for almost three decades by being aggressively controlling and manipulative or to be kind gentle and loving friend and a lover to the woman I love well I chose the latter and the results have been outstanding with few exceptions the anger has been replaced by joy the despair has morphed into a need to help the abuse check out hashtag no need to be shamed and the kind gentle beautiful and self-assured woman that is my Tamar Braxton is now on full display check out our social media activity over the past three months since the show was shot and see the new Taylor a word to our strong black men who are in relationships with our beautiful black women when you make a commitment to love that sister it is your duty and responsibility to stand by your woman period irrespective of wealth power or fame many of our women have endured the same challenges that our Tamar has including physical and emotional abuse endemic marginalization controlling romantic relationships and desertion by black men some of what many have condescendingly coined as hashtag angry black woman is simply a reflection of and reaction to the life experiences of our beautiful black women so gentlemen we do not abandon our sisters when things get tough and especially when they need us the most we love them through it we support them through it and we protect them through it hashtag black men stand up for black women woah that was a line okay so I had to read all of it because I wanted you guys to hear exactly what David said now while I agree with him wholeheartedly about standing with our black women me and all the rest of us standing by our side supporting us and loving us through the tough times I truly agree with him with that but when it comes to Tamar Braxton I'm sorry on the show you can see that he is enabling her I can't use the clips from the show you guys because we TV is always trying to claim YouTube videos with their clips but listen if you didn't see the last episode of this last season of the Braxton Family Values you're not gonna understand what I'm talking about you're gonna think that I'm being mean you're gonna think that I'm being negative and pessimistic but no I'm being honest after reading such a heartfelt and amazing post by David I know y'all are probably like why is Candace saying he's enabling her if you're going only by what David wrote it seems like he's right like he's such an amazing black man catering to an amazing black woman I'm sorry I just don't see it that way because I've been watching Braxton Family Values in season 1 and he can't put most of her actions on the fact that she had a bad past I'm sorry but I feel like that's just who take my Braxton is okay that's her personality 80% personality and 20% what she went through in her life I'm just saying I'm telling y'all I had a friend like that who had a husband like David and I'm like David you're telling me that your wife is wrong but then he'll come back and say well she has the right to feel like that because you know I'm like come on brah you're enabling her I'm speaking from experience okay I know people like take mark and David his heart is in the right place and everything he wrote is right it just doesn't apply to Tamar Tamar has personality flaws 80% personality and 20% what she went through in her life I'm just saying hurt people hurt people I understand that notion but like I said been watching tamar braxton since season 1 I just don't think David knows I don't think he truly knows I think he loves her I think he's trying his best but at one point or another he's gonna see that that's Justin Tamar is it's definitely admirable that he's taken on such a big job of helping to change Tamar Braxton but I just have a strong strong belief that people can't change other people you need to go to God with your issues and if you don't believe in God and that's not your thing then go to a therapist but suddenly depending on a spouse to change you or to fix you he gonna be changing and fixing her to the day they die and it's only gonna work in their house with the two of them in as soon as she'd go outside to co-workers or new friends or things like that she's gonna treat them how she really treat people I think she won't do that with David at home because the way he speaks to her nice and calm he knows how to calm her down cuz he put me down into bed I'm just being honest but when it comes to other people like Tamar sisters her friends and new friends and co-workers I just he gonna be policing Tamar for the rest of their relationship and if he feel like he's built for it then go for it David I wish you the best Tamar I wish you the best but I'm just speaking facts I'm tired of people lying tell Tamar the truth if y'all really love her I'm just saying but the right job I'm done with this I wouldn't know what y'all think what do you guys think about Tamar Braxton and David what do you think about Tamar Braxton apology deep felt like it was a real apology and what do you think about her boyfriend David and what he posted let me know what you think if you haven't already please make sure you hit that subscribe button leave that like button and I'm gonna catch you the next in the right

  1. Tamar is a mess….i hope she will change.David can't change her at all….i tried that with family and friends and I end up hurt.

  2. Tamar is a narcissist, Chile that’s SHADE. She is basically saying I have a MAN, I’m getting laid properly, I can let it go cuz I’m rubbing this ish in y’all faces.

  3. Tamar is a complete NUT JOB!!!! If shes anything like we see on thr Braxtons then i dont blame The Real for firing her!!

  4. Tamar reminds me so much of my mother,she has a bad energy to her and I really think she has some sort of mental problems cause by all the years of abuse.

  5. Everything you said is spot on! If y'all have not seen that episode please watch it. It is very telling of their relationship!

  6. That is so much responsibility to put on a relationship. Saying that another human makes you better, changed, healed and all these other things is like saying to him that he's responsible for how you behave and how you treat people and that if you ever mistreat people it's because he's not doing his job. I have been in a relationship where I was made to feel responsible for how my partner acted and behaved and it is totally abusive.

  7. I agree with you 10,000% about Tamar. I've been watching Braxton Family Values since season 1 and as you said we have heard this time and time before. Matter of fact that song "heard it all before" by that singer who used to be signed to Matthew Knowles popped into my head.

  8. Oh yes her new show she must be looking for more attention or let’s hope it’s actually genuine one

  9. You’re right she should be interview with the ladies but her ego 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. Yes sweet but God forbid this relationship doesn’t work out and she will be back to her real self. I however hope this is it then again she’s an entertainer 🤷🏽‍♀️. I’ll be back few months later 🤣

  11. Tamar is Bipolar Full of Shit Period She Battling Demons👺 And She Not Listen to no Fans period 😜 David Needs To Sit his Buddha Boo-up Ass Down and Be the Yes Man she Wants he not going to be around to long😞

  12. Apololies is more like it. And these women are not as stupid as Tamar is and wants them to be. She needs to apologize to her sister. I don't believe this trade. When you hurt people it is definitely on purpose. And you know exactly what it is that you've done if it wasn't. Also the dog piss out of this trick for treats

  13. Shout out to the background music during the so-called "apology"…..😅😅😅. Candace, you are so real and comically cool. #RecordRip #ImmmJussSayin #TamarKNOWSthatWasntNoDamnApology #TheRealNeedsTaGoneBookTamarQUICK #DavidDontDoItBruh

  14. Round 2…
    Then she calls certain people and activities Ghetto…
    That B ……does not speak English
    Rolling her head, rolling her eyes, Loud, judgemental B…
    After he get about another Million dollars of Spell coochie.. David will miss Peace of Mind

  15. I don't care how badly you have been hurt from your past. You don't embarrass your man on national television , especially when he has been nothing but loving, kind and supportive of you. The way she spoke to that man was a disgrace. Miss E. and Tamar both need their asses whipped!

  16. Not being negative, but how many times has Tamar pulled this? I’m not going. She hasn’t changed and will continue to behave the way she always has. She is a spoiled brat and trust me, I can’t even believe I’m saying this. I use to support Tamar and ALWAYS had an excuse for her.

  17. F * Her!!!!
    You Ugly inside out!!!
    Talk about your lovely niece that passed away.
    Don't apologize for showing the real you!
    Dirty B

  18. No sometimes people just want you to know they are apologizing because she cares about how you feel and cares for your heart … vibe higher

  19. Loving this video. I’m setting here shaking my head agreeing with you. Saying umm hmmm, yup to everything you said.

  20. Your personality is made up of things you have gone through in life and the situations you have been in so the 80% of her personality that you speak of is 100% made up from her past experiences. If she has dealt with hurt for 30 plus years of her life what makes ppl think that she's going to be able to completely change in the 6 years she's been in TV especially while continuing to experience hurt during those years. Even the Bible says a just man falleth 7 times (Proverbs 24:16-18). Yes she has apologized before and hurt again but she is human. Her situation truly helps me to exercise non judgement cause let's be real she can work a nerve but no one can dictate how long someone else's grief or growth process should take.

  21. David is gonna learn that he can't save her, she has to save herself. I agree with you that she has a personality disorder. She needs to seek therapy, not a man.

  22. I hate your new format. I miss the little anime thing. Idk who convinced you to change it but go back smh

  23. I agree with everything you said! I was just having this same conversation with my sister. I personally think David is gone get tired of the immaturity and leave. She too old for this nonsense!!

  24. Tamar always do this after she gets called out for being childish and immature. She was wrong is hell for acting like that towards Trina's engagement. She just seem very immature and spoiled!!

  25. Wait a minute… "I didn't know love to show love"?

    Doesn't she claim to be a Christian? So how is it that she didn't know love? I guess she never actually had the love of Christ… #fakechristian.

    Seems to me that she is in the exact same spot… hoping to find salvation thru the creation. Either thru the validation of self, (being your "best self") or thru the validation of others. Both are a life sentence to perpetual wandering and frustration in search of lasting joy.

    She is, yet again, at the mercy of someone having to be her perfection until he proves that he can't be. And then we're right back where we started from.

    Ladies, stop trying to feed your soul hunger with relationship, money, self, or success. To your soul those things are like fast food, they taste great going down but will leave your soul obese and malnourished at the same time… selfish and self-serving but still not satisfied.

    That hole in your soul was made to be satisfied by one thing… the Love of God!!!

    The only way to experience this love is to trust in His Son who has paid the ransom for us to have our brokenness mended and our joy and satisfaction made complete.

    Look to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

    Life is hard, God is good, Glory is coming!

    God bless

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